Play Never Have I Ever To See Which Sign To Marry

It's the time of the year when everyone is talking about their plans for the next 12 months. Some people like to set their goals and ambitions for the year and let everyone know about their New Year Resolutions. They might pledge to use their time better, take up a hobby, get fit, or travel more. Others might want to start exercising or use the new year to finally catch their true love. They might decide to be more adventurous and adopt YOLO as their slogan for 2019.

But in order for us to find that fabled lost love, we first need to find someone that we connect with and meeting people can be pretty tough. Then we need to find out more about them, and see whether or not we could be compatible. We need to feel an attraction toward them and we have to see what their likes and dislikes are. We have to assess if we are compatible and signs can come in handy when it comes to determining a possible love match.

For this quiz all our readers need to do is play a game of Never Have I Ever and based on their answers we'll show them a possible sign to marry.

Question 1

Never Have I Ever...Eaten snails?

Snails are often found on restaurant menus and are typically served as a starter. They are usually served with a garlic sauce and sometimes with a layer of melted cheese over the top. They have quite a soft texture if they are cooked correctly although if not, they can taste just a little bit rubbery. For some folks, just the thought of eating a snail is too much but others just can't get enough of this dish. Ever eaten snails before?

Question 2

Never Have I Ever...Dyed my hair a crazy color?

These days we can pretty much have our hair any color that we desire. We can be a blonde for a while, then switched to a redhead and if we like we can even dye it black. But besides the natural colors, we can also go bright, and we do mean bright. Greens, blues, yellows, purple - anything is possible. We can even have a rainbow to brighten things up if that appeals to us. Ever had dyed hair in a crazy color?

Question 3

Never Have I Ever...Collected comics?

Most of us have had a collection of sorts at some stage in our lives. Maybe as kids, we might have collected baseball cards or Barbie shoes, or perhaps even rocks. Many kids also enjoy collecting comics and this is something that we can continue to do even as adults. There are certain comics that can be quite valuable so this is a collection that could pay off big time in the long run! Who has ever collected comic books as a hobby?

Question 4

Never Have I Ever...Worn PJs in public?

It's a lazy Sunday morning and we really don't feel like getting dressed. In fact, all we plan to do today is veg out in front of the TV and catch up on our favorite series. But there's no milk in the house and we won't be able to face the day without coffee so we are going to have to go to the store. But do we really need to get dressed to do that or should we just pop out in our PJs?

Question 5

Never Have I Ever...Swam in the ocean?

Swimming in the ocean for the first time can be a little intimidating, especially if we are used to swimming in pools where the water is clear and we can see all the way to the bottom. In the ocean we have no idea what is around us, and as we all know the sea is home to some pretty scary creatures. And there are also waves and tides to contend with. But nothing beats the feeling of freedom that comes from a dip in the ocean!

Question 6

Never Have I Ever...Seen Titanic?

Anyone who was around during the nineties knows that this was one of the biggest movies of the decade. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet played characters who fall in love aboard the Titanic only to lose each other when the ship suddenly hits an iceberg and sinks. This epic James Cameron film quickly became the highest grossing film of all time and remained in the top spot until 2009 when Avatar was released. Is there anyone who has still not seen this movie?

Question 7

Never Have I Ever...Won a medal?

There's nothing like a little bit of healthy competition to get the blood flowing and the adrenaline going and hey if there is a medal waiting at the finish line for us - even better! Having a few medals to show for our achievements, whether it's for running, baking, or eating the most hotdogs in 90 seconds, makes it more fun and gives us the chance to challenge ourselves and prove our worth. Who has a few medals that they like to brag about?

Question 8

Never Have I Ever...Been in a movie?

Getting cast in a movie can be pretty tough because the competition is intense (unless someone is an A-lister getting offered roles left, right and center). But there are other ways to appear in a movie, and that's as an extra. Directors often need people to appear in the background or make up large groups and hold casting calls looking for folks to fill in the gaps. So besides from a paycheck, extras can also brag about being in a film. Ever done this?

Question 9

Never Have I Ever...Locked myself out?

Now we all know how hectic life can be, especially in the mornings! We've got kids that we need to get ready, pets that need to be fed, breakfast and lunches that need to be made, bags that need to be packed and a million other things to do before we leave the house. It's easy to get so caught up in everything we need to do that we can make mistakes - like locking ourselves out. Ever done this?

Question 10

Never Have I Ever...Watched an episode of Game of Thrones?

This hit HBO series began in 2011 and so far has enjoyed seven seasons. The show is based on the novel series by A Song of Ice and Fire written by George R. R. Martin and revolves around seven noble families all looking for control of Westeros and a chance to sit on the Iron Throne. It has won 47 Primetime Emmy Awards and been nominated for various other awards. But there are still some folks who have never watched a single episode...

Question 11

Never Have I Ever...Dumped someone over text?

Breaking up with someone is never an easy thing to do, and feelings are usually hurt no matter how we break the news. But the best way to tell someone that our relationship with them is over is to do it face to face. This shows a level of respect and caring from our side. However, this is not always how breakups work and sometimes we might be so angry or upset that we just send them a text message calling things off.

Question 12

Never Have I Ever...Been camping?

Going camping is not for everyone. Some of us would prefer to spend time away from home being as comfortable as possible and not sleeping on the ground and dealing with bugs. But camping can be very relaxing for those who enjoy getting back to nature and are able to forgo luxuries for a little while. Sleeping under the stars and enjoying campfires instead of devices at night can be very relaxing and help us feel less anxious. And it's even better with our friends! Ever been camping before?

Question 13

Never Have I Ever...Had a surprise party?

Planning a surprise party for someone can take a little more effort than a regular party would, but it's worth it to see the look on their face when they realize what is happening. It means that someone went to a lot of effort for them and that is a bigger gift than anything else. All they need to do is relax and enjoy themselves while being the center of attention and that's an awesome feeling! Ever had a surprise party before?

Question 14

Never Have I Ever...Traveled by boat?

When it comes to traveling, going by plane is the quickest way to get from point A to point B. Most places in the world can be reached in less than 24 hours when traveling by plane and usually the stop-overs in between add the most time to the journey. But there are plenty of other ways to travel too, and one of them is via boat. Going on a ship or cruise liner is a beautiful and relaxing way to travel - ever done it?

Question 15

Never Have I Ever...Eaten food that fell on the floor?

We all know about the infamous five-second rule right? That's when food falls on the floor and we pick it up within a few seconds and just eat it anyway. This might depend on where we drop the food - we might eat something that fell on the floor at home but not anywhere else, like for instance in the street. Sometimes a snack is just too good to waste, even if we have dropped it! Ever done this before?

Question 16

Never Have I Ever...Been stuck in a lift?

Sure it's much easier to take the elevator to the top floor instead of climbing the stairs but at least on the stairs, we still have some control. Getting into a metal box that promises to raise us up to the right floor is all good and well until something goes wrong and we find ourselves stuck inside, usually without any cell signal. The best thing to do in this situation is to remain calm, although it's not always that easy!

Question 17

Never Have I Ever...Been to a wedding?

Planning a wedding is hard work, and it often takes months to put an event like this together. But for those who don't need to be involved with the planning, i.e the guests, it's simply a day to enjoy the proceedings and celebrate with the new bride and groom. Going to a wedding is something that most of us enjoy and a great excuse to party and have fun. And, if we are single, perhaps even meet someone! Ever been to a wedding before?

Question 18

Never Have I Ever...Been to a funeral?

Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy but it is a necessary part of life. Funerals are sad occasions but it is also a chance for us to celebrate the life of the person who has passed away and recall our best memories of them. This is our chance to say our goodbyes and remember all the good times that we had but it is also difficult on an emotional level and some people just can't do it.

Question 19

Never Have I Ever...Been to a black tie event?

Ever received an invite for a black tie event? For most people, an invite like this means that they need to get themselves the right type of clothes and they might choose to wear something they already own, buy something new, or perhaps rent an outfit. Men are required to wear tuxedos to an event like this while women would typically wear elegant cocktail dresses or ballroom gowns. This dress code is usually for evening events and definitely requires putting our best foot forward.

Question 20

Never Have I Ever...Pretended to wash my hands?

There are times when we go to the bathroom and for whatever reason, we just don't feel like washing our hands. It's not very cool, we know, but it happens. But sometimes we might be conscious that other people are listening for the sound of the running water after the toilet flushes so we run the tap despite having no intentions of actually getting our hands wet. Yes, sometimes we pretend to wash our hands instead of actually doing it.

Question 21

Never Have I Ever...Cut my own hair?

We are sure there are plenty of reasons that someone might decide to cut their own hair, but unless they are a trained hairdresser, it usually doesn't end that well. The stylists might make it look easy but once someone starts snipping away at their own locks they quickly discover that it's actually not so simple. Forking out a little bit of cash for a professional cut will save a lot of embarrassment down the line. Ever done a DIY haircut?

Question 22

Never Have I Ever...Seen Million Dollar Baby?

In this gritty 2004 sports drama, Hilary Swank plays the role of a waitress who approaches a rundown boxing coach (played by Clint Eastwood) and asks him to train her. The bittersweet film was a huge success and went on to win the Academy Award for Best Picture, Best Director (also Clint Eastwood), and Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Morgan Freeman). Hilary Swank won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance. This was the second time she took home the award.

Question 23

Never Have I Ever...Played Minecraft?

When it comes to games there are thousands to choose from and we can choose to play games on our phones, on our PC's, or on our consoles. This means that whenever we feel like playing games we can. The only question we are left with is what games to play because the choices seem endless. Minecraft is an awesome choice as it's suitable for all ages and encourages problem-solving skills. This game was launched in 2011 and the only problem that we might find with it that it can be a little hard to put down.

Question 24

Never Have I Ever...Eaten sushi?

Some people shy away from eating sushi because they think that all of it contains raw fish. But this is not the case as many types of sushi are actually made with vegetables only. Sure, the raw fish is there for the people that want it but there are plenty of dishes that don't contain fish or seafood products. Sushi is a healthy dish compared to burgers and fries and is packed with nutrients and vitamins. Ever tried sushi before?

Question 25

Never Have I Ever...Been on the radio?

While being on the radio might not be as exciting as appearing on TV or in a movie it is still something. People might appear on the radio as guests or perhaps even as DJ's. They might be interviewed as experts or just to talk about something that they are passionate about. Even if it's just a brief appearance it's still something to be proud of (and to brag to friends and family about). Ever been on the radio before?

Question 26

Never Have I Ever...Traveled alone?

Many of us dream of taking a solo trip. There are plenty of advantages to traveling alone and at the top of the list is complete and utter freedom. When we travel alone we can do whatever we want to do and we don't have to consider anybody else. There's no drama and it also gives us a chance to make more friends as we see the world. Traveling alone can make us more confident and it teaches us about independence. Ever taken a solo trip before?

Question 27

Never Have I Ever...Googled my own name?

When we want to know something the first place that most of us turn to is Google. As one of the most powerful search engines it can tell us everything about almost anything. But what does Google have to say about us? Most of us have written our name in the search bar at least once because we are curious to see what will come up. We want to know what the internet says about us! Who will admit to searching their own name?

Question 28

Never Have I Ever...Watched an episode of The Big Bang Theory?

This comedy series, starring Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg, and Kunal Nayyar, began in 2007 and during it's run it's been nominated for 46 Emmy Awards, winning seven. Jim Parsons, who plays the role of Sheldon Cooper, has won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series four times. The Big Bang Theory is currently airing it's twelfth and final season so for anyone who still hasn't seen it, now is the time! Ever watched an episode of this hilarious show?

Question 29

Never Have I Ever...Been on a blind date?

We all want to find that special someone but it's not always that easy. Meeting new people can be tricky and sometimes we might need a little bit of help from our friends. They might offer to set us up on blind dates with people that they think we could be compatible with. These types of dates can be nerve racking but if we go into it with an open mind we could meet someone we really hit it off with.

Question 30

Never Have I Ever...Ghosted someone?

When we decide that a relationship is over the kindest thing to do is to let the other person know. The best way to do this is face-to-face but some people might choose a more indirect route like email or text messaging. Other folks might lack the courage to tell the person in question that they are no longer interested and in this case, they might just ignore them completely without explanation. This is called ghosting and it can be very hurtful. Ever done this before?

Question 31

Never Have I Ever...Baked a cake?

When we need a cake for a birthday or a party all we need to do is run down to the store and pick one up. This is the simplest solution but cakes can also be made at home. All we need is a few ingredients, an oven, and a little bit of time. There are plenty of recipes out there for everyone from beginners to experts. It does take a little practice but there's nothing like making a cake ourselves. Ever tried baking a cake before?

Question 32

Never Have I Ever...Taken part in a talent show?

Taking part in a talent show is not easy. To get up on stage and perform in front of a whole bunch of people, whether it's singing dancing or maybe even a party trick, takes guts. It is a way for us to share our special gifts with other people but for those who find it difficult to perform in front of others, it can be really tough. Anyone who's ever done this before deserves a pat on the back! Ever taking part in a talent show before?

Question 33

Never Have I Ever...Had a tattoo?

Tattoos are an awesome way for us to express our passions and interests and perhaps even to remind us of special people in our lives. But tattoos are forever so they should never be an impulse decision. It's important to choose a good design and the right location for our new ink. It's also vital to find a reputable artist who only uses the best equipment and materials otherwise things can go wrong. And no-one wants that! Ever been for a tattoo?

Question 34

Never Have I Ever...Written a story?

Writing is an excellent way for us to express ourselves and share our creativity with others. Some of us love to imagine stories and worlds in our minds and the easiest way to record these stories is to write them down. The hardest part is usually getting started but who knows what might happen if we persevere? We could just become the next J.K Rowling! Either way it's a fun and cheap way to pass the time and hopefully entertain others too.

Question 35

Never Have I Ever...Written a song?

Almost everyone enjoys listening to music but very few people actually have the skills needed to create their own. For those who do have an ear for music and a flair for writing songs, creating their own music might be the way they choose to express themselves. These folks can usually play an instrument but with the music making software available today this is no longer a necessity. Writing songs can be a fun way to pass the time and might even be the start of something big!

Question 36

Never Have I Ever...Baked cookies?

Ever felt like having cookies and milk only to discover that the cupboard is empty and there isn't a single cookie in the whole house? Well, we could just run down to the store and pick some up but we might decide to just make some of our own. We can buy ready made dough or make it from scratch but either way, we'll be rewarded with some fresh from the oven cookies in the end. Ever made cookies before?

Question 37

Never Have I Ever...Fallen asleep in class?

Sometimes it can be hard to get a good nights sleep, especially when we are under a lot of stress. Our brains can struggle to turn off and we could find ourselves doing more tossing and turning than snoozing when we should. This can lead to sleepiness during the day and there's always the risk of nodding off at just the wrong time - like in class! This can be super embarrassing, especially if someone has to wake us up... Ever dozed off in class before?

Question 38

Never Have I Ever...Watched The Martian?

In this 2015 science fiction film, Matt Damon plays the role of an astronaut who becomes stranded on Mars after a storm. His crew assumes that he perished in the storm and begin to make their way back to Earth but he survives and now has to wait for rescue. Thankfully he's a pretty tough guy and even manages to grow his own food while he waits. This movie was directed by Ridley Scott and is based on a novel of the same name by Andy Weir.

Question 39

Never Have I Ever...Gone zip-lining?

Some people love the thrill of an adrenaline rush more than anything and they will try any activity that offers a rush. These are the people who enjoy doing things like bungee jumping or shark cage diving, and other things that might sound too crazy for the rest of us. Ziplining is a little tamer and while it does offer a rush, it's not quite as scary as jumping off a bridge with just a rope around our ankles. Ever tried this before?

Question 40

Never Have I Ever...Owned diamond jewelry?

Jewelry is a way that we can express ourselves and it ranges from really cheap to over the top expensive. If we have money to burn we might only have top of the line pieces, made with precious metals and glittering with all types of gems. The most prestigious of these stones is, of course, the diamond. Diamonds are used for earrings, necklaces, bracelets and most commonly, engagement rings. Ever had a piece of jewelry that contained a real diamond?

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