Play 'Hit It Or Quit It' With These Starlets And See Who You Get Stuck On An Island With

We are not even stuck on the island yet, and already things are heating up! These starlets are always dazzling us on the big screen, but now it's time to get to know them a little bit better. How's about getting stranded on an island with one of these gorgeous ladies?

In today's quiz, we are going to be looking at photos of just a few of Hollywood's most stunning. Everyone here is going to get to pick "hit it" or "quit it" for each starlet. Believe us when we say, not all of these decisions will be easy. Once all of the votes have been cast, we will reveal to everybody which pretty lady will be accompanying them on trip to a secluded island!

Question 1

Ashley Benson

Question 2

Zoey Deutch

Question 3

Blake Lively

Question 4

Dakota Johnson

Question 5

Lauren Cohan

Question 6

Jessica Alba

Question 7

Alexandra Daddario

Question 8

Cameron Diaz

Question 9

Keira Knightley

Question 10

Scarlett Johansson

Question 11

Olivia Wilde

Question 12

Amber Heard

Question 13

Lucy Liu

Question 14

Cara Delevingne

Question 15

Gal Gadot

Question 16

Emma Roberts

Question 17

Zooey Deschanel

Question 18

Jennifer Lawrence

Question 19

Mila Kunis

Question 20

Kate Upton

Question 21

Emilia Clarke

Question 22

Anne Hathaway

Question 23

Britt Robertson

Question 24

Lili Reinhart

Question 25

Anna Kendrick

Question 26

Sophie Turner

Question 27


Question 28

Lily Collins

Question 29

Megan Fox

Question 30

Kate Hudson

Question 31

Emmy Rossum

Question 32

Margot Robbie

Question 33

Jennifer Aniston

Question 34

Emily Blunt

Question 35

Lucy Hale

Question 36

Nina Dobrev

Question 37

Candice Patton

Question 38

Reese Witherspoon

Question 39

Camila Mendes

Question 40

Kat Dennings

Question 41

Bella Thorne

Question 42

Emma Stone

Question 43

Ruby Rose

Question 44

Hailee Steinfeld

Question 45

Brie Larson

Question 46

Madelaine Petsch

Question 47

Shailene Woodley

Question 48

Camilla Luddington

Question 49

Chloë Grace Moretz

Question 50

Saoirse Ronan

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