Play This Or That And We’ll Guess Your Favorite Disney Movie

Disney movies have long been a force at the box office, and the company has done incredible work ever since they released their first film in the 1930s. Over time, they have continued to bring us classic characters from the past and new characters from creators that have taken us on some of the most fantastical journeys in history. Disney has a number of films that are set for release in 2019, and they will be cleaning up at the box office as usual. There are also big changes coming to Disney parks, which people will no doubt enjoy.

As time has gone on, many people have wound up selecting a favorite Disney film, and this one will be the film they turn to when they want to watch something to put themselves in a good mood. Each person's favorite film carries a good amount of Disney magic, and some of them even have rides in Disney parks that they can enjoy as well.

A person's taste in things can say a lot about their personality, and it can reveal a great deal about the type of Disney movie that they would enjoy. So, let's have people play this simple game so that we can guess their favorite Disney film!

Question 1

Life Of Luxury or The Simple Life?

There are different ways to go about living life, and each person has a specific way they want to do things. A life of luxury means that nothing is out of reach and everything is incredibly convenient, but the simple life means that most worries will fall by the wayside.

Question 2

Batman Or Superman?

These two DC heroes are the most famous in history, and they have been compared to one another for years. Batman sells more comics, but Superman is the original. Each of them has saved the universe many times, and they have partnered together for some fun stories in the pages and on the big screen.

Question 3

50 First Dates or The Wedding Singer?

Adam Sandler has done some amazing films over the years, and for this entry, we are going to pit two of them up against one another. 50 First Dates is the newer film of the two, and many people loved it. The Wedding Singer may be older, but it still holds up well after all these years.

Question 4

Video Games Or Books?

These two forms of entertainment could not be any more different from one another, and they both provide hours of fun for a lot of people. Video games allow someone to take charge of the story, while books take people along for a wild ride one page at a time.

Question 5

Local Eats or Chain Restaurants?

This is a question that is sure to divide people. Many people that enjoy supporting local businesses are more likely to try a local spot, though they can be hit and miss depending on where a person is. Chain restaurants get the job done, but they are a dime a dozen in many places.

Question 6

Baseball or Soccer?

Baseball and soccer are two popular sports that require a lot of skill, and both have many fans around the world. While they are not as physical as NFL football, they both still require a ton of athleticism and talent. Baseball is a more popular stateside, but soccer takes the cake around the world.

Question 7

Big Mac or Whopper?

These are two of the most famous fast food burgers on the planet, and millions of people have tried them both. The Big Mac is the one that sits on top and has helped McDonald’s get a worldwide following. The Whopper is a delicious burger that many people enjoy eating.

Question 8

Reading or Writing?

Reading and writing are forms of language that people take part in throughout their lives, but for this entry, we want to focus on which of these someone would rather do for fun. Some people love to get involved in excellent stories, while other people love to craft and shape their own.

Question 9

Beach or City?

People have preferences about where they want to spend some downtime, and these two locations can work for just about any person. A beach is a serene place that can provide catharsis, so long as it isn’t too crowded. The city is lively and offers just about anything under the sun.

Question 10

Planes or Trains?

These two modes of transportation can get the job done, and they are both used by tons of people around the world. Planes can get people to any place on the planet, and they can do so with an impressive amount of speed. Trains are slower, but they are more convenient in cities.

Question 11

Chicago or New York Style Pizza?

Pizza is an incredible dish that can be made in a number of different styles, and each style brings something different to the table. Chicago and New York claim to have the best pizza on the planet, and people that have tried them both have no doubt formed a solid opinion.

Question 12

Chicken Nuggets or Burgers?

As kids, many of us got to get a Happy Meal, and these were the two options that we were presented. As adults, we can simply make any choice we want, but we wanted to kick it old school for this entry and see which of these dishes that most people prefer when going out to eat.

Question 13

Cowboy Hats or Baseball Hats?

Wearing a hat is supposed to be something that is practical, but many people do it for the sake of fashion. These two options are popular in many different places, and they can say a lot about the person wearing them. Cowboy hats are far more practical out in the country.

Question 14

Seafood or Pasta?

This may be one of the hardest choices to make on this whole list, and they are both solid options. Seafood gives people a seemingly endless amount of choices, but some people avoid it like the plague. Pasta, meanwhile, is a household staple that many people simply cannot live without.

Question 15

Work Slowly or Work Quickly?

When it comes to getting the job done, the only correct way to do it is to do it right, and people choose to go at different speeds while doing this. Working slowly means that people can be cautious while working quickly can be great in people getting to go home early.

Question 16

Own A House or Rent?

Owning a house seems like a distant dream for many, while others are closing in on their first purchase soon. Owning a home means owning a piece of property as well, and some people strive for this. Others would rather rent something and keep their life as simple as possible.

Question 17

Motorcycles or Cars?

Motorcycles and cars are vehicles that millions of people use to get from one place to another, and they both have some good qualities to them. Motorcycles can save some money on gas in the long run, but cars are able to be driven in all climates and changes throughout the year.

Question 18

Harry Potter or Game of Thrones?

Getting into a popular franchise can be a whirlwind experience for new fans, and their eyes are opened to an entirely new world filled with endless possibilities. Both of these franchises have had millions of fans come on board over the years, and they both encompass tremendous books and amazing characters.

Question 19

Crackers or Chips?

People are going to find a snack to chow down on throughout the day, and these two options are usually the ones being eaten. Crackers and chips have a lot to like about them, and while there are some that are said to be better for people, most choose to go all out and get what they want.

Question 20

Family Dinner or Private Dinner?

Eating dinner with people can be great, but once the number of people gets to be too high, dinner can turn into more of a chore for some people. Family dinner has the numbers and can be great every once in a while. Private dinners keep things smaller and simpler.

Question 21

Horchata or Milkshakes?

These two desserts come in drink form, and they can both make any sweet tooth disappear in a heartbeat. Horchata is a drink that has a lot of flavors, and many restaurants serve it fresh. Milkshakes are way thicker, and they come in tons of different flavors for people to enjoy.

Question 22

Jack Sparrow or Edward Scissorhands?

Johnny Depp is one of the greatest and most famous actors of his era, and for this entry, we are stacking two of his best roles against one another. Jack Sparrow played a part in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise making billions of dollars, while Edward Scissorhands showed the world that Depp was a real talent.

Question 23

Las Vegas or Atlantic City?

People love to head out to certain cities that are a little more willing to accept individuals caving into their carnal desires and these two places happen to fit the bill. They are on opposite sides of the country from one another, and they both offer something a little different from the other one.

Question 24

London or Paris?

These two prominent cities are among the most visited in the entire world, and they both have a lot to offer the people that make the trip. Whether it is famous monuments, museums, or anything in between, London and Paris are two places that people should visit at least once in their lifetime.

Question 25

Professional Photos or Phone Photos?

Back in the day, most cell phones weren’t even able to take photos, so the only way to look good in front of the camera was to go to the mall and make some professional photos happen. These days, people can pull out their phone and take incredible photos in an instant.

Question 26

Cats or Dogs?

As two popular pet choices for households across the world, many people feel some type of way about these two animals. Cats are usually a bit more reluctant to be affectionate, and they pick and choose when to love people. Dogs, meanwhile, seem to have an endless amount of love for people.

Question 27

Darker Movies or Comedies?

These two film genres have a way of generating millions of dollars at the box office, and they have achieved a massive amount of fans over the years. While they are completely different from one another, they can still attract people to theaters to see the action on the big screen.

Question 28

Raspberries or Cherries?

These two berries both have a lot to love about them, and while many people gladly enjoy both of them, there can only be one choice here. Raspberries and cherries can be enjoyed by themselves, but they can also be taken to another level when they are included in other dishes.

Question 29

New Shoes or Worn Shoes?

New shoes make for a clean look for people that are into fashion, and sneakerheads can end up with a closet full of shoes in a matter of months. Worn shoes may not look as clean as a new pair of shoes, but they are far more comfortable and have a little soul in them.

Question 30

Singing In The Shower or On Stage?

People love to sing, but the venue in which they do it may differ from one person to the next. Singing in the shower allows us to transform into superstars that sell out arenas around the world. Singing on stage is a lot more fun, but it is also a harsh dose of reality for many.

Question 31

Apples or Oranges?

In a contest between tasty fruits, we have apples and oranges going up against one another on this entry. They could not be any more different from one another in terms of how they taste, but both of them can be taken on the go and enjoyed just about anywhere.

Question 32

Starbucks or Coffee At Home?

Millions of people enjoy drinking coffee in the morning, and this is the way they get their day off and running. Starbucks is a popular place for people to go, but some people prefer making their own coffee at home. It can be a much cheaper option than going to Starbucks every day.

Question 33

Hockey or Basketball?

Hockey is a physical sport that requires a lot of tenacity and athleticism, and people around the world enjoy playing it. It takes a lot of skill, and the best ever made sure to do incredible things in the NHL. Basketball is far less physical, but it is by no means easier than hockey.

Question 34

Zombies or Vampires?

We have seen countless movies featuring these two types of creatures, and for this entry, we are going to have people choose between them. Zombies and vampires both have a lot to like about them, and they can take front and center in compelling stories for the masses to enjoy.

Question 35

Tech Job or Freelance Work?

There are no wrong choices for work in the world, and for this entry, we are pitting tech jobs and freelance work against one another. Tech jobs allow people to get into a massive industry that can be financially fruitful. Freelance work, meanwhile, allows someone to live life their own way.

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