Play "Never Have I Ever" To Reveal A Hunky Hubby

"Never Have I Ever" is a fun game many of us play at parties and get togethers, and it reveals a lot about who we really are. Answer these questions, and our readers will soon figure out what the past tells us all about our personalities. The premise is simple - just tell us whether anyone's actually done these things, or answer "Never Have I Ever." These questions range from all kinds of different topics. From pranks and rule-breaking to dating and eating habits, our readers will have to get really honest with us about what they've been up to in the past.

At the end of the quiz, we'll match up our readers with the ideal "hunky husband." These hunky husbands are chosen from the top echelons of Hollywood, and we're sure that our readers won't be disappointed. But at the end of the day, the true reward for doing this quiz is getting to know ourselves. Do this quiz with a friend, and it'll be much more interesting to see how your results match up with others. Well, who's ready to play a little round of "Never Have I Ever?" Get ready to begin! But remember, for this to work, we all have to be honest...

Question 1

Never Have I Ever Been Sick On A Plane

Being sick in general is never fun, but what about being sick on a plane? Flying is sometimes pretty stressful for some people, and getting sick just makes it worse. It can be quite an embarrassing experience, and it's definitely not the most ideal way to travel. Have our readers ever experienced this?

Question 2

Never Have I Ever Been Bitten By A Wild Animal

There are plenty of wild animals out there which are pretty interesting and cool, but there are also plenty of wild animals that can pose a real threat to us. These animals might even just bite us when we least expect it, and that's definitely not a fun experience. But have our readers ever been bit?

Question 3

Never Have I Ever Accidentally Started A Fire

Humans have depended on fire for a long time, and it's been one of the most important factors for our evolution. But starting a fire accidentally is never a good thing, and plenty of us have found ourselves in this situation before. It's never a good thing, and it's not something we quickly forget!

Question 4

Never Have I Ever Been Seasick

Boats aren't exactly the most popular means of travel these days, and most people prefer either cars or planes. But there are those rare occasions for many of us where we find ourselves in a sea vessel, and this can cause us to become quite seasick. This is never a fun experience...

Question 5

Never Have I Ever Shared Food With My Pet

Having a pet is one of the best experiences in life, and many of us grow very close to our pets. Many of us love our pets more than most people, so it makes sense that we would feed them human food from time to time! Most of the time, it's not actually very healthy for pets, but they still love it.

Question 6

Never Have I Ever Regretted Changing My Hair Color

Getting our hair dyed has never been more popular than in the current year of 2018, and we're seeing tons of celebs getting wild hair shades all the time. But as many of us know, getting our hair dyed isn't always a complete success story. Let's just say that sometimes, we regret it.

Question 7

Never Have I Ever Been Skydiving

Skydiving is an extreme sport reserved only for the most extreme of extreme sports enthusiasts. Most people would never dream of jumping out of a completely good plane, unless they really had to. We've seen many amazing skydiving scenes in movies, but doing it ourselves is the real deal.

Question 8

Never Have I Ever Been Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is another type of extreme sport, although this one doesn't involve as much high adrenaline excitement as some of the other options. Scuba diving takes us deep under the sea, and it allows us to see all kinds of different interesting sea life that we never knew existed.

Question 9

Never Have I Ever Worn Crocs

Crocs get tons of flak from regular folks, and they're seen as some of the most unstylish forms of footwear imaginable. But they're not so bad... Right? At least they're comfortable and waterproof. That's saying something. And they're cheap too. But these aren't shoes we'd wear in a formal setting...

Question 10

Never Have I Ever Been On A Blind Date

Blind dates are definitely risky, but they can also be pleasantly surprising. These dates aren't exactly the best way of meeting new people, but sometimes it's a fun way to try something new. Usually blind dates are set up by our friends, who want us to meet someone else that they think we'll like.

Question 11

Never Have I Ever Made A Prank Phone Call

Prank phone calls are a common activity for the most mischievous children out there, and we've seen plenty of hilarious prank calls on our favorite TV shows and movies. Back in the day, prank calls were easier because there was no caller ID. But nowadays, people still make prank calls.

Question 12

Never Have I Ever Eaten An Entire Pizza All To Myself

Eating an entire pizza all to ourselves is either something that is really impressive, or a little much. It's probably a little bit of both. However, there are times when we're just so hungry that eating an entire pizza seems like the only option. Many of us have done this in the past.

Question 13

Never Have I Ever Skipped Class

Skipping class obviously isn't the best choice in the world, although many of us have done it in the past. Some of us might have had legitimate reasons for doing it, but others just don't feel like going to class. Either way, skipping class can be a pretty fun activity - but we often feel guilty afterwards...

Question 14

Never Have I Ever Tripped Down Some Stairs

Falling down stairs is never fun, and it can lead to serious risk. Many movies, cartoons and TV shows have presented this in a comedic light, and we have to admit - it's pretty funny when we're not the one tumbling down flights of stairs. But when it happens to us, it's not so funny...

Question 15

Never Have I Ever Talked My Way Out Of Getting In Trouble

Getting in trouble is never a good thing, but there's always the option to try to talk our way out of it. Obviously this isn't the most honest approach, but it definitely saves us from having to deal with the consequences of our actions. Most of the time, talking our way out of trouble involves lying.

Question 16

Never Have I Ever Cried While Watching A Movie

It's not every day when we cry while watching movies, but it definitely happens from time to time. It takes a special kind of movie to make us cry, and most people appreciate these emotional moments. Movies like Titanic are especially famous for making people cry, and it's something we can't forget.

Question 17

Never Have I Ever Cut My Own Hair

Taking a haircut into our own hands is always a pretty risky endeavor, even if we're good at the art of hairdressing. It's just not as easy as cutting someone else's hair, and there's a lot that can go wrong. However, many of us have tried cutting our own hair in the past, and results can vary...

Question 18

Never Have I Ever Used A Fake ID

Many of us have used a fake ID in the past, particularly during our high school years. During this time, it might have felt like all of the "cool" things we wanted to do were prohibited by law for people of our age, so a fake ID was the logical answer to our problems. Still, it wasn't exactly legal...

Question 19

Never Have I Ever Gotten A Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is actually pretty common these days, and it seems like most young people have tattoos. In fact, it's actually pretty uncommon for young people these days NOT to have tattoos. Many people get tattoos that have deep meaning for them. Other people just get random designs.

Question 20

Never Have I Ever Had A Wardrobe Malfunction

Wardrobe malfunctions are never fun, and they don't always just happen to celebrities. These unfortunate mishaps can happen to any of us, no matter what we're wearing. No matter how well made our clothing is, things have a habit of falling apart or slipping on us at the most inconvenient times.

Question 21

Never Have I Ever Used A Dumb Pick Up Line

When we don't really know what we're doing in the romantic world, it's easy to try out dumb pick up lines in the hopes that something works. These are often pick up lines that we get from our friends, or read about on the internet. Sometimes they work, but mostly they don't.

Question 22

Never Have I Ever Given Someone A Fake Phone Number

When someone asks for our number, it can be a pretty awkward situation - especially when we're not really into it. In this situation, we can either reject them, or give them a fake number. Those of us who give out fake numbers might not want to deal with the awkwardness of having to reject someone.

Question 23

Never Have I Ever Talked On The Phone For More Than Two Hours

Actually talking on the phone isn't quite as common as it one was. These days, people are more into texting, and using our voices seems like a forgotten thing. But there are those of us who still enjoy talking on the phone for hours at a time, and this is something that can be quite enjoyable.

Question 24

Never Have I Ever Gotten Lost In An Amusement Park

Amusement parks can be amazing areas for people who want to have a lot of fun, and they can be unforgettable experiences. But amusement parks can also be pretty confusing and crowded, to the point where it's quite easy to get lost. Many of us have experienced this in the past.

Question 25

Never Have I Ever Had Stitches

Sometimes when we cut a cut that is serious enough, it requires stitches. This is never a fun experience, and it can be quite strenuous. Some of us have scars that remain from having stitches, and these can actually be quite large at times. But in any case, getting stitches is the best way to let these wounds heal.

Question 26

Never Have I Ever Returned Someone Else’s Wallet

Losing our wallet is a pretty unpleasant experience, and most of us know how this feels. But what about when we find someone else's wallet? In this case, we have the opportunity to take that stress of someone's shoulders, and most of us choose to return that wallet to its rightful owner.

Question 27

Never Have I Ever Stayed In My Pajamas All Day Long

On some days, it can be very tempting to simply stay in our pajamas all day long. Pajamas might be the most comfortable types of clothing ever invented, and sometimes it's hard to imagine why all clothes aren't like pajamas. In any case, many of us have actually stayed home in our pajamas all day long.

Question 28

Never Have I Ever Called My Teacher “Mom”

Calling our teacher "mom" is probably one of the most embarrassing things that can happen at school, and many of us have experienced this problem in the past. There are many embarrassing things that can happen in class, but this is definitely one of the things we never forget.

Question 29

Never Have I Ever Texted The Wrong Person

Texting the wrong person is something that can happen pretty easily in this day and age. All it takes is for us to press a button at the wrong time, and we've just sent someone something they weren't supposed to read. This has the potential to cause some serious problems...

Question 30

Never Have I Ever Crashed A Party

Crashing a party is something that many of us have done in the past. It's not exactly honest, but it definitely leads to a lot of fun if we play our cards right. Obviously this means that we weren't actually invited to the party, and no one actually knows us. But if we pretend, no one will notice...

Question 31

Never Have I Ever Done A Fortnite Dance In Public

Fortnite is a video game which has reached almost crazy fame, and there are plenty of fans of this game all across the world. One of the most notable features of this game is the fact that players can do various dances. Some players even do these dances in public, although it's slightly rare.

Question 32

Never Have I Ever Tried To Guess Someone Else’s Password

Lots of people have a lot of private things stored on the web, whether it's on a social media account or a email account. These are often protected by just one password, and some of these passwords are actually pretty easy to guess. Some of us might have even tried to guess these passwords.

Question 33

Never Have I Ever Left Gum On A School Desk

Chewing gum at school is usually not allowed, but plenty of students manage to sneak it in to class. These kids might blow bubbles, or even choose to leave their gum under the school desk. This is obviously not very respectful, and some might even see it as vandalism. But many of us have done it...

Question 34

Never Have I Ever Googled Myself

Googling ourselves can be a pretty strange experience. It's often pretty surprising to see what kind of a presence we have on the web. We might see things on the web that we didn't realize are associated with our names. In addition, we might see people with the same name as us!

Question 35

Never Have I Ever Been Chased By An Angry Dog

Getting chased by an angry dog is never fun. Dogs can be very friendly to humans, but they can also be pretty unsettling at times as well. It's always a little unnerving when an angry dog chases us, because they're generally faster than humans. Many of us have experienced this in the past.

Question 36

Never Have I Ever Missed A High Five

Missing a high five is never a good thing, and it can be pretty hilarious for everyone else watching. We've seen it happen many times in sports games, but also in celebrity events and entertainment shows. It seems like such an easy thing to get right, but so many of us get it wrong.

Question 37

Never Have I Ever Made A Duck Face In A Selfie

These days, almost everyone is familiar with the concept of a selfie. Everyone knows how to take one, and plenty of us have uploaded our selfies to social media. Selfies can be taken in many different ways, but one of the most popular poses was (and still is) the legendary "duckface."

Question 38

Never Have I Ever Used My Parent’s Signature

Faking our parent's signature can often seem like a pretty tempting thing to do, especially because so many of the things that we want to do as young people tend to require the permission of our parents. There are many reasons to fake our parent's signature, and many of us have done it.

Question 39

Never Have I Ever Snuck Out Of The House

Sneaking out of the house can be pretty tempting when we're young, especially when we're dealing with curfews and bed times. But it can also be a very risky thing to do, especially because our parents won't know where we are, or what we're doing. Still, a lot of us end up doing this as kids.

Question 40

Never Have I Ever Accidentally Swallowed My Gum

People have been chewing gum for many years, and that doesn't seem like it's going to change any time soon. But everyone who chews gum knows that we're not supposed to actually swallow it. There is varying information about what happens when we do swallow chewing gum.

Question 41

Never Have I Ever Read Someone Else’s Diary

Reading someone else's diary is obviously not a very honest thing to do, and the people who write diaries obviously have a lot of private things they've put in their diaries. Reading someone else's diary isn't just a breaking somebody's trust, it's also being nosy. But a lot of us have done this in the past.

Question 42

Never Have I Ever Humblebragged

Humblebragging is a relatively new concept, and one that many of us have had experience with over the years. Simply put humble bragging is subtly bragging while seeming humble at the same time. It's something that allows us to brag without doing so overtly. Many of us have done it.

Question 43

Never Have I Ever Stood Someone Up On A Date

Getting stood up on a date is never fun. It's the ultimate sign of rejection for many people, and it sometimes takes a while to recover from. But what if we're the one standing other people up? This definitely isn't a very kind thing to do, and the people who have done it often feel pretty bad about it.

Question 44

Never Have I Ever Texted During Class

Texting during class is common these days, but it's still not exactly something which teachers like to see. It's distracting during class; for the teachers, the other student, and the person texting! Some might argue that a phone can help students learn more effectively, but that's not what they're using the phone for...

Question 45

Never Have I Ever Impersonated Someone

Sometimes, we're forced to take on disguises and try to impersonate other people. But usually, it's in the context of a prank or a joke. Sometimes, we impersonate other people to make fun of them. In the past, many of us have probably impersonated someone before in the past.

Question 46

Never Have I Ever Licked A Frozen Pole

Licking a frozen pole is one of those things that we're told not to do... And yet we do it anyway. It's something that we immediately regret doing as soon as we do it, for obvious reasons. Some people just have to learn the hard way that when we do this, we end up getting our tongues stuck on the pole.

Question 47

Never Have I Ever Stolen A Fry

Stealing fries is probably one of the most common crimes in the book, and almost everyone has been guilty of this at least once in their lives. It seems like such a small misdeed, and yet it can cause so much conflict. Fries are just too tempting, and many of us just can't resist.

Question 48

Never Have I Ever Ignored Someone On Purpose

There are many times where it might seem tempting to ignore someone after something they've done. Or perhaps they're just not people we want to be seen with or talk to. In any case, we often choose to ignore people on purpose, and this can be either a good or a bad thing.

Question 49

Never Have I Ever Embarrassed Myself While Dancing

Dancing is one of those things that everyone wants to do, but we're not all blessed with good dancing talents. Some people just don't care what other people think, and they'll dance however they like. Other people are a little more self-conscious. Many of us have embarrassed ourselves while dancing.

Question 50

Never Have I Ever Run A Red Light

Running a red light is definitely not just an innocent thing, and it is one of the most risky things we can do as drivers. It's no wonder why so many people get so animated when they see others committing this unsafe maneuver. Many of us obey the rules of the road when we're driving... But not all of us.

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