Play Never Have I Ever To Reveal Your Cute And Famous BoyToy

Ever played a round of Never Have I Ever? Those who have know that it's a popular party game, and to be somewhat more specific, a popular drinking game.

During this fun game, players take turns declaring things that they have never, ever done. Other participants respond by either taking a swig of their drink (if they've done the specific thing) or abstaining from sipping on their drink (if they haven't done the specific thing).

Of course, one doesn't necessarily have to be into drinking to play this game. People who abstain can count the score on their fingers instead, according to Wikipedia.

Although primarily a drinking game, Never Have I Ever can also be used as an icebreaker during formal events, such as work get-togethers. Furthermore, this game is a great way to get to know one's friends a little bit better (indeed, our friends are usually full of surprises).

To make this quiz a little more exciting, we'll be matching everyone with a cute and famous boy toy at the end of it. Everyone should take their time answering the 50 questions below.  After all, it's not like this quiz is timed or anything. And remember: we won't be judging anyone, regardless of the answers that everyone selects.

Question 1

Liked someone's social media post by accident

There is no use in lying. We have all done it at one point or another in our lives. We have all used social media to keep tabs on someone that we either really liked or someone that we really disliked (although at times sheer curiosity might also prompt us to scroll through a random stranger's social media account too). There is nothing wrong with that. It's not like anyone is going to know what we've been up to. Unless we accidentally like one of their posts, of course.

Question 2

Lied to get a job

As most people are probably well aware, getting a job, especially your first job, is no easy feat. Most employers want their workers to have plenty of experience. That makes sense. But if you've never had a job, how are you supposed to acquire the necessary experience? Hence why so many people lie on their job applications. Sometimes they get called out on their lies. Other times they get away with it. Have you ever lied to get a job?

Question 3

Answered my phone in the middle of a movie

Going to the movies is always fun. We're usually in good company, we have an excuse to indulge in popcorn and other unhealthy snacks, and if we're lucky, the movie doesn't disappoint us either. However, there are certain things that can put a damper on our night out. Sitting behind people that think it's alright to kick our seat is one. Listening to someone talk on the phone during the most interesting part of the movie is another. Have you ever been that annoying person who answers his or her phone in the middle of an engrossing film?

Question 4

Re-gifted a present

Some people are awesome at giving gifts. You can tell that they put in a lot of thought when it comes to selecting presents for their friends and loved ones. Everything they get, we love. On the other hand, some people are really bad at gifts. They don't know what to get us, or maybe they don't care. They usually go gift-shopping at the very last minute and grab the first thing that they see. In cases like these, we might be tempted to re-gift their gifts.

Question 5

Stayed up all night

Humans need plenty of rest. Otherwise, they simply don't function as well as they should. Lack of sleep makes us stupid and irritable hence why most of us try to get at least seven hours of sleep every night. Of course, that is not always possible. Sometimes we have to cram for an exam or work a night shift. Other times we might find ourselves partying until the early hours of the morning with no prospect of catching up on our sleep later on in the day.

Question 6

Dropped my phone into the toilet

Most of us can't function without our phones. We clutch at them at all hours of the day. We use our phones to check the news, to scroll through social media, and to contact our friends and family members. Our phones are also our alarm clocks, calculators, and calendars. Which is perhaps why we are always so distressed when our phones stop working. Sure, sometimes we know that our phone is getting old and that it'll need replacement. But other times it stops working suddenly, for example when we accidentally drop it into the toilet.

Question 7

Sent an embarrassing message to the wrong person

Texting is great. It allows us to forego the sometimes very tedious act of ringing someone. Instead, we can simply send them a text and await their reply. However, texting is not without its drawbacks. For example, it's all too easy to text the wrong person. It's fine if your text message is innocent. But what if you said something controversial or mean? Or what if you decided to confide in your friend that you really like someone and accidentally send the text not to your friend but to your crush instead?

Question 8

Snooped through someone's private messages

We all know that snooping through someone's private messages is wrong. We wouldn't want someone to do that to us, right? It's a total breach of someone's privacy and it makes us feel vulnerable and violated. Yet despite all this, most of us can't help but take every chance we get to scroll through someone's private conversations. What if they are talking about us? We deserve to know, or so we tell ourselves. Have you ever done that? We promise not to judge you.

Question 9

Pretended not to be at home when the doorbell rang

Imagine this: you're lounging around the house, contemplating watching Netflix and making another grilled cheese sandwich when the doorbell rings. You are not expecting anyone. Your friends are busy and your partner is at work. Besides, if anyone you know had decided to pop over, they would have texted you first, like they always do. If you ever found yourself in this scenario before, you had two options: ignore the doorbell or potentially risk opening the door to an annoying sales person.

Question 10

Ignored a phone call

Having a phone is great. Indeed, most of us can't imagine not owning one. How did our parents and grandparents go about their business without being able to look up things online or without being able to text their friends or ring their loved ones? That being said, sometimes this constant availability can be annoying. If we have a phone and someone rings us, we are expected to answer them, even if we don't want to talk to them. The alternative is to ignore them, which is considered rude (but sometimes the only option).

Question 11

Dyed my hair

There are certain aspects of our appearance that we can't change, at least not easily. For example, we're stuck with the eye color that we were born with unless we make a commitment to wear colored contact lenses every day and we can't change our facial shape (unless we're very, very good at makeup) either. But we can change our hair. We can change its length (by cutting it or growing it out) and we can of course change its color.

Question 12

Gone on a bad date

Going on dates is pretty exciting. Most of us can't help but get butterflies in our stomach a couple of hours before we are due to meet someone for the first time. But not knowing what to expect is both good and bad. Sometimes we are left pleasantly surprised. We can't wait to see our date again. On the other hand, sometimes our date turns out to be really, really bad. He might be too self-absorbed or he might be addicted to his phone.

Question 13

Spilled water on my laptop

Chances are, if we're not on our phones, then we're on our laptops. We do everything in front of our laptops, even eat and drink. That's why most people's laptops are covered in crumbs and look pretty icky. But bits of food are not the only thing that you have to worry about when you gulp down food in front of your computer. The bigger risk is spilling something on it. Who has spilled water (or another beverage) on their laptop before?

Question 14

Made a fake dating app profile

Is dating today easier than it was a couple of decades ago? It's hard to know. Some people miss those times when the only way to score a date was to approach a potential partner in person. But others think that we've come a long way and that dating apps are incredibly useful. That being said, dating apps don't exactly inspire confidence. Someone's profile is not necessarily a true representation of them. Besides, some people make fake dating app profiles just for fun.

Question 15

Regretted getting a tattoo

Some people love tattoos. Others despise them. If you love them, then you probably have one or two (or perhaps even more). But that doesn't necessarily mean that you love all of them. Sometimes we grow out of our tattoos. A drawing or a phrase that we thought we'd love forever suddenly becomes redundant in our lives. We no longer love it. We might try to hide the tattoo. Or we might decide to get rid of it for good.

Question 16

Dated more than one person at the same time

Finding that one special person (i.e., our soulmate) is tricky. Hence why most of us go on numerous dates hoping that eventually, we'll just click with someone. Sometimes we might even date more than one person at a time. Some people date several people in the hopes of speeding up the progress of finding their one true love, others do so because they simply like going on dates or because they can't decide between two potential partners. Have you ever dated several people at the same time?

Question 17

Gone on a blind date

Going on a date with someone you barely know can be pretty nerve-racking. But it's certainly less daunting than going on a blind date. Blind dates can be awesome. But they can also be really bad. The reason for that is simple: you just don't know who'll be joining you for a cup of coffee or even dinner. It could very well be your soulmate. But it could also be someone whom you'll grow to detest within five minutes of meeting them.

Question 18

Stayed in my pajamas all day

When we get home after a long day at work or school most of us immediately take off our day clothes and slip into something a little bit more comfortable, like pajamas. Technically, pajamas are something we should only be wearing to bed. And yet many of us refuse to take them off if we're not heading out anywhere for the day. Of course, it looks a little bit weird if someone calls over in the middle of the day and finds us in pajamas. But that's the price you have to pay for being comfortable.

Question 19

Had someone throw me a surprise party

While some people love surprises, others seriously dislike them. Still, it's pretty much always nice to have someone throw you a surprise party, even if you're not really into parties at all. Why? Well, if you ever found yourself involved in planning a surprise party, you probably know that they are not that easy to organize (indeed, they're quite a lot of work and hassle) which means that whoever throws you one really cares about you. So, has anyone ever thrown you a surprise party?

Question 20

Tried to make someone I liked jealous

Jealousy is an ugly emotion. No one likes to feel jealous of another person. Yet as humans we can't stifle our emotions. We feel what we feel (even if we hide our feelings really well) and there's nothing we can do about it. Pretty much everyone has felt jealous of someone at one point or another in their lives. But have you ever tried to make someone you liked jealous on purpose? As always, we won't judge, regardless of how you answer this question.

Question 21


Sleepwalking is an unusual sleep condition. The term is self-explanatory but we'll go into a bit more detail anyway. Those who sleepwalk often end up walking or performing other complex actions while they're asleep. They have no recollection of their nightly activities the next morning, however, which is what makes this condition so dangerous. And it's not like a person who sleepwalks just walks around his or her home. There have apparently been cases of people eating while they're asleep and even driving while they're asleep.

Question 22

Regretted an e-mail immediately after sending it

Being able to e-mail people is great. E-mails are fast and way less personal than phone calls which means that they're also less awkward (and super useful for people who have phone anxiety). However, e-mailing does have its drawbacks. For example, e-mail communication is not always clear and can lead to confusion. Furthermore, at times making a phone call is quicker and easier. Imagine carefully drafting an e-mail versus simply ringing someone up and having a casual chat. Besides, unless a phone call is recorded, there is nothing really holding us accountable for what we said. E-mails are different. Indeed, only too often we regret an e-mail immediately after sending it.

Question 23

Gotten braces

No one wants to wear braces. They're ugly and uncomfortable. And, if we're older, they can also look pretty ridiculous. That being said, braces are also very useful. Braces are the easiest way to fix a crooked smile that makes us feel self-conscious. Of course, it's best to get braces when you're a kid so that you don't have to deal with endless dentist appointments as an adult. But then again, it's unlikely that you'll get bullied for wearing braces as an adult (and quite likely that you'll get bullied for wearing braces as a kid).

Question 24

Not tipped at a restaurant

Working in customer service is a thankless job. Most customers are pretty awful. They're mean and demanding and they don't seem to get just how hard it is to please everyone. Consequently, it only makes sense that waiters expect to be tipped appropriately. Most of us try our best to leave a generous tip. However, sometimes we might not have any change on hand or we might be having a difficult month at work. In which case, we might not tip at all.

Question 25

Read Harry Potter

It's been more than two decades since Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, the first book in the magical novel series written by the talented J. K. Rowling, was originally published. Most of us read the book series before we watched the movies although some of us read the books after seeing the films. Believe it or not, some people have never read the books (if you're one of them, we urge you to visit your local library or bookstore as soon as possible!)

Question 26

Met a celebrity

Celebrities seem to have it all, including fame, money, well-known friends, and the love and devotion of their fans. That kind of makes sense though. Becoming an international star is near impossible. As such, most famous people are famous for a reason. They deserve to be where they are. Which is perhaps why most of us look upon celebrities as otherworldly beings as opposed to mere humans. And thus we can't help but get super excited when we meet them.

Question 27

Learned how to play guitar

From the outside, it looks like there's nothing to strumming a guitar which is perhaps why so many of us have, at one point or another in our lives, decided to give guitar playing a go. Of course, watching someone play guitar with seemingly little effort is completely different to actually trying to learn how to play it. It is much harder than it looks. Indeed, some might even say that it is impossible. Have you ever learned (or tried to learn) how to play guitar?

Question 28

Built a snowman

There are many things that you can do when it snows that are impossible in sunny weather. You can spend hours in front of the fireplace wrapped up in several blankets, drink hot chocolate with marshmallows, listen to cheesy Christmas songs, engage in silly snowball fights, and of course, build snowmen. Kids love building snowmen. But that doesn't necessarily mean that building a snowman is purely a kids' activity. Teenagers and adults tend to enjoy it just as much. Have you ever built a snowman?

Question 29

Been to an exotic country

Traveling is great. It pushes us out of our comfort zone, makes it possible for us to meet new, interesting people, and gives us a chance to learn more about different cultures first-hand as opposed to from textbooks or documentaries. That being said, traveling can also be daunting and challenging, especially if we decide to visit an exotic country. Everything is exciting, everything is new. There is a high chance that we'll commit a faux pas or that we'll get scammed. It's an adventure.

Question 30

Cooked for someone I liked

You know you really like someone when you decide to cook for them, especially if you are not a great cook. There is something very romantic about cooking for another person. If we are good in the kitchen, cooking for someone is also a great way to show off our skills. We might want to treat our crush to one of our signature dishes or we might want to experiment and try something new entirely. Have you ever cooked for someone that you liked?

Question 31

Had insomnia

Is there anything more annoying than not being able to fall sleep when you are really tired? You toss and you turn but no matter how hard you try to relax and think of nothing, you simply can't drift off. Your partner snores blissfully beside you and yet you're staring at the alarm clock that is sitting next to the bed. Seconds become minutes and minutes become hours. You're still awake. In a couple of hours, it'll be time to wake up and yet you haven't gotten a wink of sleep. Insomnia is pretty awful like that.

Question 32

Laughed at an inappropriate time

Most of us laugh when we are amused or when someone cracks a really funny joke. We know that there is a time and place for laughter. Certain situations, no matter how funny they might be in our heads, require a serious expression. Of course, sometimes we can't help but laugh at the most inappropriate of times. We might have remembered a funny joke, we might think that the situation we're in is hilarious (even if no one else thinks that), or we might just laugh because we are nervous and laughter is our coping mechanism.

Question 33

Accidentally used the wrong public restroom

Walking into the wrong public restroom is easier than it sounds. Sometimes we just really need to pee (so we barge into the first bathroom that we see) whereas others times the signs on the doors are confusing. Regardless of whether there is anyone using the bathroom or not, we are always left embarrassed when we realize that we have walked into the wrong restroom. If we're lucky, we escape without anyone noticing us. But there's always a chance that someone will make a mean remark.

Question 34

Been stung by a bee

Bees are pretty awesome. Without bees, we'd have no honey. Hence, most of us acknowledge that bees, unlike wasps and flies, are necessary. Sure, they might annoy some of us and scare the others. But we don't mind then, most of the time. Of course, our opinion changes if a bee stings us after we accidentally touch it or sit on it. Getting stung by a bee is not at all pleasant and can truly hurt. Have you ever been stung by a bee?

Question 35

Had breakfast in bed

There is something very luxurious about having breakfast in bed, especially if it's something fancy like poached eggs or pancakes. That being said, having breakfast in bed is not exactly a good idea, especially if you are a bit of a klutz. If you've ever had breakfast in bed, you doubtlessly know what we're talking about. It's practically impossible to not get any crumbs all over the duvet and if we are very clumsy we might even end up spilling some of our coffee.

Question 36

Gone camping

The world is divided into two types of people: those who love camping and those who despise it. The first group views camping as a way to escape everyday life and all of the responsibilities that come with it. They think that there is no better way to relax than by escaping to the country, pitching up a tent somewhere deep in the forest (or high up in the mountains), and disconnecting from the world. The second group can think of little else that is as uncomfortable as sleeping in a tent with no bathroom or shower (or wifi!)

Question 37

Locked myself out of the house

Locking yourself out of the house is easier than it sounds, especially if you have one of those doors that lock immediately after you close it (i.e., without you having to lock it with a key). If you're lucky, your family, friends, or your partner will have a spare key and will let you back inside that very same day. If, on the other hand, no one has a spare key you might have to resort to trying to get back inside via an open window. If all else fails, you'll simply have to call a locksmith.

Question 38

Thought I'd seen a ghost

If you believe in all things supernatural, then you probably also believe in ghosts. Those who believe in ghosts tend to think that they are nothing more than restless spirits who, for one reason or another, can't enjoy afterlife and are forced to wander the earth forever. That being said, most people don't actually believe in things such as ghosts and spirits. They sometimes change their mind when they come across one (or something that resembles one) though. Have you ever thought you'd seen a ghost?

Question 39

Had an Ouija board session

As most people are probably well aware, an Ouija board, also known as a spirit board, is nothing more than a flat (and usually wooden) board that is marked with the letters of the alphabet, the words "yes", "no", "hello", and "goodbye", and the numbers 0 to 9. An Ouija board comes with a small, heart-shaped piece of wood on which participants place their fingers. They then ask various questions and believe that it is spirits, and not one of the participants, that answer these questions by moving the wooden piece around the board.

Question 40

Had someone cook for me

We all love it when someone cooks for us, especially if we are not that great in the kitchen ourselves. Of course, growing up we were all used to our parents cooking for us. But this question does not refer to that. Rather, we are curious if you've ever been treated to a home cooked meal that was prepared by a romantic partner. Hopefully, everyone will answer this question positively (having someone cook for you is truly one of the nicest things that you can experience).

Question 41

Played 'Spin the bottle' just so I could kiss my crush

Spin the bottle is one of the most popular party games out there. As most people are probably well aware, it involves participants sitting, kneeling, or standing in a circle. An empty bottle is then placed in the middle of this circle and participants take turns spinning it, kissing the person whom the bottle ends up pointing at. There are many other variations of this game too. For example, participants might have to hug the person whom the bottle points at instead of kissing them.

Question 42

Had a crush on my best friend

Most of us have a best friend (and if we are lucky, we might even have several). A best friend is someone whom we trust unconditionally. He or she is the one person whom we can truly talk to about anything. Because we are usually very close to our best friends, it is not unusual for us to fall for them, especially if they are of the opposite gender. However, most of us hide our feelings because we don't want to jeopardize our friendship.

Question 43

Cried because I was laughing so hard

Everyone loves to laugh which is perhaps why we try to surround ourselves with people that never fail to bring a smile to our face. Of course, some people make us laugh more often (and harder) than others. You know you are really clicking with a person when he or she makes you laugh so hard you actually end up crying. Have you ever cried because you were laughing so much? It is without a doubt one of the best feelings in the world.

Question 44

Been to a funeral

When someone passes away, it is customary to hold a funeral. During a funeral, those close to the person who has passed on get to say goodbye before the body is either buried or cremated. If you are lucky, you have never been to a funeral. They are naturally not much fun. Black clothes, lots of crying, speeches about the deceased, priests, and graveyards are some of the things that most of us think of when we think of funerals.

Question 45

Gone on a road trip

If you have a bucket list, you probably have "go on a road trip" somewhere on it. Or perhaps you've already crossed it off. Road trips are an amazing way to see the rest of the country that you live in. They're also great for clearing your head and leaving your boring, ordinary life behind, if only for a little bit. Furthermore, road trips are the perfect chance to get to know your friends much, much better. Have you ever been on one?

Question 46

Gotten lost in a foreign city

Generally, getting lost is no fun. Rather, it is stressful and daunting. However, at times it can also be exciting. Nowadays, getting lost in a foreign city is harder than ever. We almost always have our phones on us, which means that we have Google Maps at our disposal too. That being said, sometimes our phone might run out of battery or we might not have any data. Or sometimes we might decide to get lost on purpose, just to see where we'll end up.

Question 47

Picked up a hitchhiker or hitchhiked

Hitchhiking, which is a way of traveling for free in passing vehicles, is as popular as ever. However, not everyone is comfortable with getting lifts from people they don't know anything about. These cautious individuals would rather take the bus to their destination or else not go anywhere at all. Furthermore, some people are also wary of picking up strangers in their cars. There are plenty of hair-raising stories about hitchhiking although it is impossible to know just how true they are.

Question 48

Had a crush on my best friend's partner

Most of us love our best friend (or best friends, if we are lucky) dearly and would not dream of doing anything to hurt them. However, if their partner is a catch, we might end up developing a crush on them. That's totally normal and nothing to be ashamed of, as long as we don't do anything about it. Losing a best friend just because we like their partner is not worth it. If we act on our desires, we are likely to end up with no best friend and no romantic partner.

Question 49

Touched an electric fence

An electric fence is a fence that uses electric shocks to keep animals and humans from crossing to the other side. if you have ever touched an electric fence, you know just how uncomfortable the sensation is. Furthermore, it is not always obvious whether the fence that you want to cross is electric or not. You might touch it quickly and it might seem fine. But when you cross it (and touch it extensively), you're in for a pretty awful surprise.

Question 50

Had food poisoning

If you have ever deliberated whether or not you should eat food that might have gone bad, you probably know what food poisoning is. Food poisoning is when a person gets sick from eating food that has gone bad or food that has been contaminated. Symptoms of food poisoning usually start a couple of hours or a day after ingesting the food. Nausea, tummy pain, diarrhea, vomiting, fatigue, and even fever are all obvious and uncomfortable symptoms of food poisoning.

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