Play Rate The Superhero, And We’ll Reveal Which Villain You Are!

For those of us who didn't necessarily find a hero to relate to, we found ourselves more interested in the villains of the story. When written well, these villains could be far more appealing than the heroes who sought to stop them from taking down the world. People who loved villains knew that these stories only worked because the villain was incredibly compelling. After all, seeing the hero emerge victorious gets stale, and we can usually predict the ending before it happens. Nevertheless, the heroes were still important to the stories we read, meaning that we formed our opinions about these masked and caped individuals.

As such, we all have our favorite heroes and villains, and we usually appreciate the heroes who stand up against our favorite villains. These heroes will always find a way to save the day, but that doesn't stop us from reading the stories that involve our favorite villains.

For those of you wondering which villain you are, you find yourself in luck. We are going to present you 25 superheroes to rate. All we ask is that you answer these questions honestly and accurately. Judging by the answers that you give us, we will reveal which villain you are!

1How Would You Rate Superman?

As the most famous hero to ever be written, there are few things that Superman has not, and cannot do. He serves as a beacon of hope for all who need it, and he has been instrumental in saving the world on countless occasions. He can sometimes be found writing articles at The Daily Planet.

2How Would You Rate Batman?

With no special powers or abilities to speak of, Bruce Wayne has shown the world that sheer will and determination can go a long way when it comes to playing the role of a hero. Then again, having a fortune and the latest technology at your disposal helps make things significantly easier.

3How Would You Rate Green Lantern?

Though Hal Jordan is considered the most popular Green Lantern, we have seen several individuals wear the ring. As one of the members of the Justice League, Green Lantern is essential to the success of his team, and he has the ability to do virtually whatever he wants. Expect to see him on the big screen soon.


4How Would You Rate Aquaman?

While many would love to believe that this hero only talks with fish, we would be quick to let you know that Aquaman is an incredibly powerful performer who can make life a living hell for those who dare challenge him. The DCEU has seen to it that his overall image receives a huge upgrade.

5How Would You Rate Green Arrow?

Many would argue that Green Arrow only serves to be the Hawkeye of the Justice League, but anyone who has been part of a successful team knows that each member serves a purpose. With his exceptional marksmanship abilities, you’d be wise to think twice about getting in this hero’s way.


6How Would You Rate The Flash?

Superman can do most everything by himself, as seen in 2017’s Justice League film, but the individual members of the group have plenty of power as well. Barry isn’t skilled in combat, but he continues to use the Speed Force to generate new powers and abilities that he is capable of using.

7How Would You Rate Wonder Woman?

After becoming the face of the DCEU in 2017, the world has once again fallen in love with Wonder Woman. Backed by immense power as well as intelligence and leadership abilities, Wonder Woman is the last person that you would want to stand across from you in battle. She is nothing to be trifled with.


8How Would You Rate John Constantine?

If powers could be fuelled by cigarettes, then there wouldn’t be a person in the universe who could step to John Constantine. Pack after pack, Constantine smokes an insane number of cigarettes while functioning as a very popular antihero. His gifts of necromancy and magic make him a formidable hero.

9How Would You Rate Robin?

Take notice that we didn’t specify a specific one. Each person who has acted as a Robin to Batman is unique in their skills, but they are all sidekicks until venturing out on their own. They are young in their overall development while wearing the suit, but don’t you dare underestimate them.


10How Would You Rate The Atom?

Intelligence is a vastly underrated trait for heroes, and The Atom has intelligence in spades. He also has the ability to manipulate the size of himself and other objects. Atom may not be as popular as some of the other characters on this quiz, but he has been part of the Justice League and Teen Titans.

11How Would You Rate Scarlet Witch?

With her abilities coming from an Infinity Stone, it only makes sense that Scarlet Witch has flashed some powerful abilities on the big screen. So far, we have only seen her scratch the surface of how powerful she actually is, and those who have read her comics know that the best is yet to come.


12How Would You Rate Cyborg?

Now that he has appeared on the big screen, Cyborg has grown a bit in popularity. Thanks to the enhancements that he has received, Cyborg has an amazing ability to function with a team and on his own. All of his basic human traits have increased dramatically, he can fly, and he has a high intellect.

13How Would You Rate Firestorm?

Thanks to Legends of Tomorrow, we are seeing a number of DC heroes gain some popularity. These characters are great in their own right, but they never reached the same level as Batman. If his name wasn’t a clear indication for those who are unfamiliar, he has incredible human traits, flight and nuclear pyrokinesis.


14How Would You Rate Iron Man?

Boasting a genius intellect, unfathomable amounts of cash and some incredible technology, Tony Stark is an egomaniac who also wants nothing more than to save the world. The MCU made Iron Man a very popular character, and his suits continue to receive amazing upgrades, keeping his foes on their heels.

15How Would You Rate Captain America?

Steve Rogers was little more than a young kid with a good demeanor before being enhanced for combat. Since becoming a physical force, he has been the pinnacle of excellence at Marvel, and he never strays from what he feels is right. His films in the MCU have only made him more popular.


16How Would You Rate Supergirl?

For everything that Superman is, Supergirl is just as incredible. She has received a film treatment before, but it looks like she has finally found a place for herself on television. Supergirl may not be as feared or respected as Superman, but we have a feeling that these sentiments will end relatively soon.

17How Would You Rate Hawkeye?

Not unlike his counterpart over at DC, many people seem indifferent about Hawkeye. Sure, the fact that he is incapable of missing has provided help for The Avengers, but many believe that the team can succeed without him. These people, however, usually fail to see how useful he is in the midst of combat as well.


18How Would You Rate The Hulk?

With a source of power that legitimately knows no bounds, the Hulk remains one of the most powerful heroes who has ever been written. Bruce Banner is a weak man, but he is incredibly intelligent. As we saw in Thor: Ragnarok, the longer Banner remains as the Hulk, the more intelligent the Hulk grows.

19How Would You Rate Spider-Man?

Despite being a teenager, Spider-Man has shown that he is an incredible hero that will always find a way to rise to the occasion. His time on the big screen has yielded some incredible results, especially with the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2017. He has been the flagship character of Marvel Comics for years now.


20How Would You Rate Black Widow?

Steve Rogers may have needed a special serum to make him powerful in combat, but Natasha Romanoff was bred to do this. She spent her life being groomed to be an assassin, and now that she works with The Avengers, she has proven to be a vital member to the team’s success.

21How Would You Rate Ant-Man?

Thanks to his inclusion in the MCU, global audiences were formally introduced to lovable loser Scott Lang in Ant-Man. Though his personal life hardly goes the way that he wants, there is no denying that he is pure magic when he puts on the Ant-Man suit. He too has only scratched the surface of what he’s capable of.


22How Would You Rate Wolverine?

Thanks to the first X-Men film, comic book movies slowly became a juggernaut at the box office. With Hugh Jackman as the only man to ever play the character in a live action role, Wolverine is one of the most loved and popular characters. His healing factor and tenacious attitude make him a powerhouse.

23How Would You Rate Cyclops?

Scott Summers and Wolverine hardly go about things the same way, but that doesn’t stop them from getting the results that they seek. With the removal of his glasses or the twist of a knob, anything that gets in his way is going to meet a brutal end. Despite this, he is usually able to control himself.


24How Would You Rate Falcon?

Military experience and a willingness to follow orders in battle has made Falcon an increasingly popular character for Marvel. His introduction in Captain America: The Winter Soldier proved to be a welcomed one, and should Cap fall, we could see Falcon take up the Captain America mantle, just like in the comics.

25How Would You Rate The Punisher?

Take a family away from his man, and there will be hell to pay. Frank Castle was already a feared man thanks to his time in the military, and the loss of his family left him taking justice into his own hands. When he is backed by those with money, he is capable of completing any mission.

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