Play Star Trek Or Star Wars And We'll Guess Your Favorite Sci-fi Series

Both Star Wars and Star Trek are iconic science fiction franchises that have delivered us so many memorable moments. While fans of both stories tend to oppose each other sometimes, there's no rule that says we can't enjoy both of these awesome franchises. They both shine in their own unique way. Star Wars is obviously a bit more cinematic, and features more "magical" moments. The world of Star Wars is one of medieval knights and empires, mixed in with the technologically advanced era of space travel and warfare.

On the other hand, Star Trek might be a tad more realistic in its depiction of what a future space-faring human civilization would actually be like. The various ins and outs of human culture and society are explored in greater depth. We also get to see what it would be like for certain alien races to interact with humans for the first time. All in all, there's no clear answer when it comes to which series is "better" than the other. These are both amazing worlds, and they show how amazing the human imagination can be.

But in this quiz, the reader is going to have to choose between Star Trek and Star Wars. There's no other way around it.

Question 1

Which Franchise Includes Ewoks?

Ewoks were some of the most memorable additions to any science fiction movie. These little creatures occupied the moon of Endor, and when it came down to one of the most important battles ever, they really lent a helping hands to the main characters. But in which universe did this occur? This culture epitomized the entire theme of one particular science fiction universe: The struggle between those who represented cold, calculating technology and science, and those who represented a connection to nature and tradition.

Question 2

What’s A Better Weapon, A Lightsaber Or A Phaser?

Here's a really big difference between Star Wars and Star Trek. In the Star Wars universe, the most powerful handheld weapon is probably the lightsaber. But in the world of Star Trek, that honor probably goes to the phaser. Both of them are unique and interesting in their own ways, and fans of both franchises have their own special opinions about which one is better. Lightsabers are probably more elegant and cool looking, but phasers might just be a tad more technologically advanced.

Question 3

Which Franchise Has Photon Torpedoes?

Fans of one particular franchise will undoubtedly recognize the phrase "photon torpedo." This is a very advanced technology that is intended for ship to ship combat. It's a type of thing that is used when a little bit more firepower is needed. Over the years, we've seen all kinds of unique tactics being used with photon torpedoes, and some of these are quite ingenious. At the end of the day, photon torpedoes will always represent an amazing advance in technology.

Question 4

Who’s More Dangerous, A Klingon Or A Wookie?

Klingons and Wookies are, at first glance, quite similar beings. Both have relatively short tempers, and are capable of incredible feats of strength. But when we look closer, the two alien races are actually quite different. Wookies come from the Star Wars universe, whereas Klingons come from the Star Trek universe. Klingons speak in a language that is at least a little bit more understandable than that of the Wookies. And the Wookies are actually much more powerful physically than Klingons.

Question 5

Which Franchise Includes The Planet Of Coruscant?

Any science fiction franchise like Star Trek or Star Wars is understandably going to have a lot of interesting planets. That's part of what makes these shows and movies so interesting. We get to explore new worlds, new cultures and new alien races when we visit new worlds. Coruscant is interesting for many reasons. First of all, it's covered in a city landscape. Second of all, it represents the central planet of the system in many ways. Everyone comes to this central hub from far and wide.

Question 6

Which Franchise Includes Warp Drives?

Warp drives are a very interesting concept, and they have actually been used in many different science fiction franchises. The interesting thing about warp drives is that it's a real scientific concept or theory. As the theory goes, there exists a hypothetical space called hyperspace. If a spaceship could somehow enter this realm of the universe, they might be able to travel to other parts of the galaxy much faster. It's not that the ships are going faster, they're just entering a realm of the universe where they can take a shortcut to other parts of space.

Question 7

Which Would Win In A Battle, An Imperial Star Destroyer Or The USS Enterprise?

Star Destroyers are probably the most powerful ships in the Star Wars universe. Yes, they have been taken out by much smaller and agile crafts in the past. But these ships still represent an immense amount of firepower and armor in the Star Wars universe. It only takes a few of these ships to utterly crush any semblance of resistance that the rebels might put up. But are these ships really better than the USS Enterprise, and similar vessels from the Federation?

Question 8

Which Is The Better Faction, The Maquis Or The Heroes Of Star Wars?

Star Wars and Star Trek both feature two pretty similar factions if we think about it closely. On the one hand we have the Rebels, which are a huge part of the Star Wars universe. These people represent the only real opposition to the tyrannical oppression of the Empire, the main form of government in the Star Wars universe. They use what they can to fight back and try to cause as much trouble as possible. But the Maquis in the Star Trek universe are actually pretty similar.

Question 9

In Which Franchise Did The Main Characters Almost Get Eaten By A Giant Space Worm?

There are many interesting scenes and moments in both the Star Wars series and the Star Trek Franchise. In both forms of media, we've seen the main characters scrape through all kinds of sticky situations. Sometimes, they come very close to losing everything. But that's exactly why both of these series are so interesting and engrossing. There was one moment when the main characters almost got gobbled up by a giant space worm. But did this happen in the Star Wars franchise, or the Star Trek world?

Question 10

Which Franchise Includes The Borg?

The Borg are without a doubt one of the most interesting antagonistic factions we've ever seen in a science fiction series. These individuals are actually cyborg in nature - composing of both organic and mechanical parts. The Borg spread across the entire universe, "assimilating" everything in their path. Every living creature in the universe knows that being assimilated by the Borg is one of the least favorable fates someone can endure. To be assimilated is to lose one's identity. But which franchise is this from?

Question 11

Which Franchise Regularly Involves Time Travel?

Time travel is always a really cool idea for any science fiction story. There's something about time travel that just gives us goosebumps, makes our spines tingle, and fill us with wonder and excitement. Fans of a certain science fiction franchise will know that time travel is a common occurrence. In this universe, the main characters repeatedly travel back in time, usually to Earth, where they sometimes have to hide their true identity - trying to do as little harm as possible and influencing nothing.

Question 12

Which Franchise Includes Dilithium Crystals?

The great thing about most science fiction franchises is that there's always a satisfyingly deep pit of lore to lose ourselves in. Good science fiction means that every little detail and possibility has been imagined, explored, and nailed down to a science. One example of this is the Dilithium Crystals. Fans will know that the entire story of a certain franchise would not be possible without these interesting rocks. These crystals are a key part of some very crucial technology.

Question 13

Which Franchise Has Proton Torpedoes?

Another piece of powerful tech in a science fiction franchise is the proton torpedo. This is another interesting thing that packs a little bit more punch than the average interstellar arsenal. Fans might remember this weapon from a pivotal scene in one franchise. A proton torpedo was used to take out an immense, very powerful station in space. It just so happened that the station had a vulnerability that could be exploited by firing a proton torpedo into a very small hole on the side of the station.

Question 14

Which Franchise Includes Midichlorians?

Sometimes, the lore goes very deep. Some would say TOO deep. For instance, the presence of midichlorians might not have been totally necessary. It was an attempt to explain something more deeply, but many fans felt that this thing did not require more explanation. In any case, midichlorians exist on the cellular level, and have somewhat of a magical quality to them. Midichlorians can be found in people, planets, space, and everything surrounding one particular science fiction franchise.

Question 15

True Or False, The Humans Of Star Trek Are Ruled By A Republic

Star Trek is an amazing series, and fans will know that this series is not all about action. Some of the most interesting episodes and movies have focused not on massive star battles, but on the dynamics and relationships between various people within a universe. The Star Trek universe is a very complex one, with various alien species and alliances vying for power in this expanse of space. Organizations rise and fall, but one organization has been ruling the humans for quite some time... What is it?

Question 16

Which Franchise Includes Hyperdrives?

Hyperdrives are another form of space travel, and they're interesting in many ways. Hyperdrives are different from Warp Drives, and some would say that Hyperdrives are a little more crude and less scientifically based. Hyperdrives simply refer to a vessel which is able to enter a realm called "hyperspace," which can almost instantaneously "shunt" a vessel to a completely different part of the universe. This is in contrast to warp drives, which take time to propel a vessel to the desired location within a galaxy.

Question 17

Name This Character

Here's a character that many people will be able to recognize. Even casual fans of a particular science fiction franchise will find it easy to recognize this particular fellow. This character was famous for causing all sorts of trouble with the main characters, and reappeared plenty of times throughout the story. He might appear to be a common man, but in reality we're looking at an interdimensional being that many would describe as a deity. This leads to all kinds of interesting story lines.

Question 18

Which Franchise Involves An Android That Slowly Learns What It’s Like To Be Human?

The topic of artificial intelligence, androids, and robots is one of incredible relevance today. The talk around town is that soon we'll be creating genuine artificial intelligence - although all we have to go on right now is what we see in science fiction movies and shows. Artificial intelligence is an interesting subject, because it makes us question what it really means to be human, or to be conscious. One franchise showed us what it was like for an android to slowly gain human emotions and feelings.

Question 19

Human Royalty Still Plays A Major Role In Which Franchise?

The concept of royalty is one that many of us view as antiquated and outdated. After all, it has been a very long time since monarchs ruled the nations of this Earth. And that's probably a good thing. However, some of the most interesting science fiction franchises feature monarchies that still play a major role in society - even after humans have managed to conquer the stars and create advanced technology. One such franchise is Dune, where dukes and barons still rule interstellar empires. But what's one more?

Question 20

In Which Universe Would You Find Kyber Crystals?

Kyber crystals are another interesting feature of one particular science fiction series. These crystals have a near mythical reputation among the people of a particular galaxy, and it's clear that these are very prized in the right hands. Once again, these crystals can be used to create and power a very interesting and integral piece of technology. In fact, certain people are tasked with hunting down and finding these Kyber crystals, in order to craft their very own version of special technology using the crystals.

Question 21

Who Are More Logical, The Jedi Or The Vulcans?

Both the Jedi and the Vulcans are famous for their very logical, reasonable approach to life and all the challenges that it might bring. But which one is more logical? One might say that Vulcans are the most logical, because of their ability to shed all emotions. But the Jedi also do this, to a certain extent. They are encouraged to "love," but their idea of compassion discourages forming attachments with others (or anything in the universe for that matter). There is also logic in trusting one's emotions and instincts.

Question 22

Would It Be More Interesting To Attend Jedi Academy, Or Starfleet Academy?

Both of these schools are super exciting. Let's be honest, it would be so cool to go to either the Jedi Academy or Starfleet Academy. But admittedly, the lessons we'd get in both these schools would be drastically different. On the one hand, Jedi Academy is sort of like a magic school. Instead of learning about science, Padawans mostly learn about the Force, lightsaber combat, and leading troops in battle. On the other hand, Starfleet Academy is more like a naval academy in today's world.

Question 23

Who Would Win: Worf Or Chewbacca?

Both Worf and Chewbacca are huge characters in their respective universes. In Star Wars, Chewy is one of the most beloved side characters, and a loyal right hand (paw?) man to Han Solo. He's handy with a blaster, and he also knows how to help out in the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon. Worf, on the other hand, might just be a tad more civilized. But deep within this Klingon officer lies a more primal side that sometimes shows itself. Worf is a security officer and a brilliant tactician.

Question 24

Which Franchise Is This Line From: “There Are Four Lights!”

There have been quite a few iconic lines from both Star Wars and Star Trek. Most fans know these lines by heart, and find ways to reference them in normal, everyday life. This is often met with chuckles and laughter. "There are four lights" is a very famous line from a particular franchise, and it's from a very serious scene that sometimes gets spoofed and made fun of. But it's all in good spirit. The scene involves an interrogation that tries to break the resolve of a main character.

Question 25

Grand Moff Tarkin Is A Commander In Which Universe?

Throughout both the Star Wars and the Star Trek worlds, there have been all kinds of interesting and amazing characters introduced. Some of these characters are beloved and remembered by the fans, and Grand Moff Tarkin is a great example of that. He's uttered some incredibly iconic lines, including "You may fire when ready." Other than that, he brilliantly sums up what one particular faction is all about. A great addition to the franchise, he later reappeared in a recent movie.

Question 26

In Which Franchise Was A Major Character “Assimilated?”

Sometimes, the best main characters have to fall under hard times for us to really connect with them. After all, if there is no conflict or struggle, then it doesn't make for a very interesting story, now does it? We all see main characters struggle in every good story, but some take a worse turn than others. For example, assimilation is probably one of the heaviest fates that any main character can wish for. But this actually happened in one science fiction franchise. But which one was it?

Question 27

In Which Franchise Was “Order 66” Enacted?

Order 66 is a famous reference to a huge event within a particular science fiction series. This event completely changed the power dynamic across an entire galaxy, and firmly shifted the weight of power into one, uprising faction. Order 66 was a secret move lying in wait, placed in advance by a cunning evil genius. When the time was right, he took the opportunity to strike. All of a sudden, an entire army (which was previously deemed trustworthy) turned on a small minority of people.

Question 28

Would It Be Better To Serve Under Admiral Ackbar, Or Captain Kirk?

In both Star Wars and Star Trek, both franchises have their fair share of war heroes. These wonderful captains and admirals have seen their fair share of battles. They've been in the thick of things, and won the respect of their comrades. And anyone would agree that it would be an honor to serve under either Admiral Ackbar OR Captain Kirk. But both commanders have very different leadership styles. Admiral Ackbar might be a tad more cautious, whereas Kirk is a little more Gung Ho.

Question 29

Which Would Be More Comfortable, A Jedi Robe Or A Starfleet Sweater?

Most people never even think about what people wear in various science fiction stories. The outfits might look cool, but are they actually comfortable? One would assume that with the increase of technology, new clothing fabrics and fibers would be created to deliver unparalleled comfort and wearability. But is that really the case? We can only base things on what we see. The Jedi wear luxurious, flowing robes. Starfleet officers wear sweaters that seem pretty comfy. But which of these two would be to most comfortable?

Question 30

Who Is More Wise, Spock Or Yoda?

Spock and Yoda are both absolute legends in their own right. Yoda is probably the most knowledgeable and skilled Jedi that ever lived. Spock is an extremely intelligent, well-balanced individual that can do pretty much anything he sets his mind to. Both have very different kinds of wisdom. Most fans would say that Yoda's wisdom is more spiritual in nature. Fans might also state that Spock's wisdom is more scientific and philosophical in nature. But overall, which one is more wise?

Question 31

Which Franchise Includes The Romulans?

One of the most interesting things about the various science fiction universes is the presence of different alien races. These races make us think about what might be out there, and sometimes these races might make us feel a little uneasy about the stars. One such example is the Romulan Empire. These people are generally seen as antagonists, and they are actually quite warlike. Their name gives a huge clue about their warlike nature - they are essentially the Roman empire of the stars.

Question 32

Which Franchise Featured A Ship Lost In The Delta Quadrant?

Being lost in space might be one of the biggest fears people have. Imagine not being able to return home to Earth. Imagine being confined to a starship, mindlessly wandering the universe for a clue or a route back home. That was the case with one particular franchise, and it definitely grabbed our attention. This ship found itself completely lost within the Delta Quadrant, and its crew often struggled with homesickness and related issues. The Delta Quadrant was filled with all kinds of interesting adventures, however.

Question 33

The Clone Wars Happened In Which Universe?

The Clone Wars were perhaps one of the most pivotal moments in the entire history of a particular franchise. Years later, the clone wars were talked about in whispers. War heroes were still remembered and venerated. Those who sympathized with the losers of this war still voiced their support. But in the end, the Clone Wars cemented the new rule of the galaxy. Power shifted into the hands of one ruler, and he quickly consolidated an absolute iron fist. This was not a pleasant war.

Question 34

Who’s A Better Pilot, Anakin Or Wesley Crusher?

Tons of science fiction stories take place in space. And if that's the case, then you can be sure that there's going to be some very skilled pilots out there. Some of these ships are actually very advanced. It would take a very talented person to fly these ships through the vast confined of space, especially when there's all sorts of distractions (asteroids, other ships, incoming fire). Two very skilled pilots were Anakin Skywalker and Wesley Crusher. But which one is more skilled?

Question 35

Who Is Better At Reading People, Obi Wan Or Counselor Troi?

In both the Star Wars and the Star Trek universes, there are examples of individuals "reading" other people. In the Star Wars universe, these abilities are the result of being "Force Sensitive." Most of the time, the Jedi are the ones who are able to sense these subtle changes in people. Sometimes, Jedi are even able to predict other people's movements and actions. But in the Star Trek universe, these types of people also exist. Just look at Counselor Troi, for example.

Question 36

Which Franchise Includes Transporters?

Transporters are probably some of the most interesting additions to a particular science fiction franchise. This is actually a very advanced piece of technology, and it definitely belongs in science fiction. The concept is simple. Transporters allow individuals to be instantly transported from one place to another. Most of the time, this transport takes place from a ship to the surface of a nearby planet. Who knows, maybe one day, this type of technology will become a real thing! We'll have to wait and see.

Question 37

Who Said It: “Now This Is Podracing!”

There are some lines in both Star Wars and Star Trek that are easily forgotten. Sometimes, fans just don't think that certain lines are particularly spectacular. But in other cases, certain iconic lines are remembered until the end of time. In other cases, funny lines are remembered not because of their dramatic weight, but because they fit really well into certain memes and pop culture references. The line "Now this is podracing" is probably one of those lines. But who said it?

Question 38

Who Said It: “Live Long And Prosper.”

"Live long and prosper" almost sounds like it comes from an old saying in human history. Perhaps an ancient Buddhist phrase, or a old saying from the Far East. But in reality, this phrase actually comes from a popular science fiction series. This is a great example of brilliant writing in science fiction. The phrase is just so believable. People even started using it in real life (although these were mostly fans of the particular science fiction series that it appeared in).

Question 39

Which Franchise Involves A Pair Of Droids Which Are On The Run?

Droids play a vastly different role in various science fiction series, depending on the story. In some stories, droids or androids are portrayed as nearly human, with human features and human emotions. In other series, droids are portrayed as clunky, metal robots with quirky personalities that are unique and interesting. But in one science fiction series, there were actually two droids which were on the run. These droids were holding crucial information, and the antagonists wanted that information. Which franchise was this?

Question 40

Which Franchise Includes A Set Of Principles Known As The Prime Directive?

Sometimes, the lore of various science fiction stories serves to inspire us. Sometimes, we can't help but think: "Why can't OUR society be like that?" Of course, it's very easy to dream up a Utopian, futuristic society where everything works perfectly and everyone is happy. But it's even more convincing when the writers of these science fiction worlds actually come up with a set of rules to govern this imaginary world. One such example is the Prime Directive. But where does this set of principles come from?

Question 41

Which Is The Faster Ship, The Millennium Falcon Or USS Voyager?

Both the Millennium Falcon and the USS Voyager are legendary ships in their own right. Many people and fans have dreamed about setting foot on these awesome space-faring vessels. Some of us have even envisioned ourselves piloting these crafts. On the one hand, the Millennium Falcon is an interesting craft. It might not look like much, but it's the very same ship that did the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs. On the other hand, the Voyager is no slouch in the speed department either.

Question 42

Is It Better To Be A Stormtrooper Or A Red Shirt?

In any science fiction story, there's usually a group of characters that are known as the "grunts." These disposable characters usually don't last very long, and their demise is usually accompanied by epic explosions and a Wilhelm scream. In the Star Wars universe, these people are the Storm Troopers. Dressed in white shiny armor, these people are notoriously bad shots, and they don't usually last very long. In the Star Trek universe, we have the "red shirts," which are people who usually don't last very long either.

Question 43

Who Would Win, Amidala Or Janeway?

Both Padme Amidala and Captain Janeway are two pretty interesting characters. Both have proven themselves to be great leaders, and women of action. On the one hand, Janeway is pragmatic and stern. She runs a tight ship, but she genuinely cares about her crew. On the other hand, Padma Amidala is an adventurous woman who never hesitates to jump headfirst into the action. She is also a skilled diplomat and negotiator. But out of these two women, who would actually win?

Question 44

Which Has The Best Music, Star Trek Or Star Wars?

Music is a very important part of any good film or TV franchise. In many ways, music is one of the biggest things we remember from watching these stories. Music is what gets us excited, and it stimulates our emotions. Any skilled storyteller uses music to convey certain things to the audience. In Star Wars, there were so many amazing musical scores. There were songs for the evil Empire, and songs for the "good guys" which filled us with hope. On the other hand, Star Trek has an amazing theme song...

Question 45

Name This Character

Here's another character that fans might be able to recognize. He might seem a little strange to some people, but fans of a certain franchise will probably be able to recognize him without too much trouble. This character was definitely one of the biggest tricksters in his science fiction story, and he took everyone by surprise at a certain point. On the outside, he seemed like an ordinary old man. But inside, he was plotting all kinds of evil plans. Unfortunately for those around him, these plans ended up being successful.

Question 46

If Someone Is Blind, Is It Better To See Using The Force, Or With The Help Of A Special Visor?

Even in the futuristic world of science fiction, we still see people struggling with various ailments and disabilities. One such example is blindness. Even if we manage to perfect technology, we might still have to deal with the limitations of the human body. The human body is a frail thing, and blindness can affect anyone. But in many science fiction worlds, we see people getting around blindness through different methods. In Star Trek, we saw a blind character with a special visor. In Star Wars, we saw a blind character who was able to see using the force.

Question 47

Which Franchise Included The Planet Dagobah?

There were many different planets in the various science fiction series which were introduced to us, but one of the most memorable is without a doubt planet Degobah. For those that remember, this planet was actually pretty central in the plot of one science fiction story. The planet itself wasn't too remarkable. The surface was covered in wild, untamed swamp lands and populated by only a few wild creatures. But waiting on this planet was a wise man that would teach another main character all kinds of interesting knowledge.

Question 48

Which Franchise Included The Mirror Universe?

Fans of one particular franchise will also remember something called the Mirror Universe. This is a realm where everything isn't quite what it should be. Things are essentially the same, but when we take a closer look, we realize that there's a lot of strange differences. The most common thing we see is that all of the "good" characters are now evil, and vice versa. This makes for some interesting moments, as we see what our favorite characters would look like under different circumstances.

Question 49

Set Phasers To Stun, Or Use The Jedi Mind Trick?

In both the Star Wars and the Star Trek universes there are ways to deal with enemies without doing too much harm. In fact, there are more than a few ways. But only a few are unique to each science fiction franchise. In the Star Wars universe, a skilled Jedi might use the "Jedi Mind Trick." This power can fool weak-minded people in thinking pretty much whatever it is that the Jedi wants them to. On the other hand, people can always set phasers to stun in the Star Trek universe.

Question 50

Which Franchise Contains The Line: "But I was going into Tosche Station to pick up some power converters!

There are many iconic lines in both the Star Wars and the Star Trek series. But sometimes, certain lines become iconic and memorable for unexpected reasons. When this line was first written, it's likely that no one expected it to be so widely known. It's something of a throw away line, just meant to show a little bit of exposition and backstory. But for whatever reasons, fans can't stop referencing and repeating this line. When we actually watch this line being spoken, we kind of understand why.

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