Play Seen It Or Not With These Kids Movies To See How Big Your Family Will Be

Honestly who doesn't love kids movies? Sure, they may not be the most action packed films or even the funniest, but there is not a genre out there that can warm our hearts more than kids movies can. The stories are fun, the characters are lovable, and the songs... the songs are down right magical. Even though these films are designed with kids in mind, they seem just as appropriate, if not more so, for adults. The morals behind these stories are important for kids to learn, but they are equally important for grownups to remember!

For today's quiz, we want to see who has been keeping up with the kids movies. We want to know who here is actually the biggest of big fans. We are talking about beloved childhood classics, as well as newer more modern installments. We will list 50 kids movies, and all everyone has to do is let us know which they have seen. Once all of the questions have been answered, we will let everyone know how many babies they can expect in their future. Once we know how many babies are coming, we can start figuring out at which age we can show all of these awesome films to them at!

Question 1

101 Dalmatians

In this film, two beloved dalmatians have a ginormous litter of puppies. When we say ginormous, we mean ginormous. They have 101 puppies, and the couple and their owners could not have been any more proud. These puppies were on their way to living a very happy life with their family, but trouble was waiting. A mean woman was out there plotting a way to take the puppies. See, this woman loved their fur. She believed it would make the most marvelous coat in the world...

Question 2

Happy Feet

Mumble is just like all the other young penguins. He loves his parents, he enjoys playing with his friends, and he is always in the best mood possible. There is just one teeny tiny issue with Mumble... He can not sing a note. In the penguin world, this poses a major issue. For penguins to find their soulmate, they must be able to sing a song from their hearts. This means, if Mumble ever wishes to find his true love, he is going to need to learn to sing or find a new cool way to impress the ladies!

Question 3

Finding Nemo

Nemo was born a little on the small side, even for a fish. If his size was not already an issue, he was also born with a smaller than average side fin. While these things made Nemo's father worry about him quite a lot, Nemo really just wanted to be treated like any other kid in the sea. In an attempt to prove how tough he really is, Nemo went out on a limb and tried to get up close to a boat. That is when Nemo was scooped up by some scuba divers. Now Nemo's father is on an ocean wide hunt for his son.

Question 4

Finding Dory

A few years after Nemo was saved by his father and their fried Dory, everything was finally going great for the gang of fishies. Nemo's father had finally learned to let him be a kid, and now they were living with their pal Dory. Things would have continued on going great, except one day Dory did not return home. It seems that now she had gotten lost, and it will be up to Nemo and his father to find her. Good thing these guys have plenty of practice in the arena.

Question 5

A Bug's Life

Flik is not just any old ant. No, Flik is an inventor. Any spare time Flik is able to find in his day, is used to build new exciting objects that can help him and his buddies find and carry food back to their hill. Sounds like a useful ant to have in the family doesn't it? Well Flik would be useful, except all of his inventions seem to do more harm than good. If Flik really wants to prove himself, he is thinking he may need some bigger bugs to help him.

Question 6


Aladdin really isn't a bad guy. However, if we were to ask the towns people of Agrabah, they would most likely say the opposite. Since Aladdin was not born into any money, he has had to be creative in the past to be able to feed himself. While he knows stealing is wrong, he probably would not take back a thing he has ever done. If it was not for his back alley ways, he maybe would have never come across the magic lamp...

Question 7

Beauty and the Beast

Belle has spent almost her entire life lost in books. She loves to read about adventure, traveling, and more than anything, she loves to read about romance. While she has always loved the idea of a prince riding in on a horse, she never actually thought that would be her life. However, after coming across an enchanted castle not too far from home, Belle may be in for more adventure than she could have ever possibly found inside of a book.

Question 8

Big Hero 6

Hiro is an expert in all things technology. There is just no limit to the amazing things he can design and create. His most useful inventions to date, have all been his robot friends. Baymax in particular, has been Hiro's closest companion for some time now. Baymax is a robot designed to care for people. However, after a turn of events, Hiro realizes what he needs most is some actual heroes. He decides to transform his robo-friends, into some real life superheroes!

Question 9

Home Alone

Kevin is the youngest in a very large family. Naturally, around christmas time, things get a little hectic with everyone running around. This year, Kevin and his family have planned a trip to Paris for the holidays. This would have been a great trip, except Kevin got left behind when his family made a mad dash to the airport... Honestly, Kevin could not have planned a better vacation than being left alone in his house for the course of the holidays.

Question 10


Bolt has a very close bond with his owner. The two of them are not only best friends at home, but they play best friends on TV as well. The two of them star in a show where Bolt has special powers. He is not only the fastest dog in the world, but his bark is also so powerful that it can be heard for miles. Since Bolt is just a pup, he doesn't realize that these powers are just for TV. No, Bolt truly believes he is the most magical dog in the whole world (and he might just be!).

Question 11


For a girl in her situation, Cinderella has an excellent attitude. Everyday she waits on her step-mother and her step-sisters, and she never gets as much as a thank you. Her entire life has been devoted to caring for these girls, and still she wakes every day with a smile on her face. See, Cinderella knows deep down in her heart, that her "happily ever after" is not far. She knows if she remains hopeful, one day her prince will come for her!

Question 12


In Mulan's village, the only thing that truly matters is honor. It is expected that all children bring honor to their families. Boys are to grow up and fight for their country, and women are to find respectable husbands to care for. Everyone around Mulan seems to be doing exactly what they are suppose to, but Mulan just feels out of place when she tries. She cant figure out why fighting for her country would mean something different for her, than if a man chose to do it.

Question 13


All kids grow up with dreams in their hearts. Some are a little out there, but some can be totally realistic. Miguel dreams of being a famous musician. To be honest, this dream is not one that would fall too outside of the box. However, Miguel's family has had a ban on all things musical for years. Even though Miguel has the talent to make his dreams come true, he doesn't know how he can do it without letting down all the people he loves most...

Question 14


Coraline is a curious kid. She isn't deterred by a whole lot, and she is always out looking for some kind of trouble. She has just moved into a new home with her family, so opportunities to explore are everywhere. While out looking for adventure one day. Coraline came across a small door leading to a whole new world. Everything in this world was similar to real life, but somehow it all seemed better. Now Coraline must choose between regular life and this new one she has just discovered.

Question 15

The Jungle Book

Mowgli is not just an average boy. In fact, nothing about Mowgli is average at all. He was raised in the the jungle by a pack of wolves. While this may sound dangerous, Mowgli was actually well taken care of by the wolves. However, after a few events, Mowgli was forced to leave his pack behind. Now he must navigate the jungle all on his own. Luckily, a few new animals come along to help him out! Who has seen this classic?

Question 16


Aliens coming to Earth usually does not lead into a happy story. However, E.T was not just any alien. E.T was gentle and loving, and truly just wanted to make his way back home. While stuck on Earth, E.T was found by a young boy. Luckily for E.T, this boy was just and gentle and kind as he was. He agreed to help E.T find his way back home. To do this though, he is going to have to manage keeping E.T a secret from his parents and all other grown ups...

Question 17


Giselle was living her best life in an animated kingdom filled with colorful animals and singing princes. Everything in her life looked as though it was falling into place. That is exactly when a wicked witch stepped in and decided to take everything from poor Giselle. The witch sent Giselle to a land where nothing is animated and fun, and where everyone is rude and smelly. Yes, Giselle has been sent to live in New York City. Yikes! Seen it yet?

Question 18


Ever since Moana was a baby, she has been drawn to the water. She loves to splash and to play in it, and when she sleeps, she dreams only of the open waters. Living on an island, one would think that this would be the perfect place for Moana to live out her dreams. Except, everyone on the island is banned from sailing. Nobody ever leaves the land, and the chief's daughter is certainly no different. How is a girl supposed to just forget about her dreams?

Question 19


Once upon a time, Pinocchio was a wooden puppet. He belonged to the loving Gepetto, but life as a puppet can be limiting to say the least. Gepetto had also always wanted a son, so when a fairy came along and turned Pinocchio into a real boy, both of them were over the moon with happiness. Of course, there is a lot for Pinocchio to now learn about the real world. Like how not to get swallowed by a whale and whatnot...

Question 20


When John Smith and the rest of his crew landed on Pocahontas's land, they only thought about how much gold could be found there. They did not stop to think about the hundreds of people already living off the land themselves. While most of the locals wanted to harm the newcomers, Pocahontas thought she knew of a better way to explain things. Music is a tool used and understood in many languages, so she knew it was her best shot.

Question 21


Before the accident happened, Elsa and Anna were the closest sisters anyone had ever met. However, after Elsa's ice powers became too much for her to control, she started locking herself away in hopes of never hurting anyone. Little did she know, that the anxiety that kept her from using her powers, was actually what was causing them to become uncontrollable. All Elsa needed to do to control them, was to accept them and love all those around her. How hard is that?

Question 22


When Anastasia was just a girl, a spell had been cast upon her entire family. Few from her clan were able to make it out of the situation, but somehow little Anastasia made it away from the castle. Of course, she has no memory of any of this, and she believes herself to be just an ordinary orphan. Secrets like these always have a way of coming out though, we just have to hope Anastasia is ready for the truth when it arrives...

Question 23

Sword in the Stone

A young boy named Wart has spent his entire life thinking there was nothing exciting about himself whatsoever. He was an orphan, and he had no special abilities. However, he did wish to help his foster brother in his efforts to become a knight. While trying to help his brother, Wart came across a wizard. This wizard informed him that he was to one day become king, but of course Wart refused to believe a word of this... Seen this one yet?

Question 24


Hercules never quite knew why life was so difficult for him. He had beyond average strength, so he should have been able to do some impressive things. However, anytime he tried to do anything, it turned into an issue almost instantly. Once grown up, Hercules decided it was time to find his place in the world. He was determined to make something of himself, and to find a place where he would be valued. Who here has seen this classic?

Question 25

The Incredibles

Imagine living in a city where superheroes flew in and out of building, saving the day almost every day? Well, at one point in time, this was a very real place. Supers were everywhere, and they were always looking to help. However, after a few people were saved who did not ask to be, the heroes were asked to stop using their powers all together. Not the most fun punishment for sure, but keeping something like super strength a secret can't exactly be easy...

Question 26

Snow White

There has never been a purer heart than the one that belongs to Snow White. This girl does not have a mean bone in her body, but she does happen to have the most beautiful face in the entire kingdom. Her beauty was just not something the witch could stand for. She was so envious of Snow White's beauty, that she forced her into hiding. Now Snow White is living in a forest, just hoping to be found by her prince before the witch can get to her.

Question 27

Christopher Robin

When Christopher Robin was a boy, he was just like all of the other kids. He had an excellent imagination, and he had a ton of friends. Of course, these friends were all stuffed animals, but why should that matter? Over time, Christopher Robin grew up, and forgot all about his beloved toys. He also began to forget about all the things that truly matter in life. Not to worry though! Some of his old buddies have returned to remind him of what truly matters.

Question 28

Hotel Transylvania

In all of the stories, we hear just how mean vampires and other monsters have been to us over the years. However, in their version of the stories, things went a little differently. They see the humans as the true threat, and all they have ever wanted was to be left alone. To ensure their safety, Count Dracula built a dream resort. On this resort, monsters could let down their hair and relax for a while without being worried about humans coming to crash the party.

Question 29

The Little Mermaid

Ariel is the youngest daughter of King Triton. She loves her father and her sisters, but she has never felt fulfilled by her life under the waves. She has always dreamed of one day living on land where people run and laugh all day long. This dream only intensified after she met a handsome prince, whose castle was located on the shore. If it was tough keeping this mermaid underwater before, it will be almost impossible now... Who has seen this classic?

Question 30

How to Train Your Dragon

Hiccup was born to be a viking. All of the men in his kingdom were vikings, so Hiccup knew what was expected of him from a young age. However, as he grew, he never quite fit the viking mold. Assuming he was just small for his age, Hiccup never lost hope that one day he would be the dragon slayer his father always wanted him to be. Of course, after making friends with one of the beats, all of his plans changed.

Question 31

The Lego Movie

Emmet was not much of a risk taker. He prefered to drive in the slow lane. He followed every rule, and he truly enjoyed living life this way. However, after someone accidentally mistook him as a savior, Emmet did not know what to do. Now everyone is looking at him to save the day, and he does not know if he is capable of such things. Luckily, there are a few Legos coming to help the poor guy out. Who here has seen this one?

Question 32

Bee Movie

Barry is not exactly like all of the other bees in his hive. He went to college like the rest of them, but he never dreamed of making honey for the rest of his life. Instead, Barry decided to go looking outside of the hive for answers. While outside, Barry learned that the humans have been stealing their honey for centuries! Clearly, he cant let the injustice stand, so now Barry's plan is to sue all of humanity for theft. What could possibly go wrong?

Question 33

Inside Out

Now here we have an interesting film. All of the characters in this movie are the emotions of one girl. We have Happy, Angry, Sad, and few other commonly felt emotions. However, the girl is just beginning to grow up, and new feelings are sprouting up every day. It is not an easy thing to get used to, but somehow we all learn how to deal eventually. These emotions are not going to let their body down, no matter what happens!

Question 34

Kung Fu Panda

Anyone who saw Po, would not instantly assume that he was a hero. He was big, lazy, and just about always hungry. However, when the Valley of Peace was under attack by the wicked Tai Lung, a hero was really all they needed. Po always dreamed of mastering the art of Kung Fu, so why not do it when his town needed help the most? He may not be the hero they asked for, but he is the one they've got! Who here has seen this one?

Question 35

Toy Story

We all had a toy like Woody growing up. Andy would take Woody with him everywhere. They did everything together, and neither of them could have been happier about the situation. However, once Andy received a new battery powered toy, things started to change. Woody now has two options. Compete for Andy's attention, or share the spotlight with the new Buzz Lightyear. What is a toy to do? Is there anyone here who has not seen the first installment of this series?

Question 36

The Lion King

When Simba was just a lion cub, he used to love patrolling the grounds of Pride Rock with his father. His father was the king of the entire land, and one day Simba would take over. After an accident took Simba's father from him though, he decided he did not like the idea of becoming king any longer. Instead, he went out and started a new life with some new friends. However, our past always has a way of catching up to us eventually.

Question 37

Lilo and Stitch

Lilo was not like the other girls in her town. Her imagination was bigger, and the other girls just didn't understand her. Lilo was pretty good at keeping herself entertained, but she thought having one friend around couldn't hurt. That's when she decided to get a puppy. However, instead of a puppy, Lilo ended up with a stranded alien. If any kid out there could make a friendship work with an alien, it was Lilo. Who has seen this animated film?

Question 38

The Muppets

It has been years since The Muppets have been famous. Back in the day, there were no celebrities more known than these fuzzy guys. But over time, the public seemed to forget about them. They are being given their final chance to regain their spotlight, but it will not be easy. They will need the help of a few new friends, and a ton of luck if they wish to pull this off. Luckily, The Muppets have been known to perform miracles in the past...

Question 39

The Boss Baby

Babies are known for being innocent and cute, but maybe that is just how they fool us? One 7 year old has cracked the baby code, and has figured out that babies are not to be trusted. This kid believes that the new baby in his house, is a secret spy. Since he knows the grownups won't believe him, his only hope is stopping the baby on his own. Stopping a baby can't actually be that difficult, can it? Has everyone seen it?

Question 40

Monsters INC.

Mike and Sully are quite a pair. Not only are they best friends, but they work together also. Sully is incharge of creating screams, and Mike is the one who collects them. See, in the monster world, screams are used to generate power. Working in the scream business can be very rewarding, but it can also be pretty dangerous. However, a monster has got to do what a monster has got to do! Who here has seen this Pixar classic?

Question 41

The Peanuts Movie

Charlie Brown has been fighting against impossible odds his entire life. It seems for generations, this boy has tried to make the best of things, but has never actually managed to come out on top. All he wants is to be like the other kids, but maybe being different is actually what makes him so awesome? After all, anyone who owns a dog as cool as Snoopy has to be given some kind of credit, right? Has everyone seen this one?

Question 42


Remy is rat. However, he is not just any rat. Remy sticks his nose up at old pieces of cheese, while other rats live for the stuff. Remy has the palette of a great chef, but what good are taste buds like that to a rat? If only he could put his amazing taste to work, than he could prove to everyone that not all rats are gross. Then again, who would ever hire this guy to work around food, right?

Question 43


Animals are taught at a young age where their place in the world is. They are either predators or they are prey. Predators take on tough jobs, while the prey usually work in easier fields. One bunny is looking to break all of these norms though. Judy Hopps wants to become a cop, even though she is just a tiny rabbit. While there are a ton of obstacles standing in her way, Judy isn't worried. After all, she knows how to hop!

Question 44


Shrek never imagined he would have a friend, let alone a wife. He has spent his whole life alone, so why expect anything to ever change? In fact, Shrek had been alone for so long, that he began to actually enjoy the solitude. Naturally, after his private swamp got invaded, Shrek got a little protective of his space. However, sometimes when we say yes to one small thing, our entire world can open up in a million different ways... Seen it?

Question 45

Sleeping Beauty

Aurora was born the princess of an entire kingdom. Her father was king, and her mother was the queen. She was set up to have the most perfect life, but a wicked villain came along and placed a curse on her. Her parents had not choice but to send her away. So, instead of a castle, Aurora grew up in a cabin and was raised by three fairies. Now that she has grown up though, Aurora wants to explore outside of her comfortable forest.

Question 46


We all know the story of Rapunzel, but poor Rapunzel never got to read the book herself. She was trapped in a tall tower, but she had no idea that she was trapped at all. See, her mother (or who she thought was her mother) told her that the tower was the only safe place in the whole world. If she were to leave the tower, danger would find her without a doubt. This story kept her in the tower for many years, but now that she is older, she wants out!

Question 47

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack never knew a world outside of his own. He grew up in Halloweentown and he never thought about what else may be out there. He even eventually became the Pumpkin King of his town, so why question anything? However, after Jack accidentally stumbled across Christmastown, everything he thought he knew changed. There were actually people living without monsters and trick or treating. How could this be? And what was he supposed to do now? Pretend he never found it?

Question 48


Most trolls are born pretty happy, however there are always a few who come along with a different kind of personality. Poppy was one of the happy trolls. In fact, Poppy was the happiest troll to ever be born. When her town is attacked though and her friends are taken, no amount of optimism is going to help. Poppy needs to partner with a grumpy troll if she ever wants to see her friends again. This adventure is sure to test both of their spirits...

Question 49


Carl and his wife had tons of exciting plans. Some of them they conquered, and some remained dreams for their future. Once Carl lost his wife, he had to decide if it was time to give up on all of the adventure they still had planned. Carl knew his wife would not have wanted him to give up, so he decided to keep going with all of their dreams. Yes, Carl was going to sail his house away, by only using balloons! What could possibly go wrong?

Question 50

Wreck-It Ralph

Ralph has had just about enough of being the villain in his game. After all, he is not a bad guy, he was just designed to smash buildings. Ralph has decided to make a change for himself. He has gotten out of his game, and he intends to have his destiny rewritten. It may be difficult, but he is determined. With a little help from some fellow video game characters, he may just stand a chance. Who has seen this one?

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