Play Nerdy 'Would You Rather' And We'll Give You A Hot Gamer GF

We've come a long way from skipping rocks on lakes and whittling sticks while whistling tunes. Today, thankfully, we have the option to play video games - a form of casual entertainment that presents whole new worlds for us to explore, each with their own rules, characters and objectives. Some of these worlds are so captivating and, well, out of this world, that many of us choose to turn our backs to the real world during our free time so that we can save Princesses and build arsenals of magical abilities and weapons. That sounds a lot more engaging than skipping rocks and whittling sticks, doesn't it?

So let's put our rocks, sticks, tic tac toe papers and slingshots in the past where they belong. Take a look at the following questions, choose the answers that ring true, and discover the hot gamer GF waiting at the end of the quiz!

Question 1

Save Princess Peach or Princess Zelda?

Question 2

Fight Scorpion or Sub-Zero?

Question 3

Pledge allegiance to Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo?

Question 4

Choose Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle?

Question 5

Play Pong or Pac-Man?

Question 6

Live in the Grand Theft Auto world or God of War world?

Question 7

Arm wrestle Bowser or Donkey Kong?

Question 8

Play in VR or the old-fashioned way?

Question 9

Fight Mega Man or Bomberman?

Question 10

Evolve Pikachu into Raichu or keep him as he is?

Question 11

Play League of Legends or Hearthstone?

Question 12

Hang out with Mario or Sonic?

Question 13

Fight Nightmare or Yoshimitsu?

Question 14

Hang out with Boo or Shy Guy?

Question 15

Race as Yoshi or Toad?

Question 16

Play Magic: The Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh!?

Question 17

Catch ‘em all or be the very best?

Question 18

Root for Link or Ganondorf?

Question 19

Play World of Warcraft or Everquest?

Question 20

Play Tekken or Soul Calibur?

Question 21

Become a Gym Leader or Pokemon Trainer?

Question 22

Use projectiles or close-quarter fighting?

Question 23

Play Halo or Call of Duty?

Question 24

Play Nintendo 64 or PS1?

Question 25

Fight Ryu or Ken?

Question 26

Play Overwatch or Dota 2?

Question 27

Fight Goku or Yamcha?

Question 28

Play the newer Pokemon games or the classics?

Question 29

Hang out with Dr. Mario or Metal Mario?

Question 30

Play a visual novel or not play at all?

Question 31

Live in Princess Peach’s castle or Princess Zelda’s?

Question 32

Hang out with Banjo or Kazooie?

Question 33

Use the Master Ball on Mewtwo or Zapdos?

Question 34

Play Fortnite or Minecraft?

Question 35

Play Chess as White or Black?

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