Play Never Have I Ever To Get Matched To A Hollywood Hubby

'Never Have I Ever' is a fun game that is often played in an effort to get to know someone (such as friends, colleagues, and family members) better. It is technically a drinking game. According to Wikipedia, players take turns proclaiming things that they have never done. Other players who have done that thing at one point or another in their lives respond by taking a swig of their drink. Of course, one doesn't necessarily have to drink to play this game.

This game is very popular. Indeed, it has been featured on both the little screen and the big screen. For example, those who are known for binge-watching shows and movies might have seen it played on 90210, Degrassi: The Next Generation, The Vampire Diaries, One Tree Hill, and Unfriended.

Those who love the 'Never Have I Ever' game will doubtlessly enjoy this quiz. After all, at the end of it, we will match everyone with a Hollywood hubby!

It probably goes without saying but: everyone should make sure that they answer this quiz truthfully. We will not be judging anyone or their answers. After all, those who answer this quiz honestly have a better chance of ending up with the celebrity crush of their dreams.

Question 1

Never Have I Ever Been Bored On A Date

Going on dates, particularly on first dates, is pretty exciting. You never know what to expect. More often than not you don't really know the person that you are about to grab a coffee with or even enjoy dinner with. As such, when you leave your home (or hear that doorbell ring if the guy is a true gentleman and chooses to pick you up) you have butterflies in your stomach. But not all dates are fun. Some of them can be super boring.

Question 2

Never Have I Ever Been A Guest At A Wedding

Weddings are pretty awesome. Apart from seeing two people who clearly love each other and want to spend the rest of their life together make a lifelong commitment to one another you also get unlimited food, drinks, and great company. Every wedding is different of course and so the exact details (the venue, the food, and the entertainment) depend on the personalities and the budget of the couple that is getting married. More often than not though weddings are pretty fun hence why everyone is up for attending one as a guest.

Question 3

Never Have I Ever Played VR

Virtual reality (VR) is all the rage now. As most people are probably well aware (unless they've been living under a rock for the past couple of years), VR is an interactive experience generated by a computer that takes place in a simulated environment. According to Wikipedia, VR consists of auditory and visual components but allows for other types of sensory components too. Sometimes this immersive environment resembles the real world. Other times it's totally fantastical. Most VR technology uses virtual reality headsets that can be purchased from stores that sell various gadgets.

Question 4

Never Have I Ever Acted According To What The Magic 8 Ball Said

Remember Magic 8 Balls? Most of us owned one when we were kids. Magic 8 Balls are unique toys that are used by those seeking advice. Some people also use them for fortune-telling. To use it you simply have to ask a question and then turn it over to reveal the answer that is visible on the surface of the ball. According to Wikipedia, there are 20 general answers in a standard Magic 8 Ball, including "It is certain" and "My sources say no."

Question 5

Never Have I Ever Been Stuck Inside For More Than A Day Because Of The Snow

Most people get pretty excited when it snows, especially if they live in areas that rarely ever see snow storms. Unlike rain, snow can be pretty magical. Plus, snow storms often result in us being able to get out of various commitments. How are we supposed to get to work if it has snowed really badly? Or how are we supposed to get to school and take that math test that we haven't studied for if we are snowed in? Of course, snowstorms can also be pretty inconvenient, especially if we forgot to stock up on food.

Question 6

Never Have I Ever Won The Lottery

Winning the lottery is almost unheard of. Sure, some people get lucky. We hear of them in the news. But they are the rare exception. Because most of us never win anything, let alone a million dollars. Still, we can't stop hoping that fortune will favor us one day. And when that day comes, we will quit our jobs, buy a luxurious car and a mansion, and go off to travel the world. But before that happens we will content ourselves with winning small sums of money and other prizes. That counts as winning the lottery too, after all.

Question 7

Never Have I Ever Gotten A Tattoo

Some people love tattoos. Others detest them. Those who are drawn to tattoos don't usually have a reason for getting one. They simply think that tattoos look cool and beautiful. If they like a particular design they will want to permanently ink it into their skin. That being said, some people attach broader significance to their tattoos. Those who are not fond of tattoos think them a waste of time and money. They think that they look ugly and they can't imagine inking their skin with an image that they might no longer like in the future.

Question 8

Never Have I Ever Been To A Concert

Pretty much everyone loves concerts. If your favorite musician or band is in town, you will doubtlessly want to attend their show. Apart from that, concerts are a good way to meet like-minded individuals. After all, you already have one thing in common with the people attending the concert: you have the same taste in music. That being said, concerts can be pretty expensive, especially concerts of world-famous singers and musicians. They are also loud and chaotic hence why some people give them a miss.

Question 9

Never Have I Ever Had Someone Praise My Sense Of Style

The way that we dress can say a lot about us as individuals. For example, if we like to dress casually it is a good indication that we value comfort above all. If, on the other hand, we dress elegantly it is a sure sign that we care about our appearance and put in a lot of thought and effort into getting dressed. Obviously, you could dress in the most expensive and luxurious clothes, but if you don't have a good sense of style you will still look unfashionable (and maybe even ridiculous).

Question 10

Never Have I Ever Gone Surfing

We probably don't need to explain what surfing is. If you know (and maybe even practice) this sport, go ahead and make your selection right now. If not, keep on reading. Surfing is a popular water sport in which a surfer attempts to try and catch (and ride) as many waves as possible. Unlike newbies, true surfers don't care about how cold the water is. All they care about is riding waves. Becoming good at surfing is pretty difficult but once you get the hang of it you are addicted for life.

Question 11

Never Have I Ever Adopted A Dog

They say that a dog is the best friend you can have. As such, it comes as no surprise that when most of us are looking to get a pet we are naturally drawn to dogs. Dogs are loyal, friendly, and enthusiastic. They can also be intensely protective of their owners. All in all, they make for great pets. Some people, especially those who have a specific breed in mind, buy their dog from breeders or pet shops. Others, on the other hand, adopt a pet from a shelter, thus saving a life.

Question 12

Never Have I Ever Put Glitter On My Face

Nowadays a lot of makeup contains glitter (think of those pretty eyeshadows and highlighters that you can't help but stare at when shopping at Sephora). However, we are not asking you whether you have ever used makeup that contains glitter. We mean actual glitter. It could be cosmetic glitter that you bought at a makeup store and then used cosmetic glue to apply to your face. Or it could be glitter that you used in your DIYs when you were a kid.

Question 13

Never Have I Ever Watched A Full Season Of A TV Show In One Sitting

It happens to the best of us: we say that we will watch one episode of our favorite TV show only to binge-watch the entire season. At the end of the day we feel weirdly restless and uneasy, especially if we have watched the only season that has been released thus far. What are we going to do with our lives now? What will we watch tomorrow? It is a weird feeling and one that we try to avoid by willing ourselves to switch off our laptops as soon as the episode ends.

Question 14

Never Have I Ever Dyed My Hair

Changing up your hair is one of the easiest ways to alter your appearance. Indeed, when it comes to hair, women can experiment to their heart's content. They can try out various different hairstyles, cut their hair, or grow their hair out. However, one of the most drastic and noticeable things you can do to your hair is without a doubt dye it. You can go for regular colors such as blonde or brunette or you can go crazy and dye your hair pink or blue.

Question 15

Never Have I Ever Been On An Airplane

Flying in an airplane is pretty awesome, at least in theory. You get amazing views and you have an awesome adventure to look forward to (that is, if you are going on holiday). On the other hand, most airplanes are not that comfortable. The seats are too small, the person sitting beside you might smell funky, and the food tastes weird. Of course, none of that matters when you are on the plane for the very first time. After that though? You wish you could just teleport yourself to your destination.

Question 16

Never Have I Ever Peed In The Ocean Or The Pool

Imagine this: you are swimming in the ocean or in a pool. There are no toilets nearby. And you really need to pee. What do you do? Do you get out of the water or do you pee where you are? If you really need to go, it's a no-brainer: you'll pee in the water. Have you ever found yourself in that situation? No need to feel embarrassed if you have. What's important is that you answer this question truthfully.

Question 17

Never Have I Ever Driven a Car

Everyone wants to be able to drive a car. Owning a car, or at least being able to drive one, gives you immense freedom. You no longer have to rely on public transport or your mum to get to your desired destination. You can go wherever it is you want whenever you want. In fact, you can embark on that cross-country road trip right this minute if you so please. Of course, learning how to drive a car is not that simple but with enough experience, anyone can do it.

Question 18

Never Have I Ever Held A Baby

Babies are cute. But they are also very delicate. It would not take much to accidentally hurt one. For example, we might squeeze them too hard, let them wriggle out of our laps, or stand on their little hands because we were not watching where we were going and did not notice them crawling about. As such, while we all adore babies, that does not necessarily mean that we would all want to have one, or indeed, even to hold one.

Question 19

Never Have I Ever Fractured A Bone

Fracturing a bone does not sound like a big deal until you actually do it. From the outside it even seems somewhat fun: people write on your cast and teachers let you get away with things because you can't write with your right hand or because there is no way you can play that basketball game with just one leg. Not being able to feel your arm or leg (or any other part of your body where you fractured your bone) gets old really quickly though.

Question 20

Never Have I Ever Played Unfairly To Win Monopoly

Monopoly is one of those board games that pretty much everyone knows how to play. It is fun and competitive. In short, it rarely ever gets boring. However, sometimes the game can get a little too competitive. It is not unheard of for people to play unfairly just to win the game which kind of defeats the purpose of Monopoly. But here is the thing: winning Monopoly by playing unfairly does not feel nowhere near as good as winning it by playing fairly.

Question 21

Never Have I Ever Written Fanfiction

Sometimes when we finish reading a book or when we get to the end of that enthralling TV series we can't help but wonder what happened to our favorite characters. In fact, sometimes we are not satisfied with the ending. Or we are not happy with how little screen time some of our best-loved (but minor) characters got. So we decide to rectify this mistake. We roll up our sleeves and get to writing an alternative ending, one where our favored characters got together and lived happily ever after.

Question 22

Never Have I Ever Taken Part In A Talent Show

Talent shows allow us to showcase our secret abilities. For example, people might not know that we have amazing singing voices or that we can dance flawlessly. And we might not feel right bragging about it or just bringing it up in a random conversation. When we partake in a talent competition however we can show the world that we are truly skilled. And, if we are lucky, we might even win and end up changing our life for good.

Question 23

Never Have I Ever Regretted My Haircut

Most girls will probably agree that going to the hairdresser is pretty stressful. No matter how much time we devote to looking after our hair and no matter how hard we try to keep it shiny and healthy, chances are the hairdresser will frown, point to our split ends, and tell us that she will need to take a good bit off if you are to see a difference. You agree begrudgingly and then cry when you get home. Of course, it's not always the hairdresser's fault. Sometimes we give her bad instructions or ask for a haircut that is totally unsuitable for our face shape.

Question 24

Never Have I Ever Snooped Through A Friend's Messages

Snooping through people's private messages is bad. Everyone knows that. And yet we can't help but wonder who ours friends are talking to and what they are saying. Are they talking about us? Do they secretly detest us? There is no way to know. Unless we read through their messages. Of course, if we do end up snooping through someone's phone or laptop, we feel pretty bad immediately after. But that does not mean that we won't do the same again in the future.

Question 25

Never Have I Ever Walked Out Of A Movie

Going to the cinema is fun. Sometimes we even make a whole evening out of it. We go for dinner beforehand, then watch the movie, and then grab drinks with friends afterwards. But the actual experience at the cinema is not always enjoyable. Sometimes the film is so boring that we can't help but zone out (and if we are really tired we might even fall asleep). Other times the man sitting beside us talks loudly on his phone or the woman sitting behind us keeps kicking our chair. Sometimes the experience is so bad that we might even walk out of a movie.

Question 26

Never Have I Ever Had A Crush On My Friend's Boyfriend

If our friend has good taste in men we might end up developing a crush on her boyfriend. That's totally natural, especially if we end up spending quite a lot of time with them. Chances are, you will get over your crush eventually and you will no longer feel awkward in your friend's and her boyfriend's presence. The important thing to remember is not to act on your feelings. You don't want to lose your friend over a guy, right?

Question 27

Never Have I Ever Regretted A Kiss

Kissing someone, especially someone that we like, can feel very nice. When we kiss someone we feel closer to them. That being said, it is not unusual for people to regret their kisses. Maybe you kissed someone you did not like very much. Maybe you feel like you kissed your crush too soon and now he won't call you back. Maybe you kissed your best friend's boyfriend and now you feel like a bad friend. Or maybe the kiss was just not enjoyable.

Question 28

Never Have I Ever Kissed Someone I Didn't Like

When we kiss someone it is usually a sign that we like them. For example, people often kiss at the end of their first date. It is a sign that the date went well, that the two people liked each other, and that they more than likely want to see one another again. We sometimes also kiss our relatives and friends, albeit usually not on the lips but on the cheeks. We should not kiss people that we do not like, but sometimes we are too polite or it simply can't be avoided.

Question 29

Never Have I Ever Fallen In Love At First Sight

We have all heard of those couples that fell in love at first sight. They just glanced at one another across the room and they knew immediately that they were going to end up together forever. The idea of falling in love at first sight is certainly romantic. However, not everyone believes in it. For example, some people believe in developing a crush at first sight or becoming obsessed with someone at first sight. But love? That can only come when you get to know the person.

Question 30

Never Have I Ever Hitchiked

People that have no cars or access to reliable (or cheap) public transport often choose to hitchhike. We probably don't need to explain what hitchhiking is. But just to be sure that everyone understands this question: hitchhiking is a way of getting around by asking people, usually strangers, for a ride in their car. Hitchhiking is more often than not free although some vehicle owners might ask you to pay a nominal sum of money. Some people think that hitchhiking is great, others think that it's dangerous.

Question 31

Never Have I Ever Been Trapped In An Elevator

There is no denying that elevators are super handy. Instead of climbing god only knows how many flights of stairs, you can just take an elevator. This is particularly useful if you are in the company of an older person, if you are pushing a pram, or if you are holding something heavy. That being said, some people are scared of riding elevators, and for good reason. Sometimes elevators can get stuck, thus trapping the people that are inside it.

Question 32

Never Have I Ever Been On TV

Most people can't help but dream of being featured on TV. We all want our five minutes of fame. Some people get lucky. Their faces do pop up on our TV screens (or our laptop screens if we are watching the show on our computer). Others go their whole lives without realizing this dream. Of course, you would want to make sure that when you do appear on TV, you are portrayed in positive light. Otherwise, you could become a laughing stock.

Question 33

Never Have I Ever Stayed Awake For Over 24 hours

People need to sleep if they want to function properly. When we are sleep deprived we can't think quickly on our feet and we are just more stupid in general. We need rest and we need time out. After all, no one likes feeling shook after a bad night's sleep so why would you stay awake for more than 24 hours deliberately, right? Unfortunately, sometimes we can't control our sleep schedule. For example, we might need to cram for an important exam or we might have insomnia.

Question 34

Never Have I Ever Got More Than One Piercing

Almost every girl has her ears pierced. Indeed, ear piercing is so popular than some parents even pierce the ears of their babies. However, not many people choose to get more than one piercing. And not many people choose to pierce other parts of their bodies, such as lips, belly buttons and eyebrows. That being said, piercings can look really cool. Earrings make for great accessories. Just think about it: they can elevate practically any outfit from boring to interesting.

Question 35

Never Have I Ever Cried In Public

We all cry. Sometimes we can't help but shed tears because we are sad or upset. Other times we cry because we are angry. More often than not, we cry when we are alone. Crying when you are falling asleep is very common. However, in some cases we might end up crying in public. Obviously, this is not an ideal scenario. No one wants to be observed when crying. It makes us feel vulnerable. And no one wants to see others cry, especially if they are strangers, because they don't know how to react.

Question 36

Never Have I Ever Had A Treehouse

Let's be honest: no matter your age, you probably still think that treehouses are super cool. Otherwise, treehouse hotels would not be a thing (and people wouldn't be shelling out hundreds of dollars to stay in a wooden shack attached to a tree for a night or even a few nights). But kids love treehouses even more than adults do. That is why most children dream of building their very own treehouse either in their backyard or in a secret location.

Question 37

Never Have I Ever Tried To Be Vegetarian

Vegetarianism is currently on the rise. Apparently, cutting down the amount of meat that you eat is one of the best things that you can do for the environment (The Guardian). Furthermore, many people claim that by consuming less meat you are also improving your own health. And of course, you are also helping the animals. But sticking to vegetarianism is no easy feat. After all, vegetarians have to give up all meat including chicken, beef, and even fish. Vegetarians are not as strict as vegans though which means that they usually do consume dairy products and milk.

Question 38

Never Have I Ever Worn Glasses Without Lenses

Those who have to wear prescription glasses usually detest eyewear. They think that glasses make them look nerdy. And they also find glasses uncomfortable (especially in bad weather conditions, such as rain). As such, if at all possible these individuals opt for contact lenses instead. Some even prefer blurry vision to perfect vision if it means wearing glasses. Funnily enough, those who have perfect vision often think that glasses look super cool. As such, they sometimes purchase glasses without lenses and wear them as an accessory.

Question 39

Never Have I Ever Used The Incognito Tab

Every time we search for something on the internet, our internet history is updated. This is both good and bad. It's good in that if we ever want to find that elusive site that we came across half a year ago but can't remember what it was called, we can just go to our internet history and find it. It's bad in that pretty much anyone who has access to our laptop can see what we've been up to. Consequently, many of us use the incognito tab when looking up things that we don't want anyone to know about.

Question 40

Never Have I Ever Ignored Someone On Purpose

Sometimes we meet people and we instantly get along. It's like we have known them for ages. Other times we meet people and we just don't connect. They annoy us. Consequently, we never want to see them or hear from the again. In cases like that, we might choose to ignore someone on purpose. If they send us a message on a social media app, we won't read it. If we see them walking about, we will cross the street. Of course, sometimes we might end up ignoring people that we actually like too (for example, if we are in a bad mood).

Question 41

Never Have I Ever Thought I Was Going To Faint

When a person faints, he temporarily loses consciousness. Oftentimes, fainting is a sign of a more serious problem. Interestingly enough, people of all ages can faint although if an elderly person suddenly loses consciousness it is probably a sign that he should visit a doctor (E Medicine Health). Sometimes we feel like we are going to faint in crowded, warm spaces. Other times we might feel faint because we are in pain. Luckily, more often than not this feeling passes without us actually fainting.

Question 42

Never Have I Ever Tried Guessing Someone's Password

We have all tried guessing someone's password at one point or another in our lives. In some cases we might have been in a snooping mood. Other times we might have had a legitimate reason for trying to access someone's phone, laptop or social media account. Trying to guess someone's password is pretty difficult though which is why few of us have succeeded in cracking our friend's or our partner's login details. In general, the closer the person is to us, the easier it is to guess their password.

Question 43

Never Have I Ever Pulled A Push Door

It might sound silly, but opening doors, especially doors to busy establishments such as cafes or restaurants, can be pretty difficult, not to mention embarrassing. Only too often we pull a push door or vice versa. Sometimes it is unclear which way the door should be opened. Other times there is a clear sign on the door that we simply miss (and thus end up looking even more foolish). The only thing to do in such a scenario is to forget it as soon as possible. Because no one really cares.

Question 44

Never Have I Ever Used A Dating App

Everyone wants to meet their soul mate in person. Some of us have even come up with the perfect scenarios in which that might happen. For example, we might be browsing in a bookshop and suddenly, we will reach for a particular book at the same time as our soulmate will be reaching for the book too. They'll ask for our number, we'll go on a perfect date, and then we'll live happily ever after. Unfortunately, nowadays most of us meet our partners via dating apps.

Question 45

Never Have I Ever Eaten Food That Fell On The Floor

Imagine this: you make a delicious cheese toastie. However, as you are walking over to the sofa with the toastie in your hand, you trip over nothing, and your sandwich falls onto the floor. What do you do? Do you pick it up immediately and eat it anyway? Or do you throw it out and make another one? Most of us tend to go with the five minute rule which is kind of gross when you think about it. But we shouldn't be wasting food, right?

Question 46

Never Have I Ever Spent A Night In The Hospital

As far as places go, hospitals are undeniably bleak. They smell weird and they are full of sick and unhappy individuals. No one wants to go to the hospital. And if they have to go to the hospital for whatever reason, they don't want to spend more time there than they absolutely need to. As such, it comes as no surprise that people try their very best to get out of spending the night at the hospital. Sometimes they have no choice though.

Question 47

Never Have I Ever Used Someone Else's Toothbrush

We all know just how important it is to brush our teeth twice a day (once in the morning and once before going to bed). If we brush our teeth on a regular basis they are more likely to remain in good condition. In turn, it is less likely that we will have to go to the dentist or get any dental procedures. Some people take brushing their teeth so seriously that they are not even averse to using someone else's toothbrush.

Question 48

Never Have I Ever Pretended To Not Be At Home When Someone Rang The Doorbell

When some people are home alone and they hear the doorbell ring they choose not to answer the door, especially if they are not expecting anyone. There are many reasons why they might do that. For example, they might be in a bad mood (meaning that the last thing they want to do is talk to other people). Or they might have a feeling that the person ringing the doorbell is a salesman (and they might not want to buy anything).

Question 49

Never Have I Ever Had Someone Use A Pick-Up Line On Me

If you Google "pick-up lines" you are bound to be surprised by the sheer number of chat-up lines that are out there. As most people are probably well aware, the goal of pick-up lines is to engage someone in a conversation that might lead to romance or a romantic relationship. Some chat-up lines are pretty cheesy, others are humorous and others still are surprisingly smooth. Regardless of whether you like a particular pick-up line or not you have to admit that whoever uses one is pretty brave (and perhaps should be given a chance for that alone).

Question 50

Never Have I Ever Lied On A Never Have I Ever Game

We all lie now and again. It's human nature. Sometimes we do it because we don't want people to find out what we have been up to (for example, if they have asked us not to do something and if we have gone and done that thing anyway). Other times we lie because we want people to have a better opinion of us. In cases like that, we might lie even if it is in our interest to tell the truth, like while we are playing the 'Never Have I Ever' game.

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