Play 'Take It Or Leave It' With These Ice Cream Flavors And Get A Celebrity Wifey

Ice cream. It's kind of a big deal. Ice cream tastes good—in fact, we're pretty sure that's the point—but we feel like saying "ice cream is good" and just leaving it at that isn't doing that frozen dairy treat any justice, because this truly delicious creation doesn't just delight our senses, it lifts our mood, it improves our outlook for the future, it brings people together in a way non-ice cream food items just can't manage to do, and, most of all, it nourishes the soul. That's a lot of meaningful things for one seemingly simple dessert item to accomplish, if we all take a minute to think about it.

Anyway, ice cream is significant, and if anybody doesn't think it is, then just imagine a world without it. Sans ice cream, this already goofed up reality would be even more chaotic. It would be utter pandemonium. So, let's all take a moment to not only thank our lucky stars that we do have ice cream, but also to consider a variety of ice cream flavors because, honestly, there are so many. Play take it or leave it with these tantalizing ice cream delights, and we'll give everyone a celebrity wifey.

Question 1


Peaches. They just taste like summertime, don't they? Peaches are known for being delicious in a lot of things, from sweet teas to pies and everywhere in between. This fruit pairs remarkably well with cream, especially when that cream is ice cream. Good luck keeping us from eating a half-gallon of this. We have no self-control where peach ice cream is concerned.

Question 2


This is a classic flavor for a reason, people. Chocolate ice cream is always comforting, and maybe it's just the chocoholic in us talking, but when you drizzle chocolate sauce on top of chocolate ice cream? OMG, you guys, you enter a whole new realm of deliciousness. Don't even get us started about putting a cherry on top.

Question 3

Banana Pudding

Hey, can we talk to you for a minute about banana pudding ice cream? Because we would really like to. See, this ice cream isn't like the other ice creams. It's got bananas in it, and not JUST bananas, either. It's also got bits of Nilla Wafer cookies in there, too. So much yum, how could we possibly resist?

Question 4


Strawberries are so bright and fun, to say nothing of how delicious they taste. It just makes sense to stick them in pies and to use them to decorate cakes and such. Putting strawberries in ice cream was the sensible thing to do, yes, but it was also a stroke of genius.

Question 5


Butterscotch is such a warming flavor, it's a wonder it's not really considered a seasonal flavor, like gingerbread or pumpkin spice. In fact, we motion to make it a more popular flavor. We want to see more of butterscotch from here on out. It's buttery, it's sweet, it's got everything you could want in an ice cream flavor.

Question 6

Cookie Dough

Eating raw cookie dough straight out of the plastic wrapping could probably be considered a low-key sign of a problem (maybe some minor work drama or something similar), but putting cookie dough in ice cream? Oh, that's not healthy. But, fortunately for our taste buds, we don't car about health! At least, not all the time, especially not when we're chowing down on a bowl of this deliciousness.

Question 7

Lavender and Honey

When we see lavender, we usually think, "Oh, that would be great in some soap or some all natural deodorant or something," or, "Oh, that would be perfect for a sachet to put in our closet so our clothes don't get musty." What we don't think is, "Oh, let's put those purple flowers in ice cream with some honey." And yet, it works.

Question 8

Peanut Butter Cup

Peanut butter cups are a delightful treat that need no introduction because they hold a special place in all our hearts. Peanut butter filled cups of chocolate (by far the best kind of cups out there) tossed into a vat of ice cream and shoved into cartons to be sold to consumers, this ice cream is an ice dream.

Question 9

Rocky Road

With almonds and marshmallows and chocolate chips, rocky road has so many things going on that make it amazing. Plus, it's chocolate ice cream, so add that to the list of pros. There are so many good reasons to eat this stuff, we don't even know why we're still talking about it.

Question 10

Cake Batter

Nobody is saying anything against cake because we all know it has many praises to be sung, with its various flavors and layers and icings. But, have you ever tried cake...batter? Because, YUM, people, it's delicious, and when you put it in ice cream, the wonderfulness of both treats plays off each other in a delightful way.

Question 11

Chocolate Brownie

Chocolate brownie ice cream isn't like your average chocolate ice cream. Why? Because it's got bits of brownie in it, and that makes it a billion times better—and we know it's precisely a billion because we calculated it. Gooey, chewy, oh, so delicious brownies in creamy, sweet, always perfect chocolate ice cream, what could go wrong with this combination?

Question 12

Dulce De Leche

Dulce de leche is like caramel, if caramel were hepped up on the crazy pills. It's a caramel that's made with condensed milk, as opposed to traditional caramel, which is made with sugar, water and heavy cream. Don't get us wrong, both kinds of caramel are worth salivating over, but there's something extra special about dulce de leche, as this ice cream flavor proves.

Question 13


Our parents told us that we can't eat ice cream for breakfast, but we're pretty sure that we can because this ice cream is literally mocha flavored, and since mocha is a kind of coffee, and coffee is essentially a breakfast staple, then what else are you supposed to do with this stuff, huh? Move over, Frosted Flakes, this is a job for mocha ice cream!

Question 14

Mint Chocolate Chip

Something about the mint in this ice cream really gives the chocolate chips a boost of flavor. Both parties in this pairing are doing their utmost to make this whole thing work, and their efforts really pay off. So the next time you stick a spoon into a bowl of this stuff, just be mindful of all the hard work mint and chocolate chips put into this.

Question 15


Blueberries deserve to be in ice cream. They do nothing but be blue and taste good, so they've more than earned the right to be a flavor option in ice cream. Plus, just look at the lovely blue color the blueberries give the ice cream. We wonder if Lowe's could match that, we'd love to paint our guest room that color, it's so pretty.

Question 16


Speaking of ice cream flavors that have gorgeous colors, let's talk about pistachio ice cream. That green is cool as beans (or whatever phrase the kids are saying these days in order to express their enthusiasm). This ice cream isn't for everybody, it's a strong nutty flavor, but some people like it. What say you?

Question 17

Chocolate Cherry

Chocolate covered cherries are such a treat, and we know that for a fact because if they weren't, then people wouldn't be shoving dozens of them into heart-shaped boxes and selling them next to the plastic flowers at drugstores. Anyway, sticking these bits of deliciousness in ice cream is a total no-brainer.

Question 18

Cookies and Cream

Okay, so, we know we talked about cookie dough ice cream earlier, and that stuff is delish, too, don't misunderstand us, here. We're not saying cookie dough ice cream is better than cookies and cream ice cream or vice versa. They're both scrumptious in their own rights, just in different ways, and it's okay to like both (no matter what our bratty little 6-year-old neighbor says).

Question 19

Vanilla Bean

Vanilla ice cream. Yeah, it's good. But what about vanilla bean ice cream? It's like vanilla, but you can see bits of vanilla bean in the ice cream, it looks like magical flavor fairy dust sprinkled throughout the delicious creamy dessert. Vanilla may seem pretty bland, but what other flavor can satisfy such a broad spectrum of people?

Question 20

Egg nog

Egg nog is traditionally served warm, and the nearer to Christmas the better. But we say if egg nog wants to be served in the form of ice cream, and if it wants us to enjoy it at any time of the year, whether it's winter or spring or summer or fall, then who are we to stand in the way of its dreams, huh?

Question 21

Toasted Coconut

Toasted coconut ice cream is just like your regular coconut ice cream, except you can really taste the bits of coconut when you're digging them out from between your molars with your tongue two days after you actually ate the ice cream, since toasting the coconut brings out its natural nutty flavor. Neat, huh?

Question 22

Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin spice. Some people say it's overrated. Some people insist it's the best. We haven't picked sides in this raging debate, we're still sitting on the sidelines waiting for the debate to end. In the meantime, you all weigh in real quick. Is this flavor worthwhile, or is it a trend that ought to pass?

Question 23

Cotton Candy

Cotton candy is so good, although we do question serving it to children, since they seem to be so sensitive to sugar, and this is literally spun sugar, so it seems like you'd have to be a glutton for punishment to give that to a kid, 'cause you're just making more work for yourself, because good luck reining in a kid riding the wave of a sugar high. Anyway, do you like this ice cream or nah?

Question 24

White Chocolate

Regular milk chocolate has got it going on, and dark chocolate, even though it might be an acquired taste, is so delicious, too. But let's take a sec to think about white chocolate. Alright, so it isn't really a chocolate since its mostly just sugar and milk, but whatever. We're not trying to hear your silly "facts", aight? We're just trying to enjoy this ice cream flavor.

Question 25

Maple Nut

Poor maple. Most people only consider it when they're eating a stack of pancakes or waffles or some other kind of breakfast carb, but it's a flavor that ought to be enjoyed all by itself. Well, as long as it's accompanied by walnuts, which seem to enhance the flavor of the maple.

Question 26

Red Velvet Cake

What's that? Cake and ice cream, you say? Well, we'll do you one better. Let's do cake that is ice cream! Red velvet cake ice cream features all of the deliciousness that we've come to expect from red velvet cake, but in the guise of a super satisfying, super sweet ice cream. Delightful!

Question 27

Rum Raisin

Most people don't like raisins, probably because they have half a brain and raisins aren't even good. But, when you put these same yucky raisins in ice cream and add a decent dose of rum into the mix, raisins become something resembling something that maybe might be considered edible, perhaps possibly.

Question 28

Apple Pie

For decades, slices of apple pie have been served up with scoops of vanilla ice cream, and that is one winning formula, we tell you what. But let's just think for a sec. What if we put chunks of apple pie straight into the ice cream? Because that could be good. Correction! That WILL be good!

Question 29

Blackberry Swirl

Blackberries are often forced to live in the shadow of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, but that's not right because they're good, too. Especially when paired with the flavor of swirl! Which, technically, isn't a flavor at all, but it does have a nice aesthetic effect, doesn't it? So, is this flavor good, or no?

Question 30

Green Tea

Green tea ice cream is like you're not eating anything. See, we figure this is how it works. The health benefits of the green tea cancel out the negative health effects of the ice cream, so even though you won't be getting any healthier when you eat this stuff, you won't be getting less healthy, either. Win-win?

Question 31


Pomegranates are so hard to eat. We mean, they're gorgeous, they look really nice in a bowl on a table as a casual centerpiece. But you open one of those things up, and it's just a big piece of chore. But it does have a nice flavor, so why not put it in ice cream, ya know?

Question 32

Brown Sugar and Cinnamon

We can't say for sure, we mean, we haven't really been keeping an official tally or anything, that would just be weird, but we're pretty sure the only times we've heard brown sugar and cinnamon being paired together is in regard to oatmeal, and possibly Pop-Tarts, but we're not quite sure. Anyway, it's a flavor combo that deserves more credit, and we love it.

Question 33


Avocado ain't just for guacamole anymore, folks. Nowadays, what with the modern way of things, people are making ice cream out of all sorts of stuff! Tomatoes. Potatoes. Beets. Our health nut aunt was making ice cream with mushrooms last time we visited her, so, really, avocado ice cream isn't so wild after all.

Question 34


When we were little, we used to get into trouble because we would lick the barbecue grill just so we could get a little taste of that sweet, sweet charcoal flavor that all little kids everywhere crave. All that to say, we are BIG fans of this ice cream, which is great for eating and firing up the pit.

Question 35

Pink Lemonade

This is such a summery flavor, it's not even funny. And, seriously, it's strong, too. One bite of this stuff, and you can close your eyes and you'll feel like you're 8-years-old again, running through a sprinkler in the backyard to a slip n' slide, and giggling with your friends and siblings with not a care in the world.

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