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Who here thinks they know enough about Pokemon to become a trainer themselves? Being a Pokemon trainer takes a lot more than simply wanting to be one. A trainer must fully understand their Pokemon if they wish to have any hope of controlling them. That being said, a true trainer will also know which battles to avoid and which to place their beloved Pokemon into. Time to prove who is truly ready to be a trainer, and who has more research still left to do!

This quiz is all about the battles. In every question, we will be pitting two Pokemon against each other. While one can never be sure of the unpredictable events that could take place during a battle, a well-informed trainer should know which Pokemon would be more likely to leave victorious. Everyone here is going to get to pick their favorite to win each battle. Once everyone has made it through all 50 of these heart-pumping fights, we will be able to match everyone up to their perfect starter Pokemon! It is time to see who will become a trainer like Ash, and who will be left feeling more like a Gary. Pull the Pokedex out for this one guys!

Question 1

Chansey VS Jigglypuff

Here we have two adorable pink Pokemon going head to head. While Chansey may not be the most aggressive Pokemon by nature, due to being constantly hunted by humans, it is now a wicked fast runner and even an impressive jumper. Jigglypuff on the other hand, has the power to put its opponent to sleep by way of singing a soft lullaby. Neither may be the best at hand to hand combat, but one of them must still come out a winner! (Bulbapedia)

Question 2

Spearow VS Pidgey

Neither of these Flying-type Pokemon is very large, but they both offer their own edge when it comes to a fight. Spearow is capable of flying quickly, especially if it feels under attack. It can also use its distinct cry to distract its opponent. Pidgey is a bit craftier. While it will not go out looking for fights on its own, when placed in battle, it will use tricks like stirring up dust from the ground to protect itself. (Bulbapedia)

Question 3

Snorlax VS Drowzee

Here we have a couple of Pokemon who depend on sleep, but in very different ways. Snorlax is without a doubt the largest Normal-type Pokemon. This gives him a clear advantage, though if he has not had enough rest and food, he will be useless in a battle. Drowzee is not as sleepy as Snorlax, but instead depends on its ability to put opponents to sleep. Once asleep, Drowzee will eat the dreams of its opponent, falling ill if it eats a bad dream. (Bulbapedia)

Question 4

Raichu VS Raticate

It is the battle of the rats in this question! Since Raichu happens to be an Electric-type Pokemon, most of its power will come from its tail, which it uses to gather electricity from the atmosphere. As impressive as its electric based attacks can be, Raichu can become hard to control should it absorb too much electricity. Raticate though, is easy enough to train and control. Its main power will come from its teeth. These teeth can chew through materials tougher than steel! (Bulbapedia)

Question 5

Rapidash VS Charmeleon

This battle is all about firepower! Even though Rapidash has a beautiful mane made up of glowing flame, its claim to fame has to be its speed. Rapidash can run at speeds up to 150 mph. It can reach this top speed in just 10 steps. Charmeleon is a Pokemon much more dependant on its firepower. Not only does it use fire attacks, but this Pokemon is born very aggressive. Charmeleon is always on the lookout for a new fierce opponent to beat in battle. (Bulbapedia)

Question 6

Paras VS Omanyte

Alright, so this would not be the most exciting battle ever, but someone has got to win it anyway! Paras is very small in size, and does not actually have too much control over its body. The mushrooms on its back have a way of influencing this Pokemon's every move. Omanyte though, is basically considered to be extinct. While once thriving in the deepest parts of the ocean, these days it can only exist if we create it from a fossil. (Bulbapedia)

Question 7

Vaporeon VS Jolteon

Now here is a battle we are sure many have argued over in the past. Both of these Pokemon are an evolution of Eevee. Eevee has three possible evolutions, but only two are participating in this battle. Vaporeon is a powerful Water-type. It can turn its entire body into water molecules, camouflaging itself in the waves completely. Jolteon, being an Electric-type, stores a ton of powerful volts inside of its body. It's known for its temper and sudden mood swings. (Bulbapedia)

Question 8

Persian VS Growlithe

This is basically the Pokemon version of an epic cat against dog battle. Persian is a cat-like Pokemon, known for its temperamental personality. Even after being trained, there is no way of knowing what this beast will do next. Growlithe on the other hand, can be just as fierce a competitor, though usually easier for a trainer to control. This dog-like Pokemon will defend its trainer and its territory until it feels both are safe. Who would win this one? (Bulbapedia)

Question 9

Magneton VS Electrode

Magneton may not be known for its brilliance, though there is no denying its electrical power. Magneton feeds on powerful electrical currents. The constant presence of this Pokemon's power, can actually cause citywide blackouts. Electrode is a Pokemon many trainers try to avoid. Since it looks very similar to a Poke Ball, many do not realize it is, in fact, a Pokemon until it has exploded in their hand. This Pokemon will explode with little to no provocation at all. (Bulbapedia)

Question 10

Oddish VS Bellsprout

Even though these are both Grass-type Pokemon, they are both very different. Oddish is small and nocturnal. That being said, during the night, Oddish is full of energy and can run pretty fast. Bellsprout prefers the day time, though even while the sun is shining, it will not be the fastest. Since Bellsprout's body is made up of thin vines, it can easily sway and dip to avoid oncoming attack moves. Which of these Pokemon is winning the battle? (Bulbapedia)

Question 11

Hypno VS Kadabra

Who is ready for some serious mind games? Hypno is dependant on its swinging pendulum. This pendulum gives Hypno the power to put its opponents to sleep within seconds. However, this move will not work without the pendulum. Kadabra does not need any tools to works its power, though it will cause headaches in its opponents instead of putting them straight to sleep. Which is easier to take down? A drowsy opponent, or one with a headache? Who is winning? (Bulbapedia)

Question 12

Magmar VS Electabuzz

Magmar is without a doubt one of the most powerful Fire-type Pokemon out there. Its body temperature can reach up to 2,200° Fahrenheit, allowing it to spit fire bullets and flames out of its mouth. That being said, Magmar will not be as powerful in a cold climate. Electabuzz can survive in both cold and warm climates, though it always needs to be near some form of electrical source. Since it is constantly leaking electricity, it must always be replenishing its stores. (Bulbapedia)

Question 13

Golduck VS Psyduck

Both of these Pokemon may resemble ducks, but trust us when we say, they both have way more power than any ducks living in our towns. Golduck is one of the best swimmers in existence. Due to its webbed hands and feet, it can quickly swim through even the strongest of currents. Psyduck may not be the best swimmer, but its constant headache actually makes this Pokemon very powerful. This Pokemon has a ton of strong psychic powers, even though it is usually unaware of them. (Bulbapedia)

Question 14

Machamp VS Hitmonchan

Both of these Pokemon are known for their powerful punches. Machamp can throw up to 500 punches per second. While these punches can be strong enough to move mountains, if Machamp tries to use its hands for any kind of delicate work, it will leave its arms completely tangled. Hitmonchan can punch with extreme speed as well, sometimes making its moves invisible to the human eye. However, it will need to take a break every 3 minutes while in a battle. (Bulbapedia)

Question 15

Kingler VS Dewgong

This question basically comes down to Kingler's claw VS Dewgong's horn. Kingler's large claw is a force to be reckoned with. While it will use this powerful claw in all of its attack moves, it will tire easily from having to move it around, potentially leaving this Pokemon in a vulnerable state. While Dewgong mainly uses its horn to break through thick chunks of ice, should it be placed in a battle, it will definitely use it to defend itself. (Bulbapedia)

Question 16

Dragonite VS Charizard

Here is a couple of the largest Flying-type Pokemon around. While Dragonite is very large in size, this extra poundage does not slow it down while flying through the air at all. This Dragon-type Pokemon can circle the entire globe in just 16 hours! Charizard may not be as impressive in the air, but this Pokemon is known for its will to win battles. Even while out in the wild, this Pokemon will go out looking for fierce opponents. (Bulbapedia)

Question 17

Zapdos VS Moltres

Both of these Flying-type Pokemon are extremely rare. Zapdos is rumored to live up in thunder clouds. Since it can shed lightning bolts with every flap of its wings, it is said that it uses the clouds to hide itself when a storm is underway. Moltres is just as rare. However, instead of lightning bolts, this Pokemon will shed embers with even the slightest flap of its wings. This would definitely be an exciting battle to watch. Who's winning? (Bulbapedia)

Question 18

Marowak VS Rhydon

Here we have a Pokemon that uses a powerful tool, up against a Pokemon whose body is its ultimate tool. Marowak is a skilled fighter. Born with a ferocious desire for battle, this Pokemon can use its bone as both a club and as a boomerang. Rhydon on the other hand, depends only on its powerful body. Its tail is strong enough to topple skyscrapers, and its tough hide makes it immune to almost all kinds of physical attack move. (Bulbapedia)

Question 19

Arbok VS Golbat

Arbok is a Pokemon that greatly resembles a snake. Many of its powers are similar to those of a snake's as well. When capable, Arbok will trap its opponents inside of its coils. These coils are strong enough to crush just about anything. Golbat's powers, mimic those of a bat's. An excellent flier, this Pokemon will go to great lengths to sink its fangs into a tasty opponent. However, it does have a tendency to overeat at times. Thoughts? (Bulbapedia)

Question 20

Venusaur VS Poliwrath

It is Grass-type against Water-type in this question! On Venusaur's back, there is a large flower as well as many vines. Venusaur can release a sweet aroma from its flower, which will actually attract unsuspecting Pokemon. It can also control the vines, using them to grasp and whip as it needs to. Poliwrath is almost entirely made up of muscles. These muscles never tire, making this Pokemon an excellent swimmer and runner. Which of these Pokemon is winning the battle? (Bulbapedia)

Question 21

Fearow VS Pidgeot

Both of these Pokemon happen to be excellent fliers. Fearow is best known for its stamina. It can fly for an entire day without ever needing to land for a break. This would make pursuing one quite difficult. Pidgeot on the other hand, has been known to fly at speeds faster than sound. While it may not be able to fly for as long as Fearow, it will use its abnormally large wings to intimidate opponents. Who are we betting on? (Bulbapedia)

Question 22

Exeggutor VS Dugtrio

Both of these Pokemon have three heads a piece, though they both use their multiple heads very differently. The three heads of Exeggutor all think on their own. This means the Pokemon can often be found in an argument against itself. The three heads of Dugtrio though, all think in unison. While it will use this ability to mainly help it dig faster, it could be an advantage for other reasons! Which are we picking as our winner here? (Bulbapedia)

Question 23

Vileplume VS Victreebel

While the flower on Vileplume's head may make it look beautiful and innocent, the pollen within it is actually very toxic to other Pokemon. Vileplume will release this pollen to paralyze both prey and opponents. Victreebel is another Poison-type Pokemon, though it will use other mechanisms to attack its prey. Victreebel can release a sweet scent that will lure in all kinds of different Pokemon. Victreebel is also known for its territorial behaviour. We can only pick one winner! (Bulbapedia)

Question 24

Dratini VS Tentacool

Both of these Pokemon happens to be misunderstood. Dratini was believed to be nothing more than a myth for centuries, but colonies of them have now been found. At birth they are small, but due to the large amount of energy constantly coursing through them, they can grow to be over 6 feet long. Since Tentacool is 99% water, their power is usually underestimated. Both of its tentacles have stinging abilities, and it can use mind control against other Pokemon. (Bulbapedia)

Question 25

Lickitung VS Slowpoke

Here we have two pink Pokemon, who use their unique bodies in very interesting ways. Lickitung is all about its tongue. It is twice as long as the rest of its body, and the saliva upon it can paralyze its foes within seconds. Slowpoke on the other hand, will use its tail to its full ability. The tail of Slowpoke is constantly releasing a sticky substance, that will actually attract all nearby Pokemon. Should its tail get injured, it can easily grow a new one. (Bulbapedia)

Question 26

Gyarados VS Blastoise

Here we have two extremely powerful Water-type Pokemon. Gyarados is well known for its aggressive nature. It is born with a deep rage inside of its body, and once it decides to attack, it will rampage through everything and everyone in its path. When it comes to Blastoise, the water cannons on its back do not typically go unnoticed. They can shoot water bullets with such force, that they will pierce right through steel and concrete. Which is winning? (Bulbapedia)

Question 27

Shellder VS Krabby

Neither of these Pokemon is exactly a fierce fighter, but they would both be able to hold their own in this battle. Shellder does not offer much in the way of attack moves, though its shell is said to be tougher than diamonds. This means, most physical attacks will not affect Shellder in the slightest. Krabby has two pincers which it will use in battle. However, there is always a possibility of one of them breaking off. Pick a winner! (Bulbapedia)

Question 28

Weedle VS Caterpie

This one may not be a battle people would gather around to watch, but both of these Pokemon do have a few unique abilities. Weedle has not one, but two toxic stingers on its body. It will not hesitate to use either one of them in a battle. While Caterpie does not have any stingers, it does have a powerful antenna. This antenna will release an unpleasant odor, repelling all nearby predators and opponents. Which would we bet on? (Bulbapedia)

Question 29

Porygon VS Mr. Mime

Here we have a rather interesting mashup. Porygon was actually made by humans, so its powers differ a bit from natural Pokemon. It needs no food or water to keep its energy level high, and it can easily change its appearance to mimic its opponent or to camouflage itself. Mr. Mime is as some may have guessed, a skilled mimer. Not only can it use its miming to distract opponents, but with enough training, it can actually begin to create invisible items! (Bulbapedia)

Question 30

Wigglytuff VS Jynx

While Wigglytuff is not a born fighter, it does have some pretty unique moves at its disposal. Wigglytuff has the ability to inflate its body up to 20 times its original size. While in this state, it can easily float or bounce away. Jynx shares the ability to put its opponents to sleep with a few other Pokemon, though its power to force Pokemon and humans into fits of dancing is completely unique to itself. Who would we place our bets on? (Bulbapedia)

Question 31

Haunter VS Koffing

Even though Haunter is well known for its comical side, it would be hard to ignore all of its spooky attack moves. After luring in prey and opponents from the shadows of the darkest corner, it will then lick them with its gaseous tongue. That being said, Haunter does not react well to bright lights. Koffing though, thrives in high temperatures, including areas with strong sunlight. Koffing floats in the air, and is suspended by the toxic gas its body creates. (Bulbapedia)

Question 32

Wartortle VS Horsea

Both of these Pokemon are above average swimmers. While Wartortle will use its fury tail and ears to store pockets of air which will propel it through water faster, Horsea has a curled tail which enables it to swim in any given direction. Wartortle has a protective shell on its back, which its entire body can fit into. Although, since Horsea can swim backwards quite efficiently, there is no chance at surprising it with a sneak attack! Who is winning? (Bulbapedia)

Question 33

Exeggcute VS Ditto

Now this one would be an interesting battle to watch. Exeggcute is a seed-like Pokemon, that tend to gather in groups of six or more. They feel safest this way, and they have a unique telepathic ability which allows them to communicate with each other, without anyone else being able to understand. That being said, Ditto can transform itself into the form of other Pokemon. Would transforming into Exeggcute, allow Ditto to understand its telepathic language? Pick a winner for this battle! (Bulbapedia)

Question 34

Cubone VS Tangela

Neither of these Pokemon is the largest in size, but both of them remain somewhat of a mystery to us humans. Cubone wears a bone mask from the moment it is born. This means humans have never actually seen its face. Tangela, on the other hand, is completely covered in mysterious vines. Again, no human has ever been able to see this Pokemon's face or body. With so much left unknown about these Pokemon, who knows how many hidden powers they may have ...

Question 35

Seel VS Seadra

Since these are both fierce Water-type Pokemon, neither of them would hold an advantage in water. Seel is an excellent swimmer, though it does not move well on land at all. Seadra having no legs, is also not very adept at moving on land. However, both of these Pokemon could out swim any human in existence. Seel is extremely fast and agile when in cold waters. Seadra though, has the ability to create powerful whirlpools. Who gets the vote? (Bulbapedia)

Question 36

Primeape VS Kangaskhan

This battle would be vicious, to say the least. While these Pokemon could not look any more different, they are both known for their ruthless fighting techniques. Primeape has one of the worst tempers out of all the Pokemon. It takes very little to send it into rage mode, though it is almost impossible to calm it down once the rage has started. Kangaskhan will stop at nothing to protect the young it carries in its pouch, including taking down opponents. (Bulbapedia)

Question 37

Venonat VS Butterfree

Here we have a couple of Bug-type Pokemon. Venonat has two large red eyes, which are very useful. It can use its eyes to shoot dangerous beams, and they can double as radar units as well. That being said, Venonat is attracted to bright lights and can be easily distracted. While Butterfree's eyes may not be as powerful, it does carry around a poisonous powder on its wings, which it can douse anyone with at any given moment. Yikes! (Bulbapedia)

Question 38

Lapras VS Seaking

This is an interesting one since Lapras is about 10 times the size of Seaking, yet Seaking has a more vicious personality by nature. Lapras has a very nurturing personality. It will not go out looking for fights, though when up against an opponent, its large size and telepathic abilities are quite useful. Seaking is an experienced swimmer, with very territorial tendencies. Should it feel threatened, it will have no issues using its horn to attack. Who is winning this one? (Bulbapedia)

Question 39

Sandslash VS Scyther

This one all depends on who's claws we think are tougher. Sandslash has two very sharp claws on both of its hands. It will use these claws as its main form of protection. It can also curl its entire body into a tight sphere, making it difficult to hit him with a physical attack. Scyther on the other hand, has two sharp blades instead of arms. Apart from the blades, its green coloring allows it to camouflage seamlessly into grassy areas. (Bulbapedia)

Question 40

Staryu VS Ekans

Staryu is great at staying hidden. Since it prefers to live on the bottom of ocean floors, this Pokemon is an expert at staying out of the way of larger predators who like to swim by. Naturally, this means it is also well rehearsed in avoiding various forms of attacks. Ekans is much less likely to stay hidden. Since it can sense nearby danger and threats by just using its tongue, it does not feel as though it needs to hide away. (Bulbapedia)

Question 41

Kabuto VS Omastar

Both of these Pokemon have been rumored to be extinct, though small batches of them both still seem to pop up every now and then. Kabuto is small in size, but it is totally capable of maneuvering in water and on land. Omastar is a much better swimmer than Kabuto is, but has almost no mobility when on land. While the shell on Kabuto's back is strong enough to repel most attacks, some Omastar has been known to have beaks strong enough to break through certain shells. (Bulbapedia)

Question 42

Onix VS Golem

Now here is a Rock-type battle for the ages. Onix is a large serpentine Pokemon, with a body made entirely out of large boulders. It travels by burrowing through underground tunnels. Its burrowing has been known to cause earthquakes in local areas. Golem does have a soft body, but it is completely covered in a rock-like shell. Not only is this shell great protection, but since it is spherical, it allows Golem to roll around with great force and speed. (Bulbapedia)

Question 43

Kakuna VS Metapod

Talk about a boring battle! Though it may not be the most exciting pairing, we are sure some have thought about the outcome of this battle in the past. Neither of these Pokemon really offer anything in terms of attack moves. They are both completely confined to their shell, and can barely even move around at all. On very rare occasions, Kakuna has been able to extend a poisonous stinger. However, Metapod has been known to harden its shell when faced with dangers like a stinger. (Bulbapedia)

Question 44

Farfetch'd VS Nidorino

When it comes to Farfetch'd, some of its greatest strengths are also its weaknesses. It is essential for Farfetch'd to live with a leek stalk in its hands. While it will put its life on the line to defend its stalk, it also knows how to use it as a weapon. Nidorino has to visible weapons, though some may consider its temper to be just as dangerous as any leek stalk. Which of these Pokemon is winning the battle? (Bulbapedia)

Question 45

Graveler VS Gengar

While the body of Graveler is made up of a very solid rock-like material, this same tough material does make it difficult for Graveler to walk around. Instead, it prefers to roll around at very fast speeds. It can easily crush opponents while rolling around, though if it is to roll into water by accident, it will explode. Gengar is dangerous for other reasons. Its body is not made of rock, though it has the power to possess humans and Pokemon. (Bulbapedia)

Question 46

Ponyta VS Vulpix

Both of these Pokemon have a long history of being sought after by humans for their beauty. However, we are looking at the ability to win a battle here! Ponyta is excellent at running and jumping, and will even allow its trainer to ride on its back. However, at birth Ponyta is weak and must develop its strength along the way. Vulpix is not great at powerful attack moves, though it is very rehearsed in faking injuries with the purpose of distracting its opponent. (Bulbapedia)

Question 47

Abra VS Pinsir

Abra is very skilled at predicting oncoming danger. Instead of hanging back to try and defend itself, when danger is near, Abra will teleport itself to safety. It can do this even while it is asleep. Pinsir will not run away from danger. Pinsir will face its foe head-on, hoping to capture it in its larger pincers. These pincers are said to be strong enough to lift things twice the size of its whole body. Any bets here? (Bulbapedia)

Question 48

Arcanine VS Aerodactyl

Here we have a master of the lands, up against a ruler of the skies. Arcanine is one of the most loyal Pokemon a trainer could ever have. Not only will it always do its best to win a battle, but it can run up to 6,200 miles in a single day! Aerodactyl, though now extinct, once used to dominate the entire sky. With its vicious personality and ruthless attack moves, no other airborne Pokemon stood a chance. Which would win? (Bulbapedia)

Question 49

Grimer VS Weezing

Neither of these Pokemon would be ones we would want to approach ourselves, though their battle would certainly be an interesting one. Grimer is a blob of toxic material. Not only does it leave a poisonous trail behind everywhere it goes, but anything that touches its body, will be lost inside of it forever. Weezing stays afloat by creating mixes of very toxic gases. Since it is a pro at producing different kinds of toxins, it will likely know which to use against any given opponent. (Bulbapedia)

Question 50

Mew VS Mewtwo

Now here is a battle we are sure many have been waiting for. There is no denying that Mewtwo has the most powerful brain of all the Pokemon is existence, but its lack of understanding for both the human and Pokemon worlds has led to its downfall in the past. Mew is small and not very aggressive by nature, though it does possess the DNA of every Pokemon out there. This means it can use just about any attack move it wants. (Bulbapedia)

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