Play Never Have I Ever To Get A Vampire Soulmate

It's time to play Never Have I Ever and for those who've never played before here's a quick breakdown on how the game works. It's really simple; all that's required is a group of people, a little bit of honesty, and some questions (which we've already taken care of). One person will pose the question starting with the phrase "Never Have I Ever...", and everyone in the group needs to spill the beans and say whether or not they have done that thing (or had the experience) or not. It's a fun way to find out more about our friends and there are guaranteed to be plenty of laughs during the game. We might find out things about our friends that we would never have guessed and they might find out a thing or two about us as well!

For today's game we want our readers to simply choose either "Never" or "Done it" in response to our list of Never Have I Ever questions and at the end, we'll match them with their ideal vampire soulmate. Ready to find out who that will be? One of the Salvatore brothers maybe or perhaps one of the Cullens? Let's find out who the best match is!

Question 1

Never Have I Ever...Slept in a tent?

While some folks won't swop their own bed for anything less comfortable, others prefer more rustic types of getaways. For these people, half the fun is sleeping in a tent and listening to the sounds of nature just outside. Yes, there might be more bugs but for them, it's all part of the experience.

Question 2

Never Have I Ever...Sent a text to the wrong person?

There are so many ways that this can happen. We might have multiple chats going at the same time and become confused about who we are replying to, or we might just absent-mindedly choose the wrong person to send a message too. Either way, it's really embarrassing. Who has done this before?

Question 3

Never Have I Ever...Sang in the shower?

Some mornings we just wake up feeling on top of the world. We're excited about the day ahead, we're happy, and we want to shout it from the rooftops. Or at least sing about it in the shower. Who loves to belt out songs in the shower whenever they can?

Question 4

Never Have I Ever...Seen a real-life elephant?

It's one thing to see pictures or videos of an animal and something completely different to see it for ourselves. The mighty but gentle elephant is one such creature that can only really be appreciated in person. But not everyone gets the chance to do this. Hands up everyone who has been close to an elephant:

Question 5

Never Have I Ever...Cried during an animated movie?

Quite often the storylines and themes in animated movies can tug on the heartstrings. This can bring on the tears no matter how old (or how tough) we think we are. But there's no worry in being a softie, or enjoying a good animated movie! Who has ever let a few tears slip during an animated movie?

Question 6

Never Have I Ever...Stayed in a 5-star hotel?

For most of us traveling means staying in hotels that we can afford, and unless we're really doing well, it usually isn't five-star all the time. But we might get lucky every now and again and really be able to stay in style and live the rock star life for a night or two...

Question 7

Never Have I Ever...Been a movie extra?

Ever dreamed about being in the movies? Anyone who has ever tried to break into this industry will tell you it's not easy but becoming an extra really isn't that hard. Not only is it a lot of fun but it also grants some crazy bragging rights. Ever been a movie extra?

Question 8

Never Have I Ever...Traveled on my own?

Traveling with a partner, a family member or a friend can give us a sense of security and familiarity when we head off to a new place. But there's something about embarking on a solo trip that builds our confidence in a way that nothing else can. Ever done this before?

Question 9

Never Have I Ever...Been inside a library?

Just like tapes replaced LP's, CD's replaced cassettes, and video did something not so great to the radio star, the internet has slowly replaced the library. Now all the information we need is literally at our fingertips there's no need for us to head off to the library every time we want to learn something.

Question 10

Never Have I Ever...Stayed up all night?

Who needs sleep right? Sometimes there are just better things to do at night than sleep. We might sit up all night chatting with our friends, whispering to our crush or maybe playing a new game that we just can't tear ourselves away from. Who has even stayed up all night?

Question 11

Never Have I Ever...Locked myself out?

Locking ourselves out of our house or our car can be really embarrassing and let's be honest, it usually happens on the days we can least afford it to. Like the day of a big job interview or on our way to an important business meeting. Who has been there?

Question 12

Never Have I Ever...Learned to play a musical instrument?

Learning to play a musical instrument (or maybe even a few of them) is something that can bring us lifelong pleasure. It's a hobby we are always able to fall back on and there is always a challenge for us. But it's essential to have an ear for music for this one!

Question 13

Never Have I Ever...Gone trick or treating?

Halloween night is a fun time in most neighborhoods especially when everyone takes to the street in their outfits to begin trick or treating. It's fun to see how everyone has decorated their houses and, of course, what candy they've put out for the visitors. Ever gone trick or treating before?

Question 14

Never Have I Ever...Tried bungee jumping?

The definition of a fun time varies from person from person. Some people would rather get their kicks from watching a scary movie or going out for a nice meal, while others need more of an adrenaline rush. These are the kind of folks who love to ride roller coasters or even go bungee jumping.

Question 15

Never Have I Ever...Finished a sudoku puzzle?

Puzzles are a great way to keep our brains in tip-top shape and there are so many different varieties to choose from that there is no reason to ever be bored. Some people prefer crosswords or word searches while others find themselves almost addicted to sudoku. Ever managed to finish one of these puzzles before?

Question 16

Never Have I Ever...Been to the theater?

Going to watch a live show is so much more fun than just watching it on TV. Being a member of the audience allows us to really appreciate the performance so much more and lets us soak in the atmosphere at the same time. Hands up those who've been to the theater to see a show or play?

Question 17

Never Have I Ever...Seen snow?

There are some parts of the world where it snows on a regular basis, other parts that only rarely see snow, and some areas where it never snows. Some people might live their whole lives and only see snow once or twice if they are lucky. Ever seen snow before?

Question 18

Never Have I Ever...Shouted at the TV?

We've all had that moment when our favorite character is doing something really stupid and we can't help but want to warn them. And yes, sometimes we do end up shouting at the TV screen. They need to know what's lurking behind them right? Who will admit that they've done this before?

Question 19

Never Have I Ever...Eaten a Happy Meal?

Are you ever too old for a Happy Meal? We don't think so! Sometimes, especially if we are just in the mood for something small to eat, or if we really like the toys on offer, we could order ourselves one (or maybe even two) of these meals. Ever done it?

Question 20

Never Have I Ever...Eaten anchovies on a pizza?

Anchovies on pizza? Yes, people do this. In fact, they say that there's no taste like it in the world and we'd have to agree with them on that one. These little fish pack a really salty punch and it's not a taste that everyone will be able to enjoy.

Question 21

Never Have I Ever...Eaten cereal dry out the box?

Ever had one of those mornings when pouring milk for the cereal was just too much effort? Or, even worse, maybe there was no milk for the cereal and no-one was willing to go get any. Most of us have been there! Ever eaten dry cereal straight out the packet?

Question 22

Never Have I Ever...Been stuck in an elevator?

We know people who would rather walk up ten flights of stairs than use the lift and we know why: it's the fear of getting stuck inside. Even though the odds of getting stuck are relatively small, they would rather not take the chance. Who has ever been stuck in an elevator before?

Question 23

Never Have I Ever...Done a handstand?

Kids (and really fit, flexible people) make doing a handstand look like the easiest thing in the world but the truth is that it does require a certain amount of upper body strength, coordination, and a little practice. Ever done a handstand before? Maybe even a couple of cartwheels?

Question 24

Never Have I Ever...Grabbed the wrong person's hand?

So we're in a crowded place with our significant other and people are jostling all around us. We let each other go for a moment and when we reach out for their hand again, we end up grabbing a surprised strangers hand instead. Cringe! Ever lived through this embarrassing scenario before?

Question 25

Never Have I Ever...Fallen asleep at the cinema?

We all know how easily this can happen, even if we are really enjoying the movie. Our bodies are programmed to shut down when the lights go out so if we aren't careful we could find ourselves snoring in the middle of the flick. Ever fallen asleep in a movie before?

Question 26

Never Have I Ever...Tried surfing?

Being alone in the middle of the ocean, with only a small plastic board might sound like a nightmare to some people but to others, this is ultimate freedom. Being able to surf, even just being able to stand on a board and take on a wave is an experience like no other.

Question 27

Never Have I Ever...Eaten pop rocks?

There's really no other candy in the world quite like pop rocks. This is the only sweet that we love to eat for no other reason other than the noise it makes. It's always fun to enjoy with friends, no matter how old we are. Ever eaten a bag of pop rocks before?

Question 28

Never Have I Ever...Listened to a cassette tape?

If you grew up in the late eighties or early nineties you might still remember how music would come on cassette tapes. If you had blank tapes you could even record songs on the radio - long before the days of iTunes. Anyone ever listened to a cassette tape before?

Question 29

Never Have I Ever...Traveled by boat?

The quickest way to travel long distances in a hurry is to go by plane. Most destinations are reachable within half a day depending on where we find ourselves in the world. But we can also choose different ways of getting from one place to another - like going by boat!

Question 30

Never Have I Ever...Lost my luggage?

There's nothing worse than the sinking feeling of arriving in a new and unfamiliar place and then being told that our luggage didn't come along with us. Or, even worse, having our bags disappear altogether. But it's one of the risks involved with traveling. Who has had this happen to them?

Question 31

Never Have I Ever...Been to a movie by myself?

Okay, so there is this new movie that we want to watch but none of our friends are keen to go see it. Now we've got two choices, we can either mope around and wait for the DVD or we can just take ourselves on a movie date. Ever done this?

Question 32

Never Have I Ever...Cooked a Christmas dinner?

Going to eat at a relative or a friend on Christmas day is all good and well but what about trying to cook the meal on our own? It takes some skill and a degree of planning to be able to put together something like this. Ever tried it before?

Question 33

Never Have I Ever...Worn PJ's in public?

So it's a Sunday morning and we're hanging out at home, feeling very relaxed. We want to have some cereal but there's no milk so we decided to run down to the corner shop to get some. We could get dressed but then again, we could just nip out in our pj's...

Question 34

Never Have I Ever...Eaten sushi?

Some folks are put off eating sushi because the fish is sometimes served raw but these guys really don't know what they are missing. These dishes not only look amazing but they taste great and they are actually healthy too. But some people just won't go there. Ever tried sushi?

Question 35

Never Have I Ever...Walked into a glass door?

Walking into a glass door can hurt and be pretty disorienting but it's also highly embarrassing. Glass doors may look amazing (and so much brighter) but accidents can happen so easily if the door is not clearly marked. Hands up those who've walked into a glass door at least once before?

Question 36

Never Have I Ever...Been serenaded?

Okay, apart from the Sims, does anyone really still do this? Go down on one knee and belt out a special song for their crush? Seems a little old-fashioned but let's admit it, it's also kind of goofy and romantic. And it would require a certain amount of courage too! Ever been serenaded?

Question 37

Never Have I Ever...Had a broken bone?

Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye and broken bones are one of the most common ones. Almost everyone will have had a cast on at least once in their lives (maybe more, depending on how adventurous they were). Are there any folks here today who've never had a fracture?

Question 38

Never Have I Ever...Been stung by a bee?

It's summertime and the garden is just a mess; the weeds as tall as the wall, the hedges need a serious trim, and the grass needs mowing. But before we venture outside we first need to make sure we've got gloves and boots on to protect us from any bug bites or stings.

Question 39

Never Have I Ever...Watched a movie outdoors?

So we're planning to have a party next week and the weather has been so good that we've decided that instead of keeping the party inside we're going to head out into the garden instead. There's going to be a BBQ and then we're going to watch movies on the projector! Ever watched a movie outdoors?

Question 40

Never Have I Ever...Spied on my neighbors?

Is that another new car in their driveway? When are they going to do something about that tree? What's that noise coming from over the fence? It's natural to be curious about what they are up to but who is brave enough to admit that they might have spied on their neighbors?

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