Play Never Have I Ever And We'll Guess Your Favorite Movie

Never Have I Ever is a popular game that's often played by teenagers at sleepovers or adults who are trying to get to know one another better. It's often paired up with a certain variety of beverages, although it definitely doesn't always have to be. The idea is that one player will make a statement about themselves such as, "Never Have I Ever kissed a cat on the mouth," and the other players will volunteer whether or not they've done it. Generally speaking, if the players have done something, they will either put down one of the ten fingers they're holding up, or take a sip from their beverage, or something similar.

There are, of course, millions of different ways to play, because each group of players comes up with their own rules that fit themselves and their circumstances!

While it might not be quite as easy for a person to get to know someone through Never Have I Ever without revealing some personal information of their own as it is in the game of Truth or Dare, it's definitely still a fun way to break the ice with friends - or more than friends, even, as it can get pretty spicy along the way.

Question 1

Never Have I Ever Dyed My Hair

One of the coolest modern marvels is the ability to easily dye your hair to be pretty much whatever color your heart desires! Whether your color of choice is hot pink, ocean blue, brilliant violet, highlighter yellow, or even a combination of all of the above, it's totally possible with the right amount of effort and patience!

Question 2

Never Have I Ever Wished Harry Potter Was Real

Harry Potter is easily one of the most iconic things to have come out of the 90s and early 2000s, right? It's easy to understand why there might have been people out there holding their breath for a letter of invitation to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry on their eleventh birthday - or even their twelfth, or twentieth, or fiftieth!

Question 3

Never Have I Ever Been To A Disney Park Or Resort

The majority of people from North America might be most familiar with the Disney parks in the United States' Florida and Orlando, but there are actually Disney parks all around the world in places like Europe and Asia. For example, there are Disney Parks and Resorts in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Paris!

Question 4

Never Have I Ever Had A Dog

Dogs are one of the most common household pets, and it's definitely not hard to understand why. They're infinitely loyal and loving without expecting much in return except for food, water, toys - and of course, copious amounts of attention! What more could you ask for?! It's no wonder they're called man's best friend!

Question 5

Never Have I Ever Had A Cat

Cats are another one of the most common household pets, not to mention they're internet famous for doing adorable, hilarious things pretty much all the time that get turned into GIFs and YouTube compilations. They're a bit more independent than dogs but there's no question about whether or not cats love their humans in their own way!

Question 6

Never Have I Ever Played Pokémon GO!

Pokémon GO! is a mobile game that's based off of the internationally popular Pokemon franchise. Players are sent out into the real world to hunt down and capture as many Pokémon as possible, and battle to claim gyms as a member of one of three different teams: Mystic, Valor, and Instinct.

Question 7

Never Have I Ever Dated Someone Just For Their Accent

Okay so, they might not be for literally everyone, but it's safe to assume that the majority of the general population finds a foreign accent to be pretty attractive. People from the United States and Canada seem to be particularly charmed by British and Australian accents. There's just something about them!

Question 8

Never Have I Ever Made Pizza At Home

There are plenty of good delivery services for pizza, sure, but there's something special about making a dish from scratch. Unlike some things, the definition of making a pizza from "scratch" is pretty loose, because to most people, it still counts if the dough is purchased premade, so it's not entirely up to you!

Question 9

Never Have I Ever Wished I Was Born In Another Generation

We've all heard someone say it before, or even said it ourselves. The kid born in the early 2000s who looks back on the way of life in 1995 and mourns the fact that they weren't around to experience it in real time. Maybe the popular music of the current era just doesn't resonate with them, or maybe they really love snap bracelets... Either way, they wish they'd been born a few years before!

Question 10

Never Have I Ever Had A Favorite Member Of One Direction

One Direction was a boyband formed from five separate contestants on the X Factor UK when each of them was unable to progress on their own. Their boyish charm and adorable dance numbers took their career as a group pretty far! Even though they've all started to release solo work, One Direction will never truly be forgotten.

Question 11

Never Have I Ever Been To Australia

Australia is a beautiful country that is, according to Wikipedia, made up of nearly two-thirds desert land. That makes perfect since because according to VICE, the total population of the country of Australia is less than that of Texas, a state in the USA. What that means, however, is that there are numerous beautiful and barely disturbed instances of natural beauty to take in.

Question 12

Never Have I Ever Listened To A Song 'Til I Didn't Like It

Sometimes there's a song that really just sticks with a person, so it ends up on every playlist they make, if not on one of its own that often gets put on repeat, over and over and over, because there's no way they'll ever get sick of this song - until they do, and then they never want to hear it again. Ever.

Question 13

Never Have I Ever Been A Vegan Or A Vegetarian

Lots of people find it easy to fully commit to the lifestyle of a vegetarian, meaning that they've sworn off of consuming meat, or a vegan, meaning that they've sworn off of meat AND any animal byproducts including dairy, leather, etc. Others still simply try it out for a little bit and then find themselves back on the meat wagon, or swapping between veganism and vegetarianism periodically.

Question 14

Never Have I Ever Kept A Journal

Journaling is a great way to keep track of your thoughts and feelings, not to mention anything that it's really important for you to remember, like a date or a specific moment. It's also an easy way to reflect on the past simply by reading through what was going on at the time.

Question 15

Never Have I Ever Wished On A Star

Wishing upon a star might seem silly to some people, but to others, it's a genuinely sentimental thing that they hold near and dear to their hearts! It isn't necessarily about whether the wish actually comes true, it's simply about believing that there's a possibility that it might. Hope is an important thing.

Question 16

Never Have I Ever Argued With A Coworker

Getting into an argument with another person is awkward because let's be honest, confrontation is never any fun. What could make it even worse? Probably fighting with a coworker, because in most cases, the two of you are going to be stuck together whether you get along or not, and a hostile work environment can make everyone uncomfortable.

Question 17

Never Have I Ever Cheated On A Test

There are plenty of ways to pass a test. The one that's recommended by most people is simply studying and actually knowing the subject material so that it's easy to fill in all the answers. However, it's not always possible to do that, and there are numerous ways to slip by without doing that, including cheating!

Question 18

Never Have I Ever Believed In Aliens

Extraterrestrial beings are a subject of heated debate, and they have been since basically the dawn of time. Some people believe in the popularized little green men, while some believe in more fantastical or even simplistic forms of life in outer space - and others don't believe in anything at all!

Question 19

Never Have I Ever Been On A Sports Team

There are tons of different athletics teams to join at the majority of schools, public and private alike, and there are even amateur leagues available for people who aren't able to or interested in playing for a school! Of course, there are also professional leagues of many kinds. The point is that "sports team" covers a wide variety of different things.

Question 20

Never Have I Ever Experienced VR

Virtual reality, commonly known as VR, has been becoming increasingly normal with modern technology. If a person can get their hands on a smart phone, they can more than likely submerge themselves into some kind of VR experience. Even without a smart phone, PlayStation VR is readily available for anyone who's able to lay down the cash!

Question 21

Never Have I Ever Played An Instrument

Guitar, clarinet, violin, piano, tuba, trombone, drums, bass, cello. Those are just a few of the numerous instruments that are out there for people to hone in their talents on. Some are more popular than others, and some are definitely more likely to be something that turns into a career or a scholarship, but they're all perfectly valid!

Question 22

Never Have I Ever Played The Sims

The Sims has been around since February 2000. It started off as simply a base game that was a suburban life simulator, but then it sprawled into a bountiful world that included themed vacation worlds and a magical fantasy realm! Since then, there have been numerous franchises: The Sims 2, The Sims 3, and most recently, The Sims 4. It's easy to lose hours upon hours of your life into any game in the series.

Question 23

Never Have I Ever Had A Crush On A Teacher

While it can be super embarrassing for the student if their classmates or worse yet, their teacher finds out, developing a crush on a teacher is actually a totally normal occurrence. That's why there have been so many different movies, books, songs, and television shows about it throughout the years!

Question 24

Never Have I Ever Collected Stickers

Collecting stickers might not be as common of a thing nowadays as it was a few years ago, but it's definitely still a thing that people do. There are sticker machines in most grocery stores and tons of places that sell office supplies, and even places that specialize in just stickers!

Question 25

Never Have I Ever Gone Fishing

Fishing is a sport that can range from super casual to surprisingly extreme depending on the weather conditions, the type of fish that's being caught, and of course, the location! There are also people who enjoy catch and release fishing, which is exactly what it sounds like, while some people catch fish to eat or mount them.

Question 26

Never Have I Ever Played Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is a party game similar to Never Have I Ever, but of course, the rules are different. One player asks another to choose between truth, meaning that they will have to answer any question they are asked honestly, or dare, meaning that the asker will give them a task to complete. There are varying consequences for lying, failing to complete the dare, or choosing truth too many times in a row.

Question 27

Never Have I Ever Played Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons is a tabletop game that is conducted by a player known as the Dungeon Master. Each player has a character of their own, either created by themselves, borrowed from another player, or even premade, depending on the circumstances, and they embark upon an adventure guided by the Dungeon Master and, of course, rolling dice.

Question 28

Never Have I Ever Watched YouTube Videos For Hours

YouTube is a popular website that hosts a myriad of different videos, some created by amateurs and others produced by professionals. It's possible to find vlogs of regular people just talking about their day, clips from obscure and somewhat forgotten television shows from decades ago, elaborately made skits and sketches, and more.

Question 29

Never Have I Ever Had (Or Wanted) A Furby

A furby is a talking, blinking toy that learns from the world around it and the people that play with it. They were a pop culture icon throughout the 90s and early 2000s, with some of the versions released back then being limited editions that are still sought after by modern Furby lovers, and they've recently resurfaced in the late 2010s.

Question 30

Never Have I Ever Wanted To Pursue Professional Acting

Movies and television shows are brought to life by people who have decided that they want to make a name for themselves as an actor or an actress. Of course, there are also equally important things like Broadway shows, plays, and comedy sketches that rely on actors and actresses as well!

Question 31

Never Have I Ever Been A Fan Of Twilight

Based off of a series of books released from 2005 - 2008, the first film in the Twilight Saga franchise was released in 2008. It follows Bella Swan, a human high school student who has moved back to her hometown of Forks, Washington, where she meets an enchanting, mysterious boy named Edward Cullen, and reunites with her handsome childhood friend, Jacob Black.

Question 32

Never Have I Ever Tried To Use The Force IRL

Anyone who's ever seen a Star Wars movie - or even just heard a Star Wars reference from another television show, movie, commercial, or a person they know, or lived through the month of May and used social media on the fourth, definitely has at least something of an understanding about what The Force is.

Question 33

Never Have I Ever Been To The Beach In The Fall/Winter

It's a common misconception that the only time it's acceptable to go to the beach is during the spring and summer months, when things are warm and sunny. However, there's something special about visiting a beach when it's chilly outside, especially since it's significantly more common to have the whole beach to yourself.

Question 34

Never Have I Ever Secretly Had A Crush On A Friend

Having a close friend that you can rely on and tell your secrets to is great, and for some people, turning that friend into a romantic partner can be even better. However, it's also a little intimidating, since there's always the chance that your friend doesn't feel the same way... Is a potential romance worth ruining a definite friendship for? That's an age-old conundrum!

Question 35

Never Have I Ever Played Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is a game that consists of two different decks of cards. Each card from the black deck contains a prompt, such as, "I love eating ___ for breakfast in the mornings," and each card from the white deck will have something to fulfill that prompt, ranging from super tame to super raunchy, for example, "Grandma's cookies." The funniest one wins.

Question 36

Never Have I Ever Had A Plan For The Apocalypse

In pop culture, the apocalypse usually comes in the form of a viral outbreak that results in a zombie infestation, radiation that seals the fate of the majority of humanity, a giant international conflict, or an alien invasion. Tons of people have some sort of plan in place for just in case any of those things happen IRL to varying degrees of seriousness, like a casual conversation about what to do versus an actual bunker stocked with rations and entertainment.

Question 37

Never Have I Ever Read A Book In A Day

Some books are just so good that it's impossible to put them down, so it's easy to finish them up in a single sitting. That's especially true for short or moderate-length books - but honestly, even daunting books with hundreds and hundreds of pages can be crushed in a single day by speedy, dedicated readers.

Question 38

Never Have I Ever Pulled An All-Nighter

Sometimes it's necessary to sacrifice sleep in order to study for a test. Or to watch another episode of that really good TV show on Netflix. Or to get just a little bit further into the story of that video game. Or to read just a few more pages in that book. Or to hear that song again. Or to talk to that special person for just a little bit longer.

Question 39

Never Have I Ever Totally Believed My Horoscope

A person's horoscope is written based off of their astrological sign, which is determined by the position of the planets on the day of the month they were born on. Corresponding to the months in a year, there are twelve possible astrological signs, and each comes with its own personality traits.

Question 40

Never Have I Ever Snooped Through Someone's Phone

Snooping through another person's phone might be a total invasion of privacy, but sometimes it seems completely justified, like when you think that your friend or romantic partner is lying to you! Of course, sometimes it's just about being nosy and wanting to see what other people get up to... which is justifiable in its own way!

Question 41

Never Have I Ever Stolen A Friend's Romantic Partner

There are certain things that are just considered to be the friendship code of conduct, which is commonly referred to as "girl code" and "guy code" though it can pertain to friendships of any type. One of the main rules is that you shouldn't really swoop in on a friend's romantic partner... But sometimes things just happen!

Question 42

Never Have I Ever Been To Warped Tour

Warped Tour was one of the staple parts of pop punk musician's lives, and it was basically a rite of passage for teenagers to go to it with their friends, especially during the mid-2000s when everyone was all about being a scene kid. Even though it officially ran its last run in 2018, it will always be remembered fondly!

Question 43

Never Have I Ever Faced One Of My Biggest Fears

People are scared of a ton of different things, some of which are popular and easy to understand like spiders and heights, and others that are weirdly specific and often seen as irrational, like pickles or cotton balls. Each person is responsible for knowing themselves and their limits - and choosing to push past them, if they want to.

Question 44

Never Have I Ever Argued About PlayStation VS Xbox

It may not come as a surprise to anyone to learn that there has always been a bit of a war between PlayStation fans and Xbox fans. Plenty of people have surrendered and admitted that both sides have merit, and picked up one of each, but others are still deeply biased towards their favorite and refuse to see the good of the other! It's been going for decades, with no end in sight...

Question 45

Never Have I Ever Worn Black Make-Up

Black make-up is one of those things that used to be a statement piece. Whether it was about going through a goth phase, feeling a little bit rebellious, or even wanting to look sultry and alluring, it used to be a big deal to choose black lipstick over a more traditional color like red. Nowadays, it's a bit less of a "thing," but it's still not exactly common.

Question 46

Never Have I Ever Pretended Not To Like Something To Seem Cool

It isn't really uncommon for things that are popular to end up being viewed as lame or childish, especially if it's something like a certain musician, television show, or hobby. It's more common for teenagers to lie about their interests to make themselves seem cool, but it's not exactly unheard of for an adult who still loves Saturday morning cartoons to pretend not to.

Question 47

Never Have I Ever Visited A Place With A Completely Different Culture Than My Own

Traveling to local places is fun, but there's something unique about heading off to somewhere that's absolutely nothing like where you're coming from. Plenty of people from North America get this experience by venturing off to countries throughout Europe and Asia - and, of course, the opposite is also true! Culture shock can be a great learning opportunity.

Question 48

Never Have I Ever Learned Another Language

Learning another language is a useful, marketable skill. Most people who attend high school in the United States will end up learning either Spanish or French, and it's not uncommon for people from certain parts of the United States to be fluent in Spanish, or for people from certain parts of Canada to be fluent in French, in addition to English.

Question 49

Never Have I Ever Worn Mixed Patterns

Mixed patterns used to be a big no-no in the fashion world, as it was generally only acceptable to wear matching patterned pieces or to find complementary solid pieces, but nowadays, it's becoming increasingly more common to throw on a pair of floral leggings with a plaid flannel and go. It's usually not a bad look, either!

Question 50

Never Have I Ever Attended A Midnight Release

Midnight release parties are a sacred event that are generally only attended by the most dedicated and loving fans! Whether it's waiting around for the latest Harry Potter book, crowding outside of a store for a video game, or even standing around a movie theater waiting for the clock to strike twelve, it's a unique experience for people who simply cannot wait any longer.

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