Play 'Marry, Date, Divorce' With These Men And We'll Give You A Dream Guy

Alright ladies, let's dish. When it comes to girl talk, there are several different topics that make the cut. Obviously, relationships and general gossip are high on the list, but there is one thing that dominates both of these. We are talking BOYS! Not the boys we are dating either, we mean totally crush-able celebrity boys, who are just too dreamy for this world.

In this quiz, we will be looking at 50 of these handsome celebrities. Everyone will get to pick either "marry" "date" or "divorce" for each of them. Once all of the tough choices have been made, we will reveal the perfect Hollywood dreamboat for everybody. Honestly, can anyone think of a better way to spend the next 5 minutes? No? Then let's get started!

Question 1

Zac Efron

Question 2

Alec Benjamin

Question 3

Ryan Reynolds

Question 4

Kanye West

Question 5

Darren Criss

Question 6

Chris Pratt

Question 7

Bradley Cooper

Question 8

Jason Derulo

Question 9

Dave Franco

Question 10

Zayn Malik

Question 11

Armie Hammer

Question 12

Shawn Mendes

Question 13

Matthew Lewis

Question 14

Jay Baruchel

Question 15

Daniel Radcliffe

Question 16

Chadwick Boseman

Question 17

Jake Gyllenhaal

Question 18

Harry Styles

Question 19

Donald Glover

Question 20

Jamie Dornan

Question 21

Tom Brady

Question 22

Michael B. Jordan

Question 23

David Beckham

Question 24

Jesse Williams

Question 25

Channing Tatum

Question 26

Diego Luna

Question 27

Tom Hardy

Question 28

Miles Teller

Question 29

Joe Jonas

Question 30

Idris Elba

Question 31

Charlie Hunnam

Question 32

Ansel Elgort

Question 33

James Harden

Question 34

Ewan McGregor

Question 35

Henry Golding

Question 36

Tom Hiddleston

Question 37

Nick Jonas

Question 38

Justin Bieber

Question 39

Brad Pitt

Question 40

Charlie Puth

Question 41

James Franco

Question 42

Austin Butler

Question 43

Alexander Skarsgård

Question 44

Cole Sprouse

Question 45

Troye Sivan

Question 46

Ryan Gosling

Question 47

Justin Timberlake

Question 48

Chris Pine

Question 49

Bruno Mars

Question 50

Charles Melton

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