Play This Or That And We’ll Give You The Perfect Rom-Com To Watch

Romantic comedies have been in the game for some time now, and while many of them can fall into a familiar formula, there have been a few of them that have been able to shake the stigma of the genre and be considered fantastic films for people to enjoy. These are the ones that set the bar for future releases, and many people continue to watch them as the years go by. Sure, many people feel that romantic comedies are meant for women, but the truth is that any person can enjoy a good movie, regardless of the genre it is.

With a huge selection of romantic comedies out there, most people will simply choose to stick with what they know. Each person's preference in romantic comedies says a lot about them, and it gives people clues about who they are as a person. This can be said for many decisions that are made in life. In fact, a person's taste in other things can reveal a lot about their taste in romantic comedies.

With this in mind, we are going to present 35 choices for people to make on this quiz. In the end, we will reveal the perfect romantic comedy for them to watch!

Question 1

Marvel or DC?

When it comes to making comic books, there are no bigger companies than Marvel and DC. These two have been leading the industry for years now, and they have also spread their wings and have done amazing things on the big and small screen. Both of them have great characters.

Question 2

Baby Girl or Baby Boy?

This is going that be a choice to many people wish they had, but at the end of the day, we get what we get. Having a baby is a life-changing event that people look forward to. Baby boys and girls will need strong guidance and guardians that will love them and show them the way.

Question 3

Ariana Grande or Demi Lovato?

These two women are incredible singers that know a thing or two about making hit music. Each of them has a powerful voice that has been featured on the radio, and they have earned incredible amounts of fans. They have both also done some solid work on the big screen.

Question 4

No Speaking or No Hearing For 24 Hours?

This is a choice that will only last for 24 hours, and it will require people to lose something that they use each and every day. Not being able to speak for a day will require people to communicate in a different way, while no hearing means that music won’t be the same for 24 hours.

Question 5

The Simpsons or Family Guy?

These two animated shows are perhaps the most famous in history, and they have amazing legacies on the small screen that few other shows can compete with. The Simpsons have been on television much longer, but Family Guy has come back from being canceled multiple times, which is no easy feat.

Question 6

Beast or Gaston?

These two Beauty and the Beast characters could not be any more different from one another, and the choice here will say a lot about people. Beast has a softer personality when he lets someone in his life, while Gaston is a handsome man that all the ladies pine for.

Question 7

Old School or New School Music?

Old school and new school music are available for people to listen to at all times, and most people do a pretty solid job of mixing things up whenever they make a playlist to enjoy. Old school music is what inspired what’s on the radio now, but new music is what is relevant among the masses.

Question 8

Beignets or Donuts?

These baked goods are perfect for people that enjoy something sweet to eat every now and again, and they have some big differences between them. Beignets are pillowy little treats with powdered sugar, while donuts can be topped with anything under the sun. Either of them can be a sugary way to end a day.

Question 9

Country or Pop?

These two genres have crossed over into one another many times in the past, and as it stands now, modern country music is dipping its toes into pop once again. Country music is usually focused on telling stories, while pop is looking to capitalize on a popular and relatable theme.

Question 10

Football or Baseball?

These two popular sports are both fun to watch in person, though many people would rather watch football on television than baseball. Football is far more physical than baseball is, but baseball requires players to play through over 160 games in a season, which can end up being tough and draining on the body.

Question 11

Brownies or Cookies?

Getting ready to end the day means that people may be tempted to get their hands on something sweet, and these two treats usually get the job done. Brownies are far denser than cookies are, while cookies can be chowed down with ease. Both are usually enjoyed with a glass of milk.

Question 12

Cersei Lannister or Daenerys Targaryen?

Now that Game of Thrones has come to an end, let us focus on two of the most famous women from the show. Cersei and Daenerys were two characters that wanted nothing more than to be in power, and in the end, neither of them were able to stay on top for the future.

Question 13

Chris Hemsworth or Chris Pratt?

Hollywood is filled with a number of famous men named Chris, and each has a lot to love about them. For this entry let’s take two that appeared in the MCU and have people choose between Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt. Both of these men played heroes, and both can make people laugh.

Question 14

Luxury Hotel or Small Pad?

Going out and traveling means that a person will need to book some lodging so that they have a place to sleep at people. Those with tons of cash may end up shelling out the cash for a luxury spot. Others could simply choose to save money and stay at a small local spot.

Question 15

Curly Fries or Regular Fries?

As the most popular side at most restaurants, people have undoubtedly tried a number of different fries at one point or another. Curly fries and regular fries are completely different from one another, and while regular fries are more common to see, many people will still go with curly fries.

Question 16

Rap or EDM?

When it comes to popularity, there is simply no comparison here. Rap music has been at the top for a while now, and the biggest artists in the world tend to work with rappers at some point. EDM puts people in the seats at venues, but the genre does not get as much love on the radio.

Question 17

Glasses or Contacts?

This choice is one that comes down to preference, and each person has a strong feeling about them. Glasses can be tiresome to deal with, but many people make sure to keep some on hand and make them fashionable. Contacts must be taken care of, but they aren’t too difficult to deal with.

Question 18

Eternal Life or Free Wifi Forever?

Eternal life is something that is not promised in this world, and many movies and stories have centered around people finding a way to live forever. This entry gives a person this choice, but the other choice available is free WiFi forever, which is worth more than some people realize.

Question 19

Jell-O or Pudding?

Jell-O and pudding are snacks that people can serve up in the household, and many kids grow up eating both of these. While they can be used for dessert, some people will serve it at any point throughout the day. Jell-O comes in a lot more flavors than pudding, and people appreciate that.

Question 20

Adam Sandler or Jim Carrey?

As two of the most famous comedic actors of all time, these two men know a thing or two about making a hit film. Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey have been making people laugh for decades now, and their collective filmography is filled with bona fide classics that will stand the test of time.

Question 21

Jurassic World or Jurassic Park?

Jurassic World and Jurassic Park take place within the same universe, but they represent different points in the franchise’s history. The former is the modern set of films that have hauled in tons of cash, while the latter represents the films that got the ball rolling on everything for the franchise.

Question 22

Unexpected or Planned Pregnancy?

This question is for the people that are planning on having a kid one day. An unexpected pregnancy means that life is changing in the blink of an eye, and the parents will have to roll with the punches. A planned pregnancy will see people trying to have control of the situation from the jump.

Question 23

Daytime or Nighttime?

People operate in different ways at different times of the day, and while it is more traditional for people to be doing their thing while the sun is out, there are plenty of people that work at night. These are people that can get things going when the lights go down.

Question 24

Van or Truck?

These two modes of transportation can be found in any city or town, and the people that use them tend to need to take a lot of things around town. Vans are traditionally used by parents, but they can make great work vehicles. Trucks can haul tools, but they can work for families as well.

Question 25

Star Wars or The MCU?

Star Wars and the MCU are leading the charge on the big screen, and they have each made billions of dollars at the box office. The MCU has had way more entries in its 11 years, but Star Wars is the franchise that goes back several decades and changed the film industry forever.

Question 26

Hiking or Fishing?

These two outdoor activities can be great for people looking to have some fun in the sun, and they can be a little more taxing than people realize. Hiking will allow people to venture out and see something new, while fishing can be a cathartic experience for people looking to get away.

Question 27

Jedi or Sith?

These two factions comprise a good amount of the power struggle in the Star Wars franchise, and people have been split on their allegiance for years now. The Jedi want to keep the balance of all things, while the Sith are wanting to gain control of things for their own good.

Question 28

Fancy Dress or Casual Dress?

Dressing up in some fancy clothes can make a person feel good every now and again, but some people cannot stand the thought of doing it more than once or twice a year. Casual dress is a popular choice for many but it does not allow a person to look as sharp.

Question 29

Pumpkin Seeds or Sunflower Seeds?

These are popular snacks for people to enjoy at any time, especially when craving something salty. Both of them can come in different flavors, though when it comes to pumpkin seeds, most people simply prefer a little bit of salt and a quick bake. Sunflower seeds, however, come in tons of flavors.

Question 30

Driving Quickly or Driving Safely?

Heading out on the open road is a great way for people to have control about when they arrive somewhere, and each person approaches driving differently. Some people like to have their own interests in mind and drive quickly, while others are more cautious and drive slowly on the open road.

Question 31

Spider-Man or Iron Man?

These two heroes are among the most famous in history, and today, a choice must be made between the two of them. Spider-Man may be a kid, but he can save the day and handle his business like a grown man. Iron Man is a formidable hero that has a huge personality as well.

Question 32

Roommates or Living Alone?

A living situation is incredibly important, and while we may not get what we want when we are younger, we will eventually get what we want down the line. Having roommates can lower the cost of living, but that also invites tons of people into the home. Being alone is more expensive, but it is far more relaxing.

Question 33

Travel Space or Travel The Depths Of The Ocean?

This is an interesting question for people that like to unlock mysteries. Even though we know more now than we ever have, the truth is that there is still a lot to unpack in the galaxy, and this choice lets people either explore the far reaches of space or the depths of the mighty oceans.

Question 34

Solo Journey or Group Adventure?

Going out and having some fun while seeing something new is an activity that many people do, but the way they do it may differ. Heading out alone can be a great way to clear out the mind and find some release, while a group adventure can form some amazing memories with amazing people.

Question 35

Voldemort or Thanos?

As two of the most famous villains in history, these men represent the big baddies for incredible franchises. Voldemort is the man that tried to take over the wizarding world, while Thanos is the man that went around collecting the Infinity Stones to carry out his will with the snap of his fingers.

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