Play 'Pick Or Pass' With These Superpowers And We'll Reveal Your Superhero Alter Ego

Everyone wants to feel like a superhero, but so few of us actually manage to experience it. Parents, everyday heroes, and other regular folks might get a taste of the superhero life, but there aren't many others of us who could be considered heroic. Luckily for us, books and movies have proved time and time again that superpowers could come to us at any point. There's no telling when a radioactive spider is going to land on us, or when a scientific experiment we're a part of is going to go low-key haywire. That's why it's important to plan out our superhero alter egos even if we don't have the powers to take up the mantles yet.

The superhero alter ego is an important part of every superhero's identity. It offers a separation between their day to day life and their superpower life, which keeps them safe from any villains that might be roaming around. With the alter ego about to be discovered, the only thing left to do is to figure out which superpowers we want to have. Are we super speedy, or super strong? Can we see through walls? Climb up them? Pick or pass on these classic powers and find the ultimate alter ego.

Question 1

Weather control:

Controlling the weather is something that many of us might wish we could do regardless of being a superhero or not. Being able to rain on somebody's day or brighten up a city with the gift of sun is very, very tempting. A superpower that can quickly turn mischievous if used wrong, superheroes and super villains are both just as likely to use this power. Generating storms, tornados, and high powered winds are just some of the features of this power.

Question 2

X-ray vision:

While the back of the comic books might have been touting this superpower in glasses form for years, we know that there are a few superheroes out there who are said to have it. Make no mistake: we realize that we might not be able to actually see through walls with those 35-cent plastic glasses. But the idea of x-ray vision has always seemed tempting enough that we want to try it. This superpower is one that could certainly come in handy.

Question 3


We're not talking about an "I'm attracted to this person" kind of magnetism, but we are talking about a certain other type of connection. The magnetism that's found in the superhero realm is often the power to attract or repel metallic objects. This means folks with magnetism could bend telephone poles in half, just by moving their hand. It also means we could finally grab that metal mixing bowl of popcorn off the kitchen counter without leaving our position on the couch!

Question 4


Who doesn't know about the superpower of flying? While Superman might have a few moments of flight in his comics and movies, true superheroes will know that there's a difference between jumping up and sustaining the jump, and true flight. The flying that we're talking about is almost a weightlessness. Being able to rise and soar through the air without worrying about a running start or a leap/jump. That's some real superpower stuff, and we know that we would be very happy to have that power.

Question 5

Breathing underwater:

There are a few superheroes out there who have this power, and it's no surprise why they like it so much. When the world is covered with so much ocean, it just makes sense to have a superpower that might help us swim through it for long distances. Being able to save people from rapid waves and capsized ships without worrying about our own breath is probably the most gratifying superpower. It also means we could soak in the bathtub for even longer.

Question 6


Don't we all wish we could be a fly on the wall? With invisibility powers that's finally an option. Being able to walk through a room without being seen, sitting in the corner and keeping out of sight but seeing everything that goes on around us. Invisibility is a much coveted power, and a superpower that anyone should be proud to have. Don't tell too many people about it, though. Somebody might blow our cover at the next party we're eavesdropping on!

Question 7

Mind reading:

Jumping off of that "fly on the wall" thing we were talking about, mind reading is another superpower that many of us have often wished for at least once in our lives. The power to hear others' thoughts is something that the curious minds amongst us will appreciate. No longer will we have to ask if someone is mad at us; we'll just be able to read their mind and know what exactly they're thinking. We're sure it could also save the world, but personal preservation is a more immediate use.

Question 8

Super speed:

No more slowpoke jokes! This is a superpower that any of us who were picked last in gym class will likely appreciate. Super speed is the power to run really, really fast. We believe that the power might even cause a person to get up to supersonic speeds, depending on how fast we move initially. This super speed can also be put into smaller actions too, like brushing our teeth or dodging bullets. Really, the possibilities are endless with this power.

Question 9

Super strength:

Super strength is one of the most versatile superpowers, in our opinion. Not only would we have the power to lift heavy things, but we would also finally be able to do the pull-up that our fitness instructors are always pushing us to do. It also means that we've got super strength for pushing ourselves off the ground as well, as is the case for jumping, running, or leaping. Super strength is great for saving people, and also great for day to day activities.

Question 10

Controlling electricity:

Here's a unique power which some people might not fully understand the benefits of. Electricity is all around us, all the time. Controlling electricity gives us the power of controlling all of the phones, routers, computers, and even lights around us. Different than illumination, but still helpful when we're walking into the dark bathroom hallway in the middle of the night, this is one of those powers that tends to get looked over in all the superpower lists out there.

Question 11


Forget paying for expensive airfare. Being able to teleport saves us both time and money. We don't even have to pay for gas anymore if we picked up the power of teleportation! Being able to snap our fingers and appear in a whole new place means that travel times are almost non-existent. This is great news for the world travelers amongst us, as it means that they no longer need to save for six months for a big traveling trip. They can just get up and go!

Question 12


The power to transform into another thing has so many opportunities for mischief that we wouldn't be surprised to learn about super villains having this power. Imagine being able to walk through a city without being detected, flying around towns to cut down on travel time, and even turning into our professors or bosses to excuse us early from work and class. This is the power of shapeshifting, and it's a very, very useful one. While the power is unusual, we know that we would pick it over more mundane superpowers.

Question 13


This is a less active superpower, but one that we wanted to put onto the list just in case. The power to live forever is wanted by many scientists, artists, and those who are just plain curious about the future. While immortality doesn't necessarily mean invincibility, it does mean that we never need to worry about passing on. This could make us brave enough to start saving the world ourselves, even if we don't have the super speed or super strength of other heroes.

Question 14


Here's a superpower that twins and best friends alike will no doubt be a fan of (and might already be using, based on some conversations we've had. Telepathy is the power to send a thought, or to communicate with someone, without using words. Or, rather, without using verbal words. The words instead are transferred straight into the mind of somebody else, presumably someone who also has the power of telepathy. While it might not be the superpower that will save the world, it definitely lets us save on a phone bill.

Question 15


The ability to see the future is something we've marveled at for many, many years. Knowing what comes next and being able to see and know the consequences of it before actually making a choice is a very tempting thought. We would love to know which choices to make in order to get the outcome we'd like to achieve. It would save us so much time and effort when it comes to making choices, and not to mention planning out our lives!

Question 16


This is a superpower that will light up our lives; literally. The ability to start fires and control fires has been talked about in books for a long time, but we thinking it's technically able to be classified as a superpower as well. Controlling fires is definitely considered a superpower for any communities that are in wildfire territory during the summer. Environmental powers are just as important as other powers, and sometimes can be even more essential when it comes to saving the day.

Question 17

Night vision:

Seeing in the dark is something many of us wish we could do, especially when we get up for a glass of water in the middle of the night. Thriller movies have often mentioned the things that lurk in the dark. Having night vision might, in a way, make us braver. Those things are no longer going to stress us out, because we'll be able to see them right away! Seeing in the dark is also a great way to catch bad guys too.

Question 18


It sounds a little odd, but we weren't sure how else to classify Thor's powers. "Lightning" is kind of the closest we could come. It's not quite electricity channeling, as we can't really channel all forms of electricity with this power. Lightning is almost Zeus-like in its power, and that's something that we personally really like. Superheroes are special, and this lightning power is sure to come in handy when there's a thunderstorm. Not to mention all the raw power that lightning holds.

Question 19

Ultrasonic Scream:

Having an ultrasonic scream can be achieved through some technology, but what do we do when we need to bust some windows and we're without amplification equipment? This is thus a true superpower, as it can't otherwise be achieved without a variety of technology behind it. This sort of power comes in handy for anyone who might be looking at saving the day, or at least stopping bad guys in their tracks. Not to mention all the other benefits, like calling to our friends across the street.

Question 20

Force field creation:

More of a defensive superpower than an offensive one, but a superpower that's still going to give us a whole lot of value when on a superhero team. Joining a league like the X-Men or the Justice League is probably a good idea for someone with this superpower. While force fields are a powerful defense mechanism, they're not necessarily the greatest for combatting a super villain opponent. We think that the best choice for this superpower is someone who likes to protect, rather than attack.

Question 21


Being able to make two, three, or twenty-seven of something is a power that some of us might take for granted. After all, could it really help to save the day? Yes. Yes it can, and this is why. If a super villain is trying to release a monster onto a city, it would be incredibly easy to duplicate a telephone pole thirteen times and build a little cage to keep them in. It also means that the last slice of cake turns into twenty last slices of cake. Now that's a day saver!

Question 22

Super hearing:

Maybe not the most appropriately named superpower, this is one that we personally really like the idea of. It always makes us think of that scene in Harry Potter where Fred and George use an extendable ear to listen in on what the adults are whispering about. Super hearing is the capacity to listen in on what's being said without having to actually be within regular hearing distance. It's a great way to learn secrets, and is almost as effective as invisibility!

Question 23


Being able to levitate ourselves is one thing, but levitating objects? Now there's a superpower worth having. We're very happy with this superpower, and think that anyone else would be too. Granted, this doesn't mean that we never have to touch objects again. Rather, it's more about the power to pick up and move objects regardless of their size, mass, or actual lift-ability. This is huge for someone who's trying to stop bank robbers or super villains from taking over a city!

Question 24

Animal telepathy:

A superpower that anyone should be proud to have, animal communication is a unique power that can have some really legitimate benefits. Being able to talk to the birds, squirrels, and cats around us means that we're never without a team. Being able to ask them what they need and understand what they're saying back is a huge benefit, and one that we would be able to put to good use. Pet owners will especially love this superpower, assuming they aren't already in communication with their furry friend.

Question 25

Time manipulation:

Being able to control time is something that the busy folks amongst us will love and appreciate. Time is slipping past us always, and that's just a fact of life that we have to face. With this superpower we can avoid any of the stress of that, though, and build more time into our day. Like Hermione's Time Turner in Harry Potter, we might even be able to turn back the clock so we can be in several places at once.

Question 26

Gravity control:

Being able to make gravity heavier or more relaxed is a power that few of us might have considered. Those of us that are fans of it, though, will no doubt understand the benefits it has. Being able to lighten up on gravity means that we're all of a sudden able to leap over buildings in a single bound. It also means that we can lift objects that might otherwise be unliftable. And, not to mention being able to increase the gravity around a super villain so they can't go through with their plan!

Question 27

The Power to Control Light:

Illumination is the power to light things up; either lightbulbs, objects, or even just the palms of our hands. It's essentially the power of light control, without the electrical element. At least, that's how we're defining it. This is valuable for those that might be scared of the dark, or those who have kids who don't like the dark. This illuminating power isn't necessarily going to save the world, but it might just be the power that saves someone's day.

Question 28


Sublimation is a science-y term. Popular Mechanics for Kids mentions that it's basically when something is turning into a mist-like substance, which is a superpower in our books. Any kind of power that involves the transformation of matter is a handy one. Being able to turn into a mist to shield people or confuse enemies is likely going to come in handy during a battle. However, we would classify this as a more defensive superpower than an offensive one, just like force fields.

Question 29

Telescopic vision:

We've talked about night vision, but what about other kinds of super vision? We tend to hear a lot about super speed, super strength, and even super hearing, but we don't usually hear about super vision. Super vision is just as valuable as all of the other super senses, and it's one that can come in handy in many scenarios. Being able to see details from very far away is a truly valuable thing. Not to mention the fact that star-gazing would be way easier with this superpower.

Question 30

Wall crawling:

Just like Spider-man, wall crawling is a superpower that many bugs already have. If we could learn to harness that for ourselves, the opportunities for humor would be endless. Let's be real; crawling up and hanging vertically off a wall isn't necessarily going to save any days. It is, however, going to make for some excellent comedy moments. Imagine dropping a fake spider down from the ceiling, just like a real one. Oops; we might be thinking with our super villain brains here.

Question 31


Summoning is basically like the Accio charm in Harry Potter. For those that don't know, Accio is a charm that lets us say the name of any object and have it summoned into our hands (Pottermore). We personally love this superpower, as it again means that we don't need to get up from the couch to grab that popcorn bowl. Call us lazy, but any superpower that aids in our relaxation is one that we would like to have, please and thank you.

Question 32


Different from sublimation, disintegration is exactly what it sounds like. This is the power to dissolve ourselves or objects into smaller, almost unrecognizable bits and pieces of that object (or person). While it might not be the best for improving people's' days, it certainly helps us stop super villains in their tracks. It also helps us get rid of roadblocks, snow, and other things that might impede our day to day lives. Maybe it is a really useful power after all!

Question 33

Ice touch:

Ice touch is a power that sounds as silly as lightning, but is definitely just as powerful. Being able to freeze things can stop super villains as well as making their super battle gear ineffective (and wet, once it thaws). Ice touch could also be a useful power for creating skating rinks for kids during the winter. No more standing out there with the hose spraying layer after layer of water down to build up a rink. All we'd have to do is point our fingers and snap!

Question 34

Super stretch:

Just like Mr. Fantastic, the ability of super stretchiness has a great many applications. Being able to bend ourselves around punches, hits, and other battle actions is very useful in a battle. It also means that we could use our super stretchy arms to tie supervillains up. Not to mention being able to reach the top shelf, where all the cookies are. This is a very versatile superpower, and one that we feel doesn't get enough of the credit that it deserves.

Question 35

Technology integration:

AKA being a super cool cyborg. Everyone loves technology, and some of us might feel that our phones are an integrated part of ourselves already. However, there are those of us out there with an even more intense technology integration. Cyborgs are people who have had technological parts added to them, turning them into half-robot-half-human superheroes. Cyborgs have some incredible power, and can always be upgraded depending on where the technology is at. We personally love the idea of being a cyborg, but not everyone is so keen on this futuristic superpower.

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