Play 'Never Have I Ever: Mommy Edition' And We'll Guess Your Baby's Sign

Moms will be able to enjoy this quiz whether their children are babies or older. This quiz presents a lot of interesting scenarios. Moms may answer, "Never Have I Ever" or "I've Done That". If a certain scenario has never come up, just think about the scenario and then decide on a reaction. Most moms will find the scenarios familiar. They will have little trouble deciding how to answer.

Caring for a baby is hard work, but it is amazing. Moms all have their own reactions to typical baby care issues. Most moms with older kids still consider their older children their "babies". Moms with older kids also have parenting issues to deal with regularly.

When moms play, "Never Have I Ever: Mommy Edition", we will guess the zodiac signs of their babies, whether their children are infants or toddlers (or older kids or 'tweens or teens). All of the zodiac signs have certain traits. Quiz answers from moms will help us to decide which traits their babies or older children have. Answer every question honestly to get an uncanny quiz result.

Never Have I Ever is so much fun to play. This Mommy Edition version is an awesome way to pass the time. So, why not start the quiz right now?

Question 1

Never Have I Ever Fed My Baby Formula

Is nursing a baby the best decision? Some moms very strongly believe that babies should be nursed and that they should never get formula. Other moms never nurse at all, or stop nursing fairly early on. This topic is a bit controversial. Some moms who do feed their babies formula get criticism from those who believe that nursing is the only way to go. Nursing is a healthy option for almost every baby, but some women have trouble nursing and choose formula.

Question 2

Never Have I Ever Gone On Vacation Without My Baby

Some moms are willing to go on holidays without their babies. They trust other caregivers to look after their babies while they are away, and they want to relax and recharge their batteries. Other moms will not leave their babies for any reason, including vacations. There really is not any right or wrong answer. Some women may benefit from the break, while others would be unhappy away from their babies. It all comes down to the personalities of moms. Pick an answer now.

Question 3

Never Have I Ever Considered My Child To Be Too Moody

Some children, or babies, are moodier than others. There are aspects of our personalities that we are born with. How we are nurtured also plays a big role, but babies are basically born with certain traits. Moms who consider their children too moody are out there. These moms may have trouble handling the mood swings. On the flip side, some moms may be projecting their own stuff onto their kids. Find the most accurate answer below. Be honest to get an uncanny quiz result.

Question 4

Never Have I Ever Yelled At My Kid

Most moms have no intention of yelling at their kids ever. Most moms end up yelling at their kids sometimes. There are moms who manage to avoid raising their voices and these moms deserve praise, because kids can be a handful sometimes. Moms who yell do not usually get good results from yelling, because it is not a good way to communicate with children. It is aggressive and puts kids on the defensive, or makes them aggressive, too. Pick an answer now.

Question 5

Never Have I Ever Skipped An Appointment With The Pediatrician

Babies need to go and see their pediatricians regularly. They need vaccinations sometimes and pediatricians need to track their growth and check up on their overall health. Moms who have skipped appointments with the pediatrician may be too busy with work to take their babies in for checkups right on time. Moms who never miss appointments are definitely conscientious moms. It is ok to skip an appointment as long as it is rescheduled for a date in the near future.

Question 6

Never Have I Ever Considered My Child To be Too Rebellious

Kids need to learn proper behavior, but some seem to struggle with mastering the art of following the rules. Kids who tend to be rebellious may end up breaking new ground as adults, because they are not afraid to do their own thing. That is a best-case scenario. Kids who will not respect rules may also end up getting into trouble when they are older. Some moms worry about the rebelliousness of their children. Other do not have a problem in that area.

Question 7

Never Have I Ever Left My Kid With A Sitter So I Can Go Out And Party

Moms need to blow off steam sometimes. Being a mom is hard work and it is a 24/7 job. Some moms need to go party sometimes, just to relax. Other moms are content to stay home with the kids every night. Every mom has her own way of dealing with stress and staying happy. Some moms enjoy going out and do not feel bad about hiring babysitters when they want to party. Others would not dream of leaving their kids alone at night.

Question 8

Never Have I Ever Considered My Child To Be Too Dramatic

Some kids seem to develop theatrical, super-dramatic personalities at very young ages. These kids may need outlets for their outgoing natures, such as dress-up play that lets them try out different personas, or exercise that helps them to blow off steam. Dramatic kids may end up excelling in...drama. We mean shining on the stage or silver screen. Kids who are comfortable showing emotion on a grand scale are not shy. They like the spotlight. Other kids do not draw attention to themselves.

Question 9

Never Have I Ever Compared My Baby To Other Babies

It's pretty common for mothers to compare their babies to other babies. Some moms don't bother with those types of comparisons, though. Most babies do hit certain developmental milestones at particular ages. There are babies who may hit milestones early or later. It's often smarter for moms to talk to pediatricians about how their babies are developing, rather than comparing their infants to other babies. Pick the correct response now and we'll guess a zodiac sign for the baby.

Question 10

Never Have I Ever Considered My Child To Be Too Serious

Some moms do have children with serious personalities. These kids may seem like little adults, even though they are tiny. Other moms have kids who are more child-like in terms of how they act. Serious children are often smart and they seem somber because they understand quite a bit about the world around them. They have a cautious way of doing things. Serious children need their Moms to help them cheer up and look at the sunnier side of life.

Question 11

Never Have I Ever Fed My Kid Junk Food

Junk food is not the best choice for children. It should be an occasional indulgence, rather than something that a child has a lot of the time. Some moms ban junk food totally. They would rather feed their kids Kale chips than Doritos. Other moms are more relaxed about what their kids eat. Parenting styles differ widely. There are so many different types of moms. Answer the question honestly to find out the zodiac sign of a bundle of joy.

Question 12

Never Have I Ever Grounded My Child

Most kids act out sometimes, by breaking the rules, having tantrums or whatever. When kids do not behave, their moms may ground them. Some moms never ground their kids, because they do not believe in that type of punishment, or just because their kids tend to be well-behaved. Is grounding a deterrent to future bad behavior? Opinions will vary. When kids are grounded, they lose their freedom. This may teach them to behave, or just make them resentful and angry.

Question 13

Never Have I Ever Considered My Child To Be Too Intense

Some kids have more emotional intensity than others. Moms can figure out the personalities of their children pretty early on. Sometimes, personalities are already evident during babyhood. Kids who are intense feel a lot of highs and lows. When they are happy, they are ecstatic. When they are unhappy, they seem incredibly miserable. Children who appear very intense have feeling natures. They are sensitive and emotional. These kids can be a handful, but they can be wonderful, too. Pick a response now.

Question 14

Never Have I Ever Let My Baby Scream In A Restaurant

Some moms don't mind too much when their babies make a little noise in public places, such as restaurants. Other moms are a lot more concerned with how their babies behave in public. Moms who do let their babies scream in restaurants tend to get some side-eye from other restaurant patrons, who have come out to relax over a meal. Moms who take their kids out of restaurants as soon as they start getting noisy are sticklers for proper etiquette.

Question 15

Never Have I Ever Considered My Child To Be Too Passive

Passive children are generally content to let others take the lead. Maybe being in charge is not something that they really value highly. They might be more concerned with what is going on in their own imaginations. Sometimes, children who appear passive have a lot going on under the surface. Passive children may be too easily led, but they have their own strengths. Moms with passive kids may want to help them be more assertive, so they are more comfortable taking control.

Question 16

Never Have I Ever Spoiled My Little One

It is all too easy to overindulge a child. While babies need tons of love and proper baby care, they do not need every designer onesie and baby toy. Kids who are a little older, or a lot older, need to learn gratitude. It is harder for kids to have grateful spirits when they are used to getting whatever they want. While most moms know that spoiling kids is wrong, almost every mom does it at one time or another. Pick an answer now.

Question 17

Never Have I Ever Considered My Child To Be A Picky Eater

Some babies will be happy to start experimenting with foods as soon as they are really for solid foods. Others will be very picky. Babies or older children who are picky can be hard to deal with sometimes. A picky child might want pancakes for dinner every night, instead of a balanced meal, or want the same breakfast every day, for years on end. Moms with picky babies or children need to keep trying to introduce new foods to their children.

Question 18

Never Have I Ever Used A Phone To Keep My Baby Occupied

Some moms use electronic gadgets to keep their babies occupied, especially in public places where they might make a fuss, such as restaurants. Moms who do not approve of showing babies cartoons or other soothing content on iPads or smart phones are also out there. In some situations, it may make sense to distract a baby or older child with electronic toys. In other cases, it may be smarter to use other methods that teach a baby or child how to behave.

Question 19

Never Have I Ever Considered My Child To Be Too Rude

Some kids are not too concerned about good manners. They will jump on furniture or talk back or whatever. Generally, kids will model the behavior of their parents, but there are cases where kids get all of the right guidance and still act rude regularly. Kids are born with certain characteristics and moms can try to modify them if needed. Rudeness is a type of behavior that should always be modified. Some kids are never, ever rude. Others often do rude things.

Question 20

Never Have I Ever Fired A Nanny

Moms who have "let nannies go" usually have good reasons. Sometimes, nannies do not have enough rapport with babies or children, or do not show up on time, or otherwise fail to perform their work duties as anticipated. Sometimes, though, moms expect too much from nannies. For example, they may expect nannies to be maids, too, instead of just cleaning up after the kids. In rare cases, babies or children are very hard to take care of, due to behavioral issues.

Question 21

Never Have I Ever Considered My Child To Be Too Different

Some kids may seem a little different than others. They are unique in some way and do not fit in as easily as other children. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Many kids who are different go on to attain huge success in their adult lives. For example, a kid who enjoys drawing, rather than playing sports, might end up being featured at the world's biggest art galleries. It is fine for kids to be different as long as they are happy.

Question 22

Never Have I Ever Complained About My Child

Some moms would never say anything negative about their children to other people. They would feel that talking negatively about their kids was disloyal to their children. They might feel guilty if they did share negative opinions about their children with other people. Other moms do not have a problem sharing the harder elements of their parenting lives with other people including complaints about their children. These types of moms need to vent. Every mom is different. Pick an answer that expresses an honest opinion.

Question 23

Never Have I Ever Let My Baby Cry It Out

Some moms believe in attachment parenting. This means that they pick up their children whenever they cry. These moms believe that kids need tons of closeness and affection. Other moms are quite willing to let their babies cry it out sometimes. It is very difficult to listen to a baby cry without picking a baby up and trying to help. Some moms resist the urge to soothe every crying episode because they want their babies to learn to soothe themselves.

Question 24

Never Have I Ever Played Peek-a-boo With My Baby

Some moms are playful and love making their babies smile. These types of moms will play peek-a-boo with their babies in order to keep their infants entertained. Of course, playing peek-a-boo can be fun for moms, too. It is nice when babies are happy. Other moms do not really bother with peek-a-boo. Maybe they do not enjoy the game, or prefer to bond with their babies in other ways. Share an honest opinion about playing peek-a-boo with a baby now.

Question 25

Never Have I Ever Read To My Baby

Some moms are not big readers themselves, so they do not have a lot of drive to read to their kids. Other moms love to read and want to pass on this love of reading to their children. Of course, a mom does not have to love reading to read to her baby. She can do it because it is good for her infant. When a mom reads to a baby, a baby gets to hear a familiar and comforting voice.

Question 26

Never Have I Ever Considered My Child To Be Too Superficial

We live in a world where a lot of superficial things are considered impressive. Just look at the popularity of the Kardashian family, who are admired for having big bucks, as well as fancy clothes, hair extensions and lip injections. It is no wonder that some kids grow up thinking that shallow stuff like wealth and appearance are all that really matters. Kids who are too consumed with superficiality may be soaking up the negative aspects of pop culture somehow.

Question 27

Never Have I Ever Taken Baby Care Shortcuts

Some moms occasionally get lazy. When it comes to baby care, they occasionally take shortcuts, such as wiping a baby down with baby wipes, rather than giving it a proper bath or failing to pack the right baby care items for an outing. No one is perfect, except those rare moms who always seem to do everything right. Sometimes, shortcuts are about being too busy. Things get hectic with babies in the mix. In general, too many shortcuts aren't the best idea.

Question 28

Never Have I Ever Expected My Little Kid To Do Lots Of Chores

Moms who have babies may be planning to get their kids doing chores as soon as they consider them old enough. Maybe kids could tidy their toys, or start folding their clothes or washing dishes. Other moms are more indulgent and prefer to take care of the hard work for their children. Every Mom has her own parenting philosophy. Share an honest opinion about chores now and we will guess a zodiac sign that fits. Choose a response right now.

Question 29

Never Have I Ever Expected My Child To Be Just Like Me

Some moms wants their kids to be just like them. That is the last thing that other mothers want. We often see a lot of ourselves in our children, even when they are babies. They might have our eyes, or our expressions, or the same body types. When they begin to grow, we start to see how their personalities develop, and they may show the same traits and characteristics that we have, or be very different. Pick an honest response now.

Question 30

Never Have I Ever Questioned My Ability To Be A Good Mom

Motherhood is tough sometimes. Some moms feel confident about their parenting decisions, while others experience their fair share of doubts, worries and outright anxiety. Moms who do question their ability to be good moms should try to be a bit easier on themselves. They should also educate themselves about proper baby and child care, so they can build confidence. Following advice from doctors and child psychologists is always a smart strategy and plenty of this advice is easy to find online.

Question 31

Never Have I Ever Worried About The Family Finances

Most moms worry about money sometimes. Raising children costs a lot of money. Unfortunately, some worries may transfer over to the kids. Kids feel the vibes that are all around them. The less they need to worry about family money problems, the better. Kids need love and attention and clean clothes and healthy food, but they do not need every single toy or electronic gadget. Moms who worry about money should figure out how to make more or streamline expenses.

Question 32

Never Have I Ever Wanted Another Baby

Some moms are quite happy with just one baby to care for. They don't dream of having great big broods. They don't even dream of having another child. There is no right or wrong way to have a family. Only children are stereotyped sometimes, but they tend to do very well in life, although they may wish for brothers or sisters. Some only children don't wish for siblings. Share an honest opinion about this topic now. Is one child more than enough?

Question 33

Never Have I Ever Felt Dependent On My Baby For Love

Some moms may get a little too dependent on their babies. Sure, babies are supposed to be the dependent ones, but moms may give their whole hearts to their babies and have nothing left for anyone else. Most moms will probably benefit from trying to maintain balance. This means keeping outside interests and friendships intact once they become mothers. Of course, a new baby is going to be the most important thing in life, but other things are also important.

Question 34

Never Have I Ever Tried Co-sleeping With The Baby

Co-sleeping is sleeping in the same bed as a baby. It is something that attachment parenting fans, such as Kourtney Kardashian, believe is a good thing. Some moms are not fans of co-sleeping. They are sometimes worried about rolling over on their babies, so they prefer it when their infants are safe in their cribs. According to, co-sleeping with an infant is not the smartest thing to do. It is better to put an infant in a crib, or a bassinet beside a grown-up bed.

Question 35

Never Have I Ever Cried In Front Of My Baby

We all have meltdowns. Sometimes, the pressures of caring for babies build up and moms cry to relieve tension. They may cry in front of their babies. This is not something to be ashamed of. If a mom with a baby feels sad a lot and cries a lot, it may be time for her to talk to a doctor. Some women are unfortunate enough to experience symptoms of Postpartum Depression after giving birth. Doctors know how to help these women.

Question 36

Never Have I Ever Followed Parenting Advice From In-Laws

Moms who have in-laws may be too independent-minded to follow their parenting advice. Some moms do not really enjoy their in-laws and actually resent their advice, which they consider a form of interference. Then again, there are moms who adore their in-laws and want to soak up all of the advice that they have to share. The answer to this question may depend on whether a mother has a great mother-in-law or a monster-in-law. Pick an honest answer right now.

Question 37

Never Have I Ever Passed My Crying Baby To My Partner

Moms who have partners may pass off crying babies to them, just because it is sometimes hard to soothe fussy babies. It can be very smart to pass a baby to a partner, or anyone else who is around, especially if a mom is getting upset and frustrated. Some single moms do not always have the option of passing crying babies to others. Single moms may wish they they could, but they get very strong because they have to go it alone.

Question 38

Never Have I Ever Let My Child See Me Struggle

Most moms want their kids to think of them as being as perfect as parents as it is possible to be. This is not a bad thing. Moms are safety nets for their children and most want their kids to feel that the safety nets are unbreakable. At the same time, moms are human beings. They do make mistakes sometimes. They show courage by trying again. Moms who let their kids see them struggle sometimes may form bonds that are very deep.

Question 39

Never Have I Ever Lost My Child In A Public Place

Some moms have misplaced their children in malls or other public places. It only takes a few seconds to lose track of a child. For most mothers, it is a disconcerting and frightening experience, especially when children are very little. Babies and little kids need constant supervision until they are more independent. This puts lot of pressure on moms. Some moms put leashes on their kids during outings, but other moms do not approve of that. Pick an answer now.

Question 40

Never Have I Ever Fought With My Partner In Front Of My Child

Relationships can be very challenging. Parents have so many pressures acting on them all of the time, from parenting to work to money and beyond. Few partners who are also parents manage to live conflict-free every day and night. Eventually, disagreements will happen, but do the kids see and hear those arguments? It is best that kids do not see conflict between their parents. That does not mean that most kids never see their parents fight. Pick an answer now.

Question 41

Never Have I Ever Considered My Child To Be Too Clingy

Some children need their mothers more than others. Kids can be very sensitive and some may cling to their mothers for protection. There are moms who don't mind this closeness. Some mothers find it fulfilling. Other moms may find it cloying. How a mother feels about a child who is very attached will vary from woman to woman. Some moms want more freedom and also want their kids to become more independent. Others dislike the idea of their kids being less attached.

Question 42

Never Have I Ever Forgotten To Go Get My Kid

Moms sometimes forget to pick their children up, whether it is from school or from the home of a babysitter or whatever. Moms do make mistakes sometimes. They get busy, whether they have babies to care for or older kids. Most moms could put together at least a short list of times that they have dropped the ball when it comes to going to get their kids. As long as moms try to do better, it is not the end of the world.

Question 43

Never Have I Ever Considered My Child To Be A Chatterbox

Younger babies do not talk, but they soon learn to say words. By the time the toddler phase rolls around, they have a lot to share. Some kids talk non-stop, while others are more measured in terms of sharing their thoughts, feelings and opinions. Some zodiac signs are more prone to being chatterboxes and a child may be born under one of those signs. Some moms feel that their kids chatter too much. Others find their kids too quiet, or just right.

Question 44

Never Have I Ever Dozed While My Baby Was Awake

Mommies make mistakes. Some get so tired that they fall asleep while their infants are awake. If a baby is in a crib when this happens, it should not be a serious problem. A baby will begin to cry if he or she need help. Then, mom will wake up and give the baby some TLC. If a baby is not in a crib when a mom falls asleep, problems may arise. New moms get exhausted. They need to try to get enough rest.

Question 45

Never Have I Ever Given My Baby The Wrong Medication

This can be a serious issue. Moms who do not give their babies the right medications may cause their infants to have adverse reactions. In some cases, moms might give the wrong dosages of medications, rather than the wrong medications. That can be serious, too. Moms should always be very careful when it comes to giving their little ones medications. It is always worth double-checking medication type and dosage. Moms who have questions about medications for babies should talk to their doctors.

Question 46

Never Have I Ever Made My Child Giggle

Hopefully, every mom who takes this quiz has made her child giggle...and more than once! Moms do not have to act like clowns, but they should be fun to be around. Children greatly benefit from laughing. It relieves stress and elevates their moods. Moms who are more on the serious side should get playful by entertaining their babies or kids with puppet shows or silly jokes. Keep life as jolly as possible for the sake of the kids. Pick an answer now.

Question 47

Never Have I Ever Praised My Baby Too Much

Moms should offer praise to their kids regularly. It should be sincere, though. Empty compliments are not recommended. Babies will not know if praise is sincere or not, but kids who are even a little older will sense whether or not compliments are sincere. Sincere praise that isn't excessive should make a child very happy. Everyone needs to feel loved and important. Moms who do not praise their kids a lot may be trying to prepare them for the adult world. Every mom is different.

Question 48

Never Have I Ever Hired A Babysitter

Some moms are all about hiring babysitters or nannies. Others have never hired either. There should probably be a happy medium, right? A little free time is enjoyable and moms should hire babysitters to get that free time. Unfortunately, the financial situation of a mother may impact whether or not she is able to hire babysitters. Some women might like to, but find it too expensive. Moms who do hire babysitters should vet them with care before welcoming them into their homes.

Question 49

Never Have I Ever Not Wanted To Be A Mom

Some women have dreamed of becoming mothers since they were children. They dragged around baby dolls, pretending that the dolls were real live babies. Some women definitely have very strong maternal instincts. Others do not really warm up to the idea of being mothers until they are fully mature, or until they discover that they are pregnant. Moms do not all have to be the same. Every mom is unique. Pick a response now and we will guess a baby zodiac sign.

Question 50

Never Have I Ever Considered My Child To Be Too Dreamy

Some children are very prone to daydreaming and imagining. They spend a lot of time thinking and may not always be present in the moment. Children have their personalities and it is best when a mother appreciates all of the quirks of her child. Some moms are a bit more critical, though, and may find the dreamy types of children to be a little too vague. Moms need to learn how to mesh their own personalities with those of their children.

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