Play Grown-Up 'Would You Rather' And We'll Reveal A Dream Blonde

One of the benefits of getting older is that it becomes exponentially easier to find a partner to have some fun with than it was when we were in high school. For many people, their youth was spent wishing that they could have some fun, and once adulthood rolled around, they were suddenly getting the chance to do the things they had only read about online. Safety first, of course, but it is completely normal for adults to have plenty of fun, and once they get some experience under their belt, they soon begin to develop preferences and will seek out experiences that will cater to what they desire.

Even though there are going to be times when we don't get exactly what we want, we will still roll with the punches and make some fun out of nothing. When getting to know someone that could be a potential partner, plenty of questions are going to be asked, including questions about our personal preferences. Should these preferences line up with what the other person enjoys, then big things are going to be right around the corner.

Today, we are letting people tell us exactly what they want, and in the end, we will reveal a dreamy blonde just for them.

Question 1

Lie About Size or Tell It Like It Is?

Question 2

Pillow Talk or Straight To It?

Question 3

Use Handcuffs or Put Them Away?

Question 4

Bombshell Blonde or Brunette Beauty?

Question 5

Single Mom or Childless Fun?

Question 6

Strawberries Or Cherries With Whipped Cream?

Question 7

Under The Bleachers or After The Game?

Question 8

At The Reception or After The Wedding?

Question 9

Pay For Fun or Find Someone The Old-Fashioned Way?

Question 10

Be Bound or Bind Them?

Question 11

Cosplay Girl or Shy Girl?

Question 12

Your Friend's Ex-Girlfriend or Sister?

Question 13

Monogamy or Young Fun?

Question 14

Cougar or Much Younger?

Question 15

Kiss And Tell or Keep It Secret?

Question 16

Best Female Friend or Sibling's Best Friend?

Question 17

Nerdy Girl or Preppy Girl?

Question 18

Role Play As Cops or Role Play As Superheroes?

Question 19

Fun In The Sun or In The Shade?

Question 20

A Girl With 3 Brothers or A Girl With 2 Fathers?

Question 21

In A Car or In A Truck?

Question 22

First Base or All The Way?

Question 23

One-Night Fun or Run It Back?

Question 24

Caught By Her Parents or Caught By Her Brothers?

Question 25

Breakfast In The Morning or Send Them Home?

Question 26

At The Party or After The Party?

Question 27

Group Fun or One-On-One?

Question 28

One Girl or Multiple Girls?

Question 29

PDA or Keep It Clean?

Question 30

House Party Fling or Movie And Chill?

Question 31

Music On or Off?

Question 32

Rose Pedals To Set The Mood or Get To Business?

Question 33

Business Woman or Casual Woman?

Question 34

By The Campfire or In The Tent?

Question 35

While People Are Sleeping or When They're Gone?

Question 36

Midnight Surprise or Get Some Rest?

Question 37

Movie Theater Magic or Back At Home?

Question 38

Be Blindfolded or Blindfold Them?

Question 39

When The Kids Are Outside or Once They Go To School?

Question 40

Clothing-Optional Poker or Clothing-Optional Swimming?

Question 41

Take A Break or Keep Hooking Up?

Question 42

In A Barn or In A Garage?

Question 43

At The Park or At The Beach?

Question 44

On A Train or In A Plane?

Question 45

At The Bar or At The Club?

Question 46

Lights On or Lights Off?

Question 47

In An Empty House or In A Full House?

Question 48

Overseas Random or Travel Buddy Fun?

Question 49

In The City or In The Country?

Question 50

Dinner Before or Dinner After?

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