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Has anyone here ever dreamed of being a true Pokemon trainer? If so, this quiz is a must take! We have gone through the entire catalogue of original Pokemon, and arranged for some of the most fierce battles to take place. In each question, two Pokemon will go head to head in battle. All us trainers have to do, is select who we think would take home the gold in each scenario. We have all made our predictions while watching the show or playing the games, so now it is time to see who has been right all of this time, and who should go back to admiring pokemon from afar.

Sound like a good time? It will be! We have 45 battles for everyone to judge, and by the time everyone has made all of their selections, we will be able to match everyone to the perfect starter Pokemon! Once we all have a starter, we can finally be on our way to becoming a real life Pokemon trainer! We certainly hope everyone has been reading up on their stats, because these battles are no joke. Get ready for the showdown of the century... No Pokemon is safe in this quiz.

Question 1

Clefairy VS Chansey

Neither of these Pokemon are traditionally known as fighters. Clefairy is smart enough to win in a fight, but they are so wicked hard to catch, that it may make them a difficult option. They are rarely seen by humans, and have advanced hearing, so they can avoid getting caught easily. Chansey on the other hand, is known for being somewhat of a sweetheart. They help heal wounded Pokemon, so we can't imagine they would fight too hard against one. Who would win? (Wikipedia)

Question 2

Spearow VS Pidgey

It is tiny bird against tiny bird for this question. Spearow are known for being quite delicate, but they are also very territorial. They would not handle direct blows very well, but they can cry out very loudly to attract other Spearow. Pidgey is also a rather small bird, meaning they would not do well up against larger competitors. However, against a Spearow, who knows? Pidgeys have an excellent sense of direction, but their greatest defense is stirring up sand from the ground, in hopes of getting some in their opponents eyes. (Wikipedia)

Question 3

Growlithe VS Persian

Now this is a real cat and dog battle. Growlithe looks and acts very similarly to a large puppy. They are loyal and very protective, however, they require a lot of training. Should a Growlithe not be trained properly, they are just as likely to go for their trainer as they are their opponent. Persian is very cat like indeed. They are very tempermental. One moment they may be completely content, and the next they can be in total attack mode. (Wikipedia)

Question 4

Poliwhirl VS Starmie

Both of these guys are water-type Pokemon, but neither of them fight in the same way. Poliwhirl can live in or out of water. They have very slimy bodies, which they use to easily escape the grasp of foes. However, if put up against Starmie, a Pokemon with no arms, this ability would be rendered useless. Poliwhirl does have the ability to spin its belly spiral and put its opponent to sleep however. Starmie's greatest defense would have to be its gem. When in danger, Starmie can set of signal waves from it, which will cause headaches in all those close enough to be touched by them.

Question 5

Cloyster VS Kingler

Once again we have two water-type Pokemon going head to head. The body of Cloyster is actually quite delicate itself. However, Cloyster keeps its body well protected by using two large thick shells. When Cloyster has its shells closed, it can shoot sharp spikes from them. All of Kingler's powers come from its pincers. One of them is quite a bit larger than the other, and Kingler will use this one as its main tool in a fight. Who is winning this battle? (Wikipedia)

Question 6

Gloom VS Exeggutor

Here we have two grass-type Pokemon, however one is poisonous while the other is psychic. Gloom is small in size, and has a large flower sitting on top of its head. Gloom is always drooling, and this drool has a very strong smell. They use this smell to keep predators away. Exeggutor is much larger, but that does not necessarily mean they would win in a fight. Exeggutor has three different heads, and each of them is usually thinking something different. (Wikipedia)

Question 7

Diglett VS Tangela

Now here are a couple of Pokemon that remain somewhat of a mystery to us humans. Diglett lives underground. They pop their heads up only when the sun is not too bright, and even then, they never fully exit the earth. This means we have no idea what their bottom half looks like. Tangela on the other hand, is completely covered in vines. We know they have two small feet, but we have no idea what the rest of their body is like. (Wikipedia)

Question 8

Hypno VS Kadabra

Now here is a very interesting mashup. Both of these Pokemon have very advanced psychic powers. Hypno is always seen carrying around a pendulum. It is said that once this pendulum starts to swing, its opponent will be asleep within 3 seconds. Kadabra is known for having a rather vulnerable body, so that is why it chooses to use such powerful psychic attacks against their opponents. Just seeing their shadow is said to bring bad luck. Who are we placing our bets on? (Wikipedia)

Question 9

Snorlax VS Abra

Here we have the two sleepiest Pokemon out of the whole bunch. Snorlax is a very large, very hungry Pokemon. He will sleep most of the day away, only waking up once it is time for food. Snorlax needs about 880 pounds of food every day. Abra is just as tired as Snorlax. While Abra has some very powerful telekinetic powers, which Snorlax does not, he needs about 18 hours of sleep a day just to be able to use them. (Wikipedia)

Question 10

Graveler VS Machamp

These guys are both very strong indeed. Graveler is made completely out of very tough rock. They have 4 powerful arms, which they can tuck into their bodies at any time, allowing them to roll around. Once they start rolling, it is almost impossible to stop them. Machamp also has 4 arms. While theirs are not made out of rock, they are said to deliver the most powerful punches around. Machamp can use all 4 arms to punch at the same time. (Wikipedia)

Question 11

Paras VS Exeggcute

Neither of these guys look very intimidating, but both of them posses some unique powers which can be useful in a fight. Paras can use his mushrooms to release spores. These spores can render an opponent paralyzed or at the very least asleep. Exeggcute on the other hand, have some pretty awesome telepathic powers at their disposal. However, these Pokemon must travel in groups of at least 6, if they want to fully take advantage of their telepathic abilities. (Wikipedia)

Question 12

Ninetales VS Rapidash

Both of these Pokemon are well known for their beauty. Ninetales have a very luxurious coat of fur, which is a main reason why trainers are always looking for them. They are also extremely smart and capable of defending themselves. Rapidash is very rare, so their beauty is something many are usually on the hunt to see for themselves. They are known for being one of the fastest pokemon out of the entire catalogue. Which of these would we be willing to put our money on? (Wikipedia)

Question 13

Raichu VS Nidorino

Raichu is no doubt a powerful electric based fighter. They have been known to also use psychic powers, but it is their electricity that makes them such a threat. Should these guys hold on to too much electricity, they have been known to to become even more short-tempered than usual. Nidorino is known for being one of the most poisonous Pokemon out there. Should another Pokemon get close enough to touch their poisonous spine, they will be affected by it almost instantly. (Wikipedia)

Question 14

Electrode VS Magneton

Electrode is a Pokemon many trainers fear themselves. They store so much electricity inside of themselves, that they can explode without any reason at all. This does make them a good choice in terms of battles, but we need to be sure we can even get them to the arena first. Magneton is also very powerful.This Pokemon uses electromagnetic energy to float around and to hold itself together. This energy is so powerful, that anyone who goes near them will experience an earache instantly. (Wikipedia)

Question 15

Magmar VS Electabuzz

Here we have a powerful fire-based fighter up against a powerful electricity-based fighter. Magmar has the highest body temp of all the Pokemon. Their temperature can reach up to 2,200 Degrees Fahrenheit. That being said, their breath alone can cause heat waves. Electabuzz is so chock full of electricity, it is said that their whole body glows when the lights are out. Should one of them try and use an electricity based attack, it would be best if no humans were around. (Wikipedia)

Question 16

Lapras VS Vaporeon

Lapras is one of very few Pokemon who have been known to be able to communicate with humans. They have a special telepathic ability which allows them to speak with humans. They can also ferry humans across large bodies of water. Vaporeon has its own batch of water-based powers. They are capable of melting themselves down to disappear while in the water, and they have been known to be able to completely control water molecules. Which would we bet on? (Wikipedia)

Question 17

Zapdos VS Articuno

Both of these Pokemon are legendary bird-types. Zapdos is rarely seen by humans, and only shows itself when a lightning storm is under way. They are known to be able to shed lightning bolts when they flap their wings. On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have Articuno. Their wings have a different effect when flapped. They create very strong, very cold winds. Both of these Pokemon are also known for their strength. This one is a very close call... (Wikipedia)

Question 18

Gyarados VS Dragonite

Both of these Pokemon are very large in size, but their personalities differ quite a bit. Gyarados is a loose cannon so to speak. When in rampage mode, it can and will take down anything within its reach. Dragonite is more of a thinker in terms of battle. They have their own set of powerful defensive techniques, but they will think through each move before using it. They also have the power to resist the urge to flinch during a fight, so their concentration is always on point. (Wikipedia)

Question 19

Mr. Mime VS Jynx

Mr. Mime and Jynx both have a lot of human like qualities. They both have the approximate body shape of a human, however we are not sure any humans out there have the powers these guys do. Mr. Mime is the only Pokemon who can create objects out of thin air. Should they choose to mime a wall, an invisible wall will actually form between them and their opponent. Jynx is able to foresee an opponent's upcoming attacks, making them a great choice in a battle. (Wikipedia)

Question 20

Eevee VS Vulpix

Both of these Pokemon are known for being very adorable. However, this is not a contest based on appearances. Eevee is an unpredictable Pokemon. They can evolve into many different Pokemon, all depending on their surroundings and personalities. Vulpix is small, but very clever. During battles, should they feel like they are not going to win, they will fake an injury and escape once their opponent is distracted enough. Which of these small furry Pokemon are we betting on? (Wikipedia)

Question 21

Horsea VS Omastar

Both of these Pokemon prefer to stay deep inside of the waters they live in, and they avoid danger whenever possible. Horsea can shoot water with extreme force and accuracy, but they are happier when being left out of fights all together. Omastar feels the same way about battling. They choose to stay on the ocean floor, where humans are unlikely to find them. Even though they are not born fighters, which would we choose if we had to pick a winner? (Wikipedia)

Question 22

Kabutops VS Scyther

Now here is a real toss up. Both of these Pokemon are born with long sharp claws instead of arms. Along with their dangerous claws, Kabutops have sharp spikes protruding from their backs and tails. Scyther has the ability to fly. Not only can they fly, but they can move so fast in the air that they sometimes appear to be in two places at once. Both of these guys offer their own edge in a battle, so who are we choosing for this question? (Wikipedia)

Question 23

Goldeen VS Magikarp

For this question, we have two rather unimpressive fish-type Pokemon. Goldeen does not have much in the way of powers, but they will swim faster when it is raining, and their horn can be used to break apart many different types of materials. Magikarp will likewise swim faster in the rain, however it is said that over time this Pokemon's abilities have lessened considerably. We wouldn't want either of these Pokemon against other opponents, but who would win if put up against each other?

Question 24

Tauros VS Rhydon

Tauros is a Pokemon that was born to fight. They are naturally very aggressive beasts, and they can get angry at almost anything. Before a fight, they have been known to whip themselves with their own tails to further their anger. Rhydon is a very strong Pokemon. Their hide is so thick, that these Pokemon can endure even the highest of temperatures. Their horns are also strong enough to bust through almost any kind of rock. Who are we picking? (Wikipedia)

Question 25

Weezing VS Grimer

Weezing and Grimer are both extremely toxic Pokemon. Weezing consists of two heads, which float above the ground. They are always seen with gas clouds around them, which are made up of the toxic air they emit. Grimer is a Pokemon who can only survive when in toxic areas. They can be found in old factories and sewers. As they crawl across the polluted areas, they collect the mess and add to their volume. Nothing will ever be able to grow on a spot where Grimer has passed through. (Wikipedia)

Question 26

Hitmonchan VS Cubone

Hitmonchan is a Pokemon known for its punching abilities. More than any other attack move, this Pokemon will use its very strong arms to punch opponents. Their punches can be so quick, that they become invisible. Cubone is a bit of a mystery. They have never been seen without their bone mask on, however we know that they carry a bone around in their hands as well. They use this bone against opponents. One uses fists, the other a bone. Who do we pick? (Wikipedia)

Question 27

Lickitung VS Jigglypuff

Both of these Pokemon are cute and pink, but both of them should be feared for different reasons. All Lickitung have a poisonous tongue. Their tongues are longer than their entire body, and the saliva on them can paralyze any Pokemon it touches. Jigglypuff is a Pokemon who just wants to be heard. They will play their music for anyone who is listening, however their song has been known to put even the toughest opponents to sleep. Which would win? (Wikipedia)

Question 28

Onix VS Ekans

Both of these Pokemon are shaped like snakes. Onix is shaped like a snake, however they are completely made up of large boulders. They travel underground, and can sometimes cause earthquakes as the burrow. Ekans looks like a snake in the more traditional sense. Even its tail resembles one a rattle snake might have. Ekans have the ability to unhinge their jaw, so they can swallow prey even if they are much larger than the Ekans themselves. Which to pick? (Wikipedia)

Question 29

Golduck VS Primeape

Golduck is a more strategic fighter than Primeape. Golduck will use thoughtful psychic abilities against its opponents. Usually Golduck is smarter than the Pokemon they are going up against. Primeape fights out of anger. While Primeape does not put a whole lot of thought behind its attacks, they do use very powerful punches and kicks to get the job done. For this question we must ask ourselves, if brains alone can beat out brute force. What does everyone here think? (Wikipedia)

Question 30

Weepinbell VS Oddish

Neither of these plant-type Pokemon are known for their fighting abilities. Weepinbell have no legs, so they instead float above the ground. They are not exactly fast, but their speed will increase when the sun is out. Weepinbell can douse their prey in a toxic powder if they are able to get close enough to do so. Oddish is a nocturnal Pokemon. To avoid danger during the day, they can burrow themselves underground and actually turn into a root. This means predators will not be able to uproot them. (Wikipedia)

Question 31

Parasect VS Golbat

Parasect is a bug-type Pokemon. While their defensive skills are quite limited, they do stand a chance at paralyzing their opponents by use of special spores. Golbat is a flying-type Pokemon, this means they have an airborne advantage. While Golbats are not fighters by nature, they are always on the lookout for a fresh food source. They use their sharp fangs to suck the blood of their prey. If we had to choose, which Pokemon would we bet on in this question? (Wikipedia)

Question 32

Butterfree VS Vileplume

Butterfree very closely resembles a large butterfly. However, apart from their beauty, they are also quite poisonous. When a Butterfree flaps its large wings, it can release poisonous scales. Vileplume has a very large flower sitting on top of its head. This flower is said to have a putrid smell, which will distract any Pokemon it is fighting against. It can also release large amounts of pollen when flapping the petals on its flower. Who would win in a battle? (Wikipedia)

Question 33

Meowth VS Ponyta

Meowth looks and acts very much like a cat. They have very sharp claws, which they are not afraid to use. However, Meowth is very easily distracted by shiny objects. Should a Pokemon toss a gold coin into the ring, Meowth would be tempted to go for it. Ponya is very weak at birth. However, if their trainer gives them time, they will get stronger and stronger as they run. Their hooves are said to be tougher than diamonds. (Wikipedia)

Question 34

Farfetch'd VS Drowzee

Farfetch'd may not look very strong, but they have incredible focus. They have the ability to never flinch during a battle, so distracting these guys would not be easy. However, they are dependant on the stalk they hold to survive, so they will protect it with everything they have. Drowzee will always try their best to get their opponents to sleep. They are skilled in hypnosis, so they can usually accomplish this. Once their opponents are asleep, they will eat their dreams. Yikes! (Wikipedia)

Question 35

Seel VS Seaking

Seel is known to be able to survive even in the coldest of temperatures. They are also each born with a horn on top of their heads. This horn can be used to break apart even the thickest pieces of ice. Seaking also have a very powerful horns on their heads. However, they will use these horns to create caves underwater for them to live in. Seaking are very territorial, so they will defend their homes anyway they are able to. Looking at these two Pokemon, who do we think would win in a battle? (Wikipedia)

Question 36

Krabby VS Venomoth

Krabby is a water based Pokemon. They resemble crabs quite closely. They have two evenly sized pincers, which they will use without hesitation during a battle. Should they lose a pincer during a fight, they will be able to grow it back. Venomoth is a flying-type Pokemon. They are also very poisonous. Should one of these Pokemon feel threatened, it will flap its wings vigorously, releasing many poisonous scales. Which of these two pokemon are we betting on in this question? (Wikipedia)

Question 37

Kakuna VS Metapod

Both of these Pokemon are extremely solid. Kakuna is trapped inside of its shell. They do not have many attack moves, but they can harden their shells to prevent being hit by oncoming attacks. Metapod is in the same boat. To protect themselves, Metapod will harden their shells when they feel danger approaching. However, they try not to move much in hopes of conserving energy. There is no denying that this would be a rather dull fight to watch. Who are we picking? (Wikipedia)

Question 38

Blastoise VS Charizard

Now things are getting very exciting. Blastoise have cannons attached to the back of their shells. These cannons allow Blastoise to shoot water at their opponents with extreme force. They are also capable of shooting water bullets, should the feel the need to. Charizards are born fighters. They will often go out looking for battles on their own. However, they only choose to battle Pokemon they feel to be worthy enough. After finding an appropriate opponent, these Pokemon will use their flame breath against them. (Wikipedia)

Question 39

Venusaur VS Beedrill

Venusaur is very large in size, and it can move quite quickly. The flower on their backs release a sweet smell, which will actually attract other Pokemon. This means they can bring their prey right to them with no effort at all. Beedrill is known as one of the most territorial Pokemon is existence. Should one of their hives be in danger, they will attack in a large group. However, just one Beedrill on its own is naturally much less of a threat. (Wikipedia)

Question 40

Sandslash VS Arbok

Sandslash have very long sharp claws. However, they will use these for digging way more frequently than in a fight. They can dig at very fast paces, and they also have the ability to curl their entire body into a tight ball. When in ball form, this Pokemon is extremely solid. Arbok is a Pokemon built for revenge. Should someone or something anger one of these Pokemon, it will stop at nothing until it has captured the culprit. Which Pokemon would we bet our money on? (Wikipedia)

Question 41

Pidgeot VS Fearow

Both of these pokemon are powerful bird-type ones. Pidgeot is such a powerful flyer, that it can cause winds strong enough to break trees. It also has claws strong enough to pick up almost anything from the ground. Fearow is all about endurance. It can fly for longer than 24 hours without needing to land. However, it is not much for fighting. They are capable of defending themselves, but they will avoid danger whenever possible. Which Pokemon are we picking? (Wikipedia)

Question 42

Victreebel VS Marowak

Victreebel is a very sneaky Pokemon. It floats in the air, so it can easily camouflage itself. It will lure in unsuspecting pokemon with its sweet smell, and then once they are close enough, Victreebel will trap them inside of their mouths and swallow them whole. Marowak is a true fighter. It can use the bone it carries in many defensive ways. It can even throw it like a boomerang should it want to. Any Pokemon to take a blow from one of these bones, will be left unconscious. (Wikipedia)

Question 43

Tentacruel VS Dratini

Tentacruel have on average 80 tentacles. It will use the might of these tentacles to restrain its opponents. Once caught inside of the tentacles for an extended period, their opponents will soon feel the effects of Tentacruel's poison. The power behind Dratinis attacks, all depend on how old they are. Dratinis hold a lot of energy inside of their bodies, which over time will increase their strength. However, they do really need that time to be able to develop all of their powers fully. (Wikipedia)

Question 44

Pinsir VS Kangaskhan

Pinsir is a very strong Pokemon. They have large horns on top of their heads, which can lift just about anything and crush the item if they want to as well. During cold months they often travel in packs for warmth, but battling more than one at a time can only lead to harm. Kangaskhan is known for being the Parent Pokemon. It carries its baby around in its pouch, and it very protective of it. Should it feel like its baby is in danger, it will stop at nothing to bring down the culprit. (Wikipedia)

Question 45

Mew VS Mewtwo

For this final question, we have pit two of the most mysterious Pokemon up against one another. Mew is small in size, but is posses the DNA of every other Pokemon in existence. This means it is able to use any move available in the Pokemon world. Mewtwo is the most advanced Pokemon in terms of telekinesis and telepathy. It can understand humans, and even translate Pokemon language for them. This Pokemon can continue to learn and grow as long as it lives. (Wikipedia)

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