Play 'Pick Or Pass' With These Country Singers And Get A Cowboy Hubby

Sometimes it can just be fun to sit back and fantasize for a few moments. Just let the thoughts come and go as they please and take a person wherever they need to go. Whether we're imagining ourselves on a deserted island in the middle of winter or we imagine ourselves finally telling off our mean boss and winning the lottery the very next day. It's all in good fun, right?

And there's the imagination that can really play around during those cold winter months where we might be feeling a wee bit lonely or bored. We start to think of our favorite actors or celebrities, or in this case, country music singers, in a whole different light. We wonder what it might be like if they were suddenly in our lives, picking us up for dinner on a horse or serenading us by candlelight every night before bed. The thing is, we really can't help these thoughts either because everyone has them — just own up to it! It's perfectly natural and can easily pass the time.

So, please, have some fun in a lighthearted country kind of way and pick or pass on these country singers to get a cowboy hubby!

Question 1

Devin Dawson

There's nothing like seeing someone super cute on stage doing their thing. In 2014, Dawson originally found some fame when he covered Taylor Swift's hit song "Blank Space" ( He counts his biggest musical influences as Johnny Cash, Alan Jackson and Marvin Gaye. Those might not be the first sounds you'd pick out, but with hit songs like "All On Me" or "Asking For A Friend," it's easy to see that he is an artist full of talent and a voice that won't quit!

Question 2

Jacob Davis

Jacob Davis totally hit the ground running with his hit single "What I Wanna Be" when it debuted on the radio about a year ago. Being just a boy from Shreveport, Louisiana, he's already opened for some huge names in country music, like Lady Antebellum, Kelsea Ballerini and Hunter Hayes. He credits his "love for lyrics" and songwriting to his father, as it was his dad that taught him that every song out there tells a story ( We love listening to those sweet lyrics any day of the week!

Question 3

Sam Hunt

In a lot of ways Sam Hunt is the epitome of a cute Southern boy who grew up with those classic dreams of getting into professional football. According to All Music, he grew up in Georgia and "specialized" in football. But it wasn't until a few years into college that he decided to pick up the guitar and try his hand at singing. It paid off too as in just a few short years, he has had so many hit singles, like "Body Like A Back Road," which spent several weeks at number one.

Question 4

Jason Aldean

Nowadays, you can't talk about the current country music scene without mentioning Jason Aldean. According to Taste of Country, Aldean has been in the country music business for over 10 years now. With hit single after hit single and countless tours and albums now, he has to know exactly what his fans want when they come to a show. He always gets back to his country roots too as "country music is what [he] loves" and he never wants to get too far away from it.

Question 5

Cole Swindell

There's nothing like winning ACM's New Artist of The Year to fully cement yourself in the world of country music. Swindell's single "You Should Be Here" was number one on the iTunes chart and rose on the radio charts as well ( He's toured with country heavyweights like Luke Bryan and Kenny Chesney, but he also recently wrapped his second Down Home tour that totally sold out. We're thinking that this guy has a long life ahead of him in country music!

Question 6

Luke Bryan

You really can't talk about successful country music singers without mentioning Luke Bryan. He's had countless hit singles and sold out tours over the years, he's even earned the coveted spot as a judge on a reality singing competition show. According to People, the one thing that's the most important to the country mogul is family. He lost two siblings earlier in life, but most recently his brother-in-law passed, leaving him to care for his three children. That sounds like someone with a giant heart to us.

Question 7

Cody Jinks

There are some artists who come to country music when they're super young and there are those who find themselves there over time. For Cody Jinks, he actually got his start in the thrash metal genre and made the switch recently to rock country. The key he found with his musical range is to not treat the different genres too differently. He finds writing and playing music for country fans similar because "you're saying the same things, you're just doing it differently" (

Question 8

Kane Brown

It's really something to see some of these newer and younger country artists come out onto the scene when it all didn't come super easy to them. Kane Brown is definitely one of those artists. He's just 24 years old, but he is already making headlines and gather No. 1's left, right and center. According to Billboard, he grew up in Tennessee and faced a lot of hardships such as poverty and familial troubles. He monopolized the success he found online and has really made a name for himself now.

Question 9

Ryan Hurd

The thing to remember about being in the country music business, sometimes it's all about what's happening behind the scenes that really allows for things to grow in front of a crowd. For Ryan Hurd, he got his start on the song writing end of things. According to Song Writer Universe, he's penned hit songs for people like Tim McGraw, Lady Antebellum and Rascal Flatts. In 2017, he signed his own deal with Sony and his hit single "We Do Us" has garnered him a ton of attention.

Question 10

Jackie Lee

Like so many of us who are inspired by our family and those closest to us, such was the case for singer Jackie Lee. According to Digital Journal, Lee followed in his father's footsteps when it comes to music and abides by his testament of loving what you're doing, otherwise you'll "burn out." He's met great success with singles like "Getting Over You" and "She Does," but he counts the loyal country music fans at the ones who keep him coming back for more.

Question 11

Brett Eldredge

Brett Eldredge certainly has the numbers on his side with this whole country music gig. He's had six number one hits and his first two albums have been certified gold for 500,000 units shipped. He's someone who loves the song writing process for its creative elements. He enjoys the "random crazy things" that come up and trying to flesh them out in a song ( He's toured with Blake Shelton, but is now headlining his own tour and considers himself very fortunate.

Question 12

Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett is the very definition of a family man who is also a country music star. His album, Life Changes, out in late 2017, spoke to all the familial experiences that had been going on. According to The Boot, he wrote all about his wife Lauren, their adopted daughter Willa Gray as well as the birth of their biological daughter, Ada James. He also calls the influence of his father, country singer Rhett Akins as a contributing factor to his music.

Question 13

Jake Owen

Singer Jake Owen has been at it for a little while now, but he's really at the top of his game. He's headlining his own tours and gathering number one hits left, right and centre. He finds performing to be such a personal thing. He recently told Kick 104 that he always records music in the hopes that somebody else out there will love it like he does. He feels that "people believe music when they see their artist singing it."

Question 14

Brian Kelley

Brian Kelley from the hit country group Florida Georgia Line sure knows success. Florida Georgia Line has dominated the radio airwaves and charts for years now and have even been nominated for a Grammy this past year ( Not only is Kelley super successful in his life as a country music star, but his marriage is a highlight to most who follow him on social media as well. He recently renewed his vows to his wife Brittney and practically the whole world sighed the biggest envious sigh (

Question 15

Dierks Bentley

You really don't find anyone who is at the top of their game quite like country singer Dierks Bentley. He's touring in 2019 and is currently on his ninth studio album and just keeps collecting those No. 1 singles — where his latest "Woman, Amen" is currently sitting (Global News). He's also a good old fashioned family guy and father as well. Having been on tour for a good chunk of his life in the world of country music, when he has the time at home with his kids, he tries to be involved in "everything" (Global News).

Question 16

Eric Church

Eric Church could otherwise be known as the cute country singer who never gives up. Not only have his last four albums gone platinum, but "he sells out arenas all over the country" (Rolling Stone). A funny little tidbit about Church that establishes his persistence and work ethic is he's building man-made lakes in Tennessee — yes, you read that correctly. We're guessing he's probably not doing the construction himself, but him and his wife have been heavily involved in an excavation site for some time now (Rolling Stone).

Question 17

Kip Moore

Kip Moore is an artist who considers himself to be very lucky for the unique relationship he has with his fans. He told Rolling Stone that he has actually seen tattoos on supporters commemorating his shows — he describes it as a "special thing" they have going on. He's quite a busy guy who doesn't seem to slow down much, even after hitting the success train. He's traveled across the States on tour, as well as Canada, Europe and Australia, and he doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon!

Question 18

Michael Ray

Michael Ray is another artist who has carried forward the drive and passion for music from family members who ignited that spark inside him. For him it was his grandfather. He tells Taste of Country that "his passion for music was like no other." Ray's grandfather passed in February of 2015, just a few months prior to when his grandson made his debut on the Grand Ole Opry stage with his guitar ( Talk about things coming full circle in the most beautiful of ways.

Question 19

Canaan Smith

Being fairly new to the scene certainly doesn't mean that Canaan Smith isn't making some waves and making a name for himself. Growing up in Virginia, Smith found himself listening to a variety of music growing up, with everyone from George Strait to Rage Against The Machine ( He's garnered praise from such country music heavyweights like Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line. His song "Love You Like That" reached No. 1 after extensive airplay and he's bound to have a lot more successes under his belt soon.

Question 20

Tim McGraw

You really can't discuss country music superstars without mentioning Tim McGraw. He's been doing his thing for years now and has won countless awards — Billboard, CMT Awards, Grammies, People's Choice. He's also been one of the few musical artists out there who has had some success in the acting world. He starred alongside Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side, which she won an Oscar for her performance in. He's married to the equally accomplished country star Faith Hill and they have two daughters. Really, there's just no stopping Tim McGraw!

Question 21

Brantley Gilbert

Country singer Brantley Gilbert wants to be known for his music and not skirting around the truth. He's recorded five studio albums now and has been on countless tours, but it's when he's writing that he wants to express a "truthful side" to himself otherwise he would feel "dishonest" ( He prides himself on being a "what you see is what you get" type of person, so the same would have to go with his music. He's never shy about talking about his struggles. Perhaps that's exactly why audiences have connected with him so much.

Question 22

Chase Rice

Chase Rice is one of those few guys out there who is actually on good terms with his ex. If that doesn't say a whole lot about the man, we're not sure what does! According to Billboard, Rice was a former college football star and he decided to follow his love for music after sustaining an injury that kept him from pursuing a professional life in the world of football. How exactly do we know he's on good terms with his ex? His former love interest appears in his music video "Eyes On You" and they have since parted ways, but remain friendly (

Question 23

Keith Urban

Keith Urban is pretty much the ultimate New Zealand sweetheart of country music at this point. He's been around the block a time or two and has a heck of a lot to show for it. He's been a Grammy award winner four time now, has also collected several CMA Awards and ACM Awards and he's even been nominated for a Golden Globe — something he has in common with his talented wife, actress Nicole Kidman ( He also has a reputation for being one of the nicest people in the business. Do you pick or pass?

Question 24

Stephen Barker Liles

Stephen Barker Liles is one part of the popular country duo Love and Theft. He's all heart as he describes that he feels country music is all about "honest performances and songs that mean something," so that's always the kind of music he strives to make ( Love and Theft is already on their third album and their songs like "Angel Eyes" and "Runaway" have garnered a ton of attention. He's also the dad of two little ones and counts dad at the top of his list of passions as well (

Question 25

Eric Gunderson

Speaking of the country duo Love and Theft, Eric Gunderson happens to be the other brunette who's tantalizing vocals work to set you on fire. Love and Theft was actually a trio to start, but when it turned into a duo, Gunderson asserts that the two guys are truly "best friends" and that has only helped them to move through the "tougher times" ( Gunderson counts himself as the more introverted one, but he always finds that their opposite personalities compliment each other when it comes to writing the songs.

Question 26

Kenny Chesney

Chances are you could spot Kenny Chesney from a crowd by picking out those bronzed muscular arms and a big cowboy hat atop his head. He's toured all over the world and has won Entertainer of the Year a whopping eight times at the CMA Awards — seriously, you know his shows must be next level. With his 17th studio album, he found that he was all about creating even more of a sense of community and exploring more "positive energy" ( There is nothing wrong with that!

Question 27

Josh Turner

According to Rolling Stone, Josh Turner possesses a "river deep baritone" type of voice that delivers "country purist" sound. We're pretty sure that's a high compliment right there, especially for someone in the country music business. After six studio albums, Grammy, ACM and CMA nominations, Turner has sold more than 12.5 million units and he's among the youngest members of the esteemed Grand Ole Opry ( If you don't know his hit song "Time Is Love," which was the most played country song of 2012, then what are you even doing with your life?

Question 28

Scotty McCreery

You might recognize this face as the winner of a reality singing competition series back in 2011, but the truth of the matter is, this guy has grown up since then. For Pete's sake, he was in his teens when he appeared on that show! He's on his third studio album, in which he co-wrote all 11 of the songs, and he just wanted to show that he's "lived a lot of life" since his last record ( We're here for it, Scotty!

Question 29

Hunter Hayes

Hunter Hayes is that total country sweetheart with the boyish charm that you can't help but smile when you hear his voice. He was just 19 years old when he stepped out onto the scene for the first time a few years back with his hit debut single "Storm Warming" ( He took some time out of the music business for a couple years to figure things out, but he came back strong in the fall of 2018 and we can't wait to see what he brings out next.

Question 30

Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks. What can we really say about the true country legend that is Garth Brooks? How about that he sells out actual stadiums because his fan base is so huge. Or we could discuss the Grammy, CMA, AMA, People's Choice awards that are probably displayed in every bathroom in his house — that's where we hear humble artists display their awards, in the bathroom. Or that he made the classic black cowboy hat his thing and it just stuck because it looks so good. There. We'll end on that. The cool black cowboy hat.

Question 31

Chris Stapleton

Chris Stapleton is one of those artists who started out strong in songwriting before he got his own break as a country singer. According to Vulture, Stapleton spent years penning songs for artists like Kenny Chesney and Darius Rucker and it wasn't until his 2015 debut album "Traveller" that people really took notice. From there he won two Grammy awards and had an album that was on the charts for 134 weeks with more than two million albums sold. We'd say you're doing pretty good, Chris Stapleton!

Question 32

Russell Dickerson

There's something to be said about a musical artist finding a ton of success all before his debut album even comes out. Such was the case for the Tennessee native, Russell Dickerson. According to Celeb Mix, his music has had more than 30 million streams online, he's made his debut at the Grand Ole Opry (a rite of passage and huge honor) and he's been on tour with Thomas Rhett and Kelsea Ballerini. We'd say that 2019 is looking very bright for this country superstar in the making!

Question 33

Chris Young

Chris Young has hit the big time in 2018 when it comes to playing concerts. According to Billboard, he started his first headlining arena tour and he's playing for crowds from 10,000 - 14,000 people! That is a lot of country music fans in one place. Young came onto the scene when he won the reality singing competition show Nashville Star back in 2006. It took a few years for the ball to really get rolling for him, but now, he just hopes that he has a career that lasts him a lifetime (

Question 34

Billy Currington

There's a certain charm to country artist Billy Currington. He just has that look about him where he looks like your cute next door neighbor who's always down to exchange witty banter on his way to baseball practice. He's someone who has been in the music game for a little while now and has found success. His hit single "Stay Up 'Til The Sun" has been all over the country music charts and you can usually catch him on tour. He spoke to Digital Journal recently and talked about how great of a life he has and how blessed he considers himself to be able to make music for a living.

Question 35

Walker Hayes

Walker Hayes has such a great story that makes you want to believe in fate and hard work. According to Eat, Play, Rock, he originally scored a record deal back in 2004, but lost it when his wife got pregnant — they are high school sweethearts and now have seven children. After that, he worked a Costco for a while to support his growing family. A few years back, things turned around for him when he got a second chance. From there, he's had hit singles and even went on tour with chart-topper, Kelsea Ballerini.

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