Play "Never Have I Ever" And We'll Tell You If You're Extremely Boring

Never Have I Ever is one of the most popular party games right now, for a number of reasons. Firstly, it doesn't require anything to play. Secondly, it usually involves drinking, which instantly makes it a party classic. And thirdly, it allows people to get to know each other better and relate funny stories to each other, stories that the people telling them may even have forgotten themselves.

The premise is simple. One person makes a statement that "Never Have I Ever..." and then chooses something that they've never done, but which they suspect someone else playing the game has done. If no one else has done it either, the person who made the statement loses the round and must have a drink. This is designed to keep the game from getting out of hand with crazy suggestions that no one is likely to have done.

However, if anyone else has done that thing, they must admit to it and have a drink themselves. In cases where the scenario is exceedingly funny, they may be asked to regale the other players with a recounting of it. Score may be kept, but often isn't; it's primarily just a fun way for people to pass time together.

In this quiz, we'll ask you 35 basic Never Have I Ever questions. Simply agree (meaning you've never done it) or disagree (meaning you have done it) with the statements and we'll tell you if you're boring or not. Get ready to relive some hilarious, awkward, and possibly painful memories as we delve into some of your life's defining moments! And if you want to share any of them in the comments, feel free to do so, we'd love to hear your stories.

Question 1

Never Have I Ever...Had A Nickname

Nicknames are not always something we're proud of, highlighting one of our most embarrassing moments, or a personal feature that stands out about us that makes us unique. Other times they are simply a play on our names. Regardless, they do make us interesting, and likely signify that someone thought enough of us to bother giving it to us in the first place.

Question 2

Never Have I Ever...Laughed So Hard I Peed A Little

Whether from watching a comedian, a funny movie, being regaled with a hilarious story, or something just totally random happening, there are times when the funny bug grabs hold of us and just won't let go. We just can't seem to stop laughing at that point, as if we had been hit by a blast of funny gas. Too much non-stop laughing and a full bladder aren't a great combination, and could lead to just a wee bit of tinkling. Note that it doesn't count if it was the result of tickling.

Question 3

Never Have I Ever...Pranked A Sleeping Person

It's hard to stop yourself sometimes. A person is just laying there, sleeping peacefully, and that innocence and total vulnerability is just too tempting to pass up. So out comes the shaving cream and the feather, and two minutes later you have a groggy former sleeper who just slapped shaving cream all over his or her face. If you haven't pranked a sleeping person, you're way too nice; and a little boring.

Question 4

Never Have I Ever...Been to Another Country

Few things can broaden a person's horizons more than traveling to another country and experiencing another culture. It's one thing to read about other cultures and to know they're out there, but to actually experience one first-hand is magical and eye-opening. You realize that as connected as we now are, life is still vastly different all around the world, and people are different and beautiful in their unique ways, and that's rather inspiring.

Question 5

Never Have I Ever...Tried Bungee Jumping/Skydiving

We're going to lump these two together, as they're similar in what they represent: a thrilling but terrifying experience that will challenge people to face their fears in a way that few other activities can. There's no shame in not having done one of these, but if you have, you can certainly lay claim to the fact that you stared into the abyss and didn't blink (or did blink, but pushed yourself to do it anyway).

Question 6

Never Have I Ever...Snuck Into An Event

Whether it's sneaking into a movie theater through the back door or into an arena or concert venue by some other surreptitious means, sneaking into events without paying is a time-honored tradition among scalawags and the destitute; in other words, kids. Not that adults are beyond such things, but they usually have the means to just get in the good old-fashioned way: by buying tickets.

Question 7

Never Have I Ever...Been to Disney World

Going to Disney World is a bucket list item for many people, a magical place where adults can feel like kids again and kids can have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Many people may not have the means to go to Disney World, or may not even want to go (what's wrong with you??), but either way, the fact they haven't makes them just a little less interesting.

Question 8

Never Have I Ever...Written Fan Fiction

Fan fiction often gets criticized as the absolute lowest form of writing, but creativity in any form should be applauded, not denigrated. A person who writes fan fiction often has an intense love for the subject they're writing about and wants to expand upon the story for other fans. Fan fiction is also a great training tool for budding writers, giving them a palette to work with and abide by (setting, characters, backstory) but otherwise letting them unleash their creative genius.

Question 9

Never Have I Ever...Shoplifted

Shoplifting might be the ultimate form of children rebelling against the constraints of society and seeing how far they can go to defy it. It's not as if stealing a chocolate bar is otherwise all that vital. Of course, it's not always chocolate bars being pilfered, and greed and envy can most certainly compel people to shoplift, as can peer pressure. Whatever the motive, shoplifting is a rite of passage for many kids.

Question 10

Never Have I Ever...Tried Illegal Substances

When we're told not to do something, our natural tendency is to do precisely that thing. And there's nothing we're told to not do more often than drugs. So of course many of us try drugs, sometimes due to peer pressure, but most often because we're curious about what all the fuss is about and need to experience just how bad drugs are (supposedly) for ourselves.

Question 11

Never Have I Ever...Thrown Up On Someone

You may never have a more embarrassing moment than when you throw up on someone (it kind of sucks for them too), though the good news is that those moments are usually forgotten thanks to the drunken stupor you're most likely in. If you drink enough, eat enough exotic foods, or ride enough crazy roller-coasters, chances are someone will eventually be on the receiving end of your stomach's contents.

Question 12

Never Have I Ever...Been Pulled Over by the Police

Only the most studious driver, or a frequent passenger of the most studious of drivers, has never been pulled over by the police. Heck, a mere broken taillight or accidentally-left-on blinker could be enough to warrant police intervention. If you're a visible minority you pretty much get a free pass on this one, as you've almost certainly been pulled over. So the next time you're being racially profiled, you can at least console yourself with the thought that you aren't boring.

Question 13

Never Have I Ever...Kept A Dark Secret From Everyone

We all have certain secrets that we keep from specific people, but for some of us, we have secrets that we literally can't tell anyone; not our parents, not our best friends, and not our lovers. Hell, not even our cats. And there's nothing wrong with that. Don't buy into the hype that you need to be completely open and share everything with other people. A person should be allowed to keep some things to themselves and maintain a personal identity that only they know about.

Question 14

Never Have I Ever...Made A Prank Call

There are few forms of harmless fun more timeless than the prank call. A prank call has the incredible capacity to make us feel like naughty rebels while actually feeling good about what we did at the same time, because ultimately, the person being pranked is probably going to end up laughing at the call as well. So pick up your phone and put a smile on someone's face. And hey, you may just help save them from a fridge that's trying to run away with all their leftovers and cheese (cause what else are fridges good for?) while doing so.

Question 15

Never Have I Ever...Been to a Wedding

Getting a wedding invitation often stirs up conflicting emotions. On the one food and booze. On the other hand...having to sit through a bunch of corny drivel about how the bride and groom (or bride and bride/groom and groom, because we have superior PC defense, so don't even try to come at us bro) met in grade 6 and instantly knew they were destined to be together forever. Painful, we know, but just booze!

Question 16

Never Have I Ever...Donated Blood (or Tried To)

This is a relatively simple and painless task, and one that could save a person's life. Yet for whatever reason, many people have a phobia about donating their blood, or absolutely detest needles. Others just don't want to waste their precious time going to the hospital or blood bank to donate some of their life's blood. Regardless, we'll accept no excuses for someone at least not attempting to do so.

Question 17

Never Have I Ever...Accidentally Seen My Parents Naked

Tragically, the last people we would generally ever want to see naked are usually the first people that we see naked. Accidental bathroom/bedroom walk-ins because someone forgot to knock first or lock the door are all but inevitable when you live with someone for an extended period of time. Those scars last a long time, but at least they pale in comparison to the kids who walked in on their parents having sex. Those scars never fade.

Question 18

Never Have I Ever...Dyed My Hair

After awhile, many of us get bored with the hair color that God or genetics granted us (depending on your beliefs). We may even hope that a new hair color just might make us a new person, a better person, as if the hair color might leak down into our brains and forever alter the neurons and chemicals and whatever the heck else is going on in there. While that's rarely the case, it does at least make us less boring for awhile.

Question 19

Never Have I Ever...Eaten A Bug

Whether you were dared to do it or were just super curious about what it would be like to chomp down on a living thing, eating a bug is a culinary experience that many of us have had. And while the practice of bug eating isn't big in the West, the UN has suggested that more of us are going to have to become regular bug eaters if we're to keep everyone fed in the years to come.

Question 20

Never Have I Ever...Gotten A Professional Massage

Some people revel in a massage being given to them, even by a stranger. Others can't quite get over the fact that there's a certain level of physical intimacy involved in a massage for a stranger to be doing it. While we can understand that, we think everyone owes it to themselves to get a professional massage at least one time, overcoming a bit of prudishness or self-consciousness in the process.

Question 21

Never Have I Ever...Flown in a Plane

Flying represents a fear for many people, one which never entirely goes away, even after many flights. Thus, flying is not only indicative of an ability to overcome fear for many people, but also goes hand-in-hand with having interesting experiences and broadening one's perspective. A person who's never flown is far more likely to have seen less of the world and to be less interesting because of it.

Question 22

Never Have I Ever...Walked Out of a Movie

Some people refuse to bail on even the worst movies out of principle, because they paid good money to watch it, and awful or not, that's exactly what they're going to do. However, those of us with more sense (and better things to do) realize that the money was paid either way, so forcing ourselves to sit through an awful movie accomplishes nothing but proving how stubborn we are. Don't be stubborn (or boring); walk out of that turd of a movie like a boss.

Question 23

Never Have I Ever...Broken A Bone

Breaking a bone and the rehabbing that follows is an experience people will never forget and one which may even give them a perspective about themselves that people who have never been seriously injured simply don't have. And while some people may have broken bones simply because they're clumsy or have had extremely unfortunate accidents happen to them, regardless of their lifestyle, it's more likely that people with active lifestyles will break their bones than people who spend their days sitting on the sofa.

Question 24

Never Have I Ever...Rode A Motorcycle

Virtually all of us dream of driving a vehicle one day and can't wait until we come of age, but few of us have the nerves of steel to make that vehicle a motorcycle. The motorcycle rider is revered for his or her courage and the perceived sense of freedom that comes from traveling the world at high speeds while totally immersed in it. The motorcycle rider is not envied when it rains however.

Question 25

Never Have I Ever...Pulled an All-Nighter

While it may have just been a spirited bout of online gaming that couldn't be set aside or a desperate last-minute attempt to cram before a test, pulling all-nighters requires fortitude and a little bit of giving the finger to your future self, who's going to regret what your present self did at its expense.

Question 26

Never Have I Ever...Ridden in a Limo

Nothing quite personifies excess and celebration like the limousine, a staple on prom night and at weddings. Having been in one likely means you had a memorable night out with family and friends and know how to life live to the fullest; or at least, to the fullest amount of excess possible for one glorious night. But hey, you only have one prom, and maybe two or three weddings, so live it up.

Question 27

Never Have I Ever...Wondered if I Was Weird

If you have any sense of self, you've surely wondered if you're a total oddball who just isn't like other people. What's interesting is that when we're young we tend to want to feel "normal" and hope we are, while as we get older, many of us wish to be different from everyone else, as the knowledge that there are 7 billion other humans can weigh on us as we try to carve out our own place among them.

Question 28

Never Have I Ever...Went Skinny Dipping

Skinny dipping is usually done under cover of darkness, where a person's nakedness would not be seen even if they were spied on. Nonetheless, the feeling of liberation that one gets from swimming naked, often with other people and in a location that is at least partially public, cannot be understated. Skinny dipping may also be the precursor to having underwater sex, which is about as interesting an experience as sex gets (which is saying a lot).

Question 29

Never Have I Ever...Gotten A Tattoo

Tattoos are now a lot more commonplace than they were years ago, to the point that they've actually lost their edge, having been hijacked away from punks to appear on the shoulders, arms, and small of the backs of nearly every mildly adventurous millennial. Nonetheless, as frivolous as tattoos have become in some respects (or at least, certain forms of tattoos), they still say something about you and make you just a little more interesting.

Question 30

Never Have I Ever...Ridden an Animal

There's something intense about riding a horse or other animal. Whereas you just feel like a passenger while riding a machine, you feel like an active participant riding an animal, like you've become one with it. Horse riding in particular has been proven to be very beneficial to its riders psychologically, socially, and emotionally, while also being good exercise.

Question 31

Never Have I Ever...Begged Strangers for Money/Smokes

This will be a fairly common one among smokers, who invariably run out of their favorite nicotine sticks at some point and must turn to strangers to feed their habit until they can get more. It takes even more humility or desperation to ask strangers for money, yet it's a situation some of us may also be put in and shouldn't flinch from.

Question 32

Never Have I Ever...Went On A 48-Hour or Greater Fast

It's believed that the body enters a fasting state after about 12 hours of not consuming anything but water, during which time it is free to do a lot of maintenance work on your body that it would otherwise be too busy digesting your food to do. While intermittent fasting has become popular (daily fasts of about 14-16 hours), we will only count at least one fast of 48-hours in length, as that takes an amount of dedication and willpower well beyond not eating a few hours before bed and a few hours after waking (the intermittent fasting trick).

Question 33

Never Have I Ever...Gotten Goosebumps Listening to Music

Believe it or not, it's actually a lot rarer to get goosebumps from listening to music than one might think. In fact, a study published earlier this year suggested that those who can experience it are able to do so because they have different brain structures than those who can't, through which they are able to have stronger emotional reactions to music, and thus, make them much more likely to be music lovers.

Question 34

Never Have I Ever...Been With Someone Of The Same Gender

Even if we're not really sexually interested in members of the same sex, sheer curiosity will lead some of us to engage in at least one make-out session with just such a person. And why not? Even if it doesn't do anything for someone, a little kissing certainly isn't going to harm them either. Better to try something and know it's not for them than to never do it and never know for sure.

Question 35

Never Have I Ever...Learned How to Swim

If you haven't learned how to swim, chances are you've shunned a lot of chances to engage in activities that could involve swimming, and have generally missed out on a lot of experiences. Many kids can and should blame their parents for their inability to swim (and resulting boringness), as parents who don't swim are likely to raise kids who don't swim.

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