Play "Never Have I Ever" And We'll Reveal Who's Boring Or Not

There is often a negative connotation when it comes to categorizing an individual as boring. Yet, it's interesting how different people are when it comes to things that they want to do in life. While some people would rather that their lives were filled with a myriad of adventures, others are happy with a night in while watching a new series on Netflix. Just because a person may not be interested in the same sorts of activities as others, doesn't necessarily mean that their lives aren't just as fulfilled.

However, a person's life experiences do tend to say something about them. From the books that they've read to the vacations they've taken, there are so many different things that can define a person's character. Let's play a fun game of "Never Have I Ever" and see what we reveal in regards to whether or not a person is boring or not.

Question 1

Spent Thanksgiving with friends?

Question 2

Ate cold pizza from the night before?

Question 3

Went skydiving?

Question 4

Went surfing?

Question 5

Had an exotic animal for a pet?

Question 6

Vacationed in Las Vegas?

Question 7

Flown in a helicopter?

Question 8

Held a snake?

Question 9

Participated in a card competition?

Question 10

Worn fake hair?

Question 11

Played Dungeons & Dragons?

Question 12

Traveled alone?

Question 13

Driven a race car?

Question 14

Cried during a Disney film?

Question 15

Covered eyes during a film?

Question 16

Participated in an eating competition?

Question 17

Cut hair without a stylist?

Question 18

Tried VR gaming?

Question 19

Swam with sharks?

Question 20

Went rock climbing?

Question 21

Dated a friend’s sibling?

Question 22

Went snowboarding?

Question 23

Went on a zipline?

Question 24

Participated in an “Ugly Sweater” event?

Question 25

Been on a themed pub crawl?

Question 26

Been to Comic-Con?

Question 27

Rode a motorcycle?

Question 28

Hired a tutor?

Question 29

Watched every Star Wars film in a single night?

Question 30

Had a full-on conversation with a pet?

Question 31

Wore glasses without a prescription?

Question 32

Spent an entire night in a library?

Question 33

Performed a science experiment at home?

Question 34

Had a crush on a teacher?

Question 35

Watched all of the Harry Potter films?

Question 36

Participated in a high school musical?

Question 37

Read The Hunger Games books?

Question 38

Swam in the ocean?

Question 39

Went into a pool fully clothed?

Question 40

Tried to imitate a makeup guru?

Question 41

Rode on a camel?

Question 42

Watched a Broadway play?

Question 43

Sentenced to detention?

Question 44

Went on a blindfolded adventure?

Question 45

Been on a cruise?

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