Play Never Have I Ever, And We'll Reveal How Desperate You Are

Love can lead us to doing some strange things. It ebbs and flows through our lives, giving us moments of pure ecstasy before dragging us down in the dumps. Even the friendships that we find in our lifetime can cause a wave of emotion to flow through our bodies. For many people, human relationships grow easier as they get older, but there are those out there who never quite find their footing. These people often struggle to make friends and start relationships, but that doesn't mean that we all haven't struggled at some point in our lives.

Unfortunately, the lower periods in our lives can cause us to make poor decisions that we always end up regretting. We act with our emotions, and when we look back at these terrible choices, we wonder why we made them in the first place. Desperation is a stench that all of us have worn, and those of us who are past that point in our lives can smell it all over other people.

So, in order for you to learn how desperate you actually are, we decided to compile this quick quiz. All you have to do is answer these questions honestly. Once you're finished, we'll let you know how desperate you are!

1Never Have I Ever...Chased A Person In A Relationship

This is something that countless people are guilty of, and really, we can’t wrap our heads around it. If someone is in a relationship, then give them some healthy space and remain friends. You may have feelings for them, but you have got to check your feelings and not be this desperate.

2Never Have I Ever...Cheated On My Significant Other

Yet again, we find ourselves questioning you about something that people shouldn’t be doing, but we are asking for a reason. If you need attention from other people so badly that you cheat on your significant other, then you have bigger problems than you realize. Only desperate people stoop this low.

3Never Have I Ever...Drunk Dialed An Ex

Admittedly, just about everyone has done this, but that doesn’t change how desperate you look while doing this. Sure, having a few drinks can have us feeling some type of way, but getting belligerent and committing this modern-day sin will leave you wishing that you had gone about things differently.

4Never Have I Ever...Hooked Up With An Ex

Drunk dialing is one thing, but making the decision to shack up with your ex is always a poor decision. Being single can cause some bouts of loneliness, and as much as you miss your ex, hooking up with them reeks of desperation. Do yourself a favor and avoid doing this again.

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