Play ‘Take Home Or Pass’ With These Famous Men And We’ll Guess Your Zodiac

Alright, who's ready to pick out some truly dreamy celebs? In this quiz, all we need to do is pick which of these handsome men we would take home, and which we could easily pass up. We have watched most of these men star in big-ticket Hollywood films, but a few may be famous for other reasons. Once everyone has made their choices, we will try to take a guess at everyone's astrology sign!

What says more about us than our taste in men anyway, right? This one is not going to be hard, but some may find it tough to resist taking them all home (which is totally fine by the way!). Who is ready to take this ultimate handsome celebrity quiz?

Question 1

Ryan Gosling

Question 2

Dwayne Johnson

Question 3

Jake Gyllenhaal

Question 4

Jason Momoa

Question 5

Ryan Reynolds

Question 6

Brad Pitt

Question 7

Channing Tatum

Question 8

Bradley Cooper

Question 9

Daniel Radcliffe

Question 10

Chris Pine

Question 11

Colin Farrell

Question 12

Chris Evans

Question 13

Andrew Garfield

Question 14

Zac Efron

Question 15

Johnny Depp

Question 16

Benedict Cumberbatch

Question 17

David Beckham

Question 18

Jason Segel

Question 19

Ashton Kutcher

Question 20

Eddie Redmayne

Question 21

Josh Duhamel

Question 22

James Marsden

Question 23

Chris Pratt

Question 24

Hugh Jackman

Question 25

Ian Somerhalder

Question 26

Penn Badgley

Question 27

James McAvoy

Question 28

Milo Ventimiglia

Question 29

Kit Harington

Question 30

Jamie Dornan

Question 31

Shia LaBeouf

Question 32

Jamie Foxx

Question 33

Jared Leto

Question 34

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Question 35

Will Smith

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