Play 'Pick Or Pass' With These Comfort Foods And We'll Guess Your Sign

While it's important that people look after themselves, there's nobody out there that doesn't engage in a little bit of comfort food from time to time, allowing themselves to indulge in something that isn't good for them, but ultimately makes them feel a lot better! Yes, comfort food is an important part of life, as it's a simple thing that anyone can get their hands on when they're struggling to get by in life, which is why it's what we'll be talking about today.

What we want to do is throw together a bunch of comfort foods into a quiz, and have people pick or pass on them. Once they've done that through every single one of them, we will be able to guess people's sign, just based on the information given to us by their favorite comfort food! People would be amazed by what they give away just from talking about their favorite foods.

So, we think it's about time that people got to take a look at some of the best comfort food out there and decide whether or not they would pick or pass on it when looking for a bit of a pick me up! Let's get started.

Question 1

Tuna Melt

We know that for some people out there, the concept of tuna and cheese together is not what they want for comfort, but we don't think that's true. Anyone that has ever had a good tuna melt knows that there's nothing better tuna and cheese melted onto some toast. In fact, people can even get away with throwing it in a baguette or a roll, meaning that the ingredients work with pretty much any form of bread that human beings have invented up to this point!

Question 2

Spaghetti And Meatballs

While a lot of the food in this quiz is a one-off style of food, the sort of thing that people should only be having once and a while, there's also the sorts of meals that people could have every single day if they wanted to and still have it make them feel good inside. Yes, this is the sort of thing that reminds people of their childhood, which is why it brings comfort every single time it's put onto the plate.

Question 3

Apple Pie

There's a reason that this classic pie has become a staple of the US diet, as there's no way to stay in a bad mood once a slice of this has been placed in front of them, especially when it is paired with a nice bit of ice cream as well. Honestly, we are not surprised that some people would have this every single day, but we all know that it's a sugary dessert that we should only have when we really need comfort.

Question 4

Baked Ziti

Anyone who has watched The Sopranos or grew up in an Italian household will have seen this one regularly on the dinner table, but for the rest of us, it's something that we only get to see on our plates from time to time. For anyone who hasn't had this one before, we reckon that everyone should give it a go if they're feeling like some Italian food that they've probably never had before and need a bit of a pick me up!

Question 5

Beef Jerky

This is a comfort food that people can take on the go, which is a really important thing for anyone that can't just take time out of their busy schedule for a bit of time with their favorite food. We don't think that anyone has come up with a better savory snack than beef jerky! For meat eaters, there's no better comfort food than this thing when on the way to work or maybe even going for a bit of a walk!

Question 6

Shrimp And Grits

There are a lot of people out there that can't understand why anyone would want to have grits in their meal as they don't think they add anything, rather just taking away from something that was already tasty. What we would say is that those people have never had Shrimp And Grits properly made for them, a meal that can, when properly prepared, provide comfort to anyone that has had a rough day and is looking for a bit of a quick fix.

Question 7


We understand that people outside of Canada don't often turn to this mixture of fries, gravy, cheese curds, but they're wrong not to want this meal every time they find themselves at the end of a hard day and in need of a sudden injection of lovely comfort food! Seriously, who can look at that picture and not think that they're missing out by not having this whenever they get a chance to have a bit of a bad meal in an evening?!

Question 8

Biscuits And Gravy

Despite the fact that biscuits mean something else in the rest of the world, we don't think there's any better biscuits for comfort food. Sure, everyone likes a cookie from time to time, but they don't fill up the body with comfort in the same way as biscuits and gravy, and we think that everyone in the US already knows that, but the rest of the world seems to have trouble catching up with us on this particular concept to be honest!

Question 9

Breakfast Burrito

The thing about the US is that there is a huge importance placed on food, which means that people are always looking for new ways to combine food to create an entirely new meal. That's why people ended up putting their favorite breakfast foods within a wrap and calling it a burrito. While they may be an affront to the standard burrito that would be made every single day in Mexico, it's a great start to what will be a difficult day.

Question 10


Every now and then, we just like to go straight back to the basics, the sorts of meal that people have been having ever since they were a child. It may take quite a bit of work to make sure that it is properly cooked and done right for people, but putting the time into a brisket is definitely worth the comfort food factor that comes with laying it out on the table and digging right into it after a hard day.

Question 11

Pop Tarts

People sort of think about comfort food as being something they have throughout the day, but honestly, what better way to start the day than with something like this, a snack that will set everything up right! If anything, the beginning of the day is when we need a quick pick me up, something that will fill us with comfort as we move forward into a day that we might not be completely ready for, what with having to leave our bed.

Question 12

Pecan Pie

Just like Apple Pie, this comfort food is a genuine staple of US culture, meaning that many people throughout the states have used it as a way of getting a quick fix of comfort. For anyone that doesn't usually enjoy the humble Pecan, this is a chance to have it in its best form, not only as sweet as anything else we've ever tasted, but lovingly placed into a thin crust as well, offering something for every comfort pursuer out there.

Question 13


When we were younger, we don't think we could've dealt with someone telling us that cheese inside of a desert can actually be a good thing, but as we got older we realized that the cheese in this thing makes it absolutely delicious. In fact, we don't think there is a better desert out there for filling the human body with a great feeling of comfort. Throw some cream on top of it and it becomes one of the greatest dishes of all time.

Question 14


We know that a lot of people out there refuse to accept this as the brilliant comfort food that it truly is, with only people from Philadelphia giving them a proper try, but we promise everyone that, when they're done right, they are one of the best pieces of comfort food out there. Make them properly and there's nothing better when it comes to savory comfort food, we can promise everyone that. We say that everyone should give them a second chance.

Question 15


For a lot of people in the southern states, this sort of thing is a lifesaver, offering a real chance to fill up on some food while also not having to put too much work into making it. Personally, we don't think there's anything better than sitting down with a nice bowl of Gumbo, and if it's cold outside, then it works as a brilliant way of coming in from the winter and finding a nice bit of warm comfort.

Question 16

Chicken Pot Pie

We know that adding this sort of thing to the quiz might seem pretty simple to some people, but when done correctly, it's the most simple of dishes that end up offering the most comfort we think. Make sure that it includes the right ingredients, and make the crust from scratch. Well, do all that and it's impossible to find anything other than comfort at the bottom of a chicken pot pie! We're craving one right now just writing about it.

Question 17


There's pretty much nobody out there that doesn't enjoy a burrito, so how about we take that burrito, and we deep fry it?! This was the thought process that someone went through at some point in history, and we have to say that it was definitely the right choice. The best thing about the chimichanga is that the person seeking comfort can essentially put whatever they want into the burrito before they have it deep fried, no matter what ingredients people usually use.

Question 18

Chocolate Pudding

Another simple one, but a food that can offer so much when done right. In fact, we would go as far as to say that sometimes, the stuff that people can buy at the store ends up tasting nicer and offering more comfort than chocolate pudding that was lovingly made at home. They both obviously have their merits, but if people can't be bothered to make something and they want a quick fix, chocolate pudding is definitely the way to go.

Question 19


When we first had a churro, we weren't so keen on it, feeling that it was just essentially a long donut. However, we came to realize that we were wrong to judge it so quickly! What makes the churro superior to the donut as a comfort food is that the person eating it can essentially dip it into whatever they want to. A donut will struggle to fit into a dipping cup, but a churro is perfect for just that.

Question 20

Corn Dog

There is pretty much nowhere else in the world beyond the US that this thing is served, and if we're honest, we think that's sad for the rest of the world. Everybody should have one of these things at some point in their life! Just like the breakfast burrito, it's a perfect look at how people in the states love their food so much that they just like to throw things together and see what sticks. Sometimes, they end up with this beauty!

Question 21

Deep Dish Pizza

Look, we know that the thin crust pizza is the standard, and for good reason, but we just don't think it offers enough comfort in the same way that a deep dish one does! This is essentially like eating a thick slice of delicious pizza, with more toppings fitting into the mix. Yes, this is the sort of thing that people should seek out when they need comfort, as it offers us so much more in the way of food!

Question 22


Okay, so we may have bad mouthed donuts and said that churros were better, but who are we to deny the classics?! We know that these things are well loved for a reason, and we're all about making sure that people continue to enjoy them. As a quick hit of sugar and color, we don't think anyone can do much better than a donut. While we think churros are better for dipping, a warm donut will always cheer us up.

Question 23

Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich

It's a classic for a reason, and we think that so many people find comfort in this combination of flavors because it reminds them of being a child. There aren't many of us who didn't enjoy one of these on a regular basis, placed into our lunchbox, lovingly made by our mothers. Who could bite into one of these and not manage to find some comfort when all of that history comes flooding back as soon as it hits our tongue?

Question 24

Peach Cobbler

We don't think there's anyone out there that could stay in a bad mood once they were handed a properly made cobbler, an old-school beast that was dripping with filling and thicker than many of the more modest cobblers we've seen in the past. There's enough sugar in this thing to comfort anyone, no matter what it is they're going through, and we think that the best version of cobbler is the peach variety, but obviously people can use what fruit they want!

Question 25


Believe it or not, but there are places in the world where these aren't a staple of the diet, that only have them once or twice every year, rather than in the states where people could rightly have them every single morning if they so wanted to! We wouldn't blame them either, as when they're paired with a good bit of butter and some high quality syrup, they're better than anything else on the breakfast menu at diners across the states.

Question 26

Mud Pie

We know that to a lot of people, the name of a food has a lot to do with whether or not they'll choose to have them for a meal, but we want people to look past the fact that this pie has mud in the name, as it is so much more than its name. Serve some ice cream on top of a proper mud pie and we think there's nobody out there that can resist the comfort temptation.

Question 27

Mashed Potatoes

Is there a simpler dish in this quiz?! There's nothing that is easier to make and still offers such a huge level of comfort while it is being eaten. This is for the people who really want something to pick them up while not having to do a lot of work, because one of the most annoying things is having to try and cook while not in the mood. Honestly, we might go make some of this now it's so easy.

Question 28

Mac And Cheese

Believe it or not, but this dish actually have English origins, but that doesn't mean it hasn't become a US staple, fitting neatly into the category of soul foods. We don't know about anyone else, but we think that any food good enough to fit into that category is almost guaranteed to ensure that people will feel happy and content once they've got it down them. Seriously, this image is enough to make us feel happy if we're being honest.

Question 29


As a starter or a side dish, we don't think that dumplings can be beaten when it comes to the pure joy and comfort that people can get from eating them, especially when they're properly prepared and steamed. We know that people can buy them frozen, but for the real deal, people need to put in the work and make their own before steaming them up, as this is what will give everyone the comfort that they're looking for after a hard day.

Question 30


When we think about it, this is essentially just a pasta pie, and while the thought of that is enough to make some people flinch, we think that there's nothing better than the thought of a pasta pie. We want all of those carbs to get inside our stomachs and start making us better as soon as possible please! Throw in the fact that it's easy to create a great tomato sauce and it's no surprise some people to turn to this for comfort.

Question 31

Key Lime Pie

To be honest with everyone here, we think that any version of a Key Lime Pie is going to do the job, but we think the version that uses the egg whites to create a meringue topping is the one that brings us the most comfort. Obviously, this is just personal taste, so if that doesn't sound like the sort of thing that people would want, then don't, but we think that everyone should definitely try it next time they need comforting.

Question 32

Ice Cream

Now we're getting right into the classics! Everybody knows that it isn't good for the person eating it, but that doesn't mean it doesn't fill the human body with joy whenever we decide to eat it! Obviously, try and keep it as a treat rather than shoving it down as much as possible, but whenever people know that they can be a bit cheeky, this is the best food to turn to when things just aren't going as well as they should be doing.

Question 33

Hot Dog

What we love about this comfort food is that people can get away with finding it anywhere they go, what with it mainly being a street food. Sure, people can make it when they get home if they're in the mood for it, but beyond that, we think that this is one for people who are on the move but need a bit of comfort food. There's no reason to struggle just because there's no way of getting home when the hunger hits!

Question 34


Does it get more classic than this? There's no chance that people will ever stop eating these things when they feel sad and need a little bit of comfort. No matter where people are, they can be sure that there's somewhere they can get a decent cheeseburger within a mile or so, which when we think about it, is a genuinely lovely thing to think about! We want to know that this comfort classic is nearby whenever we need one!

Question 35

Grilled Cheese

So, being one of the easiest things to make in this quiz, we have to suggest that anyone who wants to cook some comfort food tonight should go for this one, Just like other foods out there, people can even try and get a little fancier with it, putting in different things between the toast so that they can add a little bit of excitement to the cheese, such as onion or tomato. However, the list to what can be added is endless!

Question 36


While we wouldn't suggest that people only have fries for a meal, we would say that they can essentially be placed on the side of any meal in the world to add a little bit of comfort and fun. Sure, there are things they go better with, but there's a reason that so many different restaurants out there serve fries, even if they're not in keeping with the rest of the cuisine they're serving, and it's because someone is always going to want some!

Question 37

Fried Chicken

There are some areas of the states that have been having fried chicken as an accepted dietary staple for years at this point, while others haven't realized the brilliance of this comfort food, and we think that's a real tragedy. Throw it on a plate with some coleslaw and there's no chance that anyone will be able to get to the end of that meal without having a big smile on their face. Make sure they aren't too greasy though!

Question 38

French Onion Soup

Who said that comfort food couldn't get a little bit fancy from time to time?! We know that most people won't want to put the time in when they're feeling a little down, so this one is for all the chefs out there that need a little comfort food but don't want to have something too basic. Make sure that there are enough croutons or bread in the house to have alongside the soup once it's ready to be served.

Question 39

Fish Taco

For us, things like tacos are the best, because they allow us to put whatever we want in the middle and have a place to keep the food before putting it in our mouths! The shell is obviously delicious as well, but that doesn't mean we don't enjoy the comfort freedom that it offers. Yes, we suggest that people enjoy fish tacos if they're looking for something a little nicer to keep things happy and calm while they're struggling through the day.

Question 40

Fish Sub

We know, we've talked about fish quite a lot at this point, but hear us out on this one! We're of the opinion that people love pretty much every other form of sandwich filling, but that they never really give fish a chance! Believe it or not, but shrimp, tuna, and other forms of seafood can actually work brilliantly when put between two slices of bread, given a chance to shine in a sandwich that would usually be given a different filling.

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