Play Never Have I Ever To See If You're Book Smart Or Street Smart

When people think of someone who is 100% book smart, they probably envision a super nerd who spends their free time solving math equations or consuming a fantasy series. The same goes for when you think of someone who is 100% street smart — causing you to conjure up images of somebody more like Aladdin.

But what each term really is getting at is how the individual most effectively obtains knowledge —which is really something that is out of most people’s control.

If you’re someone who is more book smart, it doesn’t necessarily mean you spend your entire life with your head in a book, but that the best way for you to learn is through the written word or in a classroom setting. Of course, while this has its fair share of advantages — which can include a stellar GPA and an impressive vocabulary — it has its drawbacks as well, which could include being oblivious in certain social situations.

If you’re someone who’s street smart, you like to learn best through social interactions and with hands-on experiences. While this may mean you rarely feel out of your element, there's bound to be some gaps in your fountain of knowledge if you never feel the need to pick up a book or a newspaper.

So let's take a look at some things you have (and haven't) done to see which side of the spectrum you fall on!

Question 1

Have you ever cheated on a test?

If you're someone who's book smart, you know the value in actually preparing for a test and trying to retain the knowledge for the real world. But maybe you've long deemed formal education a waste of time, and you’re happy to cheat the system.

Question 2

Have you ever not been able to remember the night before?

Have you ever had a Hangover-type moment where you’ve woken up and couldn’t remember what happened the night before? If so, we hope it wasn’t quite as bad as losing your friend who’s supposed to get married the next day.

Question 3

Have you ever pulled an all-nighter to party?

Some people live to party. While others are happy to spend a night in with a close friend or a significant other. But either way, have you ever found yourself partying through the night only to realize that the sun is rising and you’ve gotten no shut eye?

Question 4

Have you ever pulled an all-nighter to study?

We realize that people who stay up all night aren’t always partiers. Maybe you take your grades very seriously and have had to spend the whole night studying for a test that was at the crack of dawn. Some people can't sleep before a big test anyway.

Question 5

Have you ever ridden a rollercoaster?

Believe it or not, some people have vowed to never ride a rollercoaster. Maybe you’re one of them. While this may seem ridiculously cautious to some, there have certainly been instanes when roller coasters have malfunctioned and done serious harm to the riders.

Question 6

Have you ever gone skinny dipping?

If you own your own pool and have a private backyard, the idea of going skinny dipping may seem like no big deal to you. But to everyone else, the idea of donning your birthday suit and going for a dip may seem like an embaressing prospect.

Question 7

Have you ever failed a test?

Of course, even if you’re book smart, you may have still flunked a test or two in your life. But if you’re someone who thinks that real knowledge only comes from life experience, you’re probably more likely to take a laid-back approach when it comes to classroom exams.

Question 8

Have you ever had detention?

There’s nothing worse than having to stick around school for a few extra hours doing nothing when you could be at home relaxing or hanging out with friends. But maybe the price of detention is worth the offense to some people.

Question 9

Have you ever read an entire fantasy series?

Whether it be The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, or The Chronicles of Narnia, have you ever read a fantasy series in its entirety? While enjoying fiction isn’t specific to being book smart, it does prove that you don’t mind having your head buried in a book.

Question 10

Have you ever broken a bone?

Are you someone that is a bit of a risk taker? Have you tried your hand at various sports, skateboarding, or skiing? If so, you may very well know the pain of a broken bone, or at the very least what it’s like to be covered in scrapes and bruises.

Question 11

Have you ever been suspended from school?

Detention is one thing, but you need to get in some serious hot water to end up getting suspended from school. But if you’ve ever found yourself suspended, you might have discovered that it’s more of a vacation than a punishment.

Question 12

Have you ever pretended to have a fake accent?

Austin Powers

Have you ever affected a different accent to make someone think you a little more worldly than you actually are? We you able to pull it off? Not only would this be an impressive party trick, it would prove that you’re certainly not afraid of possible embarrassment.

Question 13

Have you ever taken something that doesn't belong to you?

Not only is stealing immoral, it’s downright illegal. But that doesn’t stop millions of people from acquiring things that aren't theirs at some point in their lives. Even if you would never do it now, did you ever take something as a young child without really knowing what you were doing?

Question 14

Have you ever been in a fight?

If you grew up with siblings, we’re sure you’ve been in your fair share of scuffles. But fighting with someone outside of your family is another story entirely. If you’ve ever been in one of these scraps, we certainly hope you came out none the worse for wear.

Question 15

Have you ever had a fling with a co-worker?

Most people think it’s best to keep their work lives and their personal lives totally separate. While others aren’t afraid to let the lines get a little blurry. So have you ever risked an awkward workspace to better explore the crush you had on a coworker?

Question 16

Have you been fired from a job?

We’ve all had those jobs that we couldn’t wait to leave. But have you ever let your performance slip so much that you were fired from a job? Sometimes, getting fired is something that’s totally out of your control. But other times, people end up showing themselves to the door.

Question 17

Have you ever watched or listened to something you didn't quite own?

As much as we’ve been told that illegally downloading content hurts both the performers and the economy, that hasn’t stopped many people from filling their iPod’s with illegal content, which is really a shame considering how easy it is to get at-home entertainment these days?

Question 18

Have you ever gambled?

Even though gambling is legal in a lot of places — like a casino or a horse track — it still takes a little bit of gusto to take your hard earned cash and put it up to chance. So do you have what it takes to roll the dice?

Question 19

Have you ever played paintball?

Paintball is a rough and tumble sport but there are plenty of people who swear by it. It requires cunning, strategy, and teamwork. However, it also takes intuition and good instincts. So, have you ever played paintball with a group of friends?

Question 20

Have you ever owned a fake ID?

Every country seems to have a different take on how old you have to be to drink. In America, it’s 21. In Canada, 19. And in Switzerland, it’s only 16-years-old! So have you ever felt the need to take matters into your own hands with a fake ID?

Question 21

Have you ever not left a tip?

Even if the service is terrible, most people still feel bad about not leaving at least a couple dollars for their waiter or waitress. But are you someone who’s not afraid to skimp out on the tip if they need to be put in their place?

Question 22

Have you ever smoked a cigarette or a cigar?

It’s no secret that smoking is terrible for you. But it can take days if not weeks of steady smoking before your body is physically addicted. So have you ever tried a cigarette or enjoyed a celebratory cigar just for the experience?

Question 23

Have you ever sent a risqué text message?

Cell phones have certainly changed the game when it comes to flirting. So have you taken full advantage of these new possibilities? Or do you prefer to keep your texts clean should they end up being seen by the wrong person?

Question 24

Have you ever partaken in a role-playing game?

Have you ever nerded out with Dungeons and Dragons? Done a bit of cosplaying? Or attended a Medieval festival? Role-playing may sound like an activity for only the geekiest of geeks, but you shouldn’t knock it if you’ve never tried it?

Question 25

Have you ever gotten a tattoo?

Sam and Dean Supernatural matching tattoos

It’s amazing how different people treat their bodies. Some people eat whatever they want and never exercise a day in their lives. While others have literally climbed the highest mountain in the world. And the same can be said with people’s dispositions on tattoos.

Question 26

Have you ever relieved yourself outside?

We’d be pretty shocked if you haven’t peed outside at some point in your life — guys especially. But then again, some people spend their whole lives living in cities, when you can’t just duck behind a tree and take care of your business without a dozen people seeing you.

Question 27

Have you ever watched an entire TV series in one weekend?

In this case, we’ll say that a whole season of a TV show also counts — so long as it was more than a few episodes long. So, have you ever been so wrapped up in a fictional world that you spent the entire weekend starring at your screen?

Question 28

Have you ever read a book in one sitting?

Were you one of those kids that bought the latest Harry Potter book and ended up spending all night and the next day flipping from one page to the next? Or does the idea of reading for this long bore you just thinking about it?

Question 29

Have you ever sat on a public toilet without a seat cover?

Some people can go the bathroom anywhere at any time, while others have a very difficult time going anyplace but their own home. But the question remains, do you have a problem sitting on a public toilet without some kind of protective barrier?

Question 30

Have you ever been pulled over?

Most people go by the rule of thumb that if you go less than 10 MPH over the speed limit, your probably not going to get pulled over. Therefore, if you’ve ever gotten pulled over for speeding, chances are you were going more than a little bit over the limit.

Question 31

Have you ever trashed a hotel room?

This doesn’t mean that you’ve had to destroy every piece of furniture in the room and smashed every window, just that you left the place covered in trash and in total disarray — making far more work for the maids who had to clean it up.

Question 32

Have you ever sung karaoke?

Even if you have a passable singing voice, getting up in front of a crowd to belt out a song is no easy feat. Of course, this is why most places that have a karaoke machine also serve alcohol. So have you done it?

Question 33

Have you ever lied about being sick to avoid going out with friends?

Lying to get out of an otherwise obligated occasions, like work or school, is something that pretty much everyone has done at some point in their life. But have you ever lied to your friends because you just wanted to spend a night alone?

Question 34

Have you ever blamed your fart on someone else?

It’s one thing to blame an animal that’s in the room, but have you ever let one slip out and immediately pinned the crime on someone else? If so, we hope it was only done for laughs and you eventually fessed up.

Question 35

Have you ever snooped through someone else’s phone?

These days, most people don’t keep diaries or journals. But what they do have in exchange is a phone full of text messages and pictures. So have you ever snatched up someone else’s cell and had a peek into their personal life?

Question 36

Have you ever pretended to be on a talk show?

Ever sit down on the toilet and pretended you just sat down on the couch of a talk show? Or maybe even a podcast? While this may seem childish, it could actually be a way of assessing your goals by trying to look at them from a new perspective.

Question 37

Have you ever created a fake social media account?

These days, it’s easy to have so many social media accounts of your own that it’s hard to keep track of all the passwords and usernames. But have you ever created a fake one to do some snooping or pranking on the side?

Question 38

Have you ever been outside of your home country?

Traveling to new places and talking to new people is the best way to expand upon your street smarts. After all, it’s easy to become complacent when you only ever stay in your neck of the woods. But going to a totally different country really forces you to adapt.

Question 39

Have you ever lied in an interview?

Of course, everyone tries to put their best foot forward and put on a bit of a show when they’re in an interview. But have you ever told an outright lie to a possible employer? One that if they knew the truth to, they probably wouldn’t hire you?

Question 40

Have you ever broken the law?

Most people go there whole lives living in constant fear of law enforcement. But maybe you’re someone who lives to the beat of their own drum and worries about the consequences later. Maybe this has even gotten you arrested before.

Question 41

Have you ever made survival plans for the zombie apocalypse?

Though the zombie-hype may not be as big as it was four or five years ago, that doesn’t mean you still don’t have a plan to deal with the apocalypse should it ever actually hit. So do you have a plan in place? Or would that just be ridiculous?

Question 42

Have you ever spent the night in your car?

If you’ve ever been on a long road trip, you know that the cost of hotel and even motel rooms can be fairly steep. While some people would have no problem just passing out in their cars, others wouldn’t be able to sleep a wink without a room around them.

Question 43

Have you ever changed a flat tire?

Changing a flat is not as hard as it may look, but it’s really one of those tasks that you need to learn hands-on before you complete it with any confidence. So do you know your way around a car? Or do you rely solely on triple-A?

Question 44

Have you ever lied about your GPA?

Book smart people may spend their entire academic career trying to achieve an impressive GPA so they can tell others and put it on their resume. But street smart people may assume you can accomplish the same result with lying alone.

Question 45

Have you ever dated a friend’s ex?

If you spend most of your life with your head in a book, your pool of possible suitors may be limited to the people you already know. This may cause you to overstep some boundaries that you probably shouldn’t, like flirting with one of your friend’s exes?

Question 46

Have you ever kept a journal/ diary?

If you read a lot, chances are that you’re probably not a bad writer. So even though it may seem antiquated to many, have you ever kept a log of your life in a journal or a diary? Or do you rely on social media as your archive?

Question 47

Have you ever claimed someone else’s story as your own?

This may seem like a street smart skill, but people who are constantly out in the real work engaging with others no doubt have a slew of interesting stories to draw from. But if you’re not exactly the most social, you may find yourself stealing someone else’s story.

Question 48

Have you ever had a kiss rejected?

If you’ve experienced a bit of trouble in the dating world, it may be because you simply need to brush up on your social skills — which involves reading other people’s body language. If you can master these skills, the better chances you have of gauging people's interest in you.

Question 49

Have you ever pretended to be texting to avoid human interaction?

Do you reach for your cell phone ever time an awkward silence falls over a group of people? Do you avoid making small talk with your family by pretending to answer a text? While it may be comforting, it only makes you more social inept in the long run.

Question 50

Have you ever made a prank phone call?

There can be nothing funny then a well-planned prank, especially if you're doing it on someone who will appreciate the ruse after the truth is revealed. So have you ever been the mastermind behind a prank call? Or would you not be able to perform under the pressure?

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