Play 'Hot Or Not' With These Famous Women And We'll Reveal Your Dream Girl!

Beautiful women are nothing new to the entertainment industry, and the two have gone together like chocolate and peanut butter for years now. We have long enjoyed watching the most beautiful and fascinating women in the world do their thing in front of the camera, and they have provided us with years of incredible entertainment and a whole lot of inspiration to chase our own dreams and make them a reality. These are the women that set the bar for all the others, and they are always on top of the latest and greatest trends around.

As time goes on, we will get the chance to see a variety of performers on the big and small screen, and we will formulate an opinion on them in no time. Not only will this happen after seeing them act, but it will also happen when we see them in magazines and popular websites. These beautiful women all have something to love about them, but we as people have our preferences, and this always makes for an interesting line of thinking.

A person's taste in Hollywood's elite says a lot about them, and after ranking these gorgeous performers, we will reveal each person's dream girl!

Question 1

Elisha Cuthbert

Question 2

Natalie Dormer

Question 3


Question 4

Mandy Moore

Question 5

Emma Roberts

Question 6

Blake Lively

Question 7

Scarlett Johansson

Question 8

Gal Gadot

Question 9

Rachel Weisz

Question 10

Mila Kunis

Question 11

Jennifer Garner

Question 12

Tessa Thompson

Question 13

Jennifer Lawrence

Question 14

Elizabeth Banks

Question 15

Tiffani Thiessen

Question 16

Sophie Turner

Question 17

Bella Thorne

Question 18

Charlize Theron

Question 19

Camren Bicondova

Question 20

Emma Stone

Question 21

Chloe Grace Moretz

Question 22

Elle Fanning

Question 23

Jennifer Connelly

Question 24


Question 25

Milla Jovovich

Question 26

Melissa Benoist

Question 27

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Question 28

Joey King

Question 29

Michelle Williams

Question 30

Reese Witherspoon

Question 31

Karen Gillan

Question 32

Keira Knightley

Question 33

Rachel McAdams

Question 34

Lupita Nyong'o

Question 35

Gillian Jacobs

Question 36

Evan Rachel Wood

Question 37

Claire Danes

Question 38

Danielle Fishel

Question 39

Katie Holmes

Question 40

Alexis Bledel

Question 41

Lili Reinhart

Question 42

Jenna Fischer

Question 43

Amy Poehler

Question 44

Tina Fey

Question 45

Gabrielle Union

Question 46

Evangeline Lilly

Question 47

La La Anthony

Question 48

Taylor Schilling

Question 49

Marion Cotillard

Question 50

Zooey Deschanel

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