Play This Or That And We’ll Guess Your Favorite Disney Movie

Disney movies have long been a force at the box office, and the company has done incredible work ever since they released their first film in the 1930s. Over time, they have continued to bring us classic characters from the past and new characters from creators that have taken us on some of the most fantastical journeys in history. Disney has a number of films that are set for release in 2019, and they will be cleaning up at the box office as usual. There are also big changes coming to Disney parks, which people will no doubt enjoy.

As time has gone on, many people have wound up selecting a favorite Disney film, and this one will be the film they turn to when they want to watch something to put themselves in a good mood. Each person's favorite film carries a good amount of Disney magic, and some of them even have rides in Disney parks that they can enjoy as well.

A person's taste in things can say a lot about their personality, and it can reveal a great deal about the type of Disney movie that they would enjoy. So, let's have people play this simple game so that we can guess their favorite Disney film!

Question 1

Life Of Luxury or The Simple Life?

Question 2

Batman Or Superman?

Question 3

50 First Dates or The Wedding Singer?

Question 4

Video Games Or Books?

Question 5

Local Eats or Chain Restaurants?

Question 6

Baseball or Soccer?

Question 7

Big Mac or Whopper?

Question 8

Reading or Writing?

Question 9

Beach or City?

Question 10

Planes or Trains?

Question 11

Chicago or New York Style Pizza?

Question 12

Chicken Nuggets or Burgers?

Question 13

Cowboy Hats or Baseball Hats?

Question 14

Seafood or Pasta?

Question 15

Work Slowly or Work Quickly?

Question 16

Own A House or Rent?

Question 17

Motorcycles or Cars?

Question 18

Harry Potter or Game of Thrones?

Question 19

Crackers or Chips?

Question 20

Family Dinner or Private Dinner?

Question 21

Horchata or Milkshakes?

Question 22

Jack Sparrow or Edward Scissorhands?

Question 23

Las Vegas or Atlantic City?

Question 24

London or Paris?

Question 25

Professional Photos or Phone Photos?

Question 26

Cats or Dogs?

Question 27

Darker Movies or Comedies?

Question 28

Raspberries or Cherries?

Question 29

New Shoes or Worn Shoes?

Question 30

Singing In The Shower or On Stage?

Question 31

Apples or Oranges?

Question 32

Starbucks or Coffee At Home?

Question 33

Hockey or Basketball?

Question 34

Zombies or Vampires?

Question 35

Tech Job or Freelance Work?

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