Play Hook Up Never Have I Ever, And We'll Guess When You Lost It

You know what's a fun icebreaker of a game? Never have I ever. You know what makes people uncomfortable? Sex. This makes for a great time, but some people are embarrassed for their extensive (or perhaps less than) personal history. So, let's cut out the anxiety and keep this is our little secret. We promise we won't track you down and blackmail you with the personal data you give us. Hey, worse that can happen is you get a few laughs out of this. And isn't that what this is all about?

Also, for the sake of our more sensitive players, we'll try and keep some of the lingo here euphemistic, so some of you normies won't get too uncomfortable playing a sex quiz alone in your apartment (or on the bus--we're not here to judge).

There are no right and wrong answers here. Let's just try and guess how old you were first time you got some. We bet we can accurately guess how old you were when you first started to get busy. And to be clear, we're talking about going all the way, so now isn't the time to be shy or nervous. Let's get started!

1Do you know the name of everybody you've hooked up with?

You ever read or watch a really cool, really intense mystery and feel let down when all your questions were answered? People can be like that too. Sometimes the unknown gives the air an electric sense of danger. Wanting is sometimes better than having and sometimes questions are better than answers.

2Have you ever lied about your "number."

Is there really a “right” number? Either way, nobody wants to feel judged for having whatever merits too much or too little experience. As long as there aren’t any diseases and it still feels good for everybody involved, who cares? And whose business is it anyway? Nobody’s. It’s not like you get prizes or anything. Unless orgasms count.

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