Play TV 'Would You Rather' To See Which Series You Belong On

One of the more amazing things about the world of television is the fact that there is an amazing show out there for everyone. Whether it is a classic show from the past or a pilot that is getting ready for flight, television shows have a way of bringing us together and captivating us each week as they slowly unravel a story that the bulk of us could hardly dream of. Despite there being a ton of shows to watch, people will at least sample a lot of them, giving them an idea of what is on each night of the week.

Today, we are placing people into some of the most famous shows of all time and having them make some interesting choices. In the end, we will reveal which show they should be on!

Question 1

Get Comedy Lessons From Uncle Joey or Guitar Lessons From Uncle Jesse?

Question 2

Go Shopping With Betty And Veronica or Go For A Ride With Archie And Jughead?

Question 3

Get Financial Advice From Spencer or Personal Training From Ricky?

Question 4

Cast BoJack In A Movie or Work For Mr. Peanutbutter?

Question 5

Get Some Ice Cream At Scoops Ahoy or Eat Eggos With Eleven?

Question 6

Be Friends With Cory or Be Friends With Shawn?

Question 7

Have Ross As A Professor or Chandler As A Roommate?

Question 8

Have Grace Design Your House or Get Fashion Advice From Karen?

Question 9

Save The Day With Jack Bauer or Let Him Handle It?

Question 10

Be House Stark or House Lannister?

Question 11

Play Football With J.T. or Build Computers With Mark?

Question 12

Have Will Schuester or Sue Sylvester As A Teacher?

Question 13

Take The L With Lip or Find Cars With Jimmy?

Question 14

Be A Human In Mystic Falls or Be A Vampire In Mystic Falls?

Question 15

Hang Out With Steve Urkel or Stefan Urquelle?

Question 16

Listen To Phil's Dad Jokes or Work For Jay?

Question 17

Run Alongside The Flash To Save The Day or Help Him Behind The Scenes?

Question 18

Have Fran As A Nanny or Niles As A Butler?

Question 19

Stop Oswald Cobblepot or Stop Jerome Valeska?

Question 20

Play A Prank On Dwight or Go To Dinner With Michael And Jan?

Question 21

Listen To Tahani Brag or Get A Lecture From Chidi?

Question 22

Be Telepathic or Help V-Addicts?

Question 23

Eat A Sloppy Jessica or Grab Yogurt With Terry?

Question 24

Work With Vincent or Johnny Drama?

Question 25

Scrub In For Cristina or Meredith?

Question 26

Eat At Luke's Diner or Stay At The Dragonfly Inn?

Question 27

Live In Storybrooke or Journey Through Neverland?

Question 28

Go Shoe Shopping With Carrie or Have Drinks With Samantha?

Question 29

Invest In Charlie's Idea or Workout With Mac?

Question 30

Cook A Meal With Marie or Go For A Ride Along With Robert?

Question 31

Marry Into The Soprano Family or Stay Far Away?

Question 32

Have Sheldon or Leonard As A Tutor?

Question 33

Drink Orange Soda With Kel or Scheme With Kenan?

Question 34

Follow Rick or Stay Close To Michonne?

Question 35

Go Into The Hatch or Build A Raft?

Question 36

Have Walter White As A Teacher or A Boss?

Question 37

Go To A Packers Game With Red or Get Burned By Kelso?

Question 38

Investigate A Crime Scene With Lucifer And Chloe or Hunt Fugitives With Maze?

Question 39

Go To The Peach Pit With Brandon or Party With Valerie?

Question 40

Go To Jerry's Stand-Up Show or Cover For Vandelay Industries?

Question 41

Get Cooking Lessons From Bob or Dancing Lessons From Tina?

Question 42

Get Visions Like Raven or Get Money Like Cory?

Question 43

Cruise Around With Will or Join A Study Group With Carlton?

Question 44

Babysit Tommy And Chucky or Phil And Lil?

Question 45

Watch The Game With Doug or Hit The Town With Arthur?

Question 46

Investigate A Crash Landing With Mulder or A Mysterious Energy Field With Scully?

Question 47

Hire Liz As A Writer or Jack As A CEO?

Question 48

Go To A Drum Circle With Frankie or A Spa With Grace?

Question 49

Start A Business With Tom or Campaign With Leslie?

Question 50

Buy Shoes From Al or Hire Peg To Babysit?

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