Play Rate The Superhero, And We’ll Reveal Which Villain You Are!

For those of us who didn't necessarily find a hero to relate to, we found ourselves more interested in the villains of the story. When written well, these villains could be far more appealing than the heroes who sought to stop them from taking down the world. People who loved villains knew that these stories only worked because the villain was incredibly compelling. After all, seeing the hero emerge victorious gets stale, and we can usually predict the ending before it happens. Nevertheless, the heroes were still important to the stories we read, meaning that we formed our opinions about these masked and caped individuals.

As such, we all have our favorite heroes and villains, and we usually appreciate the heroes who stand up against our favorite villains. These heroes will always find a way to save the day, but that doesn't stop us from reading the stories that involve our favorite villains.

For those of you wondering which villain you are, you find yourself in luck. We are going to present you 25 superheroes to rate. All we ask is that you answer these questions honestly and accurately. Judging by the answers that you give us, we will reveal which villain you are!

1How Would You Rate Superman?

As the most famous hero to ever be written, there are few things that Superman has not, and cannot do. He serves as a beacon of hope for all who need it, and he has been instrumental in saving the world on countless occasions. He can sometimes be found writing articles at The Daily Planet.

2How Would You Rate Batman?

With no special powers or abilities to speak of, Bruce Wayne has shown the world that sheer will and determination can go a long way when it comes to playing the role of a hero. Then again, having a fortune and the latest technology at your disposal helps make things significantly easier.

3How Would You Rate Green Lantern?

Though Hal Jordan is considered the most popular Green Lantern, we have seen several individuals wear the ring. As one of the members of the Justice League, Green Lantern is essential to the success of his team, and he has the ability to do virtually whatever he wants. Expect to see him on the big screen soon.

4How Would You Rate Aquaman?

While many would love to believe that this hero only talks with fish, we would be quick to let you know that Aquaman is an incredibly powerful performer who can make life a living hell for those who dare challenge him. The DCEU has seen to it that his overall image receives a huge upgrade.

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