Play Movie Critic And We'll Reveal Your Inner Nerd

Have you ever dreamed of being a movie critic? Checking out all the latest releases and letting folks know what you thought of the acting and the storyline? Pointing out plot holes or praising great film-making, film critics let us know what we can expect.

When film-makers work on a movie, they know that they'll never be able to please everyone. There will always be someone who finds fault with their picture, no matter how much work they put into it. But impressing some of the critics can go a long way in helping their movie reach more people. If a movie generates plenty of positive reviews it means that more folks will be motivated to watch it and that all adds up in the box office take. Because as we all know, making movies isn't exactly cheap and if no-one goes to watch the finished product the movie studio is left to pick up the cheque for the flop.

For today's quiz, you're getting the chance to act as a movie critic. You'll need to rate a few films, pick your favorites and choose the best movies, and at the end, we'll reveal your secret (or maybe not so secret) fandom. Have fun!

Question 1

Pick a franchise: Harry Potter or Twilight?

Both these franchises were born from the pages of novels penned by women, but that's where the similarities between the two end. While Harry Potter is a fantasy/adventure story, Twilight is a romantic tale blended with a vampire/werewolf/love triangle theme.

Question 2

Rate this movie: Avatar

Believe it or not, Avatar (released in 2009) is still the highest grossing film of all time. And before that, the top spot belonged to Titanic - also directed by James Cameron. Is this movie deserving of this status? Rate this flick for us.

Question 3

Pick a horror movie franchise:

There's nothing quite like a good horror movie except, maybe, a great horror movie franchise! Which of these movie series did you enjoy the most? Old school scares like Nightmare on Elm Street or recent ones like The Conjuring?

Question 4

Which was the best zombie movie?

Where are you going to be when the zombie invasion comes? Hiding away in the basement or up front with a fire ax, fighting off the undead? If you had to recommend one of these zombie movies to a friend, which would you suggest?

Question 5

Which was the best Guy Ritchie film?

British film director Guy Ritchie worked his way up from the bottom - directing commercials before he landed the chance to direct his first feature film. He's known for his edgy crime movies, and titles such as Sherlock Holmes and King Arthur. Which of these movies was your favorite?

Question 6

Pick a franchise: Star Wars or Star Trek

For some of you, this might seem like an impossible choice and for others, it might be the quickest decision you make all day. If you absolutely had to choose between the world of Star Trek and the world of Star Wars, what would it be?

Question 7

Rate this movie: Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is a classic children's story that has been recreated on film several times. But in 2010, we got to see this classic tale like never before, with this live-action Tim Burton version. How would you rate this flick?

Question 8

Which movie was Jennifer Lawrence best in?

She's one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood at the moment and certainly one of the most influential. Jennifer Lawrence is a star on a meteoric rise! In which of these films do you feel she gave her very best performance?

Question 9

Which was the best vampire movie?

A good vampire flick is always sure to get the blood pumping, so to speak. Pop culture loves vampires in all forms - from those who are bad to the bone to the sweet "vegetarian" vampires of Twilight. Which blood-sucking flick did you think was the best?

Question 10

Who made the best James Bond?

When author Ian Fleming created the character James Bond, we wonder if he could have imagined how popular this super spy would become, and for how long! After 25 movies we still haven't lost our taste for 007! Which actor was the best James Bond?

Question 11

Which Steven Spielberg movie was the best?

After four decades in the movie-making business Steven Spielberg is considered to be one of the most popular directors in film history. The energy and vision that he brings to his movies turns them into Hollywood gold. But which Spielberg spectacular is your favorite?

Question 12

Rate this movie: Suicide Squad

There seem to be two polarizing viewpoints when it comes to Suicide Squad. There are those who thought it was excellent and those who thought it was the worst movie ever. Where do you weigh in? What did you think of Suicide Squad?

Question 13

Pick a franchise: Hunger Games or Lord of the Rings?

Do you prefer your epic action adventures to be old school like The Lord of The Rings or do you prefer more modern tales like The Hunger Games? If you had to choose the best franchise out of these two, which would it be?

Question 14

Pick the best musical:

When you are feeling low, there's nothing quite like a musical to help you feel better. It's even better if you can sing along! Of these musicals which do you think had the best storyline and performances?

Question 15

The best action movie of 2017 was:

2017 may not have had the most original movie line-up but it wasn't boring, that's for sure. With action films like these, there was always something to keep us entertained. Which of these 2017 action flicks was your favorite?

Question 16

Which was the best Chris Pine movie?

Chris Pine is quickly proving to be one amazingly versatile actor. Whether he's playing in a drama, action, or even a musical flick, he always brings his A-game! In which of these movies do you think Chris Pine gave his best performance?

Question 17

Pick a franchise: X-Men or Avengers?

The X-Men and The Avengers are both Marvel creations so we know it's tough for fans to choose between them. Wouldn't it be great to see an X-Men vs. X-Men movie? Come on Hollywood - give us what we want to see!

Question 18

Which Coen brothers movie was the best?

This filmmaking duo has been nominated for thirteen Academy Awards together, and you only need a quick look at their filmography to see why. Their films often defy genre but always leave you wanting more. Which of their flicks do you think was the best?

Question 19

Rate this movie: Edge of Tomorrow

Tom Cruise is one of Hollywood's most powerful players and over the years he's positioned himself as an action hero. In the 2014 science fiction flick Edge of Tomorrow, he plays a man stuck in a time loop amidst an overwhelming alien invasion. What did you think of this movie?

Question 20

Which Tim Burton film was the best?

Director and film producer Tim Burton is known for his eccentric gothic style fantasy films which often include stop animation, puppets, and elements of the macarbe. There's no-one who makes movies quite like his! Which of his films would you rate as the best?

Question 21

Which movie was better: Kingsman: The Secret Service or Skyfall?

We love secret agents and our decades-long obsession with franchises like James Bond proves it. Kingsman: The Secret Service is one of the latest spy movies, and so far it's been getting rave reviews. Which film did you think was better?

Question 22

Who played the best Joker?

It takes a certain breed of actor to pull off a convincing villain, especially a Batman supervillain like the Joker! Over the years many talented actors have tried their hand at being Batman's nemesis but who do you think did it best?

Question 23

Which was better: It (1990) or It (2017)?

It's hard to compare movies made almost three decades apart but we want you to try. Which movie did you think was the best: the 1990 version of Stephen King's It (with Tim Curry as Pennywise) or the 2017 version (with Bill Skarsgard)?

Question 24

Rate this movie: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Were you one of the first people to buy tickets to go and see Star Wars: The Force Awakens or did you just wait for it to come out on DVD? And how did you think this adventure faired against other movies in the franchise?

Question 25

Which movie was Josh Brolin best in?

Josh Brolin is everywhere we look at the moment and he's making big waves as Cable in Deadpool 2 right now. His first film was The Goonies back in 1985 and he's come a long way since then. In which of these movies do you feel he gave his very best performance?

Question 26

Which was the best disaster movie?

Anything can happen in a disaster movie: alien invasions, floods, sudden ice-ages, storms, volcanoes, even massive viral outbreaks. But one thing is always certain: the hero will survive! When it comes to disaster flicks which of these titles kept you on the edge of your seat?

Question 27

Jim Carrey movies or Mike Myers movies?

Both these comedic actors are a laugh a minute but they have also proven that they can pull off serious roles as well. If you had to choose between watching a Jim Carrey movie or a Mike Myers movie tonight, which would you go with?

Question 28

Which Michael Bay movie was the best?

Love him or hate him, let's be honest director Micheal Bay gives the people what they want: high action and plenty of explosions! Known for his fast-paced, big-budget movies Bay isn't always popular with the critics but the fans love him!

Question 29

Which was the best war movie?

War movies always run the risk of being a little heavy and depressing but they do showcase the reality of waging war. When you are in the mood for a serious movie - which of these war titles would you choose to watch again?

Question 30

Which movie was Leonardo DiCaprio best in?

Many actors run the risk of becoming typecast; ending up playing the same basic character over and over again. But not Leonardo DiCaprio. This talented actor is able to move across genres with ease. In which of these films do you think he gave his best performance?

Question 31

Pick a franchise: Cloverfield or Paranormal Activity?

Are you enjoying the Cloverfield science fiction-horror anthology film series? The first two films were well received but the third one failed to impress the critics. When it comes to found-footage flicks do you think Paranormal Activity was better?

Question 32

Rate this movie: Forrest Gump

Most films tend to lose their shine over time but then there are movies that are simply timeless - like Forrest Gump. Do you think this movie was one of the best ever or was it overrated? As a movie critic, how many stars do you think it deserves?

Question 33

Which was the best M. Night Shyamalan movie?

If you are looking for a movie with a twist, you can count on M. Night Shyamalan to deliver. His movies often contain supernatural and horror elements, and most times - a twist ending! Which of these movies did you think was his best piece of work so far?

Question 34

Which movie was better: Anchorman or The Hangover?

When you've had a hard week, there's nothing like a comedy to help you relax. Which of these two comedies delivered the best laughs? Anchorman, with the wacky Will Ferrell, or the worst night ever in Vegas with The Hangover?

Question 35

Who was the best Batman?

Bringing Batman to life on the big screen is no small order, you need an actor who can pull off a larger than life superhero and be billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne all at the same time. Which of these actors do you think played the role of Batman the best?

Question 36

Rate this movie: The Wolf of Wall Street

Once you've watched The Wolf of Wall Street, it's almost impossible to believe that it was actually based on a true story - but real life is often stranger than fiction, isn't it? How would you rate this flick?

Question 37

Which movie was better: Pacific Rim or Battleship?

Which of these films did you enjoy the most? Did you feel that Pacific Rim had a better storyline or did the soundtrack of Battleship make it more enjoyable? If you had to recommend one of these movies to a friend, which would it be?

Question 38

Which was the best Quentin Tarantino movie?

Director Quentin Tarantino is known for delivering movies with nonlinear storylines, over the top violence, and amazing dialogue. But you're either a fan or his movies or not - there's no in-between. Which of these movies showcased his very best work, in your opinion?

Question 39

The best animated movie of 2017 was:

You don't have to be a kid or even have kids, to enjoy an animated movie and 2017 delivered some amazing titles in this fun-loving genre. Have you seen them all yet? Which one would you put at the top of your list?

Question 40

Rate this movie: Black Swan

Director Darren Aronofsky is known for delivering surreal and often disturbing films such as Requiem for a Dream and The Fountain. His fifth feature film, Black Swan, was nominated for five Academy Awards and lead actress Natalie Portman walked away with the Oscar for Best Actress for her performance. How would you rate this psychological horror flick?

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