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Everyone loves a good movie, especially one that can make you laugh, cry, and smile all within roughly two hours. Chick flicks definitely fall into that category of film. But what is classified as a chick flick? The conception of this type of film is quite broad, but can essentially be anything that includes romance, humor, friendship, loss, and learning of some kind. There are no superheroes or action sequences, just raw human emotion.

There are also sub-categories within the entire spectrum of the chick flick genre. For example, romantic comedies; the movies in which relationships are depicted in a humorous way and are for the most part lighthearted. Then there are best-friend chick flicks, which encapsulate the entire essence of female friendship, whether it be that they’re growing into adults or just learning to find their place in the world. These movies are less about the romantic elements and more about platonic friendships. There’s also the category of chick flicks which are basically just movies we watch when we need a good cry: the ones that reflect real life and can break down any person.

This quiz has all kinds of movies - pick or pass on favorites to get the next movie to watch.

Question 1

The Notebook:

This chick flick movie is titled The Notebook. Inspired by the novel written by Nicholas Sparks, the movie depicts the life of a poor country boy and a wealthy girl from the city who fall in love one summer. Due to the fact that they both come from two different worlds, these characters face a number of trials and tribulations when it comes to their love. However, against all odds and even some characters, the pair find their way back to each other after many years apart.

Question 2

A Walk to Remember:

This chick flick movie is titled A Walk to Remember. It is also inspired by a novel written by Nicholas Sparks and features two teenagers who also come from two different social groups. Landon is depicted as being a bad boy who has a habit of getting himself into trouble. Jamie is a good girl who always follows the rules and gives back to her community as much as she can. When the two find themselves being forced to interact, they unintentionally fall in love.

Question 3


This chick flick movie is titled Titanic. This movie is inspired by the tragic event that took place in 1912. A poor man named Jack won his way onto the Titanic ship after a lucky hand in cards. Here he met a wealthy woman by the name of Rose, who was engaged to be married to a mean man. After a brief encounter with the two of them, a romance begins despite the fact they come from two different social classes.

Question 4

13 Going on 30:

This chick flick movie is titled 13 Going on 30. The movie features a teenage girl who wants nothing more than to be a grown-up. She gets her wish with some magic fairy dust during her party and she suddenly wakes up seventeen years later. At first, she is excited about her new life and the independence that comes with it, until she discovers she’s made some poor choices to get there, including wrecking her friendship with her childhood best friend, Matt.

Question 5

Bridget Jones's Diary:

This chick flick movie is titled Bridget Jones’s Diary. This movie features a woman who decides to take control of her life on New Year’s and make the year to come her best yet. This, of course, includes her prioritizing a relationship, one she has yet to be in for a very long time. Suddenly she finds herself engaging with her boss, meanwhile unintentionally developing feelings for a childhood friend who is her boss’s enemy. By the end of the movie she finds herself having everything she wanted.

Question 6

Mamma Mia!

This chick flick movie is titled Mamma Mia! In this movie, a daughter grows up wishing she knew more about the father she never had. With her wedding quickly approaching, she goes behind her mother’s back and invites three men to her wedding who she suspects may be her father. Although she tried to hide them from her mother until the wedding, she is unable to and her mother is left facing the truths of her past even though she wasn’t ready.

Question 7

The Wedding Planner:

This chick flick movie is titled The Wedding Planner. In this movie, a successful, independent woman is at the prime of her life as a wedding planner. Only, she lacks romance and relationships in her own life. That is until one day she meets a man who saves her life, only to discover he’s the fiance of her latest client. Although engaged to be married, the fiance can’t stay away from her regardless of the fact she has turned him down.

Question 8

Endless Love:

This chick flick movie is titled Endless Love. A high school senior is feeling left out because she had been so focused on her studies she never made any real friendships. Determined to end the year with a bang, she asks her family if she can host a graduation party to which they say yes. One of her peers that just so happens to have a crush on her attends, and the two spark a connection despite her father’s disapproval on the matter.

Question 9

The Devil Wears Prada:

This chick flick movie is titled The Devil Wears Prada. A recent college graduate applies for a fashion job despite the fact she has no interest in it. To her surprise, the editor in chief, who is a well known, highly respected, and somewhat mean boss hires her. She quickly discovers that the job is not easy to say the very least. With many nights wondering if she should quit, the main character decides to give it her all and sadly loses friendships because of it.

Question 10

Legally Blonde:

This chick flick movie is titled Legally Blonde. A ditzy girl finds herself single after her boyfriend breaks up with her because he thinks she’s not smart enough. Determined to prove him wrong, she applies to the same law school as him, studies hard, and manages to get accepted. Unfortunately, she learns that even her triumphs were still not good enough for him. She goes even further to prove her worth by becoming one of the best lawyers the school had ever seen.

Question 11


This chick flick movie is titled Twilight and is the first installment in a film franchise. A teenage girl moves to a small town to live with her father after her mother gets remarried. Although somewhat shy, her high school classmates warm up to her quickly, including a mysterious boy in her biology class. An attraction forms between the two of them, and she soon discovers that he’s secretly a vampire. And that’s not all, her childhood friend is also a supernatural creature.

Question 12


This chick flick movie is titled Clueless. In this movie, a wealthy, somewhat self-conceited girl decides to play matchmaker with her two teachers in order to boost her grades. She is successful, and everyone thanks her for it. With the arrival of a new student in need of a makeover, she decides to put her real talents to the test by setting her up with one of her close friends. Only, she learns her friend was only interested in her, to begin with.

Question 13

Pitch Perfect:

This chick flick movie is titled Pitch Perfect. A music lover is forced to attend college by her father, who is one of the professors. She makes a deal with her dad that if she becomes more involved with the school he’ll pay for her to pursue music. Accepting this deal, she signs up to be a part of an acapella group. She quickly learns that their leader is very reserved and has a specific way of doing things, regardless of the fact it’s making them lose the competitions.

Question 14

The Proposal:

This chick flick movie is titled The Proposal. A highly successful editor’s job is being threatened by the fact that her work visa has expired and she is being forced to return home. As a last minute resort, she declares she and her assistant are secretly in a relationship and engaged to be married. The government, believing it’s a lie, gives them two days until they’ll be interviewed to prove they’re actually a couple or else face severe consequences that could lead to an arrest.

Question 15

She's the Man:

This chick flick movie is titled She’s the Man. In this movie, the female protagonist is left upset when she discovers not only did the school cut her team, but the boy’s coach wouldn’t even let her try out. With her brother out of town pursuing music, she decides to dress up like him to prove she’s as good a soccer player as all the rest. Unfortunately, her skills need a little work, but luckily she strikes a deal with her roommate to help.

Question 16


This chick flick movie is titled Enchanted. A young woman believes to have met her soulmate and is about to be married when his step-mother gets rid of her. She arrives in the middle of the city, not knowing where she is or any of the customs of the real world. Luckily she is saved by a lawyer who gives her a place to stay while she waits for her “prince.” As a realist, the two fight about their idea of love, not knowing they themselves were falling in love.

Question 17

Easy A:

This chick flick movie is titled Easy A. A teenage girl is feeling somewhat left out due to the fact she’s never had a real relationship with a man, so she lies to her best friend about a spontaneous weekend with an older man. This lie, unfortunately, is quickly spread throughout the school and she gets a bit of a reputation. Others in her situation learn of her secret and decide to pay her to also lie about them so they can gain a little popularity.

Question 18

Dear John:

This chick flick movie is titled Dear John and is inspired by a novel written by Nicholas Sparks. While on a short leave, a young man returns home and becomes acquainted with a girl after retrieving her bag from the ocean. Although they both knew he was going to go overseas in two weeks to continue to serve, they inevitably fall in love. Both agree to continue with a long distance relationship by writing letters, but the months turn to years and it becomes too much.

Question 19

The Princess Diaries 2:

This chick flick movie is titled The Princess Diaries: The Royal Engagement. Following the events of the first film, the protagonist Mia has graduated from college and is returning to her small country to begin her “training” to be the next queen. As her grandmother begins showing her the ropes, a man claims his nephew is the rightful heir for a woman can’t rule without being married, giving her 30 days to find a husband or risk losing the throne.

Question 20

A Cinderella Story:

This chick flick movie is titled A Cinderella Story. In this movie, a girl loses her father because of an earthquake and is raised by her stepmother and stepsisters. She is treated very poorly by the three of them, doing essentially everything and never getting any time for herself. The only relief she finds is through her secret relationship with a guy who plans to attend the same college as she. Unfortunately, when their secrets are revealed, he doesn’t defend her.

Question 21

P.S I Love You:

This chick flick movie is titled P.S I Love You. This movie begins with a wife who endures a great tragedy after losing her husband to illness. Letting herself waste away in her apartment, she is both surprised and intrigued when she hears a recording of her late husband’s voice, where he gives her instructions to help her deal with his passing. She waits each day for another message from him, all the while healing and learning to find happiness again.

Question 22

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants:

This chick flick is titled The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. In this movie, four best friends are separating for the first time since their childhood. Two of them are traveling far from home, including a soccer camp in Mexico and a family visit to Greece, while the other two are much closer but still apart. During their final nights together, the girls come across a magical pair of pants they agree to share over the summer, as a way to communicate and still stay in touch.

Question 23

Letters to Juliet:

This chick flick is titled Letters to Juliet. The protagonist is a young woman who wishes to be a serious writer but is only regarded as the fact checker at her work. When she and her fiance travel to Italy as a honeymoon before their wedding, she discovers a secret society who answer the letters women write to Juliet seeking relationship advice. The women allow her to assist them, and when she finds one that had been there for decades, she decides to write back.

Question 24

27 Dresses:

This chick flick is titled 27 Dresses. In this movie, a young woman is in love with her boss but has never mustered up the courage to tell him. She’s also a bit of a wedding fanatic, not just by reading the wedding column in the newspaper, but has been in over two dozens weddings herself. When a newspaper writer discovers the truth behind her strange love of weddings, he decides to use her story to help at his job.

Question 25

Sweet Home Alabama:

This chick flick is titled Sweet Home Alabama. A woman is surprised when her boyfriend proposes to her out of the blue and realizes she has a few things to take care of before they become public knowledge. After flying back home to the town she thought she’d left behind forever, it is revealed that secret is a husband who neglected to sign the divorce papers many years ago. When he discovers she’s engaged to another man, he decides to have a little fun and help show her who she really is.

Question 26

He's Just Not That Into You:

This chick flick is titled He’s Just Not That Into You. This movie incorporates a number of different relationships, all of which overlap in some way or another. One of the relationships is tested when the husband is lying and begins seeing another woman; another relationship is strained when the girlfriend wants to be married but her boyfriend doesn’t believe in signing on the dotted line. The main two protagonists are a man and a woman, the man offers her dating advice and unintentionally falls in love with her.

Question 27

Love, Rosie:

This chick flick is titled Love, Rosie. In this movie, two childhood best friends are preparing to attend college very far from home. Only the girl doesn’t get accepted and is hiding a very important secret from her best friend. He leaves on a flight believing she’ll be accompanying him shortly after. Months later she gives birth to her daughter, and their friendship is tested when they never seem to find a way to stay near each other. Years pass until they both finally admit they have feelings to each other.

Question 28

Me Before You:

This chick flick is titled Me Before You. The movie begins with a young woman being hired as a caregiver for a young man who became paralyzed in an accident. He has a really poor attitude which she manages to work around because she’s overly cheerful. It takes a while but he begins to open up to her to the point it’s clear there may be some romantic feelings between them. He helps her to become a confident woman and she loves him even after his final days.

Question 29

Bring It On:

This chick flick is titled Bring It On. The female protagonist is a high school student who is thrilled to learn she has been selected as the newest cheerleading captain. While hosting tryouts, she selects a new squad member that none of the other girls approve of. She quickly learns that their old cheerleading captain had stolen all of their routines while she was in power, and the protagonist has no choice but to start from scratch before the tournament.

Question 30

The Choice:

This chick flick is titled The Choice and is a movie inspired by the novel written by Nicholas Sparks. A female nurse moves into a house with a noisy neighbor next door and the two don’t get along right away. However, she has no choice but to befriend him when her dog gets pregnant and he’s the town’s veterinarian. Although she was in a relationship, the two begin spending time together and it’s revealed there is a mutual attraction between the two of them.

Question 31

To All The Boys I've Loved Before:

This chick flick is titled To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. In this movie, a teenage girl writes letters to all of her crushes where she confesses her love, but never actually mails them. Her younger sister wanted to help get her out into the dating world, so she stole her letters and mailed them to each of the boys. When she discovers what’s happened she is embarrassed, but she makes an arrangement with one of the boys that is beneficial to both of them.

Question 32

Stuck In Love:

This chick flick is titled Stuck in Love. It follows the romantic life of a brother, sister, and their father as they each face different experiences when it comes to love. The father is still not over his separation from their mother, and believes in his heart she’ll come back one day. The sister is cynical when it comes to love, where she expresses it is because what she had to witness with her mother and father. Her brother, on the other hand, is a hopeless romantic.

Question 33

Freaky Friday:

This chick flick is titled Freaky Friday. A mother and daughter’s relationship is tested when the two wake up one morning having switched bodies. They discover that a woman at the restaurant they ate at decided it was the best way for them to learn to get along. Now the mother is forced to see what her teenage daughter faces each day at school, including the unkind behavior of a female student which lands her in a bit of trouble.

Question 34


This chick flick is titled Aquamarine. Two best friends are feeling defeated over the fact that one of them is preparing to move away. However, their luck seems to change when they meet a mermaid who wants to prove to her father that love exists. She tells them that if they were to help her she would be able to grant them one wish. Knowing they’d use the wish to make the best friend stay, they befriend the mermaid and choose a classmate to be her true love.

Question 35


This chick flick it titled Footloose. The male protagonist is a high school student who moves in with his aunt and uncle, having a very carefree attitude. However, he quickly learns that their small town has a strict set of rules, including no loud music and no dancing. He catches the attention of a local girl who is rebellious to say the very least and decides to go against her father and help push the bill to have the no dancing rule revoked.

Question 36

It's Kind of a Funny Story:

This chick flick is titled It’s Kind of a Funny Story. In this movie, the male protagonist admits himself into the hospital after he is overcome with the stress in his life. He is put into a week-long program where he quickly becomes friends with two of the other patients there; a teenage girl and a man. Slowly they all begin to work out their problems as the days go on, and the protagonist begins to find the courage to do what he’s passionate about in life and to stop worrying about what other people think.

Question 37

The Kissing Booth:

This chick flick is titled The Kissing Booth. The two main characters are childhood best friends who do everything together and have formulated a strict list that founded their friendship. One of these rules includes not being able to date each other’s relatives, including her best friend’s older brother. However, it is revealed early on that his brother has certain affections towards her, and the two enter in a secret relationship. When her best friend finds out, it not only affects her relationship with his brother but him too.

Question 38

The Help:

This chick flick is titled The Help. A young woman moves back home after studying journalism at college. She quickly gets a job writing a domestic maintenance column for the local newspaper. After witnessing the unfortunate truths and behaviors of all her female friends and their attitudes towards the maids in town, she decides to interview many of the maids to get their stories. Although there is the threat of severe consequences for doing so, she believed it was about time people learned what was going on.

Question 39

Safe Haven:

This chick flick is titled Safe Haven. When a woman evades her husband after an altercation with him, she settles down in a small town far from home and comes up with a fake identity. She quickly befriends a single father who runs a shop in town, and it’s clear there are some romantic feelings between them despite her hidden secrets. Little did she know, her husband who was also a police officer was working tirelessly to track her down.

Question 40

The Bounty Hunter:

This chick flick is titled The Bounty Hunter. A newly separated couple finds themselves spending the weekend together after the ex-wife skips her hearing to pursue an investigation, and her husband just so happens to be her bounty hunter. When she reveals her investigation involves one of their mutual friends, it becomes evident that things are not as they seem. To make matters worse, the pair is being hunted themselves by someone trying to keep their secret from becoming public.

Question 41

Ella Enchanted:

This chick flick is titled Ella Enchanted. As a baby, the female protagonist is gifted by a fairy with obedience. From that day forward, she has no choice but to do everything she is told, regardless if she wants to or not. As a young woman, she has only one friend, and a mean step-mother and two step-sisters. When they learn of what she can do, they use it to their amusement. Things take a turn for the worse when she attracts the attention of the prince.

Question 42

Sydney White:

This chick flick is titled Sydney White. The female protagonist grows up with her father surrounded by construction workers. It has, of course, made her a little bit more rough around the edges, and much more comfortable in shoes than heels. When she attends the same university as her mother, she hopes to be accepted into the sorority. However, the woman in charge doesn’t like the fact she’s been seen talking to her ex-boyfriend, thus removing her from the sorority altogether.

Question 43

How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days:

This chick flick is titled How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days. A female writer gets the opportunity to write whatever she wants if she’s able to successfully deter a man using common methods. Little does she know the same man she chooses has a bet with his coworkers that he’s able to make any woman fall in love with him. With one trying to keep the relationship together and the other trying to tear it apart, both unexpectedly fall in love.

Question 44


This chick flick is titled Bridesmaids. In this movie, a woman is caught off guard when her best friend reveals she’s engaged to be married. Although she is undeniably happy for her friend, the moment it happened it seemed that everything in her life began to turn wrong. She was unable to stay in a long term relationship, she lost her job and her passion for baking, and she was kicked out of her apartment and forced to move back in with her mother.

Question 45

Silver Linings Playbook:

This chick flick is titled Silver Linings Playbook. The protagonist of this film is put on probation following an outburst with his ex-wife. He’s trying his best to stay on good behavior but somehow manages to get into the wrong situations. To make matters worse, he’s unable to get in contact with his ex-wife. Luckily he befriends a woman who agrees to get a letter to her, but in exchange wants him to be her dance partner in an upcoming show.

Question 46

The Lucky One:

This chick flick is titled The Lucky One. In this movie, a man in the army finds a picture of a woman and somehow manages to survive many accidents overseas. When he returns home, he decides to use the only clue he has and move to that town so he can thank her. Upon finding her, he isn’t able to find the words to thank her and instead applies for the job at her family business. Over time, the two become inevitably close despite her ex-husband’s objections.

Question 47

You Again:

This chick flick is titled You Again. This movie features a young, successful woman who returns home for her brother’s wedding only to discover he’s engaged to the girl who was very unkind to her in high school. At first, she’s upset over the fact that the woman doesn’t recognize her, and believes she may have actually changed. However, as the days go on she quickly realizes she’s as mean as she ever was, and the protagonist decides to reveal her secrets to her brother.

Question 48

The Best of Me:

This chick flick is titled The Best of Me. It follows the life of two characters both in their teenage years and adulthood. As teenagers, the two come from two separate social classes - she’s wealthy and sophisticated while he’s poor and comes from a bad neighborhood. The pair fall in love but are separated when he gets arrested. Although she said she would wait for him, he breaks it off so she doesn’t waste her life. As adults, they find their way back to each other and it’s clear there are still feelings.

Question 49

Marley & Me:

This chick flick is titled Marley & Me. The movie begins with a couple who had recently been married, and the two are starting their new lives in a new home and with new jobs. To celebrate, they decide to adopt a puppy who turns out to be a bit of a handful. Despite his obedient nature, the puppy brings a certain balance to their life. Years pass and the couple become parents, and face many trials and tribulations, but come together as a family when their puppy grows ill.

Question 50

The Vow:

This chick flick is titled The Vow. It begins with a husband and wife enjoying life together when suddenly they’re in a car accident which results in her experiencing memory loss. However, she seems to only remember the time before she met her husband, who is a complete stranger to her. When her family arrives they suggest bringing her home, secretly hoping her accident could be a fresh start for all of them. Her husband tries his best to help jog her memory but it only seems to distance them.

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