Play Take It Or Leave It With These Wedding Dresses And We'll Reveal The Groom's Sign

Who doesn't know what they would want in the perfect wedding dress?

Before there were whole television shows dedicated to discovering the best gown, there were magazines full of glossy photographs that we could leaf through to our heart's content! We would talk to our friends about which ones we thought were the most romantic, which shapes, designs, and details spoke to us and made us think about our own special day! Now that we're older, the wedding dress of our fantasies and dreams might just become the wedding dress of our reality! In this quiz, we present different types of gowns and give everyone the option of picking or passing on which one is right for them!

Choose between traditional gowns, gauzy dresses, bodices with plenty of pretty details and tons of lacy options. Who is non-traditional? We've included gowns for everyone, including bright colors and unique cuts that will be sure to dazzle non-conformists and conformists alike! Best of all, we'll be able to use the answers to peek into the future and reveal the groom's sign! Simply pick or pass on the options below and we'll let you know where the future true love falls on the astrological charts!

Question 1

Who Is Pretty In Pink?

Pale pink is a refreshing twist on the traditional white wedding dress- and check out how that mountain of pleats and ruffles at the bottom just makes this dress the sweetest thing in the world! Who loves the look of a pastel pink? Who would prefer to pass on this one? Pick or pass below and we’ll reveal the groom’s sign!

Question 2

Who Loves A Standard Silhouette?

This is the sort of dress that any sophisticated lady would be proud to have in her closet- and on her wedding day. Ivory meets sleek lines and a grown-up sillouette in a gown that shows that we’re a lovely woman in charge of her own destiny! The veil ties the whole look together! Pick or pass on this beautiful number.

Question 3

Who Loves An Ombre Dream?

This dress pairs together some of our favorite things- an ombre look that starts off understated at the top and becomes full-on fushia at the bottom, ruffles for days and a romantic shape that looks good on just about anyone! Lion not included. Who loves the look of this unconventional and totally romantic dress? Pick or pass with the options below.

Question 4

Who Loves A Simple Number?

This simple dress knows that nobody needs ruffles and a huge train to look absolutely stunning. The material is sumptuous silk, ivory colored for a traditional twist, and the arms are encased in some of the most romantic and delicate lace detailing that we have ever seen! This is truly a dress we could wear again and again! Pick or pass?

Question 5

Who Loves Some Lovely Back Detailing?

This gown is beautiful, white and flouncy with a lot of great detailing on the back. We know that an outfit should have a perfect 360 view, and this dress totally accomplishes a gorgeous look from any angle. Complimented by a simple, yet elegant hair style and some beautiful purple blooms, this dress is a winner! Pick or pass on this beauty?

Question 6

Who Loves A Pastel Look?

These days, wedding dresses don’t need to come in standard ivory or white colors. Any pastel (or even bright color) will do on the big day. The appeal of this gown is that is pairs traditional looks with a pastel color for an unexpected twist on the norm that works beautifully. The veil takes it to the next level! Pick or pass?

Question 7

Who Loves A Traditional Veil?

To veil or not to veil, that is the question. There are two camps on the issue. Some people find the veil to be a little old-fashioned and tough to deal with. Others love it for the whimsical touch of romance that it provides? Who loves this gauzy little number? Who thinks that a veil is too much work? Choose below.

Question 8

Who Loves A Casual Dress?

Wedding dresses don’t have to be big, gauzy or fussy to be absolutely stunning- as this number proves. With touches of lace and buttons, it is an understated star- and something that will get anyone noticed on the big day! Casual, beautiful waves bring this look to the next level! Who loves this casual and elegant dress? Who wants to go for higher drama?

Question 9

Loves A Greek Goddess Feel?

This dress makes us think of the romantic dresses of Greek Goddesses who ruled the ancient world and looked absolutely gorgeous doing so! The sleek lines and pretty folds of the gown, plus a little detailing at the waist, make this one a true winner in our books! A simple and elegant headpiece sets the whole look on fire! Pick or pass?

Question 10

Who Loves A Beachy Dream?

Beach weddings are continuing to rise in popularity- and that means plenty of gauzy, dreamy dresses to choose from. This dress perfectly compliments the sand, surf and beautiful sky with its layers of fabric and flowy elegance. Who wants to get back to nature with a big, beautiful gauzy beach wedding dress? Who will pass on this one? Choose below.

Question 11

Who Loves Romantic Ruffles?

This dress belongs in a fairytale. The foaming ruffles that adorn the skirt and go up to the bodice are the stuff of legends. The simple cut at the top is offset by the ornate and gorgeous skirt- and the two are balanced perfectly for a look that simply screams romance! Paired with some wildflowers and simple hair, this dress is fabulous.

Question 12

Who Loves A Versatile Look?

We love the kind of dress that allows us to have total autonomy while looking fantastic. This one does the trick nicely, with a gorgeous shape, plenty of pretty ruffles and total range of movement. Wearing this dress means that anyone can move from point A to point B with absolutely no assists needed from the bridesmaids! Pick or pass?

Question 13

Who Loves Some Frothy Frills?

This gown has wedding dress math down pat! Pair a sleek and pretty bodice with some serious frills and the dress will be a total knock-out. This look gives anyone an amazing shape and looks incredible in photographs. The standard white offsets the unique cut and shape of the dress and makes it a sight to behold! Pick or pass?

Question 14

Who Loves Lavender?

This dress proves that nobody needs white, ivory or even pastels to look fabulous on their wedding day. With deep lavender and white lace, it is a stunning number that has a tremendous amount of love in the details. With a dress like this, we can be assured that nobody will be wearing the same thing on their wedding day! Who loves this lavender dream?

Question 15

Who Loves Lacey Detail?

This gown looks just as good from the front as it does from the back. The delicate lace detail and peek-a-boo cut out in the back are what makes this gown shine like a star! Paired with simple hair and jewelry, this dress is a total stunner that is sure to get the guests talking. Pick or pass on this lacey number?

Question 16

Who Loves Cowgirl Chic?

This simple little number is perfect for an outdoor wedding with friends. With just the right amount of lace, frills, and a pretty little shape- this dress can go from wedding bells to the tractor pull! It is made of cotton, for an easy no-muss, no-fuss look that is a simple stunner! Who loves the look of cowgirl chic? Pick or pass?

Question 17

Who Loves A Sleek Shape?

This dress might be simple, but it is far from boring! With a tried-and-true shape, pretty detailing and a gorgeous floral headpiece, this is a dress that is bound to turn heads. It is fresh, crisp and appropriate for any type of spring or summer wedding. Who loves the refreshing look of this sleek shape? Who will pass on this one?

Question 18

Who Loves A Satin Dream?

This dress is Old Hollywood- from the full, lush satin skirt to the understated bodice. We could totally see Bette Davis or Marilyn Monroe rocking this type of gown on their wedding day. The secret is in the shine; yards of satin material that make this gorgeous stunner what it is! Who is ready to invoke Old Hollywood? Who gives this one a pass?

Question 19

Who Loves A Flirty Bow?

This is another dress that fully understands the power of back detail. With a delicate lace bodice, a pastel skirt and a flirty little bow, this dress is one for the ages. Bows are one of the most underused devices in clothing, so when they show up, they always make a huge splash! Who loves this cute number? Who will pass?

Question 20

Who Loves An Understated Dress?

This gown doesn’t scream “wedding dress”, but it doesn’t have to. It is perfectly designed and constructed out of flowy, decadent material and shines in off-white. It is a simple dress that let’s the real beauty of the day glow through- the bride of course! Who believes simple chic is best? Who prefers a dress with more bells and whistles?

Question 21

Who Loves An Antique Number

Anyone who wants to be a stunner on their wedding day should immediately go out and grab this pastel, antique inspired number. It invokes the glamour and romance of the Roaring 20s ans has some incredible detailing and a flapper vibe that is sure to turn heads! Who loves this antique beauty? Who will take a pass on this dress?

Question 22

Who Loves Some Contrast?

This dress is great because the white bodice and skirt are offset by a burst of muted color for a unique and classy look that is sure to be a stunner on just about anyone. The simple shape of the dress and the satiney material of the center ribbon make it a delight to behold and a gown for the ages.

Question 23

Who Loves An Open Back?

This gown has quite a lot going for it. The shape is absolutely inspiring, and the veil is just that perfect blend of traditional and modern. We love how it flows out behind the dress. What we love the most is the open back and the fully covered front. Romantic and unexpected, this dress totally takes the wedding cake! Pick or pass?

Question 24

Who Loves A Blue Hue?

We know that we’re supposed to be focusing on the dress, but we can’t help but think how cute this couple is in their shades of blue. The gown itself is a Disney Princess dream, with a fully, frothy shirt and a detailed bodice in several different shades of blue. We love the long, lacey sleeves too! This dress is a stunner.

Question 25

Who Loves A Little Romance?

This gown guarantees that all eyes will be on the bride with a bodice that is pretty without being too revealing. Netting stops this top from letting the bride down on her big day, and the detailing on the bodice is too romantic for words. Paired with a sultry updo and simple makeup, this dress is a total win! Pick or pass?

Question 26

Who Loves An Ethereal Vibe?

This dress looks like it was ripped right out of the pages of Shakespeare’s “A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream”. It has an ethereal, fairy-like vibe that takes it straight out of our world and gives it an otherworldly feel. It is gauzy, flowy and perfectly complimented by a bouquet of bright blooms and a unique veil. Pick or pass on this one.

Question 27

Who Loves A Red Stunner?

This dress is perfect for a casual, beach-inspired wedding or any other kind of outdoor function. The veil is a nice nod to tradition and looks incredible when off-set by the deep red of the dress. The off-shoulder look is refreshing also! This is a dress that won’t let anyone down, and can be worn several times more! Pick or pass on this one?

Question 28

Who Loves A Preppy Feel?

This gown has all of the great wedding elements going for it. It is a classic color, a great shape and has a beautiful veil that isn’t too fussy or overdone. We love the hairpiece too! With neutral makeup and a simple hair style, this gown could truly shine like an engagement ring diamond! Pick or pass on this preppy classic.

Question 29

Who Loves A Gorgeous Tiara?

This bride might as well been the queen of the woods in her stunning and simple wedding gown, bright red bouquet of roses and the crowning touch- a beautiful sparkling tiara that makes the whole look sing! The dress itself is simple enough to support the tiara and the whole look is beautifully flawless and absolutely elegant. Pick or pass below.

Question 30

Who Loves Luscious Red?

This dress might not be the standard wedding gown, but it does give a few nods to tradition. The cut and material are very standard- and they’re complimented by flawless makeup and great hair. The only real difference is the shade- a romantic, luscious red that is sure to set the bride apart from everyone else. Pick or pass on this number?

Question 31

Who Love Delicate Sleeve?

This dress look like something out of our favorite fairytales. It is gauzy and beautiful on the bottom, with a full skirt that will set the room ablaze! Couple that with the delicate top and sleeves that are made of the finest lace. The sleeves are really what make this dress a total knock out! Who agrees with us? Pick or pass?

Question 32

Who Loves A Streamlined Style?

This bride knows that we don’t need tons of ruffles and finery in order to look absolutely fabulous. We can accomplish that simply by having some sleek lines and a cute back cut out in the dress. This dress is simple but elegant and topping with the crowning glory of a floral headpiece. A truly sophisticated and classic look! Pick or pass.

Question 33

Who Loves A Natural Beauty?

This dress takes a total departure from our standard wedding fare- and we completely love it! It’s shades of taupe and light brown perfectly match the natural environment, and a simple hair adornment make this dress a stand-out sensation. Who loves the look of a natural dress? Who prefers their wedding gown to be a little more formal? Choose below.

Question 34

Who Loves A Sensational Gown?

From natural beauty to stand-out sensation, this wedding dress brings it all. We have high drama with a detailed veil and a gorgeous top, and then a burst of color on the bottom that take it to the next level. Who loves this sultry and sophisticated look? Who prefers a more simple type of dress? There are no wrong answers- so pick below.

Question 35

Who Loves A Vintage Dream?

Everything that this bride does- from her perfectly vintage hair, to the bright and big bouquet of flowers that she carries, is absolutely perfect. The best part is her wedding dress. She is stunning in satin and lace with detailing on the top and a pretty shape that flows just perfectly. Who loves this type of vintage dream? Pick or pass.

Question 36

Who Loves A Simple Bodice?

Look at the romance of this dress! Nothing is sweeter or prettier than the look of beautiful lace. This lace has the prettiest patterns too, and it is cut into the perfect shape that shows off the shoulders. Crowned with an updo of pretty braids and simple makeup, this look is an absolute keeper. Who agrees with us? Choose below.

Question 37

Who Loves Pretty Pleats?

This is another one of those wedding dresses that looks just as stunning from the back as it does from the front. That’s thanks to a pile of pretty pleats that swirl and swish around the bride as she walks. Paired with a sophisticated bodice and a pretty leather bag, this dress is an understated star. Who agrees with us?

Question 38

Who Loves Delicate Detailing

Anyone who is looking for a romantic option- look no further than this gauzy pastel number with the prettiest waist detailing that we have ever seen. It is delicate, not over the top- but still enough to draw the eye- and crafted expertly. This dress is a dream in the details, a beautiful gown than whispers- rather than screams. Pick or pass?

Question 39

Who Loves An Amazing Hair Ornament?

Check out this lovely number. The dress is frothy, pretty and full of exquisite ruffles with a shape that is designed to make anybody look completely amazing. One of the best parts is the gorgeous hair ornament, a true stunner that offsets the dress and makes the look even more high-drama. Who loves this dramatic look? Who prefers a more simple option?

Question 40

Who Loves A Flirty Leg?

This bride and groom look happy as can be, and as sophisticated as ever. She is in a sleek and pretty white wedding gown with a traditional bodice and a little surprise in the form of a leg slit. Fabulous! We love the simplicity mixed with just a little flirtation and think that this dress is a winner. Who agrees with us?

Question 41

Who Loves A Lace Bodice?

This dress appeals to our childhood dreams of becoming beautiful ballerinas! With a lacey top and pretty ¾ length sleeves- plus a full, gauzy skirt that is pure romance- this dress is a winner. We also love the pastel nails on the bride. This dress doesn’t need to be loud in order to be high-impact! Pick or pass on this lacey number.

Question 42

Who Loves A Retro Look?

This dress and veil make us think of the 1940s or 1950s. The shape is absolutely perfect, with a lacey bit at the top to show off the arms and a cinched waist. The veil is absolutely perfect; a small little item that fits perfectly with the overall feel fo the dress. Bright blooms complete the look! Pick or pass?

Question 43

Who Loves A Golden Gown?

Anyone who loves high-drama will swoon over this off-white and golden gown that makes us think of our favorite Disney Princesses. The shape is absolutely lovely, but what really makes the dress is the beautiful train that floats gently off the back and ends in some of the finest golden detailing that we have ever seen. Utterly fabulous and lovely.

Question 44

Who Loves A Classic Number?

We love the shades that the bride is wearing in this picture because they completely compliment the beautiful, simple lace wedding dress that she’s wearing. This dress proves that less is very often more, with a classic shape and pretty detailing. Who loves the look of this simple and classic gown? Who would prefer a few more ruffles? Pick or pass below.

Question 45

Who Loves A Pop Of Blue?

We’re enchanted by the whole look of this dress. The bodice and gown are simple, off-white and absolutely lovely, but the real superstar here is the blue bouquet! This bride took a diversion from the traditional red or pastel blooms and decided to crank the drama up to eleven with a blue burst of color. Who loves it? Pick or pass.

Question 46

Who Loves A Disney Princess Feel?

Carriage and all, this gown has Cinderella written all over it! We love the folds of gauze and satin that cascade fown from her bodice, the back detail and the overall elegance of this look. Most of all, we love the nod of Disney princesses! Who loves this beautiful Cinderella inspired look? Who craves a simpler kind of wedding dress?

Question 47

Who Loves An Ethereal Vibe?

Anyone who loves the great outdoors and can’t bother to fuss with fancy material- this is the dress that has been waiting all for them. A simple top and an off-white, flowy bottom make this simple dress the stuff of dreams. We love the contrast, the simple hair and the sheer natural beauty of the whole look. Who agrees with us?

Question 48

Who Loves A Regal Feel?

This dress oozes opulence and old-time glamour. We totally love it. From the yards and yards of gorgeous material, to the full bottom with its pleats, we think that this dress is a total stunner. The veil takes it to the next level. It is both elegant and enchanting- the dress we dreamt about as little children. Pick or pass?

Question 49

Who Loves Some Gorgeous Lines?

This off-white dream is the perfect wedding dress because it matches impeccable style with lines that are tried and true. The shape of the dress is perfect, a classic look that pairs a sleeveless top with a semi-full bottom for a glamorous and understated gown. Who loves this chic and simple little number? Who would prefer something a little more off-the-wall?

Question 50

Who Loves A Twilight-Inspired Dress?

Bella Swan looked absolutely beautiful on her wedding day, thanks to this type of wedding dress! Satiny, simple and covered up, this dress is understated and elegant with a box office twist that gives it a boost of glamour and intrigue! Who loves this Twilight-inspired look? Who would prefer something a little more orante and decorated? Pick or pass below.

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