Play The Most Savage Would You Rather To Find Out Which Shameless Character You Are

Do you think like a Gallagher? Find out how you would survive in the crazy world of south side Chicago. Take the most vicious would you rather challenge. Can you get to the bottom of all 35 of these brutal questions? Make it to the end and find out which character you really are on the inside. Are you kind-hearted but struggling like Fiona and Lip? Are you a thrill seeker like Frank and Ian? Whose footsteps are you following in this edgy place?

Take on the same challenges that Gallaghers face in the show, and a few other ones for good measure. Face things that people have only faced in the Shameless world. Would you make the same decisions that were made by the cast of this disturbing but addictive show? Do you have good ideas that even the cast could not come up with, things that could help you survive in the Shameless world? Send the link to your friends and find out which characters everyone is. See if you can put the whole cast together with just your group of friends, then find out who you have a few surprising things in common with. If you're ready, scroll down or click to start.

1Black out 3 nights in a row or be sober at a family gathering?

It's Shakespeare's age old question: to _____ or not to _____. In this case, it's drinking. Would you rather drink yourself under the table two nights in a row or spend just one day in sober agony sharing a room with your family?

2Key a rival's car or slash the tires?

How do you get your vengeance? Is it a dish best served with a side of roadside assistance? Do you keep your dirty deeds on the down low or do you make sure people take note, even if they don't know it was you?

3Hide from a burglar or attack them with a bat?

It's time to play fight or flight. Normally we don't get a lot of choice in which we do, at least when it comes down to the most stressful moments of confrontation, but if it came down to it, which would you choose to do?


4Dance at a gentlemen's club kiss or dad on the mouth?

Can you handle it? Can you handle either of them? If you can't handle one, hopefully you can handle the other or else you can't handle either. You must face the humiliation of dancing on stage for strangers or the strange consequences of the kiss.

5Smash a roach with your bare hands or find a leech on your foot?

Can you dare to even read this question? Roach smashing is a common skill picked up by members of the Gallagher household. There is no room left for fear of insects. Are you Gallagher enough to handle all the gross?


6Have a fling with a married man or get serviced under the table in front of her parents?

So, both of these things can be very thrilling, for sure and neither is exactly the classiest way to get your rocks off. So, which one would you do if you absolutely had to choose, knowing you would most likely get caught?

7Clean sewers for $16/hr or serve coffee for $8/hr?

How much is better pay worth to you. For some, any money is precious and worth a great amount of hardship to maintain. For others, doing anything that gets your hands dirty is a tall order, and it's just not going to work out.


8Let your 11-year-old run a daycare or give you 13-year old a gun?

It's time to make a bold and bad decision, one that Fiona is somehow able to make without even batting an eye. Ages are approximate but the intent is the same, to pick out of two of the numerous Shameless decisions from the show.

9Take pill you found or throw them out?

You found a few pills in a Ziplock bag. The labels have been rubbed off and you don't recognize the shape. They could be anything at all. Do you go for it or do you do the smart thing and toss them out?


10Work in a factory or break your own leg?

What will it be? Is it time to take that factory job that everyone is raving about or would you rather set things straight by getting your leg set in the emergency room? Either way, a broken bone isn't off the menu.

11Adopt 5 kids or have a back alley abortion?

All decisions are made equal. There are plenty of reasons to get an abortion, though a clinic is the preferred location most of the time. Adopting is a wonderful and wholesome thing to do but is 5 maybe too many?


12Get a face tattoo or date Sheila for a month?

Maybe one of these things is already on your bucket list. If not, this will be quite a difficult decision for you. Bear in mind what Sheila likes to do in the bedroom. It's a package deal. Which do you go for?

13Steal candy for a child or from a child?

Do you have a hankering for candy? The best things are free, so maybe you ought to take candy from someone who can't do much about it. Otherwise, you may be feeling some compassion, perhaps enough to steal for the child's benefit?


14Pee on someone or get peed on?

Time to decide where the urine goes and where it comes from. Choose carefully, there is no taking the pee back once it lands. Who will the pee be landing on and who will be the source of the pee?

15Hitchhike or walk home in the snow?

No one wants to brace the cold every day, but is it worth the risk of asking a random stranger for a ride? Do you keep your head down and trudge your way home in the snow, or do you perk your head up and ask for help?


16Sell your kidney on the black market or get in a fight with Mickey?

Do you dare to test your luck against the fury of this loose cannon? Would you prefer to take your chances with underground surgery? If everything goes well and you're not worse for wear in the end, you'll make a nice buck on that kidney.

17Slap your mom or get slapped in public?

Whose hand, and whose face, do you want to be involved in this story? Who is the slapper and who is the slappee? Is slappee even a word? Just look at that spelling. Slappee. Seriously. But anyway, who is getting slapped?


18Have a baby with your in-law or get plastic surgery in Mexico?

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Who's to say it's not worth it to consummate with your wife's mother (or husband's father) if it ends with a happy little baby? Honestly, most people will probably shake their heads.

19Who'd you rather?

Who is the hottest of the Shameless cast? We wish we could include all of them but it is down to these few. Who do you fantasize about? Who do you want to see in the next scandalous show that gets its rep for the scandals within?


20Slap Mickey's dad on the butt or give yourself a stick and poke tattoo?

Time to make a dangerous decision. Maybe you can get out of the altercation alive, but maybe it's better to sit at home and knit your skin as it were. Which would you rather go with, if you had to do one?

21Who would you rather switch bodies with?

Is there a character whose life you would love to step into? It's hard to pick one considering all of the things they deal with on an episode by episode basis. Who would you pick to be out of this sad lot?


22Would you rather eat a bowl of anchovies or spend a night under a bridge?

Yikes. This does not sound like a nice evening either way. It's cold outside and you never know who you might meet, but at least your taste buds will be free of salty, chewy fish. If these were your two options, which would you go with?

23Take 3 shots in a row or down a whole bottle in one night?

Time to wave goodbye to a few brain cells. Do you go all at once or nice and slow? Who knows what those three shots will convince you to do next. Then again, that bottle is not going to drink itself.


24Sell blood plasma or your smart phone?

Time to make some quick money the Gallagher way. There's no nice phone to replace this one once it's gone, but on the other hand, how chill are you with the idea of having a needle in your arm for an hour?

25Get punched in the nose or the stomach?

Okay, so maybe this decision isn't the most fun one to make out of the lot, but at least it will be over quickly. Which part of your body will you be protecting with your fists and which will you leave vulnerable?


26Get locked in jail on your birthday or dumped on your anniversary?

One of these only hurts on the inside. The other hurts on paper, at least if you can't play your cards right. Let's say you walk free the next day, but all of your party plans go out the window. The dumping is a little more permanent.

27Set off fireworks in the street or toss a glass bottle off a roof?

Time for a little Chicago fun! The iffy part of setting off fireworks is sometimes people mistake the sound for gunfire. That is not a mistake you want to make. Dropping glass bottles off a roof can be quite satisfying if messy.


28You have $1,000. What do you buy?

Where is your money going? Do you spend your money like Frank or like Lip? Do you know how to stretch a dollar? If you have that kind of money sitting in front of you, do you have the strength to save it?

29You need a place to sleep. Whose door do you knock on?

It's time to find a roof for as long as you can keep one over your head. Is there anyone in this south side neighborhood that you can count on to let you in? Who would you approach first on a cold, snowy night?


30Drink Frank's milk of the gods or break into Veronica's stash?

If you had the chance to drink the intoxicatingly liquid that was brewed in Sheila's basement, would you take it? He proclaims it to be the strongest beer in the world, not so easy on the tongue. Or you can check for pills in Veronica's cabinet.

31Who would you rather spend the day with?

Which person from south side Chicago would you love to have the chance to get to know? Is there a character who always makes you smile and laugh, or someone you just know you will have a good time with?


32Who'd you rather kill?

Is there a Gallagher on your list, or maybe someone else from the neighborhood? Which character would you love to never see on screen ever again? Unfortunately, you can only choose one. Who do you pick to be on the other end of your gun?

33Which place would you rather visit in real life?

If you could go anywhere in the Shameless world, sink your toes in, and experience the place for yourself, which one would it be? Out of these two iconic places, where would you most want to go? Who would you want to meet there?


34Rat out or take it to your grave?

If it meant a shorter sentence or maybe no sentence at all, would you send a bigger fish to jail? Would you bite your tongue and suffer for it even if it meant you were a little worse for wear?

35Where would you rather punch someone?

It's time to put those muscles to work. Where do you aim with your mighty or at least slightly meaty fist? Where do you most want to land a punch, either on an enemy or on even on a total stranger?

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