Play Pick Or Pass With These Movies And We'll Reveal Who Has Good Taste

Everyone likes to think they have good taste in movies, but inevitably, there has to be a healthy chunk of the population out there cursed with bad taste. If not, there would be no sample to help us define good taste by contrast. Though, on the other hand, all that would only be true if there were such a thing as objectively good taste - which, by the way, there probably isn't. We can go a little further down this rather shallow philosophical rabbit hole, or we can simply play a fun little game - maybe a little Pick or Pass with the following movies in order to see what sort of taste we're dealing with here.

Again, there probably being no such thing as objective good taste, we'll just go ahead and make our opinion a matter of absolute fact, at least while we're all here within the binary ecosystem of this webpage. In this place, our critique is the only one that matters, and we're interested in finding out who out there shares our good taste. There's only one way to do that, of course, and it's by playing a little Pick or Pass. Let's ready our clickers for a wild cinematic ride.

Question 1

Pick or pass on Frozen

Follow us into Disney's coldest climate, where one of it's most timeless adventures take place. As we were taught in this movie, being a literal ice queen can be a pretty tough gig. Thankfully though, as is the case with all Disney movies, good friends and a touch of luck is often enough to help weather the storm. This movie isn't everyone's cup of tea, but most people have seen it by now. Do we pick it, or should we pass it up?

Question 2

Pick or pass on Anchorman

The legend of Ron Burgundy rings out across the land, its echo still going strong even after all these years. When this movie came out, audiences were introduced to new, bizarre levels of humor. The recipe of success boils down to the acting strength of Will Ferrell and friends as well as the potency of the film's now classic script. Even with all that considered, though, some people still might pass on this behemoth comedy. Does that mean their taste can use some work?

Question 3

Pick or pass on It

Let's be careful wandering the alleyways of this quiz - for all we know, there's a ghoul-ish clown lying in wait, looking to snatch us right up. This movie was released relatively recently, but it's already considered an absolute classic. Of course, its legacy was sourced from the original film adaptation that came before it, and from the Stephen King novel that came before that. It's not the conventional horror flick, for sure, but the quality of this movie can't be denied.

Question 4

Pick or pass on Avengers: Infinity War

This movie left the world with its mouth agape, and since it was only released this year, many of us are still recovering from the impression. The universe's most powerful heroes come together to stop Thanos' reckless rampage, but are their combined efforts enough to stop him from halving existence as we know it? We'll have to watch the flick to find out, though hopefully we already did that. Let's pick or pass on Infinity War, and move on to the next one.

Question 5

Pick or pass on Justice League

DC would not simply stand by and let Marvel have all the fun with their star-studded ensembles. Justice League brings all of DC's cinematic heroes together, lining them up against true, universal adversity. Critics and audiences alike didn't exactly line up to shower this movie with unconditional praise when it was released, but what do they know, anyway? Maybe there are storytelling gems to be found in Justice League, and a certain quiz taker was among the few to notice them.

Question 6

Pick or pass on Get Out

Director Jordan Peele showed us new layers to his artistry with Get Out, his directorial debut. After spending several years as one of the top comedic actors on TV, he really hit the ball out of the park with this freaky drama. We won't spoil the intricacies of the story for those who haven't seen it, though we will say that this is definitely a movie that transcends expectations. It's full of surprises, and quality surprises at that. Pick or pass?

Question 7

Pick or pass on Spirited Away

No one can make an animated classic quite like director Hayao Miyazaki, and Spirited Away may very well be his most recognizable and beloved title. There's much whimsy and wonder to be found here, and audiences have sought that out in mass over the years. It's such an entrancing movie, one gets the feeling that there's a risk of being sucked into the other end of the screen while watching it, though that probably wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.

Question 8

Pick or pass on Logan

Logan is such a crucial X-Man, it only makes sense for him to be given his own feature film. Unlike its strange, low quality predecessor, this Wolverine movie was almost universally praised by critics and audience members alike. It's a bittersweet movie, for sure, though we won't go into why that is. Picking this one is a decent indicator of good taste, though that's not to say that those who pass it up aren't into good movies. We'll have to make it to the end of the quiz to see the final verdict.

Question 9

Pick or pass on Beauty and the Beast

Bella and the monstrous beast come together in this modern classic, adapted from the timeless Disney animated feature of the same name. This flick offers audience members pretty much everything - from love and adversity to ballroom dancing and taking furniture. That's not everyone's cup of tea, for sure (though there does happen to be a talking cup of tea or two in this movie), but members of the Beauty and the Beast fan club tend to swear by this one.

Question 10

Pick or pass on The Hurt Locker

Let's take a more serious turn now - we've had enough fun and games for the moment. The Hurt Locker takes us right in the center of war, showing us how intense situations can get behind enemy lines. As gritty and realistic as the presentation here is, something tells us that the real thing is even more off putting. In any case, we'd much rather be watching this movie than be part of the real world events that have inspired it.

Question 11

Pick or pass on Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow presents to audiences a much more surreal take on war than what we might be used to. In a sense, this is a mix of Independence Day with Groundhog Day - essentially, the same day plays itself out over and over again in a sort of game, and the loop can only end once certain conditions are met. This movie got a great reception when it was released, so picking it might be an indicator of good taste.

Question 12

Pick or pass on Venom

Here is the freshest release of this quiz, having premiered to the world quite recently. Many people might not have been out to see it quite yet, though those that have probably made up their minds about it already. In terms of Marvel heroes, antiheroes and villains, Venom has always been a cult favorite, so his inclusion in this quiz was inevitable. Does the mysterious Symbiote deserve a surefire pick, or is this a movie to pass on? Let's see.

Question 13

Pick or pass on Arrival

This is definitely one of the more abstract entries of this quiz, though we would argue that it's also one of the best. Here's a take on an alien invasion that strays some ways away from conventional presentation. It's never quite clear what's going on at any given point, though there are definitely cohesive themes that are being followed here. Anyone looking to prove the legitimacy of their taste might want to think twice before hitting that Pass button down there.

Question 14

Pick or pass on Birdman

Birdman was awarded the Oscar for Best Picture during its year of release, and the members of the Academy aren't often wrong. Though, of course, their tastes are far from objective. It's possible that they missed the mark when judging this star studded, bizarre drama, but we don't think they did. Birdman has it all - great acting, interesting direction and a surprising, unconventional story. That said, movies like these definitely aren't for everyone. Should we pick it, or pass it up?

Question 15

Pick or pass on Nightcrawler

Nightcrawler features none other than Mr. Jake Gyllenhaal himself in arguably his best role yet, though it's definitely one of his creepiest. In this one, he plays a super motivated - though, again, super creepy - dude who finds a way to make a living by capturing newsworthy incidents as they happen and selling them to his local outlet. Where the story goes from there, we won't exactly say, though rest assured that things get more than a little hectic. Is Nightcrawler a pick?

Question 16

Pick or pass on Manchester by the Sea

Manchester by the Sea was the talk of Tinsel Town when it was released just a few years back, but now it seems that everyone's all but forgotten about it. Though, we suspect that there's still a group of dedicated fans out there who still pop this one into the search bar every now and then. There's a reason why it did so well in the awards circuit of its time, and that's because there's some objective quality to be found here.

Question 17

Pick or pass on Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook, featuring the unparalleled talents of Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, tells the tale of a messed up romance between two troubled parties. If nothing else, this story shows us that true love can grow in even the most untreated soil, if only the two sides are open to letting it bloom. It's a bit of a crazy movie, admittedly, though it does appeal to crazies and non-crazies alike. Should we pick this one, or are our tastes above it?

Question 18

Pick or pass on Ex Machina

Since we're still living in the pre-AI period of humanity, many of us are interested in what a true artificial intelligence would look like, and how something like that would behave. In the real world, we'll have to wait until we create such a thing to find out. In the infinite realm of movies, however, storytellers get to make those decisions without much restraint. We won't spoil what happens in Ex Machina, but it's a fascinating watch to say the least.

Question 19

Pick or pass on Shutter Island

Let's take a deep dive into crazy town, which is what's required when one plans on seeing Shutter Island. There are plenty of things to factor at any given scene of this flick, and admittedly, it's often hard to keep track of the film's core story line and progression. Carried by the stellar performance of Leonardo Dicaprio, however, viewers can still enjoy Shutter Island even if they don't fully grasp its concept. Should we give this one a pick, or is it a pass?

Question 20

Pick or pass on Skyfall

Although Skyfall might be seen as just another James Bond movie, let's remember that each installment of the franchise is markedly different from the next. In this one, Bond is pushed to his utter limits - at a certain point, audiences were made to doubt whether the agent would emerge on top, as he always does. Of course, since this is a Bond flick, we'll leave it up to everyone out there to figure out how this one wraps up. Pick or pass?

Question 21

Pick or pass on Howl's Moving Castle

Hayao Miyazaki graces this quiz with his art once more, this time in the form of Howl's Moving Castle. As the title suggests, this movie centers on a grand, moving castle - already a mysterious concept to begin with, but that only scratches the surface of the mystery hidden in this film. Those who have seen it will surely give it a pick, and even those who haven't might be intrigued by the idea. What do we think of Howl's Moving Castle?

Question 22

Pick or pass on Sicario

The lights in our quiz darken at this entry, and we think we know why - after all, Sicario is an incredibly dark movie, and one must be prepared for its darkness before partaking in its world. Audience members are invited to follow Benicio Del Toro and friends as they descend upon South America's darkest crevices, and there's no telling what might be found there. What do we think of Sicario - is it too grim a tale for us to pick?

Question 23

Pick or pass on The Hateful Eight

This wouldn't very well be a movie quiz about good taste without a feature from Quentin Tarantino, one of the most praised film directors of the modern era. Some believe that the man can do no wrong behind the camera, while others seem to think that this Tarantino movie was one of the only times that he dropped the directorial ball. At any rate, let's figure out what we think about it - is this a surefire pick, or a surefire pass?

Question 24

Pick or pass on Ant-Man

Pardon us as we shrink down to the size of a very small insect, because none other than Ant-Man himself has asked us to join him on a mission to the center of the quantum realm. We're not sure if we'll make it back to this scale of reality anytime soon, so it's best not to wait up for us. Instead, simply click the Pick or Pass button, and we'll move on to the next film. Don't mind us, really.

Question 25

Pick or pass on Forgetting Sarah Marshall

It's hard to forget such a dream woman as Sarah Marshall, but when she dumps her boyfriend after having been less than faithful to him for a while, there's little else to do but forget all about her. However, again, doing so can be pretty hard. Thankfully, the task becomes much, much easier when there's Mila Kunis around to provide some distraction. All in all, Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a classic movie, and is definitely one of Jason Segel's best works.

Question 26

Pick or pass on Drive

Drive is undeniably one of the most interesting, unique movies to have been released in recent years. Admittedly, the direction this one follows and the method in which it was presented aren't for everyone, though most people seem to dig its signature style. Of course, with a strong lead performance by Ryan Gosling, it's hard to see why this one would not appeal to the masses. As we ready our rides for an epic drive, let's see what everyone thinks of Drive.

Question 27

Pick or pass on 50/50

Seth Rogen might be seen as a mainly comedic actor, and he did indeed serve as the comic relief in this movie, though that role was much needed - after all, given the plight Joseph Gordon-Levitt found himself in here, the tone could have used some lightening with some Seth Rogen-sourced giggles here and there. This one isn't quite as popular as some of the other titles in this quiz, but those who have seen it are likely to have loved it.

Question 28

Pick or pass on The Big Short

When The Big Short was released, it did quite well in the awards and reviews circuits, receiving near unanimous praise. But, does that make it an objectively great movie, worthy of a watch by all those who have good tastes? Who knows - maybe most critics are wrong in their judgements, though its unlikely. At any rate, quiz takers who have seen The Big Short have probably made up their minds about it already, so let's see the verdict - pick or pass?

Question 29

Pick or pass on Boyhood

If nothing else, Boyhood is an admirable cinematic achievement given the obvious effort its director has put into it - essentially, he filmed it over a number of years, capturing its main character in several stages of his life. While it might not be everyone's cup of tea, Boyhood makes for an easy, yet meaningful watch, one that critics and audiences alike seemed to enjoy. What do we think about this one? Is it worth a watch, or is it a waste of time?

Question 30

Pick or pass on Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids might be dismissed by some as just an average chick flick, but those who take a closer look at it are likely to notice the obvious effort that went into its screenplay, not to mention the fantastic job done by its main cast. All in all, this one is a gut busting comedy that's worth numerous rewatches, though some out there might disagree with that. Let's find out - should we pick Bridesmaids, or is this one below our tastes?

Question 31

Pick or pass on Minions

Ack! We've just stumbled upon a bevy of Minions in the midst of their shenanigans! Quick, let's click a button so we can get out of this sticky situation. We'll grab a fire extinguisher to deter these strange little creatures - meanwhile, everyone click their buttons as fast as possible! Make haste, since these Minions look like they're the most cunning of their tribe. Thankfully, that doesn't make them very cunning at all. Should we pick their movie, or is it worth a pass?

Question 32

Pick or pass on The Imitation Game

The critical acclaim in this entry is strong, and the reason why is no mystery - after all, this is The Imitation Game we're talking about here. Benedict Cumberbatch gave it his all in his performance here, and it paid off for him tremendously. Although it's been a few years since this one was released, we doubt that too many cinema lovers out there have forgotten about it. What do we think about The Imitation Game - should we pick it, or is it a pass?

Question 33

Pick or pass on A Serious Man

As far as Coen Brothers movies go, A Serious Man doesn't tend to be the one most people think of first - that honor goes to movies like No Country for Old Men and Fargo. However, those brothers don't tend to direct a bad movie too often, and A Serious Man is no bad movie at all. Of course, that's our opinion, but others might disagree. For those who have seen this one (and those who haven't), let's play pick or pass once more.

Question 34

Pick or pass on The King's Speech

The King's Speech, featuring the remarkable talent of Colin Firth, is next on our list, and this one's a doozy for sure. The film's core concept is given away in its title - it all pretty much centers on a certain speech given by a certain king. However, those who have seen the movie know that there's a lot of worthwhile content presented around the big talk. Still, some might think that this movie is nothing but fluff and hype - is it?

Question 35

Pick or pass on Akira

Akira is a classic Japanese movie that has traveled far beyond the borders of its country of origin. Currently, it's seen as a storytelling masterpiece, its impact and meaning hard to boil down to one factor alone. Admittedly, we can't resist giving this one a bold pick, though our tastes might not resonate with that of most moviegoers out there. Bringing to mind what we know (and don't) about Akira, let's decide whether it's worth watching. Hint: it probably is.

Question 36

Pick or pass on Life of Pi

What would we do if we were lost at sea on a little boat with a ferocious tiger - for days and weeks on end? We'd probably make like a fish and swim away, though that would also spell sure doom for us. If only we were as brave as dear Pi, then maybe we'd make it out of a predicament like this one relatively intact. Did the movie end well for Mr. Pi? Well, we'd have to pick this one to find out.

Question 37

Pick or pass on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, with its mouthful of a title, is one of the most interesting, creative movies to have come out in recent memory. It showcased the dramatic acting talents of Jim Carrey, an actor normally typecast as a goofy on-screen comedian. He can be funny, sure, but this movie proved that he could also be existentially and romantically lost if he chooses to be. Of course, Kate Winslet is also in this one, making it a possible surefire pick.

Question 38

Pick or pass on The Martian

The Martian is a movie about... well, a Martian. Though he isn't exactly a Martian in the traditional sense - in fact, it's none other than Mr. Matt Damon himself, experiencing a temporary, involuntary stay on Mars. At least, he intends for it to be temporary - if Matt has its way, he'll be on the road back to Earth as soon as possible. Is that what ends up happening here? Well, we'll have to pick this one to find out for sure.

Question 39

Pick or pass on Rush

Rush is a real thrill ride, and we say that both in the literal and figurative senses. On the surface, this is a movie about two professional race car drivers trying to be the very best - however, as we dig deeper into the story, we discover just how far the roots of their rivalry go. It's hard to peel one's eyes away from the action at any given point here, and this is definitely a story worth following to its end.

Question 40

Pick or pass on Spotlight

For those of us curious about what the inner core of a popular publication might look like - especially in lieu of a super off putting, widespread controversy being steadily uncovered - then Spotlight is definitely the movie to pick here. From its story and cinematography down to its soundtrack and lead performances, Spotlight does pretty much everything right. However, that's just our opinion, though it's definitely one dished out in good, even near perfect taste. Let's see if anyone out there has the insight to agree.

Question 41

Pick or pass on Synecdoche, New York

Synecdoche, New York, written and directed by the great Charlie Kaufman, is a whopper of a movie, though it's definitely one of the more complicated flicks in this quiz. If there was any movie here that can be labeled as "not for everyone", it might be this one right here - that said, though, fans of Synecdoche, New York tend to swear by it vehemently. Those who haven't seen it are encouraged to give it an honest shot, since there are real rewards to be found in here.

Question 42

Pick or pass on I'm Not There

There are many shades of Bob Dylan, and a few of them are explored in this poignant artistic film - I'm Not There. Although ole Bob might not have been there in the most authentic sense, fans of him around the world flocked into the theaters in mass to see this great work. Again, this is a hard movie to figure out, though even in the midst of the confusion it causes, it makes for quite a fine watch. What do we think?

Question 43

Pick or pass on Swiss Army Man

Despite being partly about flatulence, Swiss Army Man is a super deep, incredibly rich movie, its core concepts extending to a number of themes. This strange, somewhat immature movie covers the value of friendship, loneliness, love and much more, all while spraying the air with unpleasant fumes throughout its run time. Those who stick this one through to the end will surely grasp the value of the story - those who don't, well, we might understand why they choose not to...

Question 44

Pick or pass on The Theory of Everything

Stephen Hawking - may he live on the other side of the veil forever - was such a legend, it was only a matter of time before Hollywood decided to make a huge blockbuster about his life. The Theory of Everything gives us a dramatization of the great scientist's journey, from its beginning to right near its end. Given the obvious quality present here, we'd be hard pressed to give this one a pass, though others might be on a different page.

Question 45

Pick or pass on Tangled

One thing that isn't so tangled about Tangled is the solidity of its storyline - this is a rock solid, easy to follow tale from its beginning to its end, though there are definitely a few sections in between when things look a little... tangled for our beloved characters. It's a pretty cool animated movie, for sure, though some might argue that it isn't one of the best. Let's find out what everyone thinks - is this one a pick or a pass?

Question 46

Pick or pass on Zootopia

This quiz has suddenly erupted in a stampede - there's a world of animals running to and fro, rushing to blend into the virtual world of this webpage. While we get our lassos out and attempt to cram them back into the picture, let's consider whether Zootopia is worthy of a pick or a pass. The world seems to lean toward the former, considering how well this did at the box office, but maybe the world's tastes could use a little work.

Question 47

Pick or pass on The Master

Here's another bizarre flick, though again, it's carried by the stellar performances of its main cast. Joaquin Phoenix teams up with Philip Seymour Hoffman in this masterpiece, the dynamic between their two characters helping bring each of them to life respectively. This is a controversial flick to say the least, though if we're able to put the divisiveness it causes aside, we're able to see it for its true quality. What do we think about this one - pick or pass?

Question 48

Pick or pass on Moonlight

Since this movie set the world on fire quite recently, we doubt anyone out there has forgotten about it quite yet. A lot of things stand out when taking a close look at Moonlight - for instance, the gorgeous blues and dark textures that color its cinematography. We can go on and on about this one, but we'll spare our quiz takers for now - instead, considering everything we know (or don't) about Moonlight, let's either pick it or pass it up.

Question 49

Pick or pass on Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers, featuring the unparalleled talents of Selena Gomez and friends, was released only a few years ago, though it's already become a classic of its respective genre. Unlike some of the other titles in here, Spring Breakers isn't the type of movie that calls upon audiences to think super deeply about its concepts. Instead, for viewers looking to simply take a load off and have a good time with their flick, this might just be the one to pick.

Question 50

Pick or pass on The Revenant

From the director of Birdman comes The Revenant, a movie that shows us how grim surviving in the deep wilderness can truly be. Best of all, the great Leonardo DiCaprio serves as the central character of the movie, and Leo never does a bad job on screen. Unfortunately for him, one of his co-stars here is an actual bear, and he doesn't seem to like Leo one bit - on screen, anyway. Behind the scenes, we're sure the two got along just fine.

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