Play 'Never Have I Ever' To Get Matched To A TV Husband

There are a lot of really fun games that people like to play when they get together with their friends. One super popular game is a game called "Never Have I Ever." In this game, friends get together and list things that they've never done in their life and anyone who has done that thing has to speak up. It's a really fun game to play with friends that have known each other for a long time or even for friends that only recently met because it's a great way to get to know each other just a little bit better! The stories that come from people admitting to the things that they've done can be pretty hilarious and definitely an awesome ice breaker for new friends or a way to relive some funny memories with older friends.

The only thing that would make a game of "Never Have I Ever" better would be playing it with our favorite fictional characters like ones from TV shows and movies that we totally wish were real so we could be BFFs with. Even though that can't actually happen, we can totally dream, right?

Play a game of "Never Have I Ever" to get matched to the perfect TV husband!

Question 1

Never have I ever gone scuba diving.

One fun part of going on a vacation to the beach or visiting the ocean is getting to do things like going scuba diving. Scuba diving involves putting on a wet suit and a set of scuba equipment in order to swim around under the sea and get an up-close look at all the fish, coral, and other underwater creatures that live there. For people who really love nature and want to see these animals in their natural habitat, going scuba diving can be a ton of fun!

Question 2

Never have I ever locked my keys in my car.

Uh oh! This is totally not something that people want to do. There are definitely few things worse than getting out of your car and realizing that you locked something inside it. Normally, you can just turn around and unlock the door in order to get them out but that doesn't exactly work if the thing that got locked inside was your keys. Yikes! This is always inconvenient and definitely something that most people try to avoid having happen. Who has done this?

Question 3

Never have I ever worn the same clothes two days in a row.

Oops! Even though we usually change our clothes each day and wear something fresh and new, there are some days when that just doesn't happen. Either because we're just too lazy to pick something new out of the closet or because our outfit looked so good that we don't want to waste it, there have been times when we're totally guilty of wearing the same clothes the day after we just wore them. Oops! Who else is guilty of doing this?

Question 4

Never have I ever sang along to a Disney movie.

Let's be honest, the songs in Disney movies are easily the best part of watching the movie. Sure, we love the princesses and the stories but who can deny that all those catchy songs are really what makes the movie great? Not us, that's for sure! Each Disney movie that comes out has its own really unique and catchy songs and it's hard not to dance and sing along to them while we watch our favorite Disney movies. Who else sings along to the songs in these flicks?

Question 5

Never have I ever listened to a podcast.

A podcast is an audio series that is typically released on mobile devices like phones and tablets in the form of episodes that come out on a set schedule. There are podcasts in just about every genre from non-fiction podcasts that educate a listener to fictional podcasts that tell a story. Podcasts typically come out on a set schedule like weekly or bi-weekly and typically follow some sort of a set theme, whether it has a new story every week or follows a single story through the whole series.

Question 6

Never have I ever watched an episode of Gilmore Girls.

Gilmore Girls is a series that aired from 2000 to 2007 and follows the lives of a mother-daughter duo named Rory and Lorelai Gilmore. The two of them live in the fictional small town of Stars Hollow and are totally inseparable. Instead of being like a regular mother-daughter team, the two of them are more like best friends. The series follows from Rory's time as a high school student through her years at Yale as a college student and got a miniseries set several years later.

Question 7

Never have I ever used a selfie stick.

Getting a perfect selfie is definitely something that isn't easy. It's difficult to try to get the right angle and get everything in the picture between the people you're trying to take a selfie with and the background. Human arms just aren't long enough to do this! That's where a selfie stick comes in. Selfie sticks are an item that attaches to a person's phone and makes it easy for them to hold their phone way out and snap the perfect shot.

Question 8

Never have I ever eaten a whole pizza by myself.

Yum, pizza! The crispy crust, the gooey cheese, the delicious toppings... Yes, please! Pizza is such a good food that can be customized with just about any toppings or crust style that a person might want. Because of that, it's a really popular food that many people love to either make at home or order from their favorite restaurant in order to bring home and enjoy. Although pizzas are often made big enough to share with friends or family members, it's hard to resist eating it all alone.

Question 9

Never have I ever regifted something.

Oops. This is one that not many people want to admit to publicly because it can definitely be something that most people want to keep secret from those around them. Regifting involves taking a gift that you received and just weren't in love with and giving it away to someone else. While it's a good way to make sure things you don't want find a good home, it can still make for an awkward situation if the original gift-giver finds out about it.

Question 10

Never have I ever seen Pretty Little Liars.

Pretty Little Liars is a TV show that aired between 2010 and 2017. The series follows a group of friends - Aria, Emily, Spencer, and Hanna - who grew apart after the mysterious disappearance of their other best friend, Alison. A year after losing Alison, the friends are brought back together because they begin receiving strange messages that contain things about them that they thought only Alison knew about. The four of them come together to try to figure out who's sending these messages.

Question 11

Never have I ever been to a concert.

Listening to our favorite bands at home is one thing but it's something else completely to be able to watch them live in action. There's something very special about going to a concert, especially if we can go with our friends or with a romantic partner. It's great to be part of the crowd and to hear our favorite singers give it everything they have. Not an experience we are likely to forget in a hurry. Ever been to a concert?

Question 12

Never have I ever fallen asleep in a movie theater.

Oops! Going to see a movie at the theater can be really fun, especially if it's a movie that you've really been looking forward to seeing. Those seats are just so comfortable and it's always nice and dark and it can be too easy to get nice and comfortable and just doze right off while you're enjoying the movie. If it's a really good movie, this probably won't happen but it's something that isn't always possible to avoid. Who has done this?

Question 13

Never have I ever cut my own hair.

This is definitely one of those things that seems like it's a good idea when we're doing it and then... We typically realize not long later, after we put the scissors away and take a good look in the mirror, that it was definitely not a good idea. Although some at-home hair experiments can go really well and end up looking awesome, a lot of them remind us why there are salons where people are paid to take care of hair.

Question 14

Never have I ever taken a quiz to find my Harry Potter house.

Harry Potter is a series of books and movies that follow the life of a young wizard named Harry Potter who attends a school called Hogwarts. At Hogwarts, all the students are sorted based on their personality and values into one of four houses: Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, or Hufflepuff. Each of these four houses have very different traits and fans of the Harry Potter series definitely know which of these houses fit their personality the best. Who else has taken a quiz to find out what house they're in?

Question 15

Never have I ever worn my pajamas out of the house.

Oops! This may not be something many people are ready to admit to doing but let's be honest, there are just some days when it's too easy to stay in your pajamas all day and just relax. While that's definitely no problem at home, not many people keep their pajamas on when it's time to actually get out of the house. Even though we typically change into some "real" clothes in order to go do things, everyone has a lazy day from time to time and goes out in pajamas.

Question 16

Never have I ever visited a haunted house.

Every season and holiday has its own traditions. During the wintertime when Christmas comes around, people like to decorate a tree and exchange gifts with their friends and family. During the spring, people like to garden and declutter their homes in order to freshen things up. During Halloween, one fun tradition is going to a haunted house attraction that has been set up to really get people into the Halloween spirit and totally spook them. Who's been to a haunted house?

Question 17

Never have I ever fallen asleep watching TV.

Oops! What's better than getting into bed or laying on the couch and relaxing after a long day with a good show on Netflix? Not many things, to be honest! But, after a long day, turning on a good show and relaxing is a really good way to end up accidentally falling asleep with the show playing. That's never good! But it's definitely something that happens to us from time to time when we're just too cozy while we watch our favorite show.

Question 18

Never have I ever watched a spooky movie in the dark.

Watching movies is a lot of fun. There are so many different genres of movies from funny movies to spooky ones that it's always fun to have a movie night, either by yourself or even with friends! When you pick a movie that's more on the spooky side, it can be a lot of fun to turn the lights down low and really set the mood. It's definitely only something to do if you're feeling totally brave, though! Who has done this?

Question 19

Never have I ever made a tie-dye shirt.

Tie-dying shirts involves taking a plain t-shirt and wrapping it up in itself in a cool pattern and then securing it with a rubber band before dipping it into different colors of fabric dye. After it soaks in the colors of dye, it's taken out and dried and then the rubber bands are taken off to reveal a really cool pattern in the dye. Customizing clothes through DIY methods like this is totally cool and an awesome way to get a shirt that's super unique!

Question 20

Never have I ever watched Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians is one of many TV shows that the Kardashian-Jenner family has had throughout the years. It's a reality show that focuses on the lives and careers of each member of the Kardashian-Jenner family and, for people who follow these celebs, it can be a pretty fun series to watch. It's definitely entertaining to get a sneak peek into their lives and see the behind-the-scenes of what goes on in their public lives. Who's watched this show?

Question 21

Never have I ever sang karaoke.

Karaoke involves getting up on a stage in front of other people in order to sing a song that you've chosen. Typically, karaoke venues have a screen that displays the lyrics in order to make it super easy for the person to sing along to the song and perform it for the people watching. Even if someone isn't a singer, it can be a lot of fun to sing karaoke and pretend to be a performer for a few minutes.

Question 22

Never have I ever snooped through someone's phone.

Oops! This is definitely something that not many people are going to want to admit to doing. Snooping through someone else's personal items like they're phone to try to read their private text messages or look through their pictures is totally not cool! But, there are some times when people just can't help but get curious about what's in there and there are definitely times people have turned to this method to get answers to their burning questions. Who has done this before?

Question 23

Never have I ever been to Disneyland.

Disneyland is an amusement park that has a ton of visitors every day who travel to the park in order to go on different Disney-themed rides, meet their favorite Disney characters, and enjoy some of the delicious foods that area available in the parks. For Disney fans, making a trip to Disneyland or another of the Disney parks around the world is a definite must. Many Disney fans even go multiple times, especially for different holidays and special celebrations. Have you ever been to Disneyland?

Question 24

Never have I ever seen a ghost.

This is spooky! A ghost is a paranormal entity that is said to be the energy left behind after a person passes on. Ghosts are often seen or felt by people who are visiting locations that are said to be haunted and can be a pretty spooky thing to experience! There are a ton of people all over the world that claim they've had some kind of paranormal experience in their lives like seeing a ghost. Who has seen one before?

Question 25

Never have I ever tried a DIY I saw online.

The Internet is full of so many awesome DIY projects. There are DIYs that can help to organize, DIYs that can make decorations for your home, DIYs that can totally upcycle your old clothes... Seriously, the list just goes on and on! It's crazy how many awesome and creative things people on the web have thought to make. It's hard to resist the urge to try some of these Pinterest-worthy DIYs that we see in our feed! Have you ever tried one?

Question 26

Never have I ever dyed my hair an unnatural color.

For people who like to experiment with their look, changing your hair color can be a lot of fun. Hair dyes come in all kinds of different colors meaning there's a different shade for everyone. While many are natural tones like brown, red, and blonde, there are also more bold shades that fall outside the spectrum of natural hair colors like pink, blue, purple, and even green. For people who really like to stand out and show off their personality, a bright hair color like this can be great.

Question 27

Never have I ever watched a whole season of a show in one day.

Even though TV shows typically have seasons that have several episodes in them that are meant to give viewers watching material for quite some time, there are some shows that are so good, we just can't help but watch episode after episode. Before we know it, we're through the whole season and our to do list is off gathering dust somewhere. Oops! Even though it's definitely not good for our productivity, watching a whole season of a show in one day is something many people have done.

Question 28

Never have I ever sang in the shower.

Whether you choose to shower at night or in the morning, showering can be a lot of fun. It's a great way to clean up and get ready for the day but it's also a good time to clear your head and for some people, even practice your singing skills. Even for people that don't like to show off their pipes in everyday life, singing in the shower can be a lot of fun. There's a reason that scene in Easy A was so easy to relate to!

Question 29

Never have I ever been to an arcade.

An arcade is a venue that is home to a lot of different arcade games and other games that a person can go play. Some arcades give out tickets that can be traded in for prizes depending on the score that a person might get on any of the games that they're playing in the arcade. Arcades are a really fun way to pass the time for people who like to play the games that are often found in them.

Question 30

Never have I ever stayed up all night to study.

Anyone who is in or has ever been in school will know that studying can take a lot of time. Having a big test coming up can be something that makes a lot of people really nervous and because of that, people like to study a whole bunch in order to make sure that they really know the material that the test is going over so they can get the best possible grade on their test. For some people, that means studying all night without sleeping!

Question 31

Never have I ever gotten lost.

Whether it's in a totally new city or one that you've lived in for a while, it can be a pretty spooky experience to get lost! Realizing that you don't know where you're going, where you are, or even where you parked your car can be a pretty unnerving time and no one wants to experience that. Luckily, smartphones make getting lost a little less serious of a situation these days but it's still something we try to avoid. Who has gotten lost before?

Question 32

Never have I ever texted the wrong person.

This is a mistake that can be so embarrassing! Even if you're not talking about something super embarrassing, sending a text to someone other than the person who you meant to be reading it is something no one wants to happen. Even though technology makes it so easy to get and stay in contact with friends and family members who don't live nearby, but it can also be way too easy to accidentally text the wrong person without meaning to.

Question 33

Never have I ever been to the beach.

There are a ton of different vacation destinations around the world. From chilly places where people can go skiing or snowboarding in the snow-covered mountains to big cities where people can shop, visit museums, and enjoy restaurants to more tropical locations where people can go to the beach and enjoy the warm sun and ocean full of fish. The last type of destination, a beach vacation, is always a really popular one among many people because the warm weather is just so nice.

Question 34

Never have I ever eaten fast food twice in a day.

Even though cooking at home is great, there are some days when we just crave our fast food favorites and can't resist going out to order something from a fast food restaurant like Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, or McDonald's. They may not be the healthiest choices available, but they sure are delicious and totally great from time to time. It's definitely not something we would want to eat too often though! Who has gotten fast food for two meals in a single day?

Question 35

Never have I ever ridden a roller coaster.

Roller coasters are a type of thrill ride that are available at a ton of different amusement parks around the world. There area lot of different types that have different themes but they all have the same basic format. The riders get into some type of vehicle, either seated or standing, that is propelled along a track at high speeds as the track goes up and down hills and sometimes even goes upside down through loops in the track. Who has been on a roller coaster?

Question 36

Never have I ever gotten a cavity.

Going to the dentist is definitely not something that most people want to do. Even though taking care of your teeth is important and we all totally know that, who really looks forward to making an appointment to go lay back in the dentist chair and get their teeth worked on? It's something a lot of us definitely try to avoid until we absolutely need to go get our teeth looked at or cleaned but it has to be done!

Question 37

Never have I ever uploaded a video to YouTube.

YouTube is a website that hosts videos that are uploaded by people all over the world. People upload all kinds of different videos from tutorials to product reviews and even videos of gameplay from their favorite video games. There are some YouTubers that have millions of subscribers that wait to see the next video that they'll be uploading to their channel! Many people have uploaded at least one video to YouTube, even if they didn't choose to keep going on the video platform.

Question 38

Never have I ever cried over a movie.

Movies can be really emotional! Seriously, who hasn't shed a few tears watching a classic flick like The Notebook or Titanic? Sometimes, there are just movies that it's hard to keep it together during because we start to love the characters in the movie so much and the movies give us so many different emotions. Whether it's happy crying or sad crying, there are definitely a lot of different reasons to cry during a movie. Who has had this happen to them?

Question 39

Never have I ever gone mini golfing.

Mini golfing is a fun sport that is similar to traditional golf except, as the name suggests, on a much smaller scale. On top of being way smaller, mini golf usually involves a course that has a lot of fun and silly obstacles that get in the way of the player simply hitting the ball into the hole on the course. Tunnels, hills, and moving obstacles can make it more challenging but they also make it a ton of fun!

Question 40

Never have I ever gone to sleep without washing my makeup off.

We all know that it's important to wash our faces at night before we go to bed, especially if we wore makeup during the day. Keeping makeup on after we go to bed means that our pores won't get a chance to breathe and it can cause our skin to break out. Yikes! No one wants that to happen, right? But there are just some nights when washing our makeup off is way too much work and we just want to go to sleep.

Question 41

Never have I ever gotten stuck in an elevator.

Elevators are used in many multi-story buildings in order to get people from floor to floor without having to climb the stairs. This is really handy but anyone who has taken them knows that there's always a small risk of the elevator getting stuck if the power goes out or anything like that happens. Yikes! This can be something that makes people a little nervous and for good reason, that would definitely not be a fun situation for anyone to be in.

Question 42

Never have I ever read the Twilight books.

Twilight is a series of books and movies about a high school girl named Bella Swan who moves to a town in Washington called Forks. After only living there a short time, she meets and begins to develop feelings for a boy from her school named Edward Cullen. It isn't long before she realizes something is strange about Edward and finds out that, along with the rest of his family, he's actually a vampire. Have you read the books these movies are based on?

Question 43

Never have I ever flown on an airplane.

When you're traveling from one place to another, an airplane is a great mode of transportation. It involves flying above the ground, through the sky in order to get to a faraway land in a short period of time. Flying is a lot faster than driving somewhere, especially for long distances, so it's definitely the preferred method of many travelers who don't want to be on the road for a long time in order to reach their destination. Who has flown before?

Question 44

Never have I ever gotten a selfie with a celebrity.

Meeting a favorite celebrity is an awesome experience for a lot of people. The best part of meeting a celebrity that we totally love is taking a picture with them to post on social media. The picture can also be used as a way to remember the moment for a long time afterward since meeting a celebrity someone is a big fan of can be such an awesome moment that we definitely want to remember! Who has gotten a picture taken with a celebrity before?

Question 45

Never have I ever eaten baby food as an adult.

Even though baby food is, as the name would suggest, obviously meant to be eaten by babies because of the fact that it's soft and easy for them to swallow without needing to chew anything, there are still some reasons to eat it as an adult. Whether it's for a dare or after getting your wisdom teeth out or something else, there are definitely a few situations in which an adult may find themselves eating baby food. Have you ever done it?

Question 46

Never have I ever snooped through someone's bathroom cabinets.

Even if most people don't want to admit to doing this, many people are totally guilty of snooping through a friend or family member's bathroom cabinets. It's natural to be curious about things and wondering what a person keeps in their cabinets while using their bathroom is definitely something that many people can find themselves being curious about! It might sound strange but anyone who has found themselves doing this will totally understand the feeling. Who has snooped through someone's bathroom cabinets before?

Question 47

Never have I ever faked sick from school or work.

Everyone needs a day off from time to time, right? While going to work or school is really important, it's also important to have a balance between personal time and productivity which means that taking time off every now and then is definitely an important thing to do. Because we need a day off every now and then, some people actually fake being sick in order to get to stay home and relax on a day they normally wouldn't have been able to.

Question 48

Never have I ever tried bullet journaling.

Bullet journaling is a type of creative planning that helps a person to track to do lists, daily or weekly plans, and even keep track of things like memories or lists all in one place. Along with just keeping lists of things that need to get done, a person can include things like shows they want to start, movies they've enjoyed, or video games they're looking forward to the release of. Many people get really creative with their bullet journaling!

Question 49

Never have I ever taken food into a movie theater.

Because of the fact that many movie theaters serve snacks and drinks like popcorn, soda, and candy, they don't exactly like it when people bring outside food into the theater to enjoy. Although movie theater food can be pretty expensive, that's just the price that a person enjoying a movie in the theater instead of in their home has to pay. In order to avoid this, some people try to sneak in a drink or their favorite candy in their pocket or purse.

Question 50

Never have I ever made slime.

Slime is a popular trend on social media lately. Anyone who has been on YouTube or another social media app has probably seen countless videos of people making slime with different colors and ingredients and then poking at it with their fingers or other objects. Although it's strange, anyone who has made it will know that slime can actually be kind of fun and relaxing to play around with. Slime is made with a base of glue and then some type of activator to make it less sticky and more jiggly.

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