Play 'Seen It Or Not' With These Rom-Coms And We'll Guess Your Sign

Romantic comedies are one of the more popular genres of film. They’re enjoyed by many and are also a staple watch during girls nights, sleepovers, or just those days where a little bit of cheesy romance is needed. These types of films have two of the best elements of cinema: love and humor.

There are several romantic comedies out there (and in this quiz to be specific) that are classified as “teen” rom-coms because of the fact that the main characters are in high school. They still do have all of the same elements of an adult rom-com, but the romance is more subtle. A lot of these romantic comedies surprisingly have their own unique plot lines. Sometimes the two love interests were strangers prior to the film, sometimes they’re best friends, and other times they’re former lovers who end up reuniting by the end of the film. The same goes for the comedy bit in these certain movies: often times there is an additional character, perhaps a friend of one of the characters who is sarcastic and/or snarky and offers up a lot of laughs.

Select all of the romantic comedies you’ve seen and we’ll guess what your astrological sign is. Happy playing!

Question 1

Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook is a romantic comedy where the main male protagonist Pat Solitano has to deal with the fact he's unable to see his wife. After catching her with another man, Pat lost control and was sent to an institution to deal with his problems. Upon returning home, he tries to figure out a way to get in contact with her. A mutual friend named Tiffany agrees she'll get a letter to her on his behalf if he agrees to be her dance partner.

Question 2


Bridesmaids is a romantic comedy about the protagonist Annie who feels like everything has gone wrong in her life following her best friend's engagement. Initially, she was really excited for Lillian but began to feel jealous when she introduces her to one of her fiancee's relatives. Suddenly everything in Annie's life starts to fall apart. She is evicted from her apartment, she loses her job, and her love life is nearly non-existent. To make matters worse, Annie feels she has no best friend to turn to.

Question 3

The Proposal

The Proposal is a romantic comedy about a highly successful book editor named Margaret and her assistant Andrew making a deal so Margaret can continue to live in the country. With her visa expiring, she has no choice but to lie and say that she and Andrew are engaged to be married. Worried he might be arrested, Andrew agrees under one condition: she makes him editor and publishes the manuscript he's been trying for years. Reluctantly she agrees, and the two travel to Alaska for the weekend to get to know each other.

Question 4

27 Dresses

27 Dresses is a romantic comedy about the protagonist Jane who has a soft spot for love, marriage, and weddings. It had been her passion ever since she was a child, and throughout her life, she's been the bridesmaid for 27 different girls. She unintentionally bumps into a reporter who learns her story and believes she'll be his ticket to write what he wants. Meanwhile, Jane's younger sister returns home and quickly enters a relationship with Jane's boss and crush, where the two end up getting engaged.

Question 5

Just Friends

Just Friends is a romantic comedy where the main protagonist Chris was in love with his female best friend Jamie. As teenagers, he confesses his love to her but she claims they're just friends, so he moves away and tries to forget her. Fast forward a decade, Chris is now an "attractive, wealthy, and successful" executive who can get with any woman he wants. Over the holidays, he and a client are forced to stay in his hometown where he runs into Jamie, and all of his old feelings resurface.

Question 6

13 Going On 30

13 Going On 30 is a romantic comedy about preteen named Jenna who wanted nothing more than to be older. She gets her wish during a birthday party gone wrong, and ends up waking up over a decade in the future. At first, Jenna was a little distraught, but after learning about how much success she has in her life, including being a co-editor for her favorite magazine, she figures it's not so bad. That is, until she reunites with her childhood friend Matt who reveals they stopped being friends a long time ago.

Question 7


Clueless is a romantic comedy about a high school student named Cher who is usually stuck in her own world. When she gets bad grades on her report card, she believes setting up two unhappy teachers would be the solution. Upon her success, she puts her skills to the test by taking a new student under her wing. However, when her project begins to become more popular than even her, she starts to question what's really important to her. As a result, she becomes closer to her ex-step-brother, Josh.

Question 8

Bridget Jones's Diary

Bridget Jones's Diary is a romantic comedy about a unique woman named Bridget who decides to take control of her life. At the start of a new year, she starts writing down all of her major life events in a journal, and also comes up with some resolutions. Throughout the year, she starts up a relationship with her boss and becomes reacquainted with a childhood friend. Little did she know these two men in her life have a history of their own.

Question 9

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days is a romantic comedy about a journalist named Andie and an advertising executive named Ben. Andie is given an amazing opportunity to be able to write whatever she wants. The only thing she has to do is test a bunch of mistakes women do in an early relationship. Her target is Ben, who had made a bet with his colleagues that he can get any woman to fall in love with him.

Question 10

Something's Gotta Give

Something's Gotta Give is a romantic comedy about an old man named Harry who still hasn't settled down with a woman right for him. He and his girlfriend decide to have a weekend away at her family house, only to discover her mother was there working on her writing. After a close medical call, Harry is advised to stay with the mother for a few days until he has made a full recovery. Unfortunately, their different personalities lead to a lot of disagreements.

Question 11

To All The Boys I've Loved Before

To All The Boys I've Loved Before is a romantic comedy about a high school girl named Lara Jean. Her younger sister takes it upon herself to mail the secret letters Lara Jean wrote to her crushes as a way to get her out in the world. Luckily some of the recipients were really understanding that she had a crush on them a long time ago. Two of them though were a little more adamant. One receiver just so happened to be her older sister's boyfriend.

Question 12

The Princess Diaries 2

The Princess Diaries 2 is a romantic comedy about a princess named Mia who has returned to her small country Genovia. She was under the impression that she would be shadowing her royal grandmother, until she was comfortable enough to take the throne. Unfortunately one of the members of Parliament brings up that Mia cannot be queen unless she is married. She is given 30 days to find a suitable match or she must give up her position to be next in line.

Question 13

Love Actually

Love Actually is a romantic comedy that revolves around a number of different relationships that all seem to intertwine with each other. One of these relationships includes a PM and his sudden interest in one of his newest staff members. David, the PM, begins to discover that he holds some feelings for her that have started to affect his job. As a result, he takes it upon himself to be moved somewhere else where she can no longer be a distraction for him.

Question 14

The Five-Year Engagement

The Five-Year Engagement is a romantic comedy that depicts the ongoing relationship between Tom and Violet. Tom proposes to his girlfriend on their one year anniversary, despite the fact that his plan didn't really go as expected. Unfortunately every time they try to set a date, life seems to get in the way. For example, Violet gets accepted into a school program and has to move for at least two years. Tom is disappointed when his boss reveals she was planning on promoting him.

Question 15

You've Got Mail

You've Got Mail is a romantic comedy depicting the online relationship between small bookstore owner Kathleen and Joe, who is the owner of a massive book store chain. In their real life, Kathleen and Joe are somewhat rivals because his new business is really putting a strain on her own small shop. However, online, without revealing their true identities, Kathleen and Joe really hit it off. Joe discovers that Kathleen is really his new online romance, and begins to try to mend their real-life problems.

Question 16


Hitch is a romantic comedy about the main protagonist who is a highly successful dating coach. Alex has given many men the expertise needed to have successful and healthy relationships with women. Albert, his latest client has a lot of work to do to win the heart of his crush. Throughout the film, Alex discovers that his tricks and tips do not work on every woman. Sara is a reporter who is a strong independent woman and discovers some hidden truths about Alex and Albert's professional relationship.

Question 17

Notting Hill

Notting Hill is a romantic comedy between the new friendship between William, a small bookshop owner and Anna, a highly successful actress. A spontaneous kiss between these two characters leads to an unusual development in their romantic lives. Anna spends more time with him, including attending family functions, despite the fact that she was in town to promote an upcoming film. Unable to avoid her life any longer, she ends things with him and leaves town. Unfortunately for Will, he seems to never really get over her.

Question 18

The Other Woman

The Other Woman is a romantic comedy that depicts the unique friendship between three strangers who all have one thing in common: they're dating the same man. Carly believes she might have met the man of her dreams, that is until she knocks on his door and discovers that he has a wife. She quickly leaves but the wife pieces together who she is and tracks her down. With a little convincing, Carly and Kate team up and decide to get their revenge.

Question 19

500 Days Of Summer

500 Days of Summer is a romantic comedy that depicts the relationship between Tom and Summer, one that sadly comes to an end. The movie begins with Tom, a hopeless romantic meeting Summer for the first time. They bond over their shared love of music, and he learns that she doesn't believe in love. After a spontaneous kiss at work, the two start to spend more time together, and it's clear that Tom is falling more in love. Out of nowhere, she ends their relationship and Tom is left distraught.

Question 20


Enchanted is a romantic comedy where Giselle winds up in the real world after her soon-to-be mother-in-law banishes her. She is saved by a divorce lawyer who agrees to give her a place to stay because his daughter insists. Giselle tells Robert that her Prince Edward will come to this strange world to find her. Robert is under the impression she's delusional and sees this in relationships all the time. Although both Giselle and Robert were in relationships of their own, it's clear they share some romantic connection.

Question 21


Juno is a romantic comedy in which the main protagonist Juno has to face the dilemmas that come with teen pregnancy. After a spontaneous night with her friend Paulie, Juno has to share the news with her father and step-mom. Juno and her best friend already devised a plan that Juno would give birth and pick a really "awesome" family to adopt her child. Juno picks Mark and Vanessa, and over the course of the pregnancy gets to know them. Unfortunately, by the end, Mark confesses he isn't ready to be a father.

Question 22

Love, Simon

Love, Simon is a romantic comedy that follows the life of high school student Simon, who has been keeping a very big secret. One day he and the entire school learn about a revelation from a student who was in the same situation as Simon. The two begin to talk anonymously online, and Simon begins to feel like he isn't so alone. A student discovers what Simon and this student nicknamed "Blue" have been talking about. He makes a deal with Simon he won't reveal his secrets if Simon sets him up with his friend.

Question 23

Friends With Benefits

Friends With Benefits is a romantic comedy where Jamie is a recruiter for a job agency and her latest client is Dylan. She manages to convince him to start a new life in New York after getting him an interview for a job there. Although Dylan didn't know anyone in the city, he and Jamie develop a strong friendship quickly. One night, they form an agreement to be "friends with benefits," without ever having the intention to develop any romantic feelings for each other.

Question 24

The Kissing Booth

The Kissing Booth is a romantic comedy where the main protagonist is a high school student by the name of Elle. Elle and Lee have been best friends since they were children, and over the years have set out a specific list of rules. On this list, it is stated that neither can date each other's relatives. Despite the fact that Elle has had a long-time crush on Lee's older brother Noah, she's never actually acted upon it. That is until one day that Noah kisses her at a school fundraiser.

Question 25

Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed is a romantic comedy about a lawyer named Rachel who has not had much success in her romantic life. Things take an unexpected turn when she wakes up next to her friend Dex, who just so happened to be engaged to her best friend. Although they agreed that it was a one-time thing, Dex and Rachel begin secretly seeing each other on the side, despite the fact that Dex was still engaged to her best friend Darcy.

Question 26

Set It Up

Set It Up is a romantic comedy in which two very tired assistants devise a plan to get their bosses to date so they can have some much needed time off. The two assistants, Harper and Charlie meet late one night while trying to get dinner for their respective bosses. They bond over the fact that they're working very hard for the one day big pay off. Charlie makes the initial suggestion that they set up their bosses, and Harper reluctantly agrees.

Question 27

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a romantic comedy where the main protagonist Peter wants to be able to get over his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Sarah. He takes a spontaneous trip to Hawaii hoping it might lift his spirits, only to run into her and her new boyfriend on the island. Luckily the hotel concierge takes pity on him and ups his room to a very expensive suite. The two actually begin to spend a lot of time together on the resort, and he ends up developing feelings for her.

Question 28

The Break-Up

The Break-Up is a romantic comedy that depicts the falling out between Brooke and Gary. The beginning of the movie shows that their relationship was coming to an inevitable end. Gary doesn't like the fact that Brooke is constantly nagging him the minute he walks through the door, and Brooke feels underappreciated and overworked because he doesn't help. Both determined to still remain in their condo, the ex-couple decide to live together just as roommates. Even that proves to be a challenge.

Question 29

The Choice

The Choice is a romantic comedy that features a young veterinarian named Travis and his new neighbor Gabby. Gabby is a quiet medical student who is bothered by the fact that Travis is constantly having parties and playing his music too loud. They argue one night when Gabby deems his dog responsible for getting pregnant. Of course, Travis plays along, but reveals that it's not physically possible for his dog to be responsible, enraging her even more. Over time, it's clear that the two were trying to push down their feelings for one another.

Question 30

Just Go With It

Just Go With It is a romantic comedy where the main protagonist Danny has a bad habit of lying to his one night flings. He pretends that he's married but that his "wife" is unkind, which in turn makes these women feel sorry for him. His assistant Katherine knows of his secret, and very much disapproves. His plan unravels when he meets Palmer, who he failed to tell the whole story to. Danny bribes Katherine and her children to be his fake family, and buys them all a trip to Hawaii.

Question 31


The DUFF is a romantic comedy about two teenage students named Bianca and Wesley who team up to help each other with their problems. For Bianca, her issue was not being "dating material," thus she sought out Wesley to teach her how to be attractive and approachable. In return, Bianca agreed to help Wesley with his school work so that he could continue to play sports. Neither one of them expected to fall for the other, but by the end of the film, it happens.

Question 32

He's Just Not That Into You

He's Just Not That Into You is a romantic comedy that depicts the relationships between a number of different couples whose lives overlap in some way or another. One couple, for example, Beth and Neil had been together for almost a decade but they were still unmarried. Beth ends things with him because he didn't see the point of marriage. Another "couple" is Alex and Gigi, who started off as friends and Alex would give Gigi dating advice because she had a bad habit of scaring away men.

Question 33

The Bounty Hunter

The Bounty Hunter is a romantic comedy where ex-wife Nicole and ex-husband Milo have no choice but to spend the weekend together. It begins with Nicole skipping her court date to pursue a suspicious story that involved a mutual friend. Milo, who was working as a bounty hunter, eagerly accepts the job so that he can see the look on his ex-wife's face. Little did he expect that they'd get mixed up in a mess where they were now the ones being hunted.

Question 34

Easy A

Easy A is a teen romantic comedy where the protagonist is a high school student with a big secret. Olive decides to lie to her best friend about being with a boy over the weekend just to get her off her back. Unfortunately a student overheard their conversation and started spreading a rumor which affected her reputation. She takes things a step further and pretends to be with another guy at a party to boost his own reputation, only it started to make her look bad.

Question 35

The Switch

The Switch is a romantic comedy about two close friends. Wally is known for being a bit over dramatic, sarcastic, and constantly thinks there's something wrong with him. One day his close friend Kassie decides she's ready to be a mother despite the fact that she's single. On the night of her "donation" party, Wally switches out the original with his own, but doesn't remember the next morning. Kassie then moves away, wanting to raise her child elsewhere. When she returns years later, Wally pieces together what really happened that night.

Question 36

What To Expect When You're Expecting

What To Expect When You're Expecting is a romantic comedy about a bunch of different couples whose lives are all intertwined with each other. Each of the main couples gets pregnant at the beginning of the movie, and all go through it differently. For example, one couple had it exactly planned out, believing it was the most beautiful thing. However, when it actually happened the mother-to-be experienced a lot of non-magical things. Another couple went through the process of adoption.

Question 37

The House Bunny

The House Bunny is a romantic comedy about a woman named Shelley who is told she's too old to still be a Bunny. As a result, she has no choice but to leave the house, and all of the luxuries that come with it. She stumbles upon a college campus and manages to become a "mother" for a sorority. But it was no ordinary sorority, and they were going to get evicted if they didn't receive enough pledges in time.

Question 38

Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again

Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again is a romantic comedy that depicts both the past and the present for the main characters. In the past, Donna is a recent university graduate who is seeking a little fun and adventure in her life. She has three passionate and loving relationships with Bill, Harry, and Sam, who all become the "father" of her daughter Sophie in the future. In the present, Sophie is now pregnant with her own child and reacquaints herself with her mother's old loves and friends.

Question 39

The Big Wedding

The Big Wedding is a romantic comedy that depicts the life of a big family who is forced to reunite to celebrate an upcoming wedding. Two of the main characters are ex-husband and wife Ellie and Don, who have to pretend to be happily married to please their adoptive son's biological mother. With the big day approaching, all of the adult children are also in town, which makes for many awkward moments and interactions. Ellie and Don have no choice but to figure out their issues.

Question 40

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Crazy, Stupid, Love is a romantic comedy that features a recently divorced father who wants to get back out into the world, but struggles with landing a date. Cal moves into his own apartment and one night while he was out at a bar he meets a stranger named Jacob. Jacob decides to pass on his wisdom of getting girls to Cal, despite the fact he was unable to woo a woman named Hannah. Little did either of them know was that Hannah is actually Cal's daughter.

Question 41

Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect is a romantic comedy where the protagonist is a college student who is still trying to find her place in the world. Beca only agrees to go to school because her father was going to help her with her music. Unfortunately, she is forced to mingle with her fellow peers, which leads to her joining an all-girl acapella group. She and the leader of the group, Aubrey, do not get along because Beca doesn't agree with how she runs things.

Question 42

The Holiday

The Holiday is a romantic comedy where two single women decide they need a vacation from their real lives and "switch houses." Amanda is a workaholic who had recently broke up with her boyfriend because he was being unfaithful, and Iris and her boyfriend had been separated for a long time for a similar reason. Amanda was not expecting the quiet and quaint cottage life, but before she can book a flight and return home she is introduced to Iris's brother, whom she shares an immediate connection with.

Question 43

Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman is a romantic comedy where a wealthy businessman buys the company of a woman so he can keep up his image with his colleagues. Edward had ended things with his current girlfriend and ends up meeting Vivian one night when she helps him drive his expensive car. He proposes a deal to her, that he'd pay for her services of being his "fake girlfriend" while he attends business meetings and events. She agrees, and he gives her a makeover so she can look the part.

Question 44

Definitely, Maybe

Definitely, Maybe is a romantic comedy where a father and daughter discuss how he and her mother first met. Will's daughter returns home one evening and asks about this specific event, and he decides to make it a dramatic story. The film is told in both the present and the past. He explains three of the important relationships with three different women, and changes the names to make a game for her to guess. It ends up stirring some old feelings in the process.

Question 45

50 First Dates

50 First Dates is a romantic comedy where the main protagonist is a single man named Henry who ends up meeting an incredible and unique woman. Henry had a bit of a reputation of having temporary romances with women who were not local to the island. He meets Lucy while at a restaurant, and they seemed to get along quite well. The following day he sees her again, but upon approaching her it's clear she doesn't recognize him. That's when one of the employees reveals she has short term memory loss.

Question 46

She's The Man

She's The Man is a teen romantic comedy where the main female protagonist goes undercover at a new school to prove her worth. Viola learns that her school has cut her soccer team, and the boy's coach won't allow her to even try out. Luckily her brother Sebastian was leaving town (without his parents' knowledge), and Viola takes it upon herself to impersonate him. While at this new school, Viola befriends her roommate who agrees to help "her" prepare for the upcoming game.

Question 47

Sweet Home Alabama

Sweet Home Alabama is a romantic comedy where former lovers are forced to reunite to finally put an end to their marriage. Melanie and her boyfriend get engaged, and although she's very happy she realizes she has some unfinished business to take care of. Returning home, her first stop is to Jake's house, her high school sweetheart who she was still married to. Of course Jake doesn't make it so easy for her, and decides to take a few days before he'll sign the papers.

Question 48

A Cinderella Story

A Cinderella Story is a teen romantic comedy where the main protagonist is a high school student who is treated very poorly. After losing her father at a young age, Sam has been forced to live under the same roof as her step-mother and step-sisters, who take advantage of her. When she's not running errands for them, she's working at the diner. Secretly she's been talking to a boy she met online in a chatroom from a university she had applied to. Little did she know it was the most popular guy in school.

Question 49

She's All That

She's All That is a teen romantic comedy that features the developing friendship between the most popular guy in school and a geeky art student who is used to being invisible. Zach makes a bet with one of his friends that he can turn any girl into the prom queen. His friend chooses Laney, believing he'd have his work cut out for him. It takes Zach a few tries until he's able to get Laney to agree to hang out with him.

Question 50

Sydney White

Sydney White is a teen romantic comedy where the female protagonist is a college student named Sydney who is known for her unique personality. Growing up without a mother, Sydney has some tomboy personality traits. The movie begins with her arriving at the college that her mother went to, where she's automatically selected to be a sorority pledge. Unfortunately for Sydney, an upper year student decides to reject her from joining because she was jealous of Sydney and Tyler getting close.

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