If You Fail This Never Have I Ever Quiz, You're Probably A Goody Two Shoes

There was a time when people were constantly worried about being labeled a "goody two shoes" since it insinuated that they weren't open to new experiences and they were a bit of a downer when it came to having fun. People weren't inclined to invite these type of people out to a party since they were worried that they would spoil all of the fun. Yet, not everyone thinks it's necessarily a bad thing to be considered a goody two shoes.

Not everyone has the same idea of what constitutes a good time. One person's version of having fun isn't always the same as the next person's idea of having a good time. Let's go through some of our own life experiences and see who can really call themselves a goody two shoes.

Question 1

Ever had to go to court?

Question 2

Ever spent emergency money on clothes?

Question 3

Ever worn real fur?

Question 4

Ever gone to the circus?

Question 5

Ever eaten an entire tub of ice cream in one sitting?

Question 6

Ever had a night out worth bragging about?

Question 7

Ever taken a photo of someone without their knowledge?

Question 8

Ever held a snake?

Question 9

Ever pushed all the buttons in an elevator?

Question 10

Ever driven a race car?

Question 11

Ever traveled alone?

Question 12

Ever eaten someone else's food?

Question 13

Ever eaten an entire pie alone?

Question 14

Ever stiffed someone on a tip?

Question 15

Ever quoted Tony Soprano?

Question 16

Ever dunk a finger inside a peanut butter jar?

Question 17

Ever purposefully tried to trip someone?

Question 18

Ever pushed someone into a pool?

Question 19

Ever swam with the sharks?

Question 20

Ever dated the sibling of a friend?

Question 21

Ever went on a zip line?

Question 22

Ever tried VR?

Question 23

Ever went snowboarding?

Question 24

Ever covered eyes during a love scene in a film?

Question 25

Ever went mountain climbing?

Question 26

Ever worn hair extensions?

Question 27

Ever went surfing?

Question 28

Ever went skydiving?

Question 29

Ever eaten oysters?

Question 30

Ever eaten an entire pizza in one sitting?

Question 31

Ever taken a musical instrument to a friend's house?

Question 32

Ever eaten fast food every day for a week?

Question 33

Ever tapped the glass of a fish tank?

Question 34

Ever went hunting?

Question 35

Ever argued over fruit?

Question 36

Ever taken furniture off of someone's curb?

Question 37

Ever laughed in someone's face?

Question 38

Ever went on a girl's trip?

Question 39

Ever went up on stage at a concert?

Question 40

Ever recreated the Titanic scene on a boat?

Question 41

Ever rooted for the bad guy in a TV show?

Question 42

Ever dated a bad boy?

Question 43

Ever quoted South Park?

Question 44

Ever worn black lipstick?

Question 45

Ever worn fake glasses as a fashion piece?

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