Play 'Mod A Car' And Get A Famous Jennifer Based On Your Taste!

What is it with car mods? And what is it with people wanting to make their cars look like the most unique thing on earth? In a bid to stand out, we all do some strange things. Getting drunk and dancing on bar counters is one, getting rainbow-colored hair is another. And then there are car mods. People do everything they can and spend oodles on making their car look different from the rest, to the point of turning it into hilarity sometimes. Also, the thing with car mods is that if someone plays with the engine, suspension or the other mechanisms of a car; they may be in for trouble. One can modify the internal workings of a car only if they or the custom modification guy really knows what they are doing. Else, not only will the car be out of warranty, insurance may also become an issue. Plus, once the reliability of a car is shot, it isn't coming back. So which one of these car mods are good, which are bad and which are plain ugly? That's for each individual to decide, and once they make a choice, we'll give everyone a famous and gorgeous Jennifer for a wifey. And why not, everyone is allowed some fantastic dreams, be they about Jennifer or their dream cars!

Question 1

Want a car to chew?

Cars are in actuality beasts on the road, if they aren’t driven by someone who knows the road, the car and of course, driving. Driving responsibly should be every car owner’s motto. But do you have to put teeth in your car? To show it can bite? If this car ever needs repairs, do you head to the dentist or a mechanic?

Question 2

How gold can one go?

Luxury has many names, and many colors. Of course, there is none as luxurious as the color gold. So if you want your car to exude richness and tell everyone how loaded you are, this may be the best wrap ever. Then again, it may not, for everything that shines isn’t gold!

Question 3

Spoil a car with spoilers?

Want to put a spoiler on your otherwise sedate sedan? Even if a normal spoiler is more for looks and may not make your car go as fast as you want it to, it still adds a sporty feel to the car. And who knows, the wind shear may actually alter enough to give your car a one-second boost.

Question 4

Still an animal...

Animal prints are always a big thing. First it was fur and when hunting was banned, it was animal printed fabric. Now of course, its animal printed car wraps instead. Wy? In case you wanted that slow and steady sedan to look like the fastest thing in the concrete jungle you live in.

Question 5

Some custom grille inserts?

This is actually a cool way to personalize and modify a car to your approval. Not much needs to be done and your car will look more than just a little different. So you will get the sassiness you want from your car’s hood, minus any terrible snazziness that just makes it look bad.

Question 6

Just a few stars and stripes…

If you want your car to look less like a deadbeat and more of a sporty racer, this is the mod you need. Custom racing stripes can really change the look of your car and make you feel like you are driving a COPO Camaro instead of just a plain ol’ Camaro!

Question 7

Are custom headlights a good idea?

While custom headlights may not look particularly cool in the day, they do light up your car and the road at night. We do know the purpose of a headlight – to light up the way – but if it can do the same in a fancier way, why not? Lights can be as fancy as you want them to be.

Question 8

A de-chromed car...

Think of this as the diametric opposite of a car with too much of chrome, or even a chrome body wrap. It’s like anti-matter to matter, and looks glorious in all its dark and “unshinyness”. Another way to personalize a car is to debadge it, this way – the car is completely unique, and no one knows which one it is!

Question 9

Custom license plate?

Nothing proclaims better ownership over a car than a custom license plate that hints to your name, or your profession, or even where you live. It could even be something that you believe in and want to share with the world, or something witty enough to put a smile on the face of the driver behind.

Question 10

Some wheel and fender lights…

Cars get a new lease of life with nothing more than some snazzy lighting. The concept is the same as is with a chandelier or a lamp at home. Lights look good, and if you get the wheel and fender lights that add a soft glow to the underside of your car – you are good to go.

Question 11

An ECU for that engine...

When it’s one for your car, you could also try making it for the engine One good engine mod is to put an ECU in it, which basically works towards ensuring that your ride is giving you it’s very best at all times in terms of performance, speed and engine output.

Question 12

Internal door lights to jazz up?

Another way you can add some fanciness and attitude to your car is by adding some custom door lights in it. These lights stay off as long as the door is closed and light up automatically once you swing the door open. Along with looking great, they also offer some ambient lighting to see where you step in or out at.

Question 13

Simple seat covers look good...

If your car interiors are looking banal then the easiest and the most economical way to spruce it up is to put a new set of seat covers. You could also get this stuff handmade and hand-fitted to make your car look unique though they are plenty of readymade options available.

Question 14

How about a tire upgrade?

Again getting a new, bigger and better set of tires can also change the look of your car. If you plan to get bigger wheels, it’s a good idea to modify the suspension a bit too to avoid any unnecessary wear and tear in the car. Get everything fitted right, because the car has to roll as good as it looks.

Question 15

Get in more sound

So sound systems are always a rad addition to your car and if you add in enough amps, you have a moving disco at hand. Music is always a fun thing to have at hand while you drive, and with amps, it’s always more the merrier, right? Especially if the custom-mod guy knows what he is doing…

Question 16

Cover a car in crystals?

Not everyone may have the money or the heart to do this but there is a Russian student who has covered her Mercedes in crystals. So a blingier car than this there may never exist. Plus there is a lot of money spent on a mod like this though it does make the car unique for sure.

Question 17

How about depressed wheels?

Actually, the wheels are not depressed. But they are negatively cambered – the camber is the angle of the wheels and the road. So these extensively tilted wheels are negatively cambered, which makes for better turning but really bad straight driving.

Question 18

Tampering with the catalytic convertor

The catalytic convertor is what gives cleaner emissions to your car but some believe it does so at the cost of performance. While it is an illegal mod if you tamper or remove the catalytic convertor, most get away with it because it isn’t a visible one. But it will make your car emit more pollutants.

Question 19

Tinted screens for privacy?

Tinted windows are illegal in many states and yet legal in many as well. The idea is to filter out the sun a bit and of course, grant you complete privacy from prying eyes. Since a lot that’s illegal goes on behind tinted screens, most cops would ask you to roll down the windows if you get pulled over.

Question 20

Fake hood noses?

There are tuned cars that need a hood nose to breathe, aka get in air to ignite. Most of the hood noses you see in non-performance cars that even a beater can beat are just fake body kits made to look like the real thing. This mod doesn’t do diddly squat for your car’s performance.

Question 21

Fur on the car?

If you want something furry to pet, try getting a cat or a dog. Why would you want to inflict this on your car, and then make other people see it? How to clean such a car and what if it gets wet? Does it smell as awful as a wet, dirty dog? All questions, no answers!

Question 22

Cars with eyes?

So once upon a time, pop headlights were introduced in a sporty car, the Cord 910, way back in the 30s. It made the car seem a tad anthropomorphic because it could literally blink. Now of course, things have gone too far and there are fake eyelashes to put on your car as well!

Question 23

Body kits galore!

If you want your dull, drab-looking beater to look as good as it runs, you don’t have to go for a newer car or a complete refurbishment. Try body kits. They can even make a Smart ForTwo like a Corvette. Okay, we are lying, but body kits can change the look of your car completely.

Question 24

Race car seats?

Other than letting you sit and drive in relative comfort, the car seat and the seatbelt play a very important role on the road. And that is to keep you safe and sound in case of an accident. Tampering with this may make the car more unsafe along with more stylish.

Question 25

Strange stickers and doodles?

Agreed, every car does not need to be plain. But then again, it doesn’t need to be an eyesore as well. While some body wraps and paints like the sharpie car manage to look good, every artist who can doodle on a car does not a beautiful car make. What say?

Question 26

Noisy backing horns...

As common as it for a car to go forward, you need to reverse it to park and get it out of parking as well. Why would you need a musical or otherwise beeping sound to tell people you are reversing? A simple toot from your horn can also do the job, as it does when the car moves forward.

Question 27

“Converting” a car

Then there are those who buy a car but really had their heart set on a pickup. So instead of making do with what they have, they do something extra. They turn their cars into pickups, or trucks into cars or small cars into big cars etc. The results are mostly ridiculous, right?

Question 28

Velvet wrapping a car?

What do you think when you think velvet? Personally, I think of sumptuous curtains and ball gowns. Some however, think of car and car wraps and end up getting a velvet body wrap for their car. We are slightly weirded out and impressed at the same time. You?

Question 29

Want OTT wings?

No we are not talking sedate spoilers any more. We are talking about over-the-top wings that not only do nothing for a car’s performance but may be detrimental for its balance. But people still go ahead and get them put in, because looks are more important we guess…

Question 30

Custom hood ornament?

This is where the world gets a little crazy. Once cars had hood ornaments that came company fitted. Now most cars do not come with hood ornaments due to safety issues but people have fixed just about anything and everything (including faucets) to their hoods. You game?

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