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Just a couple of decades ago, there was a bit of a stigma surrounding geeks, nerds, and people who enjoyed things that were commonly associated with them. It even went as far as encompassing people who wore glasses, as if their poor vision was somehow a direct reflection of their hobbies and interests. In modern times, however, it's become not only perfectly acceptable to dabble into the nerdier side of life, but to fully embrace it and become the embodiment of the stereotypical nerd.

That's good news for a lot of reasons, like making certain things that were once hard to get more easily accessible, including collectibles from various fandoms. However, the popularity of the Nerd label has made it harder and harder for people to figure out where they fit into the pack. Some people are into multiple fandoms and others are only into one. Some people are dedicated and know absolutely everything there is to know, while some are more average and know a few things, and others still are casual with only a surface-level knowledge of things. None is better than any of the others, of course, but they're all just different - and that's without even acknowledging the fact that there are numerous people who fall somewhere in-between the three.

Figuring out exactly where they fit in is the modern nerd's struggle - but maybe we can help.

Question 1

Never Have I Ever Played Dungeons & Dragons

There are a lot of different tabletop games in the modern market, but all of them seem to pale in comparison to Dungeons & Dragons. It's easily the most recognizable of its kind - and for good reason, it seems! With one player working as the Dungeon Master, which is basically a narrator and referee rolled into one, a group of players will guide their characters through a high fantasy adventure with infinite possibilities, the majority of which are determined by the outcome of tossing special, multi-sided dice.

Question 2

Never Have I Ever Cosplayed

The word cosplay comes from combining costume and play, because that's pretty much exactly what it is. In the '90s, it started to gain traction as a part of nerdy culture, and it quickly became one of the most well known parts of it! There are even official cosplay guides available for some characters, and special photo ops set up at conventions. To be honest, nailing a cosplay isn't JUST about having a well-made outfit (although it definitely doesn't hurt,) it's also about embodying the characters' mannerisms and personality.

Question 3

Never Have I Ever Attended A Midnight Release

Anyone who has ever been lucky enough to attend a midnight release for a highly anticipated game, book, movie, or anything at all will probably agree that it's an experience unlike any other. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals that are just as passionate about the hobby, the excitement in the air, the rush of staying up slightly late in order to finally get something... It's hard to explain it, but it's special! Some places even have souvenirs and themed games, snacks, and other things to entertain those waiting, which definitely kicks it up a notch.

Question 4

Never Have I Ever Taken A Sorting Hat Quiz

There have been few things more influential in modern pop culture than the Harry Potter franchise. The books, the movies, the video games... Everything about it has become integrated into day to day life for a lot of people. One of the most popular things for Harry Potter fans to do is figuring which House they would be sorted into if they attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Back in the day, it was more about which one was their favorite, but now there are millions of quizzes available online to help figure it out - some of which are officially endorsed!

Question 5

Never Have I Ever Quoted A Fictional Character

It's safe to say that pretty much everyone has whipped out a quote from a TV show or a movie that they like at least once in their life, right? However, it's also safe to say that some people seem to live for finding a way to toss one of their favorite characters' lines into a conversation! For example, it isn't uncommon to hear Supernatural fans tossing out quotes from Sam Winchester or Dean Winchester whenever they can find a way to slip them in.

Question 6

Never Have I Ever Spent The Whole Day Gaming

The average person's daylight hours are eaten up by having to spend time with real world obligations, such as going to school, doing their homework, studying for tests, going to work, handling chores... Nothing that's really any fun! However, sometimes the opportunity presents itself to veg out instead, and that's always the perfect time to dig into a new game that's just been waiting for the right moment to be played. It can be easy to get caught up in that game once it's finally in - and sometimes, it goes from noon to midnight in a flash!

Question 7

Never Have I Ever Participated In LARP

LARP is an acronym for live action roleplay. Generally speaking, it's a hobby that includes a group of people getting together and finding costumes inspired by the same time period, TV show, movie, book, etc, and taking on a character's role to bring it to life. Everyone plays along with one another, whether it's to play out a specific story or just to spend some time in another world. It's somewhat similar to cosplay, but the circumstances make it different: an example of LARP would be a renaissance fair.

Question 8

Never Have I Ever Corrected Someone About Star Wars VS Star Trek

There has been tension between the Star Wars fandom and the Star Trek fandom for decades now. Why? It's hard to say, to be honest, but i doesn't help that the average person who isn't immersed in either one of them might find it easy to confuse them, which drives the fans crazy. Darth Vader is 100% the property of Star Wars fans, while anyone making a red shirt joke is definitely referring to Star Trek. Confusing the two is mighty irritating for fans of either one!

Question 9

Never Have I Ever Learned A Fictional Language

There are plenty of movies, books, and television shows with such intricate world-building that there are numerous completely made-up languages within them. It stands to reason, however, since it does seem unlikely that life found in space would speak any modern human language, and it adds a whole new layer of immersion to any high fantasy story that takes the time to come up with an entire language of its own. A good example would be the language of the Klingons, which come from Star Trek!

Question 10

Never Have I Ever Collected Comic Books

Comic books are a lot more commonplace nowadays than they were a few decades back, sure, but there's still something a little out of the box about actually putting forth the effort to collect them. Making sure to grab every new issue as it comes out, keeping them in the best condition possible, dealing with limited releases... There's a lot that goes into collecting comic books - and that's only in reference to the modern ones! Finding vintage comics in good condition is even more effort.

Question 11

Never Have I Ever Owned Action Figures As An Adult

Action figures are absolutely not just a toy for children to play with. In fact, to a lot of adults (or teenagers) who collect action figures, they're not even a toy to be played with at all! Collecting action figures can be a surprisingly expensive hobby, both because maintaining and displaying them can cost a decent chunk of change, and because some of the more higher end action figures, which are generally the most detailed, can carry a price tag that runs all the way into the hundreds.

Question 12

Never Have I Ever Insisted The Book Was Better Than The Movie

Making film adaptations of books has been happening for as long as there have been both films and books, so... pretty much forever, let's just put it that way! However, just as long as there have been film adaptations made, there have been fans of the books that are NOT happy about them being made. There are a lot of reasons for it, but the two most common are disagreements about the casting decisions and discrepancies between the story told in the book and the one told on the screen.

Question 13

Never Have I Ever Pulled An All-Nighter To Play Video Games

What's the best way to wind down after a long day full of gaming? More gaming. Wait, no, scratch that - an entire night of gaming! In fact, a night spent gaming is a good way to wind down after a long day at work, a boring day at school, a stressful day of socialization with friends and family, a relaxing day at the beach... Pretty much any type of day is the perfect kind to wrap up by curling up with a good game.

Question 14

Never Have I Ever Learned Or Wanted To Learn Japan' language

There's nothing objectively nerdy about wanting to learn a foreign language, especially since practically all of them are useful for business or traveling, but this language has the unique ability to draw in those who have certain specific interests. For example, people who are interested in anime might want to learn it so they don't have to wait for their favorite series to have English language subtitles or voice-overs added to them. There are plenty of untranslated graphic novels, video games, and other things like that, too.

Question 15

Never Have I Ever Written Fanfiction

A lot of nerdy hobbies are part of a niche sub-culture that is either practically unheard of by the average person, or looked at strangely. Fanfiction is the latter. There's almost no way that anyone hasn't heard of fanfiction, but for the uninitiated, it's a piece of writing done by a fan of a particular TV show, book, movie, or anything really that is based off of the universe from the source, sometimes involving two characters that may or may not be canonically involved, and sometimes involving completely original characters.

Question 16

Never Have I Ever Argued About Marvel VS DC

The rivalry between Marvel fans and DC fans has been around practically as long as both franchises have. Its not like there's a limited amount of space for stories about superheroes and other similar things - especially when each fandom has its own intricately designed universe with unique characters, settings, abilities, etc - but it seems that there's always going to be a bit of contention between the two fandoms from anyone who doesn't dabble into both. Arguments about whether the Justice League could take on the Avengers will never truly phase out.

Question 17

Never Have I Ever Written A TV/Movie Review

Websites for people to write reviews of businesses they've visited are pretty much a cultural staple nowadays, and in the same way, so are websites that give reviews of movies and TV shows. Some people just aren't interested in diving into something blind so they seek out the opinions of others before they commit to anything, and others still just want to find out if there are other people out there that share their opinions. Taking the time to write a full-on review of a TV show or movie definitely takes dedication, though.

Question 18

Never Have I Ever Owned More Than One Gaming Console

It's totally common in a modern world to own at least one gaming console, especially with the launch of things like Netflix and other similar apps, but there's still something particularly niche about owning more than one. Maybe it's the fact that each system has its own exclusives that can't be found on any other platform, which basically means that in order to get the full experience of playing every interesting game that hits the market, there's no other option than to own more than one console.

Question 19

Never Have I Ever Had A Strong Opinion About Which Spider-Man Is Best

Another tale as old as time is the heated debates between fans of Marvel's Spider-Man about which live action version of him is the best. There's Tobey Maguire, which a lot of people consider to be the classic Spider-Man, who took on the role in 2002 for a trilogy of self-titled Spider-Man films. Then there's Andrew Garfield, who took on the role for The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014). And, of course, there's Tom Holland, the new generation's Spider-Man, who's currently bringing him to life on the big screen.

Question 20

Never Have I Ever Bought Franchised Merch

What's a good way to show loyalty, support, and/or enthusiasm for a certain fandom? Well, to be honest, there are plenty of them... But one of the most common and accessible ways is merchandise. It's safe to say that the possibilities for ways to represent are endless. There are standard items like graphic tees and hoodies, mugs, action figures, and different types of toys, and then there are some more out of the box things like cases for body pillows, life-size cardboard cut outs, and other things along those lines.

Question 21

Never Have I Ever Collected Trading Cards

There are numerous trading card games that are popular within nerd culture, and a surprising amount of them are actually well-known by the masses, like Pokemon and Magic the Gathering. Not only are these hobbies something that can take up a lot of time and effort in order to gain any actual skill at, they can also get to be pretty expensive! Limited and regional releases add to how hard it can be for some players to get their ideal deck put together in time for a tournament.

Question 22

Never Have I Ever Referred To Myself As A Stan

Stan is a portmanteau of the words "stalker" and "fan", which actually comes from an Eminem song about a fan who's a little too into him, but it's become something that gets thrown around within fandom culture by people who are just really dedicated to something, whether it's a specific TV show, movie, comic, book, or character. Sometimes they're so deeply wrapped up in their beloved that they ignore even the most glaringly obvious flaws and defend it ferociously against even the most insignificant of criticisms.

Question 23

Never Have I Ever Spent Hours On Reddit

One of the main marketing tactics used by Reddit is referring to itself as the front page of the internet - and unlike some other websites' claims, theirs actually holds some clout! Reddit is a forum-based website with a front page that consists of the most popular posts from a million different smaller forums, called subreddits, as voted on by the users of the website as a whole using the upvote and downvote functions. Users can also use a page that only shows them the best content from subreddits that they're interested in.

Question 24

Never Have I Ever Played World Of Warcraft


Question 25

Never Have I Ever Had A Favorite Actor or Actress

Where would modern media be without actors and actresses? To be honest, it's hard to even imagine it! There have been countless stories brought to life by men and women all over the world, no matter whether it's in a television show, a movie, a play... Every form of live action media relies on actors and actresses to make it possible. Some people have become practically immortal through the roles they've played, such as Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy or Harrison Ford as Han Solo and Indiana Jones.

Question 26

Never Have I Ever Been Upset Over A Remake

Sometimes things are better left alone, or at least that's a fairly common belief among the fans of the numerous TV shows, movies, and video games that have been remade. It isn't always a bad idea, but when it doesn't go well, it just doesn't go well. The problems that people take with remakes of their favorites can actually vary greatly from person to person. Some people take issue with the casting decisions made, while others don't like the new direction the story has been taken in, and there are still countless other reasons!

Question 27

Never Have I Ever Debated About Which Fictional Character Would Win A Fight

Playing out a hypothetical battle between two people or things is a conversation that's been taking place since basically the beginning of time. It isn't always limited to fictional characters, of course, but there's no denying that it's a common topic of discussion among people in regards to their favorite (and sometimes least favorite) characters! It's even become such a hot topic that it has inspired various movies and TV shows that seem to be based entirely upon, "But what if these two characters got into a conflict?"

Question 28

Never Have I Ever Thought Of My Pokémon Dream Team

It wouldn't be incorrect to say that since it's 1997 debut, Pokémon has become one of the most iconic franchises throughout the entire world. There were only 151 Pokémon in the first generation, which pales in comparison to the current count of over 800 creatures. There are 18 different Types of Pokémon, each of which has strengths and weaknesses over the others. Fans of the Pokémon games understand that the most important part of success is assembling a good team to go into battles with.

Question 29

Never Have I Ever Watched A Gaming Livestream

There might be a little bit of a stigma around the concept of watching other people play video games in certain communities, but it's actually one of the more common forms of entertainment online! It comes in a variety of different formats, but one of the most well-known outside of the gaming niche is livestreaming. There are platforms specifically geared for those who enjoy streaming, which offer chatroom services to assist with the establishment of a fanbase, and allow viewers to make donations to show support.

Question 30

Never Have I Ever Watched Anime

To say that there's a preconceived notion of the average anime watcher would be an understatement. However, there's actually nothing wrong with enjoying anime. For those who aren't in the know, it's a type of animation that comes from Japan - but it is absolutely not just a cartoon. There's a wide variety of anime out there, with all different types of genres and while there may be child-oriented anime out there, many of the stories aren't conceived with an audience of children in mind.

Question 31

Never Have I Ever Binge-Watched A Show

This might have been a more unusual thing back in the day but in modern times, binge-watching is one of the most common ways to consume television shows. In fact, for some people, it's the ONLY way that they consume television shows! It's only logical, though, because why wait a week to know how that cliffhanger is going to turn out, or even worse, a month to know how a particular subplot is going to unfold when it's so easy to get the whole story in one sitting?

Question 32

Never Have I Ever Stayed Up Late On My Phone

It might not be the most recommended way to spend time, but sometimes it's really easy to end up sucked into a phone for literally hours on end. It can become especially tempting when it's time to go to bed. Some light reading on Reddit can turn into laying awake until the sun starts to rise, caught up in a deep dive reading about the lives of the surprisingly numerous people who forage for their food and raise chickens in the comfort of their own backyard.

Question 33

Never Have I Ever Gone To A Convention

There are countless different types of conventions, from hyper specific ones for fans of a certain television show, to somewhat niche ones with a focus on a specific genre of media, to the more generic and widely inclusive ones where practically anything goes. These conventions are packed full of fans from all over the spectrum, to the incredibly enthusiastic to the casual. There are people cosplaying as their favorite characters, cast and crew members from movies, TV shows, and video games, and sometimes even authors.

Question 34

Never Have I Ever Had A Strong Opinion About Which Batman Is Best

Similar to Spider-Man, there has been debate about which live action Batman was the best ever since there was more than one to choose from. Adam West, Michael Keaton, George Clooney, and Christian Bale have each had their time in the spotlight as Batman. Generally speaking, they have all secured themselves a place in the generation of their time's heart as the role. However, there are, of course, people who were around for one Batman and don't take kindly to the new one, or people who think the new Batman is the undeniable champion.

Question 35

Never Have I Ever Read Manga

The majority of popular anime series are based off of a manga, which is a type of graphic novel that comes from Japan. Similar to anime, there are countless genres available, and only some of them are available translated into English and other languages. To add other types of variety into the mix, some are released as individual pieces throughout a span of time in a magazine, others are adapted from web comics, and others are simply released as a full-on novel from the very beginning.

Question 36

Never Have I Ever Signed A Petition About A Movie Or TV Show

Television shows and movies don't always go the way that their audience wants them to. Sometimes a fan favorite character doesn't survive 'til the end, or a couple breaks up or gets together that the fans aren't exactly into. Sometimes a recasting will happen, or an actor or actress will step away from a production, much to the displeasure of the fanbase. It can even be as simple as wanting another season of a television show that's coming closer and closer to coming to an end!

Question 37

Never Have I Ever Gained Genuine Skill At An Arcade Game

Arcade games have been a popular pastime for decades now - some of them have even gotten so popular that they've been turned into games for various other platforms, like consoles, mobile phones, and PCs! However, there are some that are notoriously difficult, and even the more simplistic ones tend to ramp up the difficulty level over time, giving players no choice but to actually develop a skill for playing the game by spending as much time as possible practicing.

Question 38

Never Have I Ever Been Angry About An Adaptation's Casting

There are a lot of different things that get adapted into live action television shows and movies. Though the most common things are books, it's becoming increasingly more popular to see anime and video games converted over. Unfortunately, most real human beings don't even slightly resemble anime characters, and books often provide little more than a basic description, so it's left entirely up to the interpretation of the casting director, whose decisions don't always go over well with fans of the original work.

Question 39

Never Have I Ever Spent The Whole Day In My Room

Spending an entire day holed up in the comfort of your own bedroom isn't objectively a nerdy thing to do - as in, everyone who does it isn't a nerd. However, it's safe to assume that nearly every nerd does it, and usually for one of many perfectly good reasons: to avoid social interaction, to binge-watch a TV show, to marathon a series of movies, to finish reading a really gripping book, to immerse entirely into a video game...

Question 40

Never Have I Ever Had A Marathon of All Three LOTR Movies

Lord of the Rings started off as a series of books, which were super popular, but it skyrocketed into cultural icon status after the series of movies started. Each film has an intricate, elaborate plot and is packed full of lots of inside references to the lore and the other movies in the series. When totaled together, the theatrical versions of each film produce a timestamp of over 500 minutes (9 hours,) and the extended editions stretch that out into nearly 700 minutes (11 hours.) It's not for the casual!

Question 41

Never Have I Ever Binge-Watched The Harry Potter Films

Though each one clocks in at over 2 hours long, the Harry Potter movies don't feel very long when they're taken in one at a time. However, when all of the films' lengths are combined, it adds up to over 18 hours - and that's with skipping out on the credit sequences at the end of each movie, which pushes the total amount to over 19 hours. Even so, there are dedicated Potterheads out there that love to participate in single-day binge-watches!

Question 42

Never Have I Ever Had A Favorite Avenger

The Avengers has got to be one of the most popular superhero franchises of modern times, at least in the realm of live-action films. In fact, the entire MCU is doing remarkably well... But that's not the topic at hand! While Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor, Captain America, and Black Widow are the most commonly used ones for marketing and merchandise, there are actually a ton of other Avengers, including Spider-Man, Antman, Hawkeye, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and more.

Question 43

Never Have I Ever Played Super Smash Bros.

There are a ton of popular franchises of fighting games out there, all of which have been peacefully co-existing with one another for literally years. That is not to say, however, that Super Smash Bros. doesn't have something special about it. The game is crafted with a careful blend of accessibility, nostalgia, and utilization of everyone's favorite characters from Nintendo's various franchises in order to pull in the masses with something as simple as the announcement of a new title.

Question 44

Never Have I Ever Gotten A Tattoo For A Fandom

There seems to be a belief among a lot of people that a person should only get a tattoo for something deep and meaningful to them. In fairness, not everyone agrees with that opinion in the first place, but even those who do would probably find it difficult to fault people who go out and get a permanent symbol of how much a fandom means to them. Some fandoms hold a lot of sentiment to the people who are in them.

Question 45

Never Have I Ever Read Fantasy Or Sci-Fi Novels

There are tons of genres of books with practically infinite subgenres, but there's a special place in nerd culture for novels from the realms of high fantasy and science fiction. The two genres might be different from one another (though they can successfully be combined) but they have quite a few common attributes that make it easy to understand why people like both: elaborate world building; completely unique takes on things like history, species, magic, and powers; immersive storytelling and elaborate lore.

Question 46

Never Have I Ever Preferred Fictional Characters Over Real People

There's an entire subculture of people out there who have decided that they prefer the company of fictional characters over other human beings. It's become such a phenomenon that there are even games specially dedicated to allowing people to have a connection with their favorite character, including mild things like immersive, story-driven dating simulators told in first or second person and more niche things for the truly dedicated like immersive VR experiences and phone apps that actually offer convincing levels of interaction through messages and calls.

Question 47

Never Have I Ever Spent Money On A Mobile Game

Mobile gaming started out as a pretty casual thing that no one really took all that seriously other than the people who were already into it. However, in recent times, it has started to take off and secure itself as a legitimate platform for playing video games, some of which are exclusive to the mobile platform and others that are ports of popular console games that sometimes even offer cross-compatibility so that mobile players can join in games from other platforms.

Question 48

Never Have I Ever Played Pokémon Go

Pokémon is a cultural phenomenon that has going strong for over two decades. One of the most recent expansions of the franchise was a mobile game called Pokémon Go, which challenged players to go out into the real world in pursuit of virtual creatures, which spawned at random for a limited time only. Some spawns were more rare than others because of the creature's general rarity, but others were difficult to find because different Types preferred different regions and almost every continent had its own exclusive creature.

Question 49

Never Have I Ever Spent Hours Playing The Sims

In the world of video games, The Sims is probably one of the franchises that has the widest reach, easily capturing the hearts of casual gamers and dedicated gamers alike. To put it simply, it is a life simulator that gives players the ability to create themselves, their friends and family, or anyone that their heart desires as a playable character called a Sim, and then play out their lives however they see fit. It's an easy game to get lost in for hours.

Question 50

Never Have I Ever Drawn Fanart

It takes an incredible amount of dedication to create art in the first place, regardless of the medium of choice, and it takes even more dedication to set out to make a piece of art as an homage to a particular character or story. There are countless artists who have managed to make a name for themselves by creating works inspired by fandoms, and others still have managed to monetize it by taking commissions from other fans. Regardless of skill level, it's a remarkable thing to do.

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