Play 'Never Have I Ever' And We'll Tell You What Shade Of Grey You Are

With movies and books like 50 Shades Of Grey becoming more and more popular people are more adventurous with their sex life now more than ever. Have you ever wondered what shade of grey you are, in other words how vanilla you are in your intimate relationships? If so than this quiz is for you! We brought back the game that you probably played a bunch of times in high school "Never Have I Ever" in order to gauge just how adventurous you are when it comes to the bedroom. We will find out if you are as willing to try new things as Ana Steele or as experienced as Christian Grey himself.

All of these questions are about what you have done in the past as far as being intimate goes as well as what your willingness to be daring and try new things is. Are you always down for experimenting or do you like to stick to the status quo and what you know? Either way this quiz will help you decide if you need to come out of your shell and try new things or if you are already adventurous enough in the bedroom.

Question 1

Kissed a stranger?

Have you ever met someone at a bar or a night club and kissed them before even getting to know them at all? Have you ever kissed someone before you been knew their name? This may seem scary for some but completely normal for others!

Question 2

Kissed someone of the same sex

Have you ever kissed somebody of the same sex? Maybe it was something that you always wanted to try or maybe it was a dare. Or maybe it was during a drunken night out with your friends ? Either way it happened and could tip the scale a bit for this quiz.

Question 3

Had sex with a stranger

Have you ever slept with someone that you don't even know? When you were out at a club with your friends one night did you ever get caught up in the moment and find yourself in a strangers bed the next day?

Question 4

Met someone on a dating app

Dating apps are the new big thing. Most single people are either swiping or sending flirts to people that they barley know! Some apps are meant strictly for hooking up whereas others are populated with people looking for actual relationships.

Question 5

Had a threesome

Threesomes are a very popular topic among the younger crowd. They can either be a great time or the downfall of you relationship. If you are your partner don't have 1000% trust in one another than its probably best to stay away from this. So have you ever had a threesome?

Question 6

Visited an adult store

Adult stores are pretty common nowadays. They are no longer reserved for a place that needs to be looked down upon and kept a secret. They can be a place for couples to have fun and explore new things as well as a fun place to go with friends and joke around.

Question 7

Used toys in the bedroom

Toys can be a wonderful thing to bring into the bedroom to spice up your sex life a bit. As long as both parties are comfortable and want to then there is no telling what kind of fun you can have! Have you ever experimented a bit in the bedroom with some toys?

Question 8

Watched adult films

Another way to spice up your bedroom is to watch adult films. These films used to be mainly watched by men but nowadays everyone is getting in on the action! Pun intended. So have you ever perused some x rated films?

Question 9

Got so drunk that you passed out

For some it is easy to get so drunk that you pass out and for others its a bit harder. But either way have you ever allowed yourself to get to the point of no return. Maybe it was during a night out with friends or possibly while on vacation on a tropical island?

Question 10

Been in handcuffs

Now this one is open for interpretation. One way that you could have been in handcuffs is by begin arrested but you can also have been in handcuffs in the bedroom if thats what you are into. Maybe you have never been restrained because you are just no into it and always follow the rules.

Question 11

Had sex in a sleeping bag or tent

Having sex in strange places can really determine what shade of grey you are on our scale. Maybe you like to stick with what you know and tend to stay in the bedroom or on the couch. Or maybe you like to try new things and are always doing it somewhere new.

Question 12

Eaten food off of someone else's body

There are a lot of different foods that are aphrodisiacs. These can help set the mood but something that can set the mood even more is brining the food into the bedroom with you are your partner. So have you ever explored this with your partner?

Question 13

Allowed your partner to "punish" you

BDSM has become increasingly popular, especially among the younger crowds. Have you ever explored this culture and lifestyle with your partner? Have you ever allowed yourself to be punished by your partner?

Question 14

Had sex in a public place

Having sex in new places can be a very exciting and also nerve racking thing. If you are super self conscious than you probably have never done this before but if you love to live on the wild side then you may do this regularly. So have you ever had sex in a public place?

Question 15

Had sex in a car

Car sex can be fun, but it can also be a bit difficult depending on the type of car. When you were a teenager this may have been your only option as to not get caught by your parents. But sometimes you get caught up in the moment and just have to have each other right than and there.

Question 16

Gotten a hickey

Hickey's are usually reserved for high school kids who are just so in love with their boyfriend and girlfriend that they HAVE to let everyone know! You may have even gotten grounded when you were a teenager and your parents saw a love bite on your neck.

Question 17

Had sex on the first date

First dates can either be the start to a wonderful relationship or complete train wrecks that make you want to curl up and hide from the world forever. If a first date goes well than it can be easy to get caught up in the moment and excitement.

Question 18

Made out on the first date

Ok so maybe you didn't actually sleep with someone on the first date but did you make out with someone on a first date? Maybe when they walked you to our door after a perfect night you just couldn't resist. So have you ever gotten a bit carried away on a first date?

Question 19

Done body shots

Body shots are very popular amongst the younger crowds, especially in the summer at beach bars. They can be a fun way to get even more hammered that you are as well as a new experience. Have you ever taken a shot off of someone else's body? Or maybe you have been the someone getting shots taken off of you?

Question 20

Had an erotic massage

Massages are a great way to decompress and de stress from work and life in general. They can physically relieve your tension and you will leave there feeling ten times better than before. But have you ever had an erotic massage? Maybe you went alone during a dry spell or possibly with your partner?

Question 21

Played strip poker

Games can be a great way to connect with friends and test your skills. Most people have played a game of monopoly in their lifetime or a game of cards. But have you ever played strip poker with a group of friends?

Question 22

Not remembered sleeping with someone

Have you ever went out with your friends and woken up next to someone that you don't even know. Not just that you don't know them but that you don't even remember what you did with them? Have you ever had to rely on your friends to fill in the missing puzzle pieces from the night before?

Question 23

Regretted sleeping with someone

Ok so now have you ever regretted sleeping with someone afterwards? Have you ever been so caught up in the moment that you don't realize what you did until it is already done? Maybe it was your best friends significant other or your brothers best friend?

Question 24

Had a friend with benefits

In their lifetime some people will be presented with the opportunity to have a friends with benefits. Sometimes this can be a great thing but other times this can lead to detrimental results that end friendships. Have you ever been in this situation?

Question 25

Been given a lap dance or gave a lap dance

Have you ever been given a lap dance at a bachelor party or a strip club? Or have you ever been the one giving someone a lap dance? Maybe it was your job or maybe you were trying to seduce them into doing other things with you?

Question 26

Made out in public

Public displays of affection can be for some people and not for others. Some people like to keep their private lives private whereas others like to shoot it from the roof top when they are in love. So have you ever made out with someone in a public place such as a mall or restaurant?

Question 27

Went home with a stranger from a club or bar

When you are at a club or a bar you are surrounded by strangers, most of which are single and looking for other people who are single. Have you ever went home with someone that you met at a bar or club? Maybe you didn't sleep with them or anything but you did end up back at their place at the end of the night.

Question 28

Hooked up with more than one person in a night

Now have you ever hooked up with more than one person in the same night? Hooked up means a lot of different things but here lets just assume it means making out. So have you ever made out, or did more, with more than one person in a night?

Question 29

Had sex in your parents bed

Have you ever done the dirty deed in your parents bed? If you have done this then you probably did it as a teenager but maybe you did it when you and your significant other were visiting for the weekend. Either way this is one of the most scandalous things that you can do.

Question 30

Sent naked pictures

It can be tempting to send naked pictures of yourself to someone that you like, especially when they send you some or if you are in a long distance relationship. This was a lot more looked down upon years ago but it has actually become a pretty common thing.

Question 31

Had phone sex

This is another thing that can be tempting when you are having a long distance relationship because you don't get to share those intimate moments that most couples do, at least not as often. Sometimes this can make up for not seeing someone too often because you still get to share intimacy. So have you ever been apart of phone sex?

Question 32

Attended a swingers party

Swingers parties can get a bit wild and are not for those who don't like their significant others to even look at anyone else. At these types of parties everyone sort of switches partners for a night and has their way with them. Is this something that you ever experimented with?

Question 33

Been to a strip club

A lot of people have visited strip clubs at some point in their lives. Maybe it was to decompress after a long day at work or possibly for some sort of celebration like a bachelor or bachelorette party. Either way you were privy to some pretty risqué entertainment while there.

Question 34

Been to a nude beach

Nude beaches can definitely be an interesting experience. Maybe you stumbled upon it on accident and decided to stay or maybe you intended to be able to take off your bathing suit and be free of awkward tan lines. Either way everyone has their own story as to how they ended up at a nude beach.

Question 35

Gotten a tattoo

Tattoos are pretty common nowadays but that doesn't take the rebellion out of them. So have you ever gotten some ink? Maybe you ran to the shop as soon as you turned of age or maybe it was a drunken mistake that you look back on now and just shake your head at. Either way every tattoo has a story behind it, even if its a silly one.

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