Play 'Pick Or Pass' With These Pop Stars And We'll Reveal A Celebrity Soulmate!

The world of music is huge and varied, to the point where we have to come up with a different name for various forms of music, just to keep it more ordered within our own heads! Pop music is, unsurprisingly, the most popular form of music and always has been, so that's what we want to focus on today.

As it's the most popular form of music, it means that a lot of people want to make a name for themselves within that specific genre. This leads to a difficulty in remembering all of the people that have made their way into and then out of the popular music scene. This is why we wanted to make a quiz that would let people take a look at the various names that have worked in popular music, and have a chance to decide whether or not they would pick or pass on these people and the music that they brought into our lives!

Once people have had a chance to do that, we're then going to offer them a celebrity soulmate! We know that everyone is excited, so we think it's about time that we got started on this one!

Question 1

Zayn Malik

While it's true that he may have started out and made his name in One Direction, it would be a lie to say that he hasn't since moved on from there, creating many solo albums that have seen him gaining just as much popularity. We will be interested to see where he takes it in the future, and whether he wants to stay in popular music or maybe move onto something a little bit different, a little bit more experimental.

Question 2

Whitney Houston

A lot of people in the modern world forget about this women despite the fact that she had nine albums out, all of which managed to be certified Diamond. This is an impressive feat by anyone's standards and actually proves this woman had more about her than most of the people who are currently in the music business. We would like to think that a lot of modern pop stars are looking back at this woman to take on board for their modern music.

Question 3

Adam Levine

We know that this man is in Maroon 5, but can anyone out there actually name any of the other members of that band right now?! Exactly, so we think it's fair to say that this is the guy that essentially makes that band, so we want people to either pick or pass on him. Rather than just stay making music, this man has decided that he wants to work outside of that as well, finding money by appearing on television.

Question 4


This woman made waves with her debut album, proving to a lot of people that not only did she have a great voice, but a soul to back that voice up. Since then, she has made a name for herself as a real personality, appearing on both UK and US television, putting in the work to ensure that she is not forgotten in the time between albums. Here's hoping she gets back in the studio and starts work on another album soon.

Question 5

Alicia Keys

Despite the fact that this woman made it big once she had appeared on a song with Jay-Z, she had actually been singing and playing piano for a long time. Far from a lot of popular musicians, this woman has been classically trained on the piano. Keys was the first woman to have an MTV Unplugged album debut at number one, which is a clear show that there are a lot of people out there that are interested in this woman's music.

Question 6

Ariana Grande

A lot of stuff has come at this woman in a short period of time. Up until about three years ago, there weren't many people who cared about this woman unless they were under a certain age, but after she was involved in a tragic event in the UK, followed up by a couple of albums that seemed very different to the work she'd put out in the past, people started to take notice. The future is definitely bright for this one.

Question 7

Taylor Swift

While it is true that this woman started out in Country music, it wasn't long before she moved away from that, instead finding that pop music suited her a lot better. Not only did she change her whole sound, but she changed her whole image as well, deciding that there was a lot more she wanted to do with her fame than just stay a Country music star. Will she ever properly return to her roots? We'll have to wait and see.

Question 8


This woman was interesting to a lot of people for eschewing fame by refusing to show her face, but this was a gimmick that she gave up on quickly, like when she realized she could actually make more money by being a recognizable celebrity! She is well respected in the music business by musicians who are a lot more famous than her, which is usually a sign that the public should be sitting up and taking a lot more notice.

Question 9

Avril Lavigne

This woman made it big when she started to release pop music for the outcasts, the sort of popular stuff that appeals to those who feel that they're not fitting in, which is a lot of people when they're in their younger years! It should come as no surprise to anyone out there that this is obviously a lucrative business choice, but sadly, it isn't long before the fan base grows up with the singer, and they have some tough choices to make.

Question 10

Shania Twain

Country music is an interesting genre to take a look at, as people have made a lot of different country music that ends up mixing with different types of music. While we know that this woman is known for her country music, there's nobody out there that would argue with the concept that this woman is a pop star. We don't think that anybody should get upset about people mixing their genres because that's how we find out the most interesting stuff!

Question 11


It took a while for Shakira to make it big, but when she did she blew up in a big way. While pop music hasn't always been her main focus throughout her time on this world, once she made it into the UK and US market, she really started to make some major money. People can now take a look back at the stuff that didn't make it as big to find out where the foundations of this singer lie.

Question 12

Selena Gomez

This woman found her start on the Disney Channel, just like so many others, but found that she would rather work hard on the music industry instead. While she does continue to act, we like to think that she will always be a pop star, somebody that will be able to come back to the studio and create something that most people would be happy to have pumping from their radio while they drive to and from wherever they need to be.

Question 13


To some, this woman is more than a musician. She has somehow managed to cultivate an image that says she is more than a human to some people! However, we're here to focus on the music, so we'll start by saying Destiny's Child is where this woman got her start, before moving into solo work that saw her becoming much more successful than her past bandmates. From there, she married Jay-Z and became half of one of the most famous power couples of all time.

Question 14

Britney Spears

This woman has gone through some ups and downs in her time, with her music not being the only thing that the media has often focused on. However, we always felt bad for her, never wanting to take part in her ritual mocking. We saw a woman who had been chewed up and spat out by an industry that had taken her in willingly. We're always happy to see that this woman was able to bounce back if we're being honest.

Question 15

Bruno Mars

Through major stage shows and brilliant pop music that essentially makes everyone want to get up and dance, there are a lot of people out there that are actually calling this guy the new Michael Jackson, which is quite possibly the best compliment that any musician can get when they're working within the pop market. We imagine that he wants to create his own legacy as well, but having people say that about him must feel pretty good to hear.

Question 16

Celine Dion

This woman may be best known for a single song really, but for the people who are really into her music, they know that this woman has a lot to offer in the pop music world. At this point, she has become somewhat of a treasure to the people of Canada. We're not surprised that people want to look back into her back catalog once they heard what her lungs could do on her more famous tunes that made it big.

Question 17

Christina Aguilera

This woman has had an odd trajectory in the music business, first starting out as a lot of women do, putting out controversial music videos and writing songs about how looks shouldn't matter in a modern world. Then it seemed like she stepped away from the limelight for a bit, only to come back looking different and with a completely altered attitude. She continues to sing and appear on television, delighting people throughout the UK and US. We imagine she won't be going away for a long time.

Question 18

David Bowie

There are some people out there who would be sad to think that Bowie could ever be considered pop music after the experimental stuff he gave to this world, and while it's true that he did do a lot of different things throughout his life, he also spent a lot of time putting out pop music! This guy is one of the musicians that proves pop doesn't have to be an insult, that people can just make really good and interesting pop music!

Question 19

Sam Smith

It's interesting to see how people can end up becoming famous, where they started from and where their journey took them to before they managed to get the audience they'd been looking for. Yes, after appearing on a tune by Disclosure, it wasn't long before people decided to take a look at what else this man was putting out based entirely on how good his voice sounded. Now, he's working on his own solo albums and finding big sales when they go out.

Question 20

Demi Lovato

We think that a lot of people would be surprised to see how many celebrities out there actually got their start because Disney decided to take a chance on them when they were much younger. This woman got her start on the Disney Channel, before moving onto recording her own solo albums with a major label. Now, she's consistently recording and touring. We imagine she looks back at where she started and shakes her head at how far she has come.

Question 21


We know that this guy would like to think of himself as a rapper, but considering the sort of music he puts out there, we don't think it's unfair to look at him as more of a pop star. He's always looking at how to make himself more popular in the public eye, putting in work to ensure that he's always managing to make more money. We can't be angry at him for doing this at the end of the day!

Question 22

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa is a perfect example of how the music industry has changed. Technically, this woman has been putting in the work since she was 14 years old, covering famous songs on a YouTube channel. This was where she practiced and was ultimately recognized for having some serious talent. From there, she was signed, and has since gone onto release a lot of music that can easily fit within the pop genre. She's always finding her way onto the radio.

Question 23

Ed Sheeran

Yet another man that got his start on the internet, this guy proved to a lot of people that there was something to be said for putting the music online to be seen by other people. This is how this guy was discovered, before moving onto being signed by a major label. Since then, he has found his way onto the radio through numerous singles and released albums that have sold a major number of units to people across the world.

Question 24

Ellie Goulding

People often forget that it takes a long time to get into a certain industry, so they may be surprised to find out that their favorite artists have actually been putting work out there for a long time. For example, this woman actually put out her first EP a whole decade ago at this point! We know that seems weird because she probably didn't hit most people's ears into quite a while after that. We glad she continues to make music.

Question 25

Elton John

What a lot of people don't know about this man is that he doesn't actually write his own lyrics, instead just providing the music and melodies, allowing somebody else to place their writing over the top. However, what most people do know about this man is that he's quite possibly one of the most successful pop artists of all time. He is known for a range of famous singles, all of them worth people's time no matter what they enjoy.

Question 26

Harry Styles

There are a lot of people out there that see music as being a way into celebrity, that they want to use that as a foothold to get involved with a lot of different things, which is likely why we saw Styles go from reality television, to a touring band, to a solo album, to appearing in a film! This is a man who wants to have his face seen as much as possible, and we can't blame him really!

Question 27

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is another example of someone who doesn't want to just be known as a musician. While she has spent a lot of time making a name for herself in the world of popular music, she has also acted in a lot of different movies. Whether this is because she wants more money or because she wants to show she has varied talents, we will never know, but does that matter as long as we enjoy what she's putting out?!

Question 28

Jessie J

Jessie J has tried to do a lot of different things throughout her time in the music industry, but we think it's fair to say that she's more a pop star than anything else. She is considered so highly within the industry that she has even been asked to judge a reality TV show based on the concept of people turning up to try their best at singing. That's usually a pretty good sign that there's a lot of respect there!

Question 29

Justin Bieber

This young artist has definitely gone through a lot over the years. Thrust into stardom at such a young age, this guy struggled to find his feet and has been through a lot of ups and downs before finally landing where he is now. He continues to prove that he has what it takes to claw his way back into the world of pop music, no matter what he ends up doing in his personal life to imply that he might have lost it.

Question 30


Okay, so we know that a lot of Robyn purists are going to argue against this one, but seriously, she essentially borrows from other genres and makes it more palatable to a pop audience, which if we're being honest is a talent in and of itself which doesn't get enough respect in the world of music. It takes a lot to move something from being niche into the realm of the sort of thing that people want to hear on the radio!

Question 31

Rita Ora

This singer got her big break appearing on a dance track as a singer, which made people sit up and take notice of her voice. After that, she got to write her own music and work on solo stuff, rather than rely on the work of others! Through this, she ended up gaining a huge audience that have continued to stay with her. She has also started to appear on television and do other things alongside her work in the music industry.

Question 32

Justin Timberlake

After leaving the boy band that made his name, nobody could've guessed that Timberlake would end up becoming the household name that it did. He spent years putting in the work, and now he's not only appeared on numerous different albums, he has also moved into the world of acting. This is a man with a lot of talent and the ability to work in various different industries, and he doesn't care who knows about it either by the looks of things!

Question 33

Katy Perry

What a lot of people don't know about Perry is that she started out singing for her church, and even after that pursuing a job in gospel music. Then she switched to the guitar, but continued to write music for a Christian audience. Once she started to pick up some traction for her voice though, that's when she decided that she'd rather be writing music that managed to reach a much wider audience, and that's how she managed to get to where she is today!

Question 34

Kelly Clarkson

This is the woman that first proved that there was something to these reality TV shows, showing that maybe people shouldn't be so cynical. After winning the first series of US Idol, she went onto become a household name. She has been able to dip in and out of the music business since then, deciding for herself when she wants to actually sit down and put together a new solo album that she will actually enjoy going on tour with afterward.

Question 35


With a series of issues in her personal life, this pop star was forced to put her work on hold in the music industry, but it wasn't long before she came back and reminded us all exactly why it is that she was able to make a name for herself in the first place! Outside of music, she has also been working as an actor, showing that she has a lot of talents to fall back on when things are tough.

Question 36

Lady Gaga

When Gaga started in the music industry, it seemed that she was working on the same sort of thing that Madonna did when she started out, which is to try and surprise people with what she wears and how she acts. However, it seemed that she got pretty bored of this after a while and how it made people expect her to act, so she threw it way. She's still trying to lose that part of her time in the music industry to this day!

Question 37

Lana Del Rey

This woman is refusing to be labeled as just a musician! Sure, she has worked extensively on solo albums in the past, but she also has a lot of other talents, choosing to do things like direct music videos and produce records. Taking a look at what she's known for, people will also see that she's a poet. She refuses to be kept in this pop umbrella like a lot of artists her age, and we respect her for that.

Question 38

Leona Lewis

The BRIT school has been host to many different people that went on to become famous, but none of them ended up on reality TV shows like Lewis did. She managed to win the third series of the X Factor, before having her first single released. She then went onto working on various solo albums, and she continues to write music and tour to this day. Funny to think that some people we know now may end up becoming famous.

Question 39


Unlike a lot of other pop stars out there, we don't think there's anyone that can really know where this woman will next be going with it. She likes to make rather odd music, stuff that sounds unlike her contemporaries, while writing lyrics that may alienate some of the fan base often found looking for new pop music. That being said, we like the fact that there are people who like to move away from what other people are doing.

Question 40


This is a woman who has been working in the industry for a very long time at this point, and while some would say that she's passed it, we think it's great that she refuses to listen and instead does exactly what it is that she wants to do with her time! Outside of music, she's also known for her small amount of acting and choosing to put her neck out there as a social activist from time to time.

Question 41

Mariah Carey

We don't fully understand why anyone would be interested in following what this woman is doing with her time, as she has made it well known that she doesn't care about anyone but herself. Rather than her music being the first thing that people think about when they hear her name, it's the fact that she's a diva which people know more about. This is because she has openly said that she has no problem with being considered a diva.

Question 42

Michael Buble

This singer has managed to make an entire job out of making the sort of easy radio friendly stuff that some people love and others just completely dislike. While he's not massive in the US, he does have a pretty good following, and his work is avidly followed by people within Canada and the UK. Honestly, we say let the guy get on with whatever it is he wants to do, as long as he doesn't make us listen to it!

Question 43

Michael Jackson

There's a reason that this man was labeled the king of pop, and that's because he put in the work every single day by creating some of the greatest music that ever graced the charts. He was plagued with personal issues that were spread all over the media, but he continued to put out work that showcased his talent, and up until the point that he was taken away from us, he was still putting in everything he had onstage.

Question 44

Miley Cyrus

This woman has a history in country music, meaning that she has different foundations to a lot of pop music starts out there! However, through her show with Disney, she showed that she had the stage presence and voice to make it big within the pop industry. Since then, she has changed her music and her look numerous times before finally landing on where she is now, which is actually sort of back into the country music if we're honest!

Question 45

Nicole Scherzinger

When this woman first came onto the scene in The Pussycat Dolls, we don't think that anybody would complain if we said that it was clear this was the woman who had the talent, while the rest of them were sort of just there to dance in the background. It's no surprise then that she decided to move away from them, instead moving into some solo work on her own, and eventually finding her way into the world of television.

Question 46

Paul McCartney

Is there a more important band within the history of music than The Beatles? Many people would argue no, and that's because they redefined what popular music was, experimenting with what people would willingly listen to and pushing themselves to their own creative limits to see what would come about. Paul has continued to work in music ever since they split up, and while some would argue it has never been as good, many people think he continues to push out worthwhile stuff.

Question 47


Some would look at this man as not having anything to do with pop music, but they'd be wrong! This man has done his best work when he's been working within the popular music sphere. Whether he's working upfront or making music behind the scenes for other people to sing over the top, this man can be found throughout the entire music industry doing various different things. He's the kind of guy who clearly lives for making music all the time.

Question 48


This woman made her way into the music business by placing herself as an alternative to the rest of the women that were making pop music at the time, sort of in the same way as Avril Lavigne. However, where Avril Lavigne seemed to refuse to change with the times, clinging to her pop-rock roots, Pink has continued to try and experiment with new stuff, collaborating with new people and putting in the work to stay relevant within the pop world.

Question 49


This guy was unapologetic when it came to how he acted and the sort of music that he put out, whether it was weird and experimental or popular for the masses. We liked the fact that this man spent his entire life blurring so many lines, including the fact that he made so many people listen to rather weird music that just so happened to have a fairly poppy edge. This man was doing some very important work throughout his life.

Question 50


Rihanna has gone through a lot of changes, both in her professional life and her personal life, but we like the direction she's going in with both right now. There's something to be said for a woman who spends most of her time on the red carpet and in interviews pointing out that she's a strong woman who will do what wants, when she wants. It sets a great example for the non-famous women out there that are watching her.

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