Play 'Would You Rather' And We'll Tell You How Boring You Are

Let's see just how boring everybody is, here and now! Are you the type of person who enjoys doing things on the fly without much planning? Spontaneity can add great joy to our lives! Maybe you are the type of person who prefers to plan things out in a slow and calculated manner... making sure that all details are squared away with no loose ends to tie up!

No matter what type of person everyone is, everyone in life has at least one thing in common... Our desire to enjoy our experiences and live life to the fullest. Does living life to the fullest include riding roller coasters? Does it include watching a concert from the very front row? Living life to the fullest could mean a variety of different things for a variety of different people! Take this quiz to see how boring you are, or if you're even boring at all!

Question 1

Roller coaster or ferris wheel?

Question 2

Watch 50 Shades of Grey or Pride and Prejudice?

Question 3

Fight with The Avengers or The Justice League?

Question 4

Hiking or watching Netflix?

Question 5

Fall in love or find a million dollars?

Question 6

Watch a concert from the front row or the back row?

Question 7

Eat chocolate cake or salad?

Question 8

Dye your hair or chop it all off?

Question 9

Fast forward ten years or rewind ten years?

Question 10

Kiss a stranger or share a cup with a stranger?

Question 11

Eat a chili pepper or a tomato?

Question 12

Get a stomachache or a headache?

Question 13

Go on a blind date or go on a speed date?

Question 14

Have ten kids or have zero kids?

Question 15

Eat an ant or let ants infest your kitchen?

Question 16

Listen to loud music or quiet music?

Question 17

Give up pizza forever or give up cheeseburgers forever?

Question 18

Be popular on social media or popular in real life?

Question 19

Eat a cookie platter or a veggie platter?

Question 20

Have the power of strength or flight?

Question 21

Swim in the ocean or a pool?

Question 22

Attend a wedding or birthday party?

Question 23

Learn from a book or life experience?

Question 24

Excel at cooking or baking?

Question 25

Go out in the rain or the sunshine?

Question 26

Drive on freeways or neighborhood streets?

Question 27

Have the power of invisibility or mind reading?

Question 28

Sing onstage or dance onstage?

Question 29

Be cold or hungry?

Question 30

Be hot or tired?

Question 31

Skip Christmas or skip your birthday?

Question 32

Forget your ABCs or 123s?

Question 33

Live in the desert or the frozen tundra?

Question 34

Raise a dog or a cat?

Question 35

Eat ketchup or mustard?

Question 36

Spend $1000 or save $1000?

Question 37

Make new friends or nurture old friendships?

Question 38

Make a wish at 11:11 or on a falling star?

Question 39

Have the power to control fire or water?

Question 40

Meet a lion or a bear?

Question 41

Sleep for a week or stay awake for a week?

Question 42

Marry young or never marry?

Question 43

Watch a TV show or a movie?

Question 44

Eat donuts or apples?

Question 45

Exercise with free weights or ropes?

Question 46

Eat fried chicken or grilled chicken?

Question 47

Relive a perfect memory or fix a past mistake?

Question 48

Go to college or go straight to work?

Question 49

Watch Star Wars or Star Trek?

Question 50

Live without internet for a month or go a month without showers?

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