Play 'Who Said It': Disney Edition

Disney movies usually have a few of the same aspects, whether they star talking animals or princesses: There are catchy tunes that get stuck in the heads of fans. There are inspiring stories full of family, love and/or friends. There are heroes that we wish we could be. There are sidekicks that make us laugh and villains that make us wary. And there are quotes that people share on social media, hang up in their homes, remember for motivation and get quizzed on, right here and right now!

Yes, down below, there are 35 different quotes from different Disney flicks. Some will be easy to recall and get, since there are quite famous. Others will require a little thinking, but don’t worry; for each question, we will provide a description, an accompanying image and four answer choices from which to choose. So everyone here just has to read the quote, study the hints, and then tell us who said it.

Some of the quotes are from princesses and princes, others are from animals and antagonists, and all of them were said by well-known Disney characters from some of the most classic movies that are out there. Ready? Get set? Let’s go!

Question 1

“If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true.”

This quote about dreaming, wishing and believing is from the film Cinderella, but how many fans remember which character can be credited with this line? It must have been someone special, since this could sum up this entire movie, as Cinderella herself had to keep believing that her situation would get better and that her prince would come. There are several characters who dished out doses of charm, magic and inspiration, so it may take a little thinking...Try to picture this Disney work of art, this exact quote and each character, all in order to tell us who said it.

Question 2

"The past can hurt you. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.”

While Disney flicks are full of fun songs and loveable characters, many of them tackle some really serious issues. Furthermore, many Disney characters hit some real rough patches in life, like losing loved ones. So this quote could have fit into many of these films, but it is actually from the classic The Lion King. And, oh, how true! We all have things in our past that we’d like to forget, and this character reminded fans and fellow characters that we can either run from it or learn from it. So tell us: Who was it that uttered these wise words?

Question 3

"You don't have time to be timid. You must be bold and daring."

Cinderella taught us about patience and love. The Lion King taught us about friendship and leadership. And Beauty and the Beast taught us about not judging a book by its cover and that, speaking of books, reading is cool (Okay, that wasn’t a main takeaway, but we admire Belle’s love of literature.)! At one point of another, everyone was also reminded to be bold and daring, which is another smart lesson to learn. So think about this movie. Picture the four characters that are listed out below. Re-read this line from this movie. Then guess which character actually said it.

Question 4

“Our fate lives within us; you only have to be brave enough to see it.”

While pretty princesses and muscular men may come to mind when thinking of Disney characters, remember that many of these characters are just like us: They are not perfect, they struggle in life, and many of them are even underdogs of sorts, which helps make for an even more inspiring flick! And in Brave, someone talked about fate and strength and faith in this great little line here. As usual, everyone who is here with us today needs to really think back to Brave, really study the answer options here and really let us know who gets the credit here.

Question 5

“If you look hard enough, you can see how much we're all alike."

To continue on with the point we were just making, we have this quote. No matter how beautiful someone matter how dashing someone matter how rich or funny or talented someone is...We are all the same! What Disney character wanted us to know that? Well, a big hint is that it is someone from the film Aladdin, so it has to be one of the four characters from this movie that are listed below. But which one? Do we know? Are we kind of sure? Are we stumped? Either way, get that guess ready, because it’s time to answer and then continue on in this quiz!

Question 6

"Today's special moments are tomorrow's memories."

Another quote from the movie Aladdin is that “today's special moments are tomorrow's memories”, and this is a fan favorite. It is relatable, as we all have had special times that we have been able to look back on fondly - just like Disney characters! But now, the challenging part...It is time to decide which of the four characters who are listed below said this line. Was it Aladdin? Was it Jasmine? Was it The Sultan? Or was it Genie? We hope some people get this one right and that everyone is ready for much, much more here and now!

Question 7

“Venture outside your comfort zone. The rewards are worth it.”

Name a life lesson, and a Disney flick has probably covered it - and covered it super well, with memorable people, songs and scenes that help fans think back on it all often. Specifically, we want to discuss how someone from Tangled reminded people to get comfortable with being comfortable. Why? Well, we never know what could happen once we start taking chances, doing new things and really living. Before going off and taking some big chance, doing something super exciting and doing more living in general, though, please just let us know: Who, from Tangled, said this quote here?

Question 8

"Don't just fly - Soar."

Some of these quotes are in-depth ones, which cause us to really have to stop and think. Others, though, are short, sweet and simple, like this one. It is easy to hear this and to know that we just need to go for it, to live, to soar! And once again, we want to keep people from running off to do that right now, because first, we need everyone to look below. Study the answer choices on this question. Then decide or guess who said to not just fly but to soar. After that, move on to the next question that’s up!

Question 9

“The most beautiful girl in town. That makes her the best! And don’t I deserve the best?”

Since we are telling everyone that this line is from the film Beauty and the Beast (Hey, we don’t want it to be impossible to succeed here!), then we can probably guess that this line is all about Belle. She was the most beautiful girl in town and is one of the best characters that Disney has ever created. Therefore, we can narrow it down to figure out who said this. Was it Cogsworth? Was it Gaston? Was it LeFou? Was it The Beast? True fans will know, and everyone must give us an answer on this Belle-related question here.

Question 10

“This whole romance that you’ve invented just proves you’re too naive to be here.”

A lot of films from Disney are about love, as many of them are about princesses. But this line is just wrong! Someone is implying that someone else invented love, and this person is calling this other person naive. Before we get too upset about it, let’s just move on to figuring out who uttered these words. The big clue here is that it is someone from the film Tangled. There are several notable characters from that movie, so look at the ones we have listed. Hear that quote. Pick out an answer. And then continue on in this quiz!

Question 11

“You poor, simple fools, thinking you could defeat me. Me! The mistress of evil.”

Sleeping Beauty is a film of light and dark, of good and not good, and due to that, this quote can be found in it. Even if it has been a while since some of us have seen this particular Disney flick, we are confident that quiz-takers here today can use the process of elimination in order to narrow down and then figure out which character called the others fools. So go ahead...Browse through the answer choices that are below, try to remember the different scenes and moments in this movie, and tell us who, from Sleeping Beauty, spoke these words.

Question 12

“I’ll see him wriggle like a worm on a hook.”

The Little Mermaid is a film that takes place under the sea (now that song will be stuck in our heads), so it makes sense that there was at least one fishing reference. This one seems a bit...something, though, yeah? Do we even remember this line? There are so many memorable quotes and lyrics from this movie, but we need everyone who is here to remember someone talking about wriggling, a worm and a hook. Who knows the answer, and who will need to guess? Either way, of course, and as usual, we need to know now: Who said it?

Question 13

“The world is cruel. The world is wicked.”

We could have guessed that this next quote was from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, since it has some super down parts! But, like all Disney movies, there is a happy ending, as the main character lives happily ever after. Before that came about, though, someone in this movie reminded other characters and those watching the film that the world can be a not-so-great place at times. It is sad, but it is true, and we need to think about which character would have spoken these words. Choose an answer from the four options that are listed out down below.

Question 14

“I’m surrounded by idiots.”

The Lion King is another one of those films with just so many notable moments and lines - like this one! Okay, this one may not be the most popular quote or the most inspiring, but it is probably quite relatable to many people who are here with us today. And everyone who is here with us today needs to think hard about the characters from The Lion King. Picture the animals. Imagine them saying this exact line. Whose mouth does it fit in, and who do we think should get the credit for it? Let us know by clicking an answer, and then get ready to identify even more Disney quotes down below!

Question 15

"Yes, I'm alone, but I'm alone and free!"

When one pictures a Disney character, he/she may picture said character surrounded by others and in the middle of something exciting. Princesses have animal sidekicks, princes have admirers and even the bad guys have cronies who cheer on their not-so-great efforts. However, in the hit film Frozen, one character was alone...and this character was okay with that! Something must have been holding this character back and weighing him/her down, because once solidarity came out, freedom did, as well. Who do we think should be picked out as the answer here, based on what we know and what we have learned?

Question 16

"The only way to get what you want in this world is through hard work."

It was hard to narrow down which quotes to use in this quiz, since every film has so many great ones in them. Furthermore, there are so many inspiring ones; they fit well into their films and plots, but they also apply to all people at different times in life. Take this line, for example: Most of us were taught that hard work will get us far, and someone from the movie The Princess and the Frog knew just how true those words really are. Do we know who said this? We hope! Take a look at the choices below, then pick the one who probably spoke this line.

Question 17

“It's not until you lose everything that you can truly appreciate everything.”

Losing everything sounds like a tough thing to go through, but this Disney character saw the silver lining. This character believed that through it all, he/she was able to truly and fully appreciate everything. How amazing! Whether or not we agree with this statement, we need to decide on the answer to this question. Do we think Belle said this line? Was it the Beast? Could Maurice have been the one? Or was it Mrs. Potts? Recall the film, think hard on it all, answer the question, then continue on in this quiz all about great quotes from great movies.

Question 18

"Remember, you're the one who can fill the world with sunshine."

Man, this next question that's up is like a two-part mystery: We all have to figure out who said this line, but we also wonder to whom it was said. There are a couple of characters who could bring a little sunshine to the world, like the fair Snow White, the funny Dopey and the cheerful Happy. But that is not what we need to truly talk about right now! Everyone needs to think about who spoke these words about sunshine. We have provided four answer options from which to choose, so go on - Pick an answer down below!

Question 19

"If you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you'll learn things you never knew."

A couple of the quotes and lessons that have been discussed in this quiz so far have touched upon not judging a book by its cover and treating everyone in a kind way. This line echoes those thoughts. If we took the time to go where others go, see what others see and really understand people, we would learn so much. And this beautiful message can be found via Pocahontas’ self-titled movie. For the answer options, we have the star herself, we have the male lead of John Smith, we have the wise Grandmother Willow, and we have Kocoum. So who said this?

Question 20

"If you dream a thing more than once, it's sure to come true."

Wishing upon stars, dreams that are wished, dreams that come true...There are some common themes in some of the pieces from Disney, and this quote dreamy quote is from Sleeping Beauty. While the other line from that film that was already mentioned in this quiz had a dark edge to it, this one is light, fluffy, happy and inspirational. And while many of us may wish we were sleeping and dreaming or out making our dreams come true, we first have a task: Decide, once and for all, which character who is from Sleeping Beauty spoke these words right here.

Question 21

“I was hiding under your porch because I love you.”

While a love story is not the central focus of every movie Disney creates, there are elements of it around, for sure. In Up, for instance, fans saw Carl and Ellie fall in love, but they also saw a balloon-filled adventure to an interesting locale. And somewhere along the way, this line was spoken: “I was hiding under your porch because I love you.” Who was hiding? Whose porch are we talking about here? Who loves which character? Think back on this Pixar film, browse through the four answer options, and then tell us what the answer is for this question about Up.

Question 22

“People always do crazy things when they’re in love.”

How true! As mentioned, many Disney movies focus on love, which means that many of them show characters doing crazy things. From cutting their hair and running away to making deals with not-so-nice people, we have all seen these lovable characters go to extreme measures - but it was all for love and life, right? Anyways, in a particular film called Hercules, one of the characters actually uttered these exact words right here. Yes, someone in that film noted that love leads to craziness. And, as usual, the job here is to figure out who said it. So answer now!

Question 23

“I look at you, and I’m home.”

Okay, we have covered many aspects of Disney movies today, such as what kind of characters they feature, the inspiration they give and the lines we remember from them. But what we have not discussed is how they make us cry! Some of the tears are happy tears, when the good guys finally win, but some are just sad tears, since there are just some sad parts! This is a mix of both, and it is from Finding Nemo. Fans learned the backstories of the main characters in this movie, and then, one of them announced that they had a home - within another character. That is just so sweet!

Question 24

“You are my greatest adventure.”

Big and small, these movies are all filled with adventures. What kind? Well, fans have seen dragons and tall towers, witches and poisoned apples, trips around the world and trips away from home...The list goes on, and one can see that there are so many exciting parts to all of this! Well, it gets better: In The Incredibles, a movie that focuses on superheroes and their battles to make the world a better place, someone commented on the greatest adventure of all - another person. Here come the waterworks again! It is just so sweet! Who said this line, though?

Question 25

“Ladies don't start fights, but they can finish them!”

The Aristocats is another movie that focuses on a family, but this is a family of cats. There is a mother, Duchess, who has three kittens: Marie, Berlioz and Toulouse. They meet some other animals along the way, including a tom cat named Thomas O’Malley. Now, throughout their adventures, someone stated that ladies do not start fights...but they can finish them! Who said this? Do we know? Are we certain? Or are we stumped? And will we have to guess on this specific question? Either way, take a pick from the answer options that are listed out down below there.

Question 26

“You don't have a way with children. You must gain their confidence. Make them like you.”

Uh-oh...Even though these films are family friendly, there was someone who did not have a way with children. And one of the fellow characters tried to give some pointers on this topic: Gain their confidence. Make them like it. And then boom - Children will be happy. If anyone has seen The Rescuers, then it is known if this advice worked or not. And it should also be known who spoke this quote that we have here. Who was it, out of the four names down below from The Rescuers? Answer, and then get ready for the last few questions!

Question 27

“Goodbye may seem forever. Farewell is like the end. But in my heart's the memory, and there you'll always be.”

Yikes...We talked about crying during Disney movies earlier, and this is one of the most tear-inducing of them all! Despite its sad parts, The Fox and the Hound is another classic film, full of more loveable characters and memorable quotes. This particular quote is about goodbyes. They seem tough, but we have memories and love, to keep special moments and people close to us always. That is super sweet. And it is time to decide if Widow Tweed, Vixey, Tod or Cooper spoke these words. Who do we think it was, based on our own memories and our own knowledge?

Question 28

"I think that you're a slimy, contemptible sewer rat!"

While many of these quotes have been inspiring ones, some are just random, funny, crazy ones - and that may make it more challenging to decide who said them! But don’t worry - We give out hints, and here they are for this question. This quote is from The Great Mouse Detective. The Great Mouse Detective is the film that is depicted right here, in the accompanying photo. And the character credited with this line is one of the four that we have listed out down below, where the answer choices are. So go on; pick one of them out now.

Question 29

“It's you who need us! We're a lot stronger than you say we are... And you know it, don't you?”

This character sounds brave. This character sounds confident. This character sounds just like the type that Disney would create, in order to motivate fans of all ages in the form of an entertaining film! But, of course, the challenge remains. We may like this quote, and we may remember its source, A Bug’s Life. But how many of us can recall which exact character from the movie actually said this line here? Well, we know it was one of the four, so think hard right now, narrow it down, decide on an answer, and then click on it down below!

Question 30

"She can't stay in here. This is the men's room."

Here we go again with another silly and random quote! Monsters Inc. is a popular Disney movie, but is this line remembered? We hope at least some people who are here with us today remember it, because we want people to do well on this quiz...and the end of the quiz is near! That is right. There are only a few questions left after this one, so dig deep, people! Think back to the last time this was watched! Imagine each of the characters who are answer options here saying this line! And then, when ready, pick out the best answer choice.

Question 31

"I think their horns are screwed on too tight!"

Brother Bear is, as one could guess, a film about bears. And since bears live in wild and natural habitats, other animals were seen in this work...and apparently a couple of these supporting characters had horns, which someone thought could have been screwed on too tight! Who remembers Brother Bear? Who remembers this line? Who remembers who said it? If anyone needs help, we have, of course, provided answer options below; just look at the four names that are listed out, and then just click on the one that seems like the best guess for this particular question right here.

Question 32

"Oh mama, I have got to get me one of these."

Up next is a. another line from Tangled and b. another one of those humorous quotes! People who are huge fans of this movie and have seen it several times will immediately know who said this and even when and why. Others will be left curious...Who wanted what, we wonder? Well, there is no time to think about the context, really, since an answer is needed, right here and right now. And after an answer is chosen down below, right here and right now, there will only be a couple of more questions left to answer on this Disney quiz!

Question 33

"Ah, Grimsby, ya old beanpole, you shouldn't have."

As we mentioned, we want people to succeed here, which is why, on every question, we let people know which film the quotes are from. So while we are saying that this is from The Little Mermaid, some people could have already guessed that, based on the quote, as a name appears - Grimsby! Grimsby is Prince Eric’s help and his friend, and he is tall and slender, like a beanpole. But who called him that and said this? Was it Eric? Was it King Triton? Was it Flounder? Or was it Ursula? Choose one of the names down below.

Question 34

“For the first time in my life, things are starting to go right.”

Before we get to the last question, we have another sad yet sweet line (and this one is from the movie Aladdin): “For the first time in my life, things are starting to go right.” It is sad that someone from Aladdin didn’t have things going well before, but it is sweet that he/she finally made it in life! But who said this? We bet there are a lot of true Disney fans who are taking this quiz here with us today, so we are sure that many people will be able to correctly answer this question. So do it, now, down below there, by clicking the name of the person who spoke this quote.

Question 35

“Take it with you so you’ll always have a way to look back...and remember me.”

Here it is, people...the last question and the last quote from the last Disney flick that will be featured here today! What is the movie? Well, it is Beauty and the Beast! And what is the quote? It is this: “Take it with you so you’ll always have a way to look back...and remember me.” We could stop and discuss what was taken, who took it, if they looked back with it and if the person who said this line was remembered, but there is no time. We, of course, just need one thing from everyone: Look at the answer options, and tell us which character spoke these words.

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