Play The Most Savage Would You Rather To Find Out Which Shameless Character You Are

Do you think like a Gallagher? Find out how you would survive in the crazy world of south side Chicago. Take the most vicious would you rather challenge. Can you get to the bottom of all 35 of these brutal questions? Make it to the end and find out which character you really are on the inside. Are you kind-hearted but struggling like Fiona and Lip? Are you a thrill seeker like Frank and Ian? Whose footsteps are you following in this edgy place?

Take on the same challenges that Gallaghers face in the show, and a few other ones for good measure. Face things that people have only faced in the Shameless world. Would you make the same decisions that were made by the cast of this disturbing but addictive show? Do you have good ideas that even the cast could not come up with, things that could help you survive in the Shameless world? Send the link to your friends and find out which characters everyone is. See if you can put the whole cast together with just your group of friends, then find out who you have a few surprising things in common with. If you're ready, scroll down or click to start.

1Black out 3 nights in a row or be sober at a family gathering?

It's Shakespeare's age old question: to _____ or not to _____. In this case, it's drinking. Would you rather drink yourself under the table two nights in a row or spend just one day in sober agony sharing a room with your family?

2Key a rival's car or slash the tires?

How do you get your vengeance? Is it a dish best served with a side of roadside assistance? Do you keep your dirty deeds on the down low or do you make sure people take note, even if they don't know it was you?

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