Take This Test And We’ll Tell You Which Sign Your Future Husband Will Be!

There are some people that are completely against the idea that astrological signs have any validity in today's world but that doesn't mean that everyone is ready to forego their belief in it. Even the most staunch disbelievers will inevitably check their horoscopes from time to time and it's hard to deny that there are some aspects of certain astrological characteristics that are completely true for some individuals. Although not everyone is out to ask every person they meet about their astrological sign, it's interesting how much the answer can reflect upon each individual.

For those that may be a tad curious as to the astrological sign of their future husband, there are a few simple questions that can truly shed some light on the answer. Let's take a quick test and see if what sign we can reveal.

Question 1

Personal sign element?

Question 2

Best trait in a partner?

Question 3

Dream vacation?

Question 4

Best outdoor activity?

Question 5

Best water activity?

Question 6

Best way to travel?

Question 7

Best traveling companion?

Question 8

Favorite movie genre?

Question 9

Best novelty hotel setting?

Question 10

Thoughts on crowds?

Question 11

Favorite dessert?

Question 12

Sport with the most attractive players?

Question 13

Thoughts on taking a cruise?

Question 14

Preference on height?

Question 15

Best male actor?

Question 16

Preference on makeup?

Question 17

Best fast food chain?

Question 18

Favorite sitcom?

Question 19

Favorite manly characteristic?

Question 20

Favorite type of car?

Question 21

Favorite type of pet?

Question 22

Most appealing manly uniform?

Question 23

Favorite fruit?

Question 24

Favorite character from TWD?

Question 25

Favorite film vampire?

Question 26

Favorite TV heartthrob?

Question 27

Most romantic date meal?

Question 28

Favorite thing about Game of Thrones?

Question 29

Favorite thing to eat for lunch?

Question 30

Favorite TV vampire?

Question 31

Best thing about high school?

Question 32

How many bags are needed for a week of travel?

Question 33

Best thing about working an office setting?

Question 34

Most romantic travel destinations?

Question 35

Favorite mobster character?

Question 36

Best thing about family?

Question 37

Most romantic date setting?

Question 38

Worst thing about being stuck on a deserted island?

Question 39

Favorite animated series?

Question 40

Favorite decade for fashion?

Question 41

Favorite TV doctor?

Question 42

TV show that brings tears to the eyes?

Question 43

Favorite home improvement show?

Question 44

Favorite activity at the gym?

Question 45

Favorite James Bond actor?

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