Play In An Episode Of Friends And Get One Of The Guys As A Backup

Friends is one of the best shows of all time. There's really no question about it. And I'm pretty sure I'm preaching to the choir if someone is already here taking this quiz. Yes, Friends is amazing. It's hilarious and relatable. After 10 seasons, it really felt like Phoebe, Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Joey and Ross were our friends. More than that, they were like family!

And even though we love Friends and all of our favorite characters, we can't say they always made the best decisions, right? Sometimes Monica let her obsessive type A personality get in the way. Sometimes Ross was too much of a corrector. Sometimes Joey totally missed the boat. And sometimes Chandler got in there with a joke when it really wasn't the best time.

So now we're turning the tables to find out what we would do when faced with the exact same situations our dear friends were in. And once we've made our decisions and found our place in the friend group, this quiz will reveal which one of the Friends guys we should keep as a backup. Just like how Phoebe had both Joey and Ross as her backups, we've got to get ours!

1What to do?

Your long lost brother, who you recently reconnected with, is now married to his high school home economics teacher, who is likely three times his age. But you're on board with it. Now he's asking if you would be willing to be his surrogate and carry his babies for him? What do you say?

2What to do?

You just found out that your best friend and roommate is planning to move in with her boyfriend. You're so happy for them! Until you realize that means you have to move out. Not only will you not be living with your bestie anymore, but you're now a little bit homeless. How do you react?

3What to do?

You find someone's cellphone at the coffee shop. You're pretty sure it belongs to the cute guy who was just in here. But before you can get in touch with him, your friend sees the phone at the exact same time. So how are you going to handle this? You can't both hit on this guy, can you?

4What to do?

You find yourself with a little bit of extra time and a love for cooking and baking. So you start making candy! Yum! You decide to put some outside of your door to try and make friends with your neighbors. How thoughtful! Unfortunately, the friendly neighbors turn ugly and begin to demand candy faster than you can make it. What do you do?

5What to do?

Your restaurant receives a bad review in the paper. Ouch! But you're an amazing chef. Only now, your pride is hurt and you're upset. No one writes an angry review about your restaurant! What are you going to do? This could damage your reputation as a chef. You'll never get that Michelin star.

6What to do?

You're at your brother's wedding and not having the best time. You're feeling so alone. Your brother is on his second wedding and you don't even have a boyfriend. Plus, some wedding guest thought you looked old enough to be your brother's mother. Ouch! You're feeling awful. What do you do?

7What to do?

You love cleaning. You love to stay organized and arrange everything absolutely perfectly. And you like to be the one to do all of the cleaning and arranging. But one day you come home and you find that everything is just a little bit out of order. It looks like your roommate decided to do some cleaning! Except, she did it all wrong. So what do you do?

8What to do?

You and your sister are not close. Despite the fact that you are identical twins, you just don't get along. You don't hang out very often and honestly, she's kind of the worse. So imagine how you feel when you find out that one of your good friends is trying to date your horrible sister. You hate the idea. But what do you do?

9What to do?

Okay, you're really in a pickle. Your ex-fiance, who you left at the altar, has come back and wants to start seeing you. Except, he only wants to fool around on the down low because, surprise surprise, he's now engaged to your best friend! The one who went on your honeymoon with him. And another surprise, she wants you to be her maid of honor! What do you do?

10What to do?

You're in a really tough spot. Your brother has been in love with your best friend since high school. Finally, she learns the truth and decides to give it a chance with your brother. Except, it's too late and your brother is now dating someone new. So your brother is happy but now your best friend is feeling rejected. And worse, his new girlfriend is nice! What do you do?

11What to do?

Uh oh, you've had quite a night. You end up getting a little too ambitious with your adult beverage and lose your inhibitions. You find yourself calling the guy you have a crush on and confessing all of your feelings on his answering machine. You put it all out there. But then you wake up in the morning with a huge headache and think...

12What to do?

You're an amazing chef but times are tough and you can't find a cooking job anywhere. The rent is due and the bills are piling up so you have to get a job somewhere. You find a job that lets you cook, kind of. It's cooking with Mockolate. A chocolate subsitute that tastes like dirt. But you're going to make the most of it! Your first recipe is...

13What to do?

Times are tough and you still can't find a job as a chef. So, you decide to start your own catering business! Brilliant idea! Your very first client is an old friend of your parents. You arrive at his house to cater the party and find that not only is this old friend very handsome but he's also funny, smart and you two have lots of chemistry. What do you do?

14What to do?

Good news: you've finally landed an amazing guy! He's an old friend of yours and he's your best friend's brother. Isn't it so nice to go from friends to boyfriend and girlfriend? You already hang out every day and now you get to have sleepovers. Except, your best friend and roommate hates having her brother around so often. What do you do?

15What to do?

You're in a great relationship and things are going well. It's early days and you're both super happy. Except, this guy has been in love with you for a very long time. So long in fact, he's had time to plan your whole life together. He tells you exactly when he wants to get married, where he wants to move and what you'll name your kids. What do you do?

16What to do?

Sad news: you just broke up with your guy. It was a real relationship. You two were planning your lives together and now it's just all over. You used to spend every day with this guy and now it's finished. It's for the best, since you wanted different things, but it still hurts, doesn't it? So what do you do?

17What to do?

You work as a waitress at a coffee shop. It's not the worst job in the world, but it certainly isn't your dream job. You get to hang out with your friends and eat all the stale muffins you want. But pouring coffee and taking people's orders is getting to be enough. So what are you going to do about it?

18What to do?

You just landed a brand new job at Bloomingdales in fashion merchandising. You're on your way! This is totally your line of work because you're finally working in fashion. The only problem? Your jealous boyfriend keeps sending you gifts, planning dates when you're busy, and showing up unannounced. What do you do?

19What to do?

You're in a sticky situation. Your boss has a crush on your friend and you set them up on a date. Your boss had an amazing time but your friend was not into it. He doesn't want to date your boss anymore. But if he dumps her, she might be mad at you. What do you do?

20What to do?

You decide to join your friend and help out with her catering business. It'll be fun going into business with your friend! She does the cooking, you drive the van and you both make money. Except, at this one funeral you're catering, the money isn't coming. The widow is avoiding the bill. So what do you do?

21What to do?

Your date invites you back to his parents' house. But don't worry, they're out of town! He just wants to show you the house and chat a little. You decide to spice things up and change into something a little more revealing. But, uh oh, his parents come home early! You're so embarrassed! What do you do?

22What to do?

So you're in a weird situation. Your ex-boyfriend is off in London getting married to a girl he has known for only a few months - a girl you introduced him to. You decide at the last minute to go to the wedding and tell him you still love him. You show up and chicken out. But then at the altar, he says your name! So what do you do?

23What to do?

You're dating a brand new guy and you're really into him. He happens to be a health inspector, which is a pretty cool job. At first, you're really into the powerful way he shuts down restaurants. But then you get nervous because you're afraid he might shut down all of your favorite places. So what do you do?

24What to do?

One of your best friends has decided to take a literature class. She never went to a normal high school and so never got to read all of the books that you did. She asks you to join her and you decide to go for it. You like books, you haven't taken a class in a while and you want to spend time with your friend. How do you approach the class?

25What to do?

You and your boyfriend are living together - congratulations! He just moved into your apartment and the two of you are working out how to merge all of your stuff together. You're pretty particular, but you do want your boyfriend to feel at home here. You also have a spare room. What do you want to do with the room?

26What to do?

You and your new boo are spending your first Valentine's Day together. You decide that doing the traditional restaurant dinner, flowers and chocolate isn't for you. You're going to do something much more romantic and creative. You're making each other handmade gifts. That won't be so hard, right? So what do you make?

27What to do?

You just got engaged, congratulations! This is such a big night for you. You have been dreaming about this night for a very long time. You are so excited for everyone to celebrate with you. But then, you walk into the hallway and see your best friend and your brother, aka her ex-boyfriend, making out. They are stealing your thunder! What do you do?

28What to do?

At your friends' wedding, you discover that one of your other girlfriends is pregnant. WOW! But she's not ready to tell the world yet. In fact, she hasn't even told the father. She's in shock, your other friend is a newlywed and everything is feeling a little bit crazy. What do you do? How do you support your pregnant friend?

29What to do?

You're dating a brand new guy who happens to be one of the cooks at your friend's restaurant. He seems like such a catch and you're really excited about him. Unfortunately, things don't go so well. It's not working out and you're thinking you need to dump him. But your friend tells you she needs to fire him. So what do you do?

30What to do?

You decide to treat yourself to some gorgeous new boots. They are so pretty! They look good with everything and you're crazy about them. Only problem? They hurt so much! Your feet are on fire and you don't know what to do. They were so expensive. But they hurt so bad! What do you do?

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