Play 'Never Have I Ever' And We'll Tell You Which MCU Character You Are

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a superhero franchise that has dozens of unique characters, all of whom have done a number of strange, brave, dangerous, and seemingly normal things. Based off of the fact that they’re all heroes who fight to protect the planet (and universe), there are things that a majority of them have done: battle villains, form bonds with their fellow superheroes, travel to different parts of the world, the list goes on.

However, there are some things that are exclusive to specific characters. For example, not all of them have suddenly disappeared or gone on hiatus, and the same can be said for those who were experimented on.

Play “Never Have I Ever” to see which MCU character you would be!

Question 1

Never have I ever...fought with my sibling

Question 2

Never have I ever...built something from scratch

Question 3

Never have I ever...traveled to a new country

Question 4

Never have I ever...joined a school club

Question 5

Never have I ever...failed a class

Question 6

Never have I ever...drastically changed my hair

Question 7

Never have I ever...needed a cast

Question 8

Never have I ever...been dumped

Question 9

Never have I ever...played on a sports team

Question 10

Never have I ever...learned a second language

Question 11

Never have I ever...stolen something

Question 12

Never have I ever...stood up to a bully

Question 13

Never have I ever...been in a life-threatening situation

Question 14

Never have I ever...quit my job without a backup plan

Question 15

Never have I ever...flirted with a coworker

Question 16

Never have I ever...been labeled as the “funny” one

Question 17

Never have I ever...been arrested

Question 18

Never have I ever...been in a fight

Question 19

Never have I ever...ghosted someone

Question 20

Never have I ever...flown in a private jet

Question 21

Never have I ever...gone to a psychic

Question 22

Never have I ever...needed to go to the emergency room

Question 23

Never have I ever…lied to my parents/guardian

Question 24

Never have I ever…been labeled as the “smart” one

Question 25

Never have I ever...gone on an overnight school trip

Question 26

Never have I ever...been in a long-distance relationship

Question 27

Never have I ever...pretended to be someone I’m not

Question 28

Never have I ever...avoided work responsibilities

Question 29

Never have I ever...dated two people at once

Question 30

Never have I ever...been in a fight with my best friend

Question 31

Never have I ever...had a dream that came true

Question 32

Never have I ever...done a science experiment

Question 33

Never have I ever...confessed feelings to my crush

Question 34

Never have I ever...made a scene in public

Question 35

Never have I ever…been in the same room as a robot

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