Play Never Have I Ever To Get Matched To An A-List Wifey

Ready to play a little game of "Never Have I Ever?" If you've never played before, the rules are simple: We ask you if you've ever done something, and you answer honestly. Either choose "Never Have I Ever," or "I've Done That." Remember to be honest! We're going by the honor system here, so there's no way to confirm whether your answers are legitimate or not. For the most accurate results, don't try to stretch the truth.

And what kind of results are we talking about here? Luckily for you, we're going to match you up with one of the top female celebs in the world, depending on how you answer these questions. She'll be your wife - at least in your imagination. So get ready to answer some questions, because this game is going to take you on a real journey. Some of the questions will be tough. Others might be a little embarrassing. Others will be downright funny, and others will force you to take a hard look at yourself. But at the end of the quiz, you'll probably get to know yourself a little better - and that's all that really matters. Ready to play? Go for it!

Question 1

Never Have I Ever Played Never Have I Ever

Wait... What? You might have to read this one over a few times in order for it to sink in. That's right, we're asking if this is your first time playing "Never Have I Ever." If so, you're in for a treat. This is a seriously fun game, although it's best played with friends. So grab someone and tell them to pull up a chair, because you're about to go on a pretty awesome journey. You might just discover something about yourself...

Question 2

Never Have I Ever Hung A Celeb Poster In My Room

It's always a good thing to have idols. Looking up to a famous celebrity inspires us to reach our full potential in our own lives. They also remind us that anything is possible, no matter who we are. Some of us might also decide to hang posters of our favorite celebrities in our rooms, reminding us of our heroes on a daily basis. Many people do this in high school, or when they're quite young. It might be an athlete, a singer, or even a model.

Question 3

Never Have I Ever Been In A Play

The performing arts definitely isn't for everyone. It takes a special type of person to get up in front of a crowd of people and strut their stuff. Many people try and fail. But for some, being in a play is one of the most fulfilling pastimes imaginable. It's a chance to express ourselves, channel our emotions, and get our creative juices flowing. Some of us might have been in plays as a high school student, or even in elementary.

Question 4

Never Have I Ever Been Attacked By A Wild Animal

Make no mistake, mother nature is still quite dangerous at times. It only takes a few seconds to realize that humans aren't exactly the "king of the jungle." There are animals which are much faster, stronger, and larger than us. Even smaller animals can be quite ferocious - such as coyotes or raccoons. Some of us live in areas where wild animals are more common, and we might see wild animals on a somewhat regular basis. But have you ever been attacked?

Question 5

Never Have I Ever Walked Into A Pole While Texting

These days, an incredible amount of information is right at our fingertips in the form of smartphone technology. But sometimes, this is actually a bit of a disadvantage. Having these phones can be a massive distraction. We all know that texting while driving is a huge no-no, but what about walking while texting? Some of us have found out the hard way just how dangerous this can be. Some of us might have even walked into poles while trying to text!

Question 6

Never Have I Ever Given Myself A Haircut

Who needs a hairdresser or barber when you can do it all yourself? Some of us might have taken this line of thought, and many of us ended up regretting it. As easy as it looks, cutting hair is not actually a walk in the park. It does take skill and training. Still, some people attempt it, and some of us might experience some pretty notable success. Others don't do so well and end up with an unfortunate hair cut.

Question 7

Never Have I Ever Cheated In School

School is getting very competitive these days. Everyone's trying to get the best grades, attend the best schools, and graduate with the best degrees. Sometimes, we might be tempted to cheat in order to achieve our desired results. Obviously, this is extremely unethical - but people still do it on a regular basis. There are many different ways to cheat. Some people copy other people's work, while others use advanced technology to research the answers while they're taking the test.

Question 8

Never Have I Ever Seen A Ghost

Ghosts are a tricky subject. Some people are convinced of their existence, while others remain skeptical. There are tons of shows these days about "ghost hunters," where paranormal experts use advanced technology to try and figure out whether ghosts are present in haunted buildings. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to our own personal experiences. Some of us have actually seen ghosts, and so we believe if them fully. What about you? Have you ever seen a ghost?

Question 9

Never Have I Ever Been Trapped In An Elevator

For some people, getting trapped in an elevator is one of the most unpleasant things imaginable. This is especially true if you're claustrophobic, and you have a dislike of small spaces. But even if you're fine with tight spaces, being stuck in an elevator for hours is definitely not fun - especially if you're stuck with tons of other people. You pretty much just have to sit there until the firefighters come and get you out. Has this ever happened to you?

Question 10

Never Have I Ever Sung Karaoke

Karaoke is a very popular pastime that people seem to love all across the world. In case you didn't already know, it's when you sing along to your favorite songs while the words come across on a TV screen. People have a lot of fun doing this, and it's often found at parties or at special bars. It doesn't really matter if you're any good at singing - the main part is having fun. What about you? Have you ever sung Karaoke?

Question 11

Never Have I Ever Stayed Awake For Over 48 Hours

Sleep is one of the most important things for our health. But for whatever reason, a lot of people neglect this crucial part of our lives. But for some, they just don't have a choice. Insomnia is a real thing that a lot of people struggle with, and they often end up staying up for days on end. Sometimes, it's not about insomnia. We're forced to stay up for that long, due to circumstances which are completely out of our control.

Question 12

Never Have I Ever Dyed My Hair

Some people just like to be different. They strive to express their own unique personality, and they want everyone to know that they don't want to just "fit in." Many of these people choose to dye their hair. Of course, coloring your hair doesn't necessarily mean you choose a wild, bright color. Many people choose to dye their hair natural tones, such as blonde or red. The only concern is that frequent coloring can lead to hair deterioration if you're not careful.

Question 13

Never Have I Ever Ended A Friendship

Friends come and go. That's just the harsh reality of life. People grow apart, and sometimes we find out that we don't actually have much in common with the people we thought were our friends. Still, ending a friendship can be pretty hard. Especially when it's your decision to stop hanging out with someone. But there are definitely legitimate reasons to end a friendship. Maybe they're engaging in harmful behavior, or peer-pressuring you to do things that you don't want to do.

Question 14

Never Have I Ever Talked On The Phone For Over 2 Hours

These days, it seems like almost no one ever talks on the phone anymore. It's all about texting, and hearing someone's voice seems kind of awkward nowadays. Nevertheless, there are those that still appreciate the joys of a good old fashioned phone call, and sometimes these conversations can go on for hours and hours on end. It's a great way to connect with friends and loved ones who live many miles away, and these long conversations can be quite emotional.

Question 15

Never Have I Ever Punched My Own TV Screen

Even though humans are supposed to be civilized, it often seems like our true primal nature is lurking just millimeters under the surface. Many of us tend to get incredibly angry at inanimate objects, even though it's completely illogical to do so. After all, objects like TVs and phones don't have personalities. If they're not working, it's not because they're trying to insult us. But even so, many of us resort to violence when dealing with a faulty television, for example.

Question 16

Never Have I Ever Been Lost In The Wilderness

We often take the luxuries of our lives for granted. Living in the big city is an amazing experience - but what happens when all of that gets taken away? What happens when we're left to fend for ourselves in the wilderness. That level of comfort and confidence soon disappears completely, and we're reminded of just how vulnerable we are. Maybe you wandered into the forest and lost the trail. Maybe you went exploring in the mountains and totally lost your sense of direction.

Question 17

Never Have I Ever Tried Being Vegan

It seems like more and more people are Vegan these days... Or at least trying to become Vegan. If you've ever tried this, you know that it's definitely not easy. After all, many of us are in love with meat, dairy, and other animal products. You might not even be able to imagine living without these food items. But it IS possible, and millions of people do it every day. Some even say that it's healthier. But have you ever tried it?

Question 18

Never Have I Ever Tried Scuba Diving

There are all kinds of treasures and secrets lurking in the ocean's depths. And even though marine creatures are typically the only ones who can explore these areas, many people venture down into the deep with the help of scuba gear. If you've ever done this recreationally, you know that it's an experience of a lifetime. You might have explored deep wrecks of underwater ships, or found sea creatures that you couldn't even imagine. It's quite the experience - but have you done it?

Question 19

Never Have I Ever Tried Surfing

Another popular water-based pastime is surfing. People have been doing this for quite a while, and it's one of the most amazing sports to watch. If you've ever tried it, you know that it's definitely not as easy as the pros make it out to be. It takes a lot of skill, balance, and timing. However, those who successfully catch waves admit that it's one of the most unique, peaceful and exhilarating experiences imaginable. The question is, have you ever surfed?

Question 20

Never Have I Ever Gone Bungee Jumping

For thrill-seekers and extreme sports enthusiasts, bungee jumping is one of the best pastimes imaginable. At first glance, it seems like you'd have to be crazy to give it a try. After all, who in their right mind would jump into empty space with just a rope connected to their legs? Still, people love to bungee jump, and it's definitely quite an experience. If you've ever gone bungee jumping, we definitely tip our hats to you. It takes a lot of courage.

Question 21

Never Have I Ever Fallen Asleep On The Bus (And Missed My Stop)

Most of us have had to take the bus at some point in our lives. And there's something about taking the bus which is very relaxing. We get to sit back and watch the streets roll by as the driver takes us to our final destination. Sometimes, it might just be TOO relaxing - to the point where we're literally falling asleep. Obviously, this isn't a good thing - especially when we end up missing our stop. Has this ever happened to you?

Question 22

Never Have I Ever Crashed A Party

Parties are a lot of fun, but you'll never get to experience them if you're not invited... Of course, unless you just decide to crash parties. This is definitely a risky move, because you stand the chance of being discovered by whoever planned the party. At that point, you'd probably be kicked out. But if there's a big enough crowd, you should probably just slip into the background without anyone actually noticing. Does this sound familiar? Have you ever done this?

Question 23

Never Have I Ever Crashed A Wedding

Crashing a wedding is a lot more difficult than crashing a party. These are much more formal events, and people tend to know everyone else. So if you're going to crash a wedding, you need to be pretty good at telling lies and making up excuses. Many of us have seen the movie Wedding Crashers, and this is a perfect example of how to pull this off with ease. Still, these two guys eventually get caught, so maybe it's not even worth it.

Question 24

Never Have I Ever Dated A Friend’s Sibling

In many ways, there's no closer connection than the relationship between two siblings. Although there might be a little bit of sibling rivalry here and there, most siblings will agree that deep down, there's a strong feeling of love between the two individuals. That connection means that it always feels a little strange to see your sibling dating someone else. Some of us feel protective, or just a little uncomfortable at the thought. Have you ever dated a friend's sibling?

Question 25

Never Have I Ever Clogged A Toilet

Can you imagine a world without central plumbing? Interestingly, even some of the ancient cultures had some type of plumbing, and you have to go back pretty far to find societies that didn't have this technology. But even today, toilets aren't exactly perfect. They're prone to malfunctions every so often - although sometimes, the user is the one to blame. For whatever reason, sometimes toilets clog up, and we're forced to point the finger at the last person who used it...

Question 26

Never Have I Ever Set Off Fireworks

People have been playing with fireworks since the ancient times. And even before then, humans have been obsessed and transfixed by explosions, fire, and bright lights. These days, fireworks are much more advanced than they've ever been before. And yet, they're also essentially unchanged. These days, people can buy their own fireworks, and many people like to set them off themselves in parks. Sometimes, it gets a little dangerous as people use firecrackers, bottle rockets, and other such firework types.

Question 27

Never Have I Ever Been “Left Hanging” After Attempting A High Five

For some people, executing a perfect high five just seems to be second nature. For other people, high fives seem to be a perpetual source of embarrassment and awkwardness. No matter how hard we try, we just can't seem to get it right. And as everyone knows, one of the most uncomfortable things that can possibly happen when we attempt a high five is to be "left hanging." This is of course when we put our hands up to give a high five, and no one returns the favor.

Question 28

Never Have I Ever Eaten An Entire Pizza To Myself

Isn't pizza just one of the best foods ever invented? This food might have originated in Europe, but it's spread all across the world. We don't think anyone is complaining, as there's nothing better than a nice pizza after a hard day's work. Some people love pizza so much that they end up eating many slices in just one sitting. Other people go even further, eating an entire pizza all to themselves. But have you actually ever gone this far?

Question 29

Never Have I Ever Bought A Piece Of “Supreme” Clothing

Without a doubt, Supreme is one of the most popular streetwear brands in the world right now. Over a relatively short period of time, Supreme has risen to the absolute top of the fashion industry, creating untold levels of hype and drawing in millions of people all across the world. It's hard not to get swept up into the frenzy over this brand, as they do genuinely make some pretty interesting clothing. Some of our readers might even own a piece from this brand.

Question 30

Never Have I Ever Spent Christmas All By Myself

There are many people out there who genuinely enjoy being alone. These people are genuinely known as "introverts," and they can go weeks without seeing a single soul, while being perfectly happy. But there are certain days when even the biggest introverts need a little bit of company. These are things like birthdays, holidays, and celebrations. Christmas is a great example. Typically, we want to spend Christmas with our family and loved ones. But has anyone spent Christmas all alone?

Question 31

Never Have I Ever Forgotten My Partner’s Birthday

Forgetting someone's birthday is a major no-no. ESPECIALLY if that person is your partner. When you're in a relationship, the expectation is that you do something really special and exciting for your loved one on their big day. If you forget the day entirely, that basically means that you don't really care about them. Even so, many of us have accidentally forgotten all about our partner's birthday. Obviously, things don't go very well when this happens. It might even cause the relationship to end.

Question 32

Never Have I Ever Forgotten An Anniversary

Is there something even worse than forgetting our loved one's birthday. Possibly. Many would say that forgetting an anniversary is even worse, and it's hard to argue with that thought. An anniversary is a major milestone, more so than a birthday. The expectation is that you do something TRULY special on this big day, and it's important not to let your partner down. But many of us have accidentally forgotten all about an anniversary, and it can lead to some pretty negative circumstances.

Question 33

Never Have I Ever Shouted At A Teacher

School can sometimes be a little stressful. We don't always get on with our teachers, and this makes sense. After all, teachers aren't there to make friends with us. Their job is to make sure we get a good level of education, and sometimes that means they need to be a little strict. But sometimes, they go too far. Sometimes, they push our buttons. Sometimes, we get a little frustrated, and we might even get into a shouting match with our teachers...

Question 34

Never Have I Ever Been Rejected By My Crush

Getting rejected is one of the most painful things in life. It's very hard to deal with, and some people never quite get over the experience. Still, we need to be strong and continue on with our lives, no matter how crushing the experience might be. Speaking of "crushes," getting rejected is even worse when it's someone we really like. All of a sudden our most treasured dreams all come crashing down. Has this ever happened to you? Do tell.

Question 35

Never Have I Ever Scored The Winning Goal During Sports

Some people absolutely love sports, while others can't be bothered. But pretty much everyone plays sports at some point in their lives, because it's often part of our school curriculum during physical education. Some people go pretty far with their athletic journeys, while others do it just for fun. But whatever the case, many of us have all kinds of glorious memories from days when we played sports. And of all the memories, there's nothing quite like scoring the winning goal.

Question 36

Never Have I Ever Won At Fortnite

These days, everyone knows about Fortnite. And pretty much everyone has played this game at some point during their lives. Some people get really into this game, practicing for hours and hours until they get seriously skilled. But even the most skilled players out there find it hard to actually win at this game. Sometimes, it's just not possible, and that's why getting the number one spot is always a cause for celebration. But what about you? Have you ever won?

Question 37

Never Have I Ever Regretted Getting A Tattoo

These days, it seems like pretty much everyone has a tattoo of some kind. They're getting seriously popular, although people might not necessarily think the decision through before getting tatted up. This is of course nothing new, and people have been getting tattoos which they later regretted for years and years. Who knows why you might regret it. Maybe it's for a loved one that later left your life. Maybe it's something that you're no longer interested in. Can you relate?

Question 38

Never Have I Ever Been Pooped On By A Seagull

There are many who say that it's only a matter of time before you get pooped on by a seagull. It's just a matter of probability. There are countless seagulls prowling the skies, and each one seems to emit a constant supply of poop. If you spend large amounts of time walking along beaches or coastal areas, you're going to get hit one day. Just accept it. Still, many people out there have managed to go their entire lives without experiencing this.

Question 39

Never Have I Ever Thrown Up At School

No matter how you slice it, throwing up is never a pleasant experience. In fact, it's one of the most unpleasant experiences imaginable. It might also be quite embarrassing, depending on the people around you. In addition, the process can be quite exhausting, leaving you teary-eyed and gasping for air. Most of us have experienced this at some point in our lives, and many of us have thrown up while on school grounds. But what about you? Can you relate?

Question 40

Never Have I Ever Sat On Santa’s Lap… As An Adult

Although many people think that Santa is "just for kids," he continues to be a treasured part of many of our Christmas experiences. Santa never gets old, and some adults even visit with Santa when he appears at malls and shopping centers. Some of us even sit on his lap, and tell him what we want for Christmas! Hey, it's all in good fun, and there's nothing wrong with bringing out our inner child once in a while. But have you ever done this?

Question 41

Never Have I Ever Had A Serious Conversation With My Pet

Talking to ourselves is one thing. But what about when we talk to our pets? Some would say that this is even worse, but pets are actually smarter than a lot of people think. Dogs can recognize certain words, and they're really good at reading body languages. Cats are also very intelligent - but they tend to get bored when we talk to them. So is talking to your pets crazy? Maybe. But who knows... they might understand the whole thing.

Question 42

Never Have I Ever Been Snowed In

For our readers who live in summery, warm areas, you've probably never dealt with the negative aspects of snow. It might seem fun to you, like a novelty. But for our readers who live in cold areas, snow can be a downright nuisance. Snow can seriously pile up - to the point where we can't even leave our homes. This is called getting "snowed in," and it happens a lot in the northern regions. Have you ever had to deal with this?

Question 43

Never Have I Ever Left Gum Underneath The Seat

You haven't done this... Have you? Sticking gum underneath the seat or under a desk is almost universally despised, but people still do it. The most unpleasant thing is when you find yourself on the receiving end of this, getting gum stuck on your pants or on your clothes as a result of someone else's bad habits. Many people do this without really thinking twice about it. It's definitely not the most ethical thing to do. But are you one of these people?

Question 44

Never Have I Ever Pretended To Know Kung-Fu

Kung-Fu is a general term for the Eastern martial arts, such as Karate, Judo, and many more. If you're familiar with these arts, you definitely know how to handle yourself in a fight. But certain people might have faked this knowledge, for various reasons. If you're really good at acting, you might just be able to convince people that you know Kung-Fu. Or maybe you're just really good at imitating what you see in movies and on various television shows.

Question 45

Never Have I Ever Been On A Double Date

No matter how crazy we are about our loved ones, sometimes we need to socialize with other people. A great way to do this is with a double date. Most people know exactly what this is, and you're basically just hanging out with another couple. It can be a fun way to get out and enjoy the company of others, while still enjoying the "date" experience. It's not quite as common as people think. Have you ever done this in the past?

Question 46

Never Have I Ever Tried A Cheesy Pickup Line

Dating is hard. But one of the hardest things about meeting a potential love interest is those first few moments. First of all, you need to gather up the courage to actually talk to your crush, and then make a move. Secondly, those first few minutes are incredibly important, as this is when you'll be making your first impressions. Many people resort to cheesy pickup lines in an attempt to break the ice. Sometimes, this works wonders... Other times, not so much.

Question 47

Never Have I Ever Ridden A Motorcycle

Motorcycles might look like a lot of fun, but they're actually pretty dangerous. Accidents are much more common with motorcycles, but that doesn't stop a lot of people from taking them out and speeding across the roads. Even though they might be dangerous, there's no denying that motorcycles are a lot of fun. In many ways, they symbolize freedom and liberation. Many of us have never even ridden on a motorcycle once in our lives. But what about you? Have you ever done this?

Question 48

Never Have I Ever Thrown My Pet A Birthday Party

Every pet needs to be treated to something special every once in a while. And hey, why not make this special day their birthday? Most pet owners know when their pets were born, and they make sure to mark that special day with tons of treats and attention every single year. Other people don't really bother - because they know that pets don't really have any concept of a birthday. But hey, there's no denying that pets love the attention - even if they don't quite understand why it's happening.

Question 49

Never Have I Ever Been Stung By A Jellyfish

Jellyfish are some of the most beautiful creatures in the sea. They look strange - even alien. But they often light up with bright color and beautiful shades as they float gracefully through the deep. Some of us might be curious about jellyfish... But before you get too close, we want to remind you that jellyfish do in fact sting anyone who comes into contact with them, and their sting can be quite dangerous - even leading to an allergic reaction. Have you ever experienced this?

Question 50

Never Have I Ever Had A Bubble Bath

Everyone knows that baths aren't quite as efficient as a shower. They take longer, and they use more water. But there's something very special about taking a bath - something you just don't get from a shower. With a bath, you get to take a few minutes and just relax, letting your worries fade away. You take your time, enjoying the bathing process and breathing deep. One of the best ways to make the most of this experience is with a bubble bath.

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