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Such is the nature of growing up that the people we were as children likely have little in common with our adult selves. Of course, this doesn’t change the fact we are indeed the same people we always were, simply having evolved, adapted, and conformed to the world at large as it did the same. In this ever changing universe that we live in, the one thing that tends to stay the same throughout our whole lives is the sort of entertainment that helps get us through the day.

Obviously, most adults aren’t still sitting around their TV sets in great anticipation for the latest episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. However, those who were fans of the show might be watching adult programming with fairly similar concepts and themes, and many of them might not even recognize the similarities. After all, how similar can the Blue Ranger and Walter White possibly be? Well, the answer may surprise you.

Granted, because human beings are constantly changing individuals, not everyone adheres to any specific trends. That said, it feels entirely possible to guess the general type of television you once enjoyed based on the sort of TV you’re watching today. If you want to test our theory, keep reading to rate these primetime, streaming, and cable hits and we’ll use the answers to guess your favorite kids show.

1How many stars would you give Breaking Bad?

With his back against the wall due to a cancer diagnosis and a baby on the way, Walter White decided to shed his reputation as a mild-mannered teacher and become the best damn meth dealer in America. It wasn’t kid friendly, but the show was always an exciting thrill ride.

2What do you rate Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

Tasked with battling demons, vampires, and all things that go bump in the night, Buffy Summers is one teenage girl completely fit for the job. Sure, she’d rather be gossiping with her friends, but when it comes to saving the world, she’ll get the job done. A lot.

3What rating would you give Mad Men?

Who knew the wild world of advertising could be so dark? Well, at least when the mysterious genius Don Draper is involved, navigating his way through Mad Men in brilliantly manipulative fashion. Even as the world rapidly passes Don by, he never ceased to shock and surprise viewers everywhere.


4What rating does Stranger Things deserve?

It’s always a tragedy when a child goes missing, yet throw in a little supernatural mystery and it can also be a hit TV series. Stranger Things also gives fans the solace of a telepathic outsider who helps with the investigation, keeping things from getting too dark.

5How many stars does The Sopranos deserve?

Like them or not, there’s no denying it’s hard out there for a mafia boss in the world today. Take it from Tony Soprano, needs to organize hits and take down his enemies while also helping his daughter apply for colleges. It’s enough to put a made man in therapy.


6What do you rate The X-Files?

The truth is out there, and if anyone has what it takes to find it, that would be Special Agent Fox Mulder. With Dana Scully always by his side, Mulder is willing to uncover the reality behind the scariest, spookiest, and strangest villains the government throws at them.

7How many stars would you give Scandal?

Political turmoil, unrest, and dissent are pretty much a given in modern day Washington, D.C., which is exactly why Olivia Pope and Associates ability to manage a Scandal is so successful. Just about everyone in the country needs the firm’s help at one point, possibly including Olivia herself.


8What rating would you give The Blacklist?

For seemingly no reason at all, The Blacklist begins when the world’s best criminal waltzes into the FBI building and essentially asks for a job. Bored with his life of crime, Raymond Reddington is ready to destroy everyone who helped build his empire, whether the cops trust him or not.

9How many stars does CSI: Crime Scene Investigation deserve?

Cop shows are all over TV today, and part of the reason why has been the unparalleled success of the original CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Taking audiences to the medical labs where crimes are really solved didn’t take any of the excitement out of the procedure.


10What do you rate Black Mirror?

Twisting sensibilities of The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock to fit into an ever evolving technological landscape, Black Mirror can turn a computer into the world’s scariest monster. In the right setting, it’s also history’s greatest invention, leading to the greatest love stories on TV today.

11How many stars would you give Doctor Who?

Using a unique timey wimey detector that goes ding when there’s stuff, The Doctor travels through space and time in his TARDIS, which by the way, is much bigger on the inside. One of the greatest legends in British TV history, has Doctor Who ever graced your small screen?


12What rating would you give Twin Peaks?

Already heavily respected for his contributions to film, David Lynch earned worldwide acclaim all over again for co-creating the cult series Twin Peaks. FBI Agent Dale Cooper isn’t like other cops, but neither is the vicious Killer BOB, let alone anyone else in this weird little town.

13What rating does Orange Is The New Black deserve?

The prospect of going to prison could be horrifying and life changing for people in all walks of life, yet few would manage to make it as hilarious as the ladies locked up on Orange Is the New Black. Are laughing, crying, or loving the experiences they face?


14How many stars does Orphan Black deserve?

Controversial as the subject of cloning has been since it was contrived, no one could have predicted the terror felt by Sarah Manning and her “sisters” as they gradually discovered how many of them existed. It’s even more complicated than it sounds, yet fans love keeping up with the madness.

15What do you rate The Vampire Diaries?

Vampires are all the rage these days, making it far too believable that a normal girl like Elena Gilbert could fall in love with an ancient bloodsucker. The surprising part is that she descended from a legendary monster sharing a history with the same guy, complicating their love significantly.


16What rating would you give Supernatural?

The average TV detective often comes across the seemingly unexplainable, only to scientifically explain it away in an hour or less. Supernatural’s Winchester brothers go a different route with things, accepting that ghouls, monsters, and actual scary demons with pointy horns may be responsible after all.

17What rating does Bones deserve?

Once humans shuffle off this mortal coil, be it naturally or by force, all we physically leave behind is literally skin and bones. This makes it hard for investigators to ask a person who killed them, unless a forensics expert like Temperance Brennan is around to tell everyone what happened.


18How many stars would you give Californication?

Famous for having written “God Hates Us All,” it’s obvious Hank Moody is a misanthropic jerk most of the time. Of course, this made him a hero the many real misanthropic jerks in the world, especially those who didn’t let a negative outlook stop them from partying like rock stars.

19What do you rate The Wire?

When you walk through the mean streets of Baltimore, you gotta watch your back. Despite the better efforts of cops like Jimmy McNulty, Bunk Moreland, and Lester Freamon, thugs and gangsters like Avon Barksdale and Marlo Stanfield are always around the corner. Even scarier, one never knows when Omar comin’.


20What rating would you give Six Feet Under?

Surrounded by death every day, there’s no surprise to the fact people who run and direct funeral homes can have a rather macabre outlook on life. That doesn’t mean they can’t live, laugh, and love at times, overcoming the tragedies of life to discover the fleeting positives.

21What rating does The Shield deserve?

Virtually every cop on television is corrupt in some way, breaking all the rules to get the job done no matter how much it bothers their chief. The Shield’s Vic Mackey takes things a step further by murdering drug dealers and abusing his authority on a daily basis.


22How many stars would you give American Horror Story?

Whether we’re talking Murder House, Asylum, Coven, Freak Show, Hotel, Roanoke, or Cult, one thing about American Horror Story has remained true from the beginning: the world in the middle of its title is no joke. The anthology series offers a fright a minute for those brave enough to watch.

23What do you rate Game of Thrones?

Winter has come and gone several times over the years Game of Thrones has been on the air, and each passing season things in Westeros only seem to get more intense. Wizards, dragons, kings, and queens are all battling for the Iron Throne, and fans couldn’t love the results more.


24How many stars does 24 deserve?

There have been literally countless cop shows throughout TV history, and yet Special Agent Jack Bauer’s quest to save America one day at a time was nonetheless a wholly unique experience. A ticking clock in the corner would make anything intense, especially serious crimes like domestic terrorism.

25What rating would you give Downton Abbey?

Proudly broadcasting the stiffest British upper lips on television, Downton Abbey is a series that takes the term “throwback” to its furthest extents. Shining a spotlight on aristocrats dealing with world events of the 1910’s and ‘20s, it’s equal parts a history lesson and a slice of extremely posh life.


26How many stars does Sherlock deserve?

Spinning some of the most classic tales in all of literature for a modern audience, Sherlock is telling stories in a way Sir Arthur Conan Doyle never could have imagined. Even fans who never read one of his books can become encapsulated by the performances of its lead actors.

27How many stars would you give The Walking Dead?

Waking up in a hospital is never fun, and that feeling is multiple by infinity when the awakening also includes a worldwide zombie-esque outbreak. That’s the fate suffered by Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead, and believe it or not, his life only gets harder from there.


28What do you rate House of Cards?

Before the world reasonably turned its collective back on Kevin Spacey, they were enthralled as the disgraced actor cast a dark eye on the world of politics on House of Cards. Even without him, fans of the show are powerfully anticipating the political turmoil his absence will cause.

29What rating would you give Grey’s Anatomy?

It’s hard to imagine a more mentally demanding job than being a doctor, where every decision could literally cost a person their life. Grey’s Anatomy made millions of fans realize this had a serious impact on medical professional’s personal lives as well, adding an extra intensity to their crazy lives.


30How many stars does Westworld deserve?

Plenty of people fantasize about living in the wild, wild west, yet most of us realize there would be some serious downsides to existence in the lawless frontier, as well. Not so in Westworld, where the android residents never stop visitors from living out their wildest Western fantasies.

31How many stars would you give Mr. Robot?

The more technology evolves, the faster computer genius hackers will use it for their own devious means. On Mr. Robot, there’s at least an altruism to the idea, with fsociety using their skills to wipe the world’s debt records and give everyone a clean slate, albeit with questionable ulterior motives.


32How many stars does Arrow deserve?

Comic books have been doing extremely well on the large screen in recent years, and shows like Arrow are keeping the trend alive on television, as well. Of course, this Emerald Archer is unlike any fans had ever seen before, bringing gritty dark sensibilities audiences love to the old character.

33What rating would you give The Americans?

Long after the Cold War has ended, certain individuals will forever remains in fear of mysterious Russian spies, and TV shows like The Americans are part of the reason why. Not even the Jennings’s own children know their secret identities, yet this doesn’t stop them from being oddly caring parents.


34How many stars would you give House?

Let’s face it—simply being sick doesn’t prevent people from being stupid liars. Dr. Gregory House knows this all too well, repeatedly mocking and insulting his patients while gradually saving their lives. His bosses know this makes him an SOB, but he’s still the best damn doctor they have.

35What do you rate Dexter?

No, we’re not talking about the kid with the laboratory. This Dexter is a much more vicious character, having seen so many criminals get away in his job as a medical examiner he takes matters into his own hands and starts killing them. Can he chase monsters without becoming one?

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